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Summary Blurb[]

At the Skytop Tenba drugstore, Spica was making suspicious drugs
while Jakuri was watching over her.
It was then that Chester came in to complain about Spica's medicines.
Chester's words then made Jakuri and Spica
reminisce about the day they met Targana and his group.
About that incident that finally allowed the Sacred Army to become
an organization capable of facing off against the Grand Bell.

An original story that weaves the past
of Jakuri and Spica.

Track 1[]


Jakuri: Looks like you never get bored from making medicines every single day.

Spica: Ah, it is quite fun when you actually start doing it.

Jakuri: It doesn't look like it. Better said, it's too bothersome to try it.

Spica: I'm finished.

(BGM: A Boy in the Thick of Things)

Spica: Hmm, it's done. Now I just have to pour it into the bin.


Spica: Hahaha, it's complete!

Jakuri: That stinky and slimy thing?

Spica: It's a new kind of drug. I used several high-class ingredients, so its effects should be amazing.

Jakuri: What kind of effects does it have?

Spica: Who knows? We won't know until we test it out.

Jakuri: You won't get me to drink that thing.

Spica: It's fine! After all, a good guinea pig should be coming about now.

*running and panting*

Chester: Spica! What is the meaning of this!?

Spica: Ah welcome, Chester! Why are you so flustered?


Chester: When we tested the medicine for easily strengthening the body you suggested we should use, our men ended up sleeping for over three days! How do you explain that!?

Spica: Oh, it seems it worked just as it should.

Chester: Ngh...! ...What does that mean?

Spica: It just means... That children who sleep well grow healthy and strong.

Jakuri: You know, that was a nice save.

Chester: This is no joke! We were in the middle of discussing a plan to cause a coup d'etat next week! It's unacceptable they're leisurely sleeping like that now!

Spica: And after the great efforts I put into making it. It is so unfortunate.

Chester: I don't mind that! Just make a medicine that can wake them up as soon as possible, please! We have given you funds for a long time now because you said you would cooperate with our cause, but this changes everything!

Jakuri: Did you ever make a promise like that?

Spica: I did! Look, remember that day, at that time.

Jakuri: Ah, yeah. That day in which the Sacred Army was on the verge of disbanding.

Chester: Ngh! ...And do you remember who was the cause for that?

Jakuri: Wasn't it you yourselves?

Chester: No... Y-Yes, you're right.

Spica: Huhu, you should never pick fights with enemies you have no chance of beating. Huhu, but it's so nostalgic.

Jakuri: Yeah. It's been over a year since that happened.

Spica: Yes, yes! Back then, I lived in a run-down house on the outskirts of the city, and I spent every single day in a carefree way.

Jakuri: You're just saying your lifestyle back then was senseless. And who was the one who supported you during that time? Try to remember.

Chester: No... Please, stop reminiscing for now... Just make the medicine...

Spica: Huhu! I'll bring some tea, so how about treating ourselves to some reminiscing?

Jakuri: I want some pastries too.

Chester: I'm telling you! Please listen to me!

(BGM: Legend of Ar tonelico II -The Second Tower-)

Drama CD Ar tonelico II -The Girls' Metafalica That Resounds Throughout the World-
Side Jakuri

Track 2[]

(BGM: Prologue)

Jakuri: I had already become a Grand Bell staff member and started working with Loude a year ago. However, Spica hadn't still started working as a pharmacist, and instead she lived in a small house in the Enna outskirts. Spica spent a good time surrounded by dirt and dust, as the house was already like that by the time she started living in it. And the one who supported her with living expenses during that time was no other than me. That night, I had come to bring the living expenses to her, but...

(BGM Stop)


Jakuri: Hmm...a thief? Some people just don't know fear, huh?



Jakuri: Spica, it's me. Open. Are you there?


Spica: Goooooing.

*door opening*

Spica: Welcome.

Jakuri: Were you asleep? The sun set just a few minutes ago.

Spica: I've got a lot of free time, as I don't have anything to do. Anyway, come in.

*door closing. chain*

Jakuri: Okay, here is you allowance for this month.

Spica: Thanks! I can feed myself this whole month with this! Ah...

Jakuri: You've really stooped low. What happened to the stuff you were doing to become the Queen of the Underworld.

Spica: You know, this world is all destroyed and a mess, and these guys, the Grand Bell or whatever have only been spouting glossy words but being completely incompetent for a few centuries now. What I mean is that there's no worth to this place. I haven't even been able to get any decent information.

Jakuri: That's why I'm saying you're too calm despite the fact you're living like an idler. I'm sure that given your personality, having to spend your time doing nothing must be hell to you.

Spica: Don't worry. I've been doing some critical reading of the many scripts you have written, and that's really improved things for me!

Jakuri: Gah! Don't be stupid! If you've got enough time to be reading that, you would do better searching for a job...

Spica: For example, this mystery thriller one: "The Protagonist is the Culprit!" is the best! The title is such a blatant spoiler, that there's no way the protagonist actually did it!

Jakuri: You liked it so much...?

Spica: It's the best!

Jakuri: W-Well... If you found it fun, I don't mind it. But make sure to put it where no one can see it if someone ever comes here!

Spica: Huhu, you're the only person who would come to a place like this. But that doesn't seem to be the case today.

Jakuri: So you noticed it too, huh?

Spica: Naturally. Well, how about making a bet?

Jakuri: If I manage to hit one of them, I'll give you a bonus allowance. What else?

Spica: I also get one shot from your magic to use however I want.

Jakuri: I see. Well, shall we see how it goes?

*magic charging*

Targana: We'll kick the door at the same time and rush in. Afterwards, block the door so no one can escape.

Knight A: Understood!

Knight B: Please leave the guarding to us!

Targana: Very well. Now let's do it!


Knight A: Freeze! We're the Sacred--!

Jakuri: Aaaah!


Knights A, B & C: Waaaah!

Spica: Bonus expenses gotten!

Jakuri: I can't keep up with you.

Spica: Hey, you guys? Are you alive? You'll catch a cold if you sleep outside!

Jakuri: Looks like they were knocked out cold. And look, these armors are...

Spica: Ah, looks like they belong to the Sacred Army. In other words, maybe they knew you are a Grand Bell staff member.

Jakuri: Normally I'm always riding inside the robot, so I don't think that fact could have leaked out.

Spica: Looks like they also have an amazing information network at their disposal. Maybe I should follow their example.

Jakuri: Should I catch them and make them spit out all the information they have?

Spica: They all seem to be just low-rank fodder though, so it'd be a waste of time. Oho, more importantly, let's get in. It's pretty cold outside!

Jakuri: Yeah, you're right.

Spica: Huhu, are you staying tonight here? I'll also prepare the futon I bought for you.

Jakuri: I'm being so discreet with the money I've given you, and yet you're wasting it in pointless stuff? Geez...

Track 3[]

(BGM: A Brief Rest)


Spica: The rain is so annoying... Use your magic to make it stop...

Jakuri: Don't ask for the impossible. And it's morning, so get up already.

Spica: *yawn* ...I wonder what happened to these people from yesterday.

Jakuri: As you can guess, they've already gone home.

Knight A: Are you okay now?

Knight B: Yeah, I'm fine. But His Highness...


Jakuri: You again?

Knight A: Dammit!

(BGM: Ding-dong March!!)

Knight A: They noticed us!

*sword drawing*

Knight B: I'll buy you some time. Take His Highness and run away!

Knight A: But you won't be able to do that alone...!

Knight B: It's fine, just go! I'm your opponent!

*sword gripping*

Knight B: Hyaaaaa!

Jakuri: Hmph... A single fireball should be enough.


Knight: Waaaah! Owwwwww! It's hot, HOT!

Knight A: Roll into the water puddles! Hurry!

Knight B: Ngh!

Knight A: Are you okay!? Our opponent is the very incarnation of evil! Retreat!

Knight B: Idiot! I don't care about myself... His Highness is...

Knight A: You're in pretty bad shape already! Come, let me help you get out of here!

Knight B: Shit! ...I'm sorry...

Jakuri: They left this one behind.

Spica: He's going to freeze to death if we leave him alone. Huhu, Jakuri, bring him in.

Jakuri: How annoying. Ngh! Agh! Because of his armor... He's too heavy!

*clatter. door*

Jakuri: Ngh! I'm just staying with you for a while, so don't make me do this kind of hard labor!

Spica: More importantly, as he was dragged through the dirt, his face is covered in wounds and bruises.

Jakuri: He's still better off like this than freezing to death. Well then, I'll heal him now.


Spica: Oooh. So you can actually use healing magic too, Jakuri.

Jakuri: Naturally. I just never had a chance to use it. I think this should be enough.

Spica: Huhu, you're just bullying him. I feel bad for him, as you're not using your magic properly.

Jakuri: What?

(BGM: Doubt)

Spica: Haven't you noticed the color on his face? He's not getting any better.

Jakuri: What are you saying?

Spica: I can't help feeling bad for him because you're bullying him.

Jakuri: Ngh!

Spica: What is it, Jakuri?

Jakuri: Get out of the way for a second!


Jakuri: How is it!? Did anything change!?

Spica: *sigh* ...It's no good. It isn't having any effect on him.

Jakuri: Ngh! My magic...

Spica: I heard a lot about bodies being unable to receive the effects from magic when their lifeforce is dropping at an alarming rate, but to think your magic wouldn't have any effect at all.

Jakuri: Agh...

Spica: Are you okay, Jakuri?

Jakuri: I'll try something else!

Spica: Calm down. No matter what kind of magic you try to use on him, it won't have any effect as he is now.

Jakuri: But I'm more powerful than any other Reyvateil and...!

Spica: It's a waste of time. And while you try that, his life will be extinguished.

Jakuri: Ngh!

(Stop BGM)

Spica: It's fine. We've still got another method at our disposal.

Jakuri: What are you planning to do?

Spica: Huhu, actually, I studied a bit of pharmacology some time ago, and I happen to still have a recipe I made back then. How about giving it a try?

Jakuri: What kind of medicine is that?

Spica: A panacea that can be made with items I've gotten recently. However... don't expect too much from its appearance, as I focused on its effects. At any rate, he'll die if we just leave him be, so don't you think it would be better to let him pass on after we have done our best efforts to make the medicine instead of not doing nothing at all?

Jakuri: Okay, I get your point.

Spica: It's decided then! Let's start synthesizing!


Spica: Hmmm, looks like it's going well! Bring me the white powder over there.

Jakuri: This one? This medicine looks pretty nasty though.

Spica: Huhu, it's possible to make good profits from selling for this sort of medicine, so there's no problem in us using it like this.

Jakuri: So in other words, you had that sort of medicine in your hands.

Spica: More importantly, let's add it to the mixture. Just a pinch of it...


Jakuri: Huh? What happened?

Spica: Ah, it's nothing. For some reason, it suddenly started turning syrupy.

Jakuri: I don't care for its color.

Spica: Medicines aren't about colors.

Jakuri: A medicine that's white and syrupy is worthless. I'll put this in to give it some color.

Spica: Wait! Don't throw soot into it!

Jakuri: It's from a medicinal herb with antipyretic properties.

Spica: If you lower any further the body temperature of a person whose body has gone cold to start with, you'll only kill them!

Jakuri: Agh! Then let's add something to warm him up.

Spica: It's not medicine, but I have some peppers on the shelf over there.

Jakuri: This?


Jakuri: Whoa! What happened?

Spica: It started emitting a great amount of smoke. *cough*

Jakuri: I-It's getting into my eyes. Looks like it got even stronger.

Spica: Yes. But we won't be able to open our eyes like this! Let's dilute it with some water.

Jakuri: Water... Ah, there is some in this bin, right?

Spica: Ah, wait! That is my precious--!


Spica: Aaah... My liquor...

Jakuri: ...Liquor...?

Spica: Aaaah... I-I'll have to buy it again, right?

Jakuri: I don't get why you are making such a big deal from it. Ngh! It stinks...

Spica: Oh? It turned into something resembling black slime.

Jakuri: Is this okay?

Spica: We won't know until we try it. A-Anyway, it's complete!

Jakuri: So, how do we use it...?

Spica: Making him swallow it down, of course.

Jakuri: You'll be responsible for his death.

(BGM: Flower Pattern -Reality-)

Jakuri: Okay, open your mouth.

Spica: In times like this... You have to pinch his cheeks hard, like this...!

???: Aaaagh?

Spica: Pour it in.

???: Ngh, ngh, ngh...

Spica: Ah, this feels so good.

Jakuri: It feels as if we were committing murder...

???: Ngh, ngh! Gaaaah!

Spica: We did it! It was a great success!

Jakuri: Incredible! His condition improved to the point he is even thrashing about!

Jakuri: ...Is he dead?

Spica: Take a better look at him. His face is regaining its color. Besides... Uhuhu, his body temperature rose quite a bit. It's a great success!

Jakuri: But he isn't moving.

Spica: He'll wake up in a little while. More importantly, let's eat breakfast!

Track 4[]


Targana: I would have never thought that those I attacked would end up saving me.

Spica: Jakuri, how many bread loaves do you want?

Jakuri: Five, please.

Targana: It might be quite strange, but allow me to express my gratitude. Thanks to you, I could stay alive.

Jakuri: Ah. My sunny-side-up eggs...

Spica: *munch* *munch*... I made them!

Targana: Listen when I'm talking!


Targana: For starters, why are you eating in such a carefree way!? I am the man who attacked you!

Jakuri: And yet you got the tables turned on you.

Targana: Ugh! I-I certainly cannot deny that.

Spica: Do you want to eat something?

Targana: No, I respectfully decline. My throat and stomach feel quite strange.

Spica: Huhu, that's evidence that the medicine is doing its work.

Jakuri: Eating something after a good deed makes the food tastier.


Targana: What did you do to me?

Spica: We just saved your life. More importantly...

(BGM: A Ruthless Blade)

Spica: You are a member of the Sacred Army. Did you come to capture Jakuri?

Targana: Y-Yes, that's right. Don't you know who I am? I'm giving speeches on the streets pretty much daily.

Spica: Hmm, I never go outside except for when I go shopping for groceries.

Jakuri: The same goes for me. It's not like I live in this place though.

Targana: I see. My name is Targana. Don't tell me you have never heard about me.

Spica: Hmm... You're the successor to the Pastalian Imperial Family, which means you're one of the Sacred Army's leaders, right?

Targana: Yes, that's correct.

Jakuri: Incredible. It's a real shock.

Targana: My family is what is incredible, not me.

Jakuri: It's not that. I just can't believe that an organization's leader came personally to assassinate me.

Spica: It's because the Sacred Army is a really small organization. They're severely short in hands.

Targana: You seem to know our organization in detail.

Spica: But what made you think that the leader himself should be the one to carry out the assassination?

Targana: This is a special case. As soon as I knew Grand Bell spies were living in secret in Enna, I realized I should make sure they were captured.

Jakuri: By spies, you mean us?

Targana: You are Grand Bell members, so that means you would have been gathering intelligence about us and reporting it at fixed intervals. Isn't that right?

Jakuri: We've never done that sort of thing. To begin with, I might work for the Grand Bell, but I've never done anything for these guys.

Spica: I'm not a friend or a member of the Grand Bell either.

Targana: Don't lie! As she is a Grand Bell member, that woman...

Jakuri: I'm Jakuri. Don't call me "that woman" or anything like that.

Spica: I'm Spica. I don't mind it if you don't call me by any titles.

Targana: In that case, why a Grand Bell staff member like yourself has been going and coming to this place periodically, Jakuri?

Jakuri: That's to give Spica her life expenses.

Spica: Yup! Thanks to that, I could hold starvation away and live in peace! Huhuhu.

Targana: Do you think I'm going to believe such lies!?


Jakuri: If we actually were spies, we wouldn't have saved you, you know? We might have killed you, or leave you to die before running away.

Spica: No matter how you think about it, you would have died.

Targana: T-That was a blunder on my part... To think I showed such a disgraceful side of myself that it even caused my subordinates to run away.

Spica: But it's still true that you were the first one to break into the house, so you must have gotten directly hit by the magic blast.

Jakuri: Yeah, it was a direct hit. And not only that: you also lost consciousness after a whole night under the rain. I think it's amazing you managed to survive all that.

Targana: Flattery will get you nowhere. More importantly, are my subordinates safe?

Spica: Yes, they're okay. Jakuri did a good work spooking them away with her magic just like she did with you though.

Jakuri: They got away with just some light burns thanks to the rain.

Targana: I see. It makes me feel relieved to hear that.

Spica: Huhu, you really care for your subordinates, huh? It's admirable.

Jakuri: Even though they abandoned you.

Targana: Ugh... W-Well... It was because I looked so pitiful. I cannot fault them for fleeing.

Jakuri: Because you were downed in just a single blow?

Targana: Ugh...

Jakuri: You're so pitiful, huh? But it's okay, just go home already.

Targana: No! That is unacceptable! As you have saved my life, I cannot go home until I have repaid my debt to you!


Jakuri: It'd be beyond awkward that you repaid me. I'm a Grand Bell staff member, remember?

Targana: Leaving a debt of gratitude unsettled would be to bring shame upon the Imperial Family's... No, upon the knights' name!

Spica: But won't the Sacred Army be unable to function as long as you stay here?

Targana: Don't worry about it. The Sacred Army does have another reliable leader aside of myself.


Targana: Hmm? There is someone outside.

Spica: It's so bothersome that we've had so many visitors since yesterday. It's open!

*door opening*

Chester: Ah! Your Highness, are you unharmed?

Targana: Oh! Chester?

Jakuri: Do you two know each other?

Targana: He is Chester. He is the another reliable leader I was talking about.

Spica: He is such a coolame leader, huh?

Targana: Chester, what compelled you to come to this place? Did you come to bring me back?

Chester: Uh...

Targana: Is something the matter?

(BGM: Scheme)

Chester: We're finished.

Targana: Finished?

Chester: It's the end for the Sacred Army. Ever since you were captured, the knights started insisting on going to rescue you, Your Highness. So now, a conflict has sparked between those who insist on remaining at the hideout and those who wish to come rescue you.

Targana: W-What did you say!?

Spica: It's natural your subordinates would get anxious. After all, their leader has been captured.

Jakuri: They really have no cohesion as a group, huh? They would have been okay if they all had come to rescue you.

Targana: Chester! Why did you come this if the situation is so dire!? What are you trying to accomplish by leaving our subordinates alone while they are under so much confusion!?

Chester: *sigh* ...I was the one who framed up the plan to capture the spies. As that plan was a failure and you, one of our leaders got captured due to it, I believed I could at the least do something to restrain those who wanted to leave the hideout...

Targana: Agh! This is absurd...

Spica: Hmm...

(Stop BGM)

Jakuri: Spica?

Spica: Huhu. I'm thinking right now. I don't want anyone to talk to me for a while.

Chester: Huh...? Your Highness, are these women... The aforementioned spies?

Targana: Yes. However, it seems that them being spies was a misunderstanding on our part.

Chester: Huh...? So in other words, I didn't just overestimate our opponent's strength, but I also made a plan to attack people who weren't even spies to begin with?

Jakuri: I find it quite amazing that you got to these conclusions just from the fact I'm a Grand Bell staff member, so don't be so depressed. Have faith in yourself. But well, the Sacred Army is already done for anyway.

Chester: Uuuugh... I apologize. This was a great mistake on my part.

Targana: No. It is true that I was careless as well because our opponents were women. You aren't the only one responsible for this mistake.

Jakuri: I thought you were only the types to get yourselves burned in suicide attacks, but you are surprisingly calm and composed guys.

Chester: There is no need to do anything like that. After all, you aren't spies.

Jakuri: Even though I'm a Grand Bell staff member?

Targana: To inflict harm upon my benefactors would mean I'm not worthy of being a knight... No, that I'm not worthy of even being a human being.

Chester: I personally think you should be restrained, but as you saved His Highness' life, it would be unthinkable to even lay a finger upon you.

Jakuri: You guys are too naive. But well, I do think of you more highly than I do of Alfman.

Targana: I never thought I would hear someone from the Grand Bell saying such things.

Jakuri: It's not like I swore loyalty to the Grand Bell.

Chester: In that case, would you like to join forces with us? If you joined us, it would be quite reassuring, not to mention it would also bring the subordinates who left us to reconsider their decision.

Jakuri: I'm sorry, but I'm at the Grand Bell because I need it to carry out my goals.

Chester: *sigh* ...I see. *sigh* ...What should we do?

Spica: Huhuhu. Should I lend you my wisdom?

Targana: Do you have any good ideas to solve this situation?

Spica: Huhuhu, of course!

(BGM: Leave It Be)

Jakuri: What are you plotting now?

Spica: Don't demean others. I just want to help them out.

Jakuri: I can't believe you.

Spica: Huhuhu.

Jakuri: That's giving me a bad feeling. Can I go home now?

Spica: No. I need your help for this.

Jakuri: Gkh! Gah!

Spica: They might be young, but this is our chance to win the favor of both the head of the organization who opposes the Grand Bell, and the successor of the Imperial Family! Isn't that great?

Jakuri: You have no intention of doing that just on your own, do you?

Spica: I guarantee you that it'll be interesting. Enough for it to become material for your next script!

Jakuri: You've made me uneasy enough already.

Targana: Would you mind explaining us your method? It is as you say Spica, I don't wish to shatter the dreams of those who joined the Sacred Army believing in us. Personally, I wish to keep the organization from dissolving the way it will if things continue like this. What do you think, Chester?

Chester: I won't say anything until we have heard her plan. But... It's not going to be a pro-bono work, is it?

Spica: Naturally! You must compensate me appropriately.

Targana: We will lose everything if the Sacred Army is dissolved anyway. We will repay you to the best of our abilities.

Spica: Huhu. It won't be cheap, so prepare yourselves.

Jakuri: More importantly, what do you want me to do? Aren't you going to explain me beforehand?

Spica: Ah, well. You're the one who will have to work the hardest, so lend me your ears for a while. It's this.

Jakuri: I see. Yeah, that seems fun. Huh? What!? What the...!? I'm never doing that!

Chester: Huh? Did something happen? Is there any sort of problem...?

Spica: It's fine! It's just a problem on our end, so don't worry!

Jakuri: I worry about it! Why do I have to do something like...!

Spica: Okay, okay! I'll be explaining our strategy now, so you two, come and listen please!

Targana: Very well. Tell us at once.

Jakuri: I'm telling you! Listen to me!

Track 5[]

Knight A: Hey! Lemme go!

Reyvateil A: Let me go! I don't wanna stay here any longer!

Knight B: What's up with you two!? Are you seriously quitting the Sacred Army!?

Knight A: Prince Targana has been captured! The same prince who we couldn't match even if we all fought him at the same time was done in by a single attack! How do you say we're gonna fight enemies as strong as these!?

Reyvateil A: I don't want this either! We'll be killed if we try fighting these guys! I didn't join the Sacred Army just to die!

Knight B: Sir Chester is still here!

Reyvateil A: And what can that lame glasses guy who can't even wield a sword do!?


Reyvateil B: B-Big news! Prince Targana is...!

Reyvateil A: Did they find his corpse!?

Reyvateil B: No! He has come back!

Knight B: Oh! Is that true!?

Reyvateil B: Yes! What's more, he captured the Grand Bell spies too!

Knight A: Impossible, he got beat by these guys! How did he...!?

*door opening*

Targana: Everyone, I apologize for my late return!

Knight A: Y-Your Highness! Sir Chester!

Knight B: You're safe!

Targana: Of course! And just as you can see, we have punished those who engaged in espionage!

Jakuri: We were too careless.

Spica: Agh! Let me go!

Chester: You struggle in vain. Also, you two... May I ask you to do something for us?.

Reyvateil A: Huh?

Knight A: You mean... us?

Chester: Indeed. Could you please lock these two in the dungeons? Hmm... is anything the matter?

(BGM: The Moon-Dwelling Demon)

Reyvateil A: Ugh... I apologize! Your Highness, Sir Chester!

Knight: Your capture was so shocking that we planned to desert. We apologize!

Spica: Ufufufu... having such unfaithful subordinates is so troublesome, huh?

Reyvateil A: ...!

Knight A: Be quiet!

Chester: No insult toward our precious subordinates will be tolerated!

Reyvateil A: Sir Chester.

Targana: Raise your heads, you two.

Knight: B-But...!

Targana: It's natural for subordinates to be uneasy when their leader is captured. I bear the full responsibility for this, and thus I wish to give you my apologies.

Reyvateil A: N-No way...! To think His Highness would apologize to us...!

Targana: But regardless of how unreliable I might turn out to be, I would rather you to not abandon me in the future. May I continue counting with your assistance in the future?

Knight B: W-What!? R-Raise your head please, Your Highness!

Knight: It was my mistake! We should have gone to save you in the first place! Even though I ran away once, I now entrust my life to you, Your Highness!

Reyvateil A: The same goes for me! Hearing Sir Chester say we were precious subordinates really made waves in my heart!

Chester: Well then, please take these spies to the dungeons at once.

Knight A: Got it! Come, you spies!

Spica: Agh! Let me go!

Jakuri: Hey! Don't be so rough!

Knight B: To think you would capture that black woman and return to us...

Targana: It was all thanks to Chester's support.

Reyvateil B: Sir Chester fought too? Ah, I'm sorry for saying something so rude!

Chester: I don't mind. I only supported His Highness a little. After all, I'm better suited to making and improving plans from the back. Therefore, we will be relying on your strength in the days to come.

Reyvateil B: *gasp* ...These words are more than I deserve...

Knight B: Umm... Shouldn't we gather all our members and inform them about your safe return, Your Highness? If we don't, more people may continue making a ruckus and trying to desert us.

Targana: Very well. Gather everyone at once.

(Stop BGM)


Knight A: Get in!

*push and fall*

Spica: How could you do something like this to us, knowing we're Grand Bell members...! We'll make you pay for this later!

Reyvateil A: We've got nothing to fear now His Highness is back! Just be quiet and go in!


*cell door close*

Jakuri: They're not even keeping guards over here. How careless.

Spica: They are a small organization after all. Maybe this is the first time they have ever used these dungeons.

Jakuri: It's possible. Well, they've got beds here, so we could take a nap while we wait for the time to come.

Spica: Oh, you always turn so cold whenever it's just the two of us.

Jakuri: That's not the way my preferences swing. Anyway, from the way they unilaterally decided we're spies and attacked us, I'd say they've got a significant persecution complex.

Spica: Ever since they started functioning as an organization, they have been aiming to expand themselves. It's just natural for them to be oversensitive to possible enemies.

Jakuri: Oversensitive to the point of making vain efforts. But this isn't like you, Spica. No matter how much you say that it's for making new contacts and connections, you still saved someone who attacked you. Looks like the Queen of the Underworld is mellowing out.

Spica: Ufufu, I'm not planning to become a heartless Queen. Besides, I'm fond of those who would do anything to accomplish their goals.

Jakuri: You're so gentle, huh? But I'd like you to not get me involved in your plans.

Spica: Back to the point, there's a doubt I've always had ever since you started working for the Grand Bell. Is it natural for you to be working so hard?

Jakuri: In that case, do you happen to have a better plan?

Spica: Even if we start arguing about it, it won't change anything. But there is still one thing I want to ask you.

Jakuri: What?

(BGM: Twilight)

Spica: You were shaken when you saw how your magic didn't have any effect, right?

Jakuri: ...!

Spica: Why did it affect you so much?

Jakuri: There's no point in talking about that right now.

Spica: Saying that it's something we shouldn't talk about won't be enough for me. I saw how shaken you were when you realized your magic wasn't having any effect.

Jakuri: ...

Spica: So, why?

Jakuri: Of course I'd be shaken by that.

Spica: You knew that when lifeforce suffers a harsh drop, Song Magic won't have any effect on the body. But you thought regardless that it would have effect anyway because your magic is so powerful.

Jakuri: Looks like reality wasn't so kind to me. Well, I never had someone I could use healing magic for, so I thought that maybe it was because I wasn't accustomed to using it.

Spica: Not even a single person?

Jakuri: Isn't it obvious? I was imprisoned for a long time after all.

Spica: ...

Jakuri: What? Why did you clam up now?

Spica: Jakuri, did you ever experience a precious one's death?

Jakuri: Why are you asking that now?

Spica: I just noticed something after you said you had been imprisoned for so long.

Jakuri: Only once, a long time ago. There was a man who said he would save me.

Spica: The type anyone would speak fondly of?

Jakuri: It was nothing romantic. But... I don't want to talk about it.

Spica: I see. But what I'm asking you is... Did you ever had to get over the death of a person that had earned your favor?

Jakuri: Nothing like that happened.

Spica: If you never had anyone like that, that means you never have seen someone die, right?

Jakuri: I haven't, and I won't ever see that either. After all, have you forgotten I despise humans?

Spica: Uhuhu, but I'm a human too.

Jakuri: ...! Ah... yeah, that's true. But you're special: you're pretty interesting in spite of being a human.

Spica: *sigh*... This conversation went into a scary direction, huh?

Jakuri: Hmph.

Spica: You are quite knowledgeable, and thanks to that you can use extremely powerful magic. You have lived through times that humans like myself can't even imagine. But on the other hand, the time you spent actually experiencing things is quite short. All your knowledge is purely theoretical.

Jakuri: ...What are you trying to say?

Spica: If you ever had anything like I just described happen to you, how would your heart react to it? I feel like it would have reacted pretty negatively, and that's scary to imagine.

Jakuri: There's no point in talking about impossible things.

Spica: It is perfectly possible for that to happen. I honestly have high regard for your powers, and that's why I don't want you to be broken by something like that. You hear? Your heart...

Jakuri: Shut up! There's absolutely no point in talking about that now! Let's just focus on what we've got to do tonight.

Spica: Even if we end up failing?

Jakuri: ...Good night.

Spica: Your heart is still too immature...

Track 6[]

(BGM: Startup)

Jakuri: The sun has gone done. It's time now, right?

Spica: Yes. It's been a long time since I last did some physical work, so I've got to do it the best I can.

*clatter. cell door unlocking*

Chester: Are you two okay?

Spica: Yes. Did you bring the things I asked?

Chester: Is this bag enough for your plans?

Spica: Yes! This will do nicely! Uhuhu, the rest is going according to the plan, right?

Chester: Ah, yes... Please do your best.

*cell door opening*


Spica: Come, put these clothes on!

Jakuri: Ah!? W-What's up with this embarrassing outfit!?

Spica: If we don't go to these extremes, they'll know who we are. You also have to put this helmet on.

Jakuri: Aren't the helmets enough to hide our faces!?

Spica: But your clothes would give you away, so it's no good!

Jakuri: Can't I just go out naked and with the helmet on?

Spica: You would just shock others if you did that. The only thing remaining... Is going out with this weapon. Hmm, hyah!

*whip cracking*

Spica: Hmm, such a nice sound!

Jakuri: You used a whip before!?

Spica: Just for a little while, long ago. Okay, before we make our big appearance, lick this candy.

*paper crumpling*

Jakuri: A snack?

Spica: It has the effect of temporarily changing your voice. Oh, but you can't bite it. Okay then, are we ready?

Jakuri: Uuugh... Let's do it. We've got to do a thorough job here!

Spica: Yes, yes, just like that! Uhuhu... Shall we make it as flashy as possible?

Jakuri: Huhu, I'm itching to do it just like that!

(Stop BGM)



Targana: So have they started already?

Chester: It would be good if it could go smoothly though.

*door opening*

Reyvateil: I've got a report to make! There was an explosion of unknown origin in the dungeons!

Chester: What!? Then what happened to the prisoners..!?

Reyvateil: I don't know! The dungeons collapsed due to the explosion! If they were buried by the rubble, I'm sure they would be dead by now...!

(BGM: Agni)

Spica: Ohohohoho! You have nothing to worry about!

Reyvateil: Huh!? Whose voice is that?

Jakuri: These two have already escaped! You were so naive, not even bothering to leave anyone guarding the dungeons!

Knight A: Huh...? Where are their voices coming from...!?

Reyvateil: F-From the outside! They're on the roof of that tower over there!

Spica: Come, let's introduce ourselves!

Jakuri: ...Agh! Once a little power of love has been poured in, there will be corpses all over!

Spica: Feelings of regret, tears of repentance, they are too late as your life is already forfeit!

Jakuri: I will snap you just like roasted feces! Destroyer Cherry!

Spica: The swinging whip is the Viole that gives birth to agonizing cries!

Spica & Jakuri: Meet the Grand Bell Special Mobile Troops, Cherry and Viole!

(BGM Stop)

Spica: Hmm, we looked really cool! I'm even shaking from it!

Jakuri: I'm going to make this material for a script and make someone feel just like I'm doing right now...!

Reyvateil: Y-Your Highness... Who are those people...? Huh? Why are you turning your face away?

Targana: I will feel embarrassed if I look at them directly.

Chester: Oh... They are so cool...

Reyvateil: Sir Chester...?

Spica: Foolish and puny organization! Your transgression of attacking and capturing Grand Bell staff members will never be forgiven!

Jakuri: Yeah! Even if the Chancellor forgave you, we would still make you pay for it! Haaa!

*magic charging*


(BGM: Pursuit)

Reyvateil: Aah! The hideout is being destroyed!

Chester: This is an enemy attack! Start striking back at once!

Reyvateil: Roger that!


Knight A: You Grand Bell dogs, get down from that roof now!

Spica: Ah, the Sacred Army lapdogs are so noisy now!

Jakuri: Let's shut them up, Spica. Time to fly. Hoooh!

Knight A: What!? They're jumping from that height!?


Knight A: Gah!

Spica: Hmm, a successful landing! Is he still alive?

Jakuri: Something like this won't kill anyone. Okay, time to get crazy! Haaah!


Knight A: Damn youuuu! You think you can just get away after making us your enemies!?

Jakuri: You aren't worthy enough to be called our enemies!

Knight A: Guh! Don't take me for a fool!

Reyvateil: I'll provide cover fire with my magic! Please support me!

Jakuri: Too slow!


Reyvateil: So fast!

Jakuri: You must always be fast, accurate and beautiful when you sing Song Magic, you know!?

Knight B: W-Wait! I'm your opponent here!

Jakuri: Oh, sturdy, aren't you? Viole!

Spica: Leave him to me. Haaah!


Knight B: Ohh! What? You're no more than an amateur at using that whip!

Spica: ...! Cherry, get rid of him!

Jakuri: Okay okay! Hnnnng!


Knight B: Gaaah!

Reyvateil: N-No! How they could beat him so easily...?

Jakuri: Your voice is quivering, huh? You won't be able to sing like that! I'll show you how it's done, so watch closely!

Targana: Hold it! I won't allow you to keep doing whatever you wish!

Jakuri: Haaaaah!


Reyvateil: S-She wiped out the barracks in one blast...!

Chester: Your Highness, please take care of them.

Targana: Leave this to me. I will stop you now! Toooh!



Jakuri: Hmph, too naive!


Targana: What!?

(Stop BGM)

Knight A: She caught his blade barehanded!?

Targana: You're going too far! Are you seriously trying to destroy our hideout?

Jakuri: It's because you took too long to show up!

Targana: What I'm saying is that there was no need to go this far!

Jakuri: You know I'm going far too easy on you, right!? More importantly, you know what you have to do!

Targana: Hmph... yeah.

(BGM: Indra)

Jakuri: You're not bad!

Targana: Our battle has just begun! Haaah!

Spica: Close-range combat is really her poorest area. Oh, so you can still stand?

Knight B: Don't mock us, Grand Bell bitch! Hey, can you stand up?

Knight A: Yeah. We've gotta do something about them!

Spica: Uhuhu, and what can two wounded foot soldiers do to me?

Knight B: As long as you don't have a Reyvateil with you, we've got a chance!

Spica: Oh, really? Taaah!


Knight A: Waaah!


Knight B: Ow! M-My face... She struck me right in the face!!

Spica: Uhuhuhu! Didn't I say I am who gives birth to the agonizing screams!? For starters, the things you said to the Queen of the Underworld couldn't be any more impolite!

Knight B: Ugh! Did you say the Underworld!?

Spica: This is something small fry like yourselves wouldn't be able to understand in your whole lives. Taaah!


Knight A: Gwaah!


Jakuri: You could come help me instead of dealing with the small fry!

Targana: How do you like this!?

Spica: W-Whoah! Watch out!

Knight B: Eat this!

Spica: W-Wait a second! E-Eeih!


Targana: What!?

Spica: Cherry, are you okay!?

Jakuri: Idiot! Behind you!

(Stop BGM)

Knight B: Tooh!

*slash. cleave*

Spica: Aaagh!


Spica: *cough*... *cough* T-This isn't... good... aaaaahhh...


(BGM: Assault)

Jakuri: Spica!

Knight A: Now! Hold her down!

Targana: Healing magic! Hurry up and sing a healing Song now!

Reyvateil: But Your Highness, we've got to restrain them first...!

Targana: It's an order! Refrain from killing them!

Knight B: What? Did you lose your will to fight from having your friend beaten!?

Jakuri: ...Move.

Knight B: What? I can't hear you.

Jakuri: ...Move away!


Knight B: Gaaah!


Targana: T-This is bad! Everyone, fall back!




Chester: Ugh! Calm down, please! You're going too far!


Chester: Gwaah!


Spica: Calm down, Jakuri!

Jakuri: ...! Spica!!

Spica: Let's run away. Let's go back to my house for now...

Jakuri: D-Don't talk! T-The blood... What should I do...!? The bleeding isn't stopping!

Spica: Calm down... Hurry... to my house...

Jakuri: O-Okay, I got it! Don't talk any more!

Track 7[]



(BGM: Love Pattern -Winter-)

Jakuri: *huff* *puff*... We've gotten here at last. Are you okay?

Spica: Are you seriously asking someone who's covered in blood that sort of question?

Jakuri: A medicine... Where do you have the styptics!? Tell me now!

Spica: U... uhuhuhu... you're so stupid. Don't you see that you can only fix this with magic?

Jakuri: *gasp*...

Spica: Uhuhu... So you didn't realize it until I finally went and said it, huh?

Jakuri: Ugh...

Spica: It hurts, so please... hurry...

Jakuri: Stay still.



Targana: Hey! Are you okay!?

Chester: How are her wounds!?

Jakuri: I'm treating her now.

Spica: Ah... it's pretty grotesque to be in the middle of having my wounds healed, don't you think?

Jakuri: You're so stupid.

*magic fading*

Jakuri: Your wounds are gone now. Are you okay?

Spica: *sigh*... Yes, I'm fine now.


Jakuri: W-Watch out!


Spica: Looks like I'm anemic now.

Jakuri: You shouldn't move for a while.

Spica: Uhuhu... Looks like I showed you all a pretty shameful side of me.

Jakuri: Enough of that, just sit down for now.

Targana: In any case, I feel relieved to know you are safe now.

Jakuri: Don't screw around with me! Everything's a mess for us just because we tried to sort out your problems!

Spica: Calm down. I'm fine now.

Jakuri: How are you fine!? Because of conditions as insignificant as those, we got pulled into this mess! And besides you... you're the only one who got hurt from this!

Spica: We broke even. It's true I got hurt from it, but as the plan's execution went up to par, it's still the end for the Sacred Army.

(Stop BGM)

Jakuri: What do you mean?

Chester: The original plan was that we would drive you away from the hideout and make everyone think you had been defeated during the pursuit. That was supposed to gain us the absolute trust from our subordinates, correct?

Spica: But a certain person went berserk because I was cut down, no? Anyone would only think that you would have gone back home once your rampage subsided.

Jakuri: Agh...

Spica: This happened because I was careless.

Targana: No, it's my responsibility as well because I fought all out against Jakuri due to her being a Reyvateil. If you hadn't stopped me, Spica, I would have cut her down.

Jakuri: Though I'm not the type to die easily.

Spica: So, what do you plan to do now? As things stand now, it's the end for the Sacred Army.

Targana: There is nothing we can do about it then.

Chester: It's frustrating, but... We'll have to start from scratch.

Jakuri: You guys are so patient, huh?

Chester: We have no other options.

Targana: This must be the divine punishment for deceiving our subordinates. It is a good life lesson.

(BGM: Escaping the Wartime Horrors)

Spica: ....What if I told you it's still too early to be throwing the towel?

Targana: Does that mean you have any other plans?

Spica: I started thinking a plan B right after you cut me down. It depends on some conditions, but I could tell you about it.

Chester: You have no intentions of going berserk or something again, do you?

Targana: Take in account our current situation. Nothing you say will shock me at this point.

Spica: Uhuhu, I'll give you these helmets. With this you can say you defeated us. Or you could also bring up as proof the serious wounds I sustained.

Targana: That alone won't be enough to convince them.

Spica: You should have noticed already just how strong Jakuri is. No one would care if it was just my helmet, but if you bring back Jakuri's too...

Chester: It won't work. Of course anyone would doubt that we managed to defeat someone who could use such strong magic in such a short time.

Spica: Do you think so?

Targana: Yes, it would prove impossible to convince them otherwise.

Spica: Hmm... Looks like my head is not really working well now. Sorry for getting your hopes high for nothing.

Jakuri: But if we could actually pull that off, what do you want to get from them, Spica?

Spica: The first thing I want is them to tell me every new bit of information the Sacred Army gets from now on. That was the arrangement if the first plan was successful. The second one would be a periodical financial aid.

Targana: Huh? What do you mean by a financial aid?

Spica: This would also benefit you guys. I'll use the funds you support me with to open a drugstore, which will specialize in strong medicines that can't be found in any other shop.

Targana: Like the medicine you used on me?

Spica: Right! And I would also give you preferential treatment when you come to buy them.

Chester: So does that mean... You will join forces with us?

Spica: Of course not! But it will improve my current dull life, and you will make it so that your subordinates never put their hands on me. So while I'll be an acquaintance of the Grand Bell, I'll also be an important person who supports the Sacred Army from the shadows. Ah, right! The financial aid you provide me with will also be an entirely separate matter from how much I charge you whenever you come buy my medicine.

Chester: Hmm... You are the one who stands to win the most from this, Spica.

Spica: Don't be stupid. I almost died from trying to clean up a certain someone's mess, right? Therefore, it's not strange to expect some sort of compensation for it. Or... do you want to go through the same things I just did? In that case, I wouldn't mind if you thought I stand to win the most from this.

Chester: ...I apologize for being indiscreet.

(Stop BGM)

Spica: Anyhow, I have no other good ideas, so looks like I just got hurt for nothing.

(BGM: Footsteps of the Goddess)

Jakuri: It's okay. I'll help you with the plan you just laid out, and make it succeed.

Targana: What are you planning to do now?

Jakuri: Let's fight in front of your subordinates once more. However, I won't be playing around this time, so you could get very badly hurt from it.

Targana: ...

Jakuri: It's still better than letting the Sacred Army dissolve, don't you think? What's more, you are also guaranteed to get the ultimate medicines.

Chester: I have made my decision. Knowing how effective these medicines actually are, I'll follow His Highness' orders.

Targana: ...Very well. I accept these conditions.

Spica: Uhuhu, seems like negotiations were successful! Okay, here you have my helmet. Hey, Jakuri, bring yours too.

*helmets being passed around*

Jakuri: I won't go easy on you.

Targana: Hmph, it won't be such a simple task to defeat me.

Knight A: Your Highnessss!

Chester: ...! Let's leave! Everyone is heading this way.

Targana: Understood. Spica, we'll let you rest now.



Jakuri: There is a futon ready, so go lie down.

Spica: Ah, wait a second. Okay.

*getting into futon*

(BGM: Lamplight)

Spica: My face is all smeared with blood. Isn't that something a girl shouldn't do?

Jakuri: That's from how you much bled over!

Spica: Yeah. I got stained all over from it.

Jakuri: That's nothing to laugh about. I really thought you had died.

Spica: ...Were you scared?

Jakuri: ...

Spica: I'm glad I didn't die. Had I passed on, by now you'd have...

Jakuri: I'd have destroyed the hideout.

Spica: No, you would have slaughtered everyone. You might have massacred the Sacred Army who killed me, and the humans as a whole.

Jakuri: Stop exaggerating.

Spica: You actually said you would kill them all.

Jakuri: ...!

Spica: So you don't remember it, huh?

Jakuri: Did I... really say that...?

Spica: Yeah, you did. When did you go back to being a murderer? Did you come all the way to Metafalss just to kill people?

Jakuri: Looks like I lost my composure.

Spica: Huhu. But it allowed me to see you angry for real.

Jakuri: Such a bad taste joke.

Spica: Hu... ahahaha! Thank you, Jakuri, for getting angry over me.

Jakuri: Don't misunderstand! I just didn't know what I should do. You were lying before me in a pool of blood like that. Even using magic for everything and anything seemed like a good idea to me.

Spica: So that means you actually experienced what fear feels like, huh?

Jakuri: I-I wasn't scared...! I just got shocked a little!

Spica: Really?

Jakuri: Really! I'm... not afraid of anything!

Spica: I see. Looks like I was just thinking too much. That you could have gotten scared and not knowing what you should do, you would have started attacking everyone indiscriminately, and when you got back to your senses, you would have done something you could never take back. Hmm... I'm glad you didn't go to these extremes.

Jakuri: I'll never do anything like that.

Spica: Hmm, well, if you say so. But had I actually gone through the same thing your truly precious person did, I'm sure you...

Jakuri: ...

Spica: You'll have to go out in a while. But even small fry can become a threat when they are in large numbers. You must never drop your guard. I just learned it from this incident, but it seems it is surprisingly easy to lose your life.

Jakuri: Yeah, I won't let my guard drop again, and I'll make sure to hurt them as much as I can.

Spica: Uhuhu! Please bring them my own share of hurt too.

Jakuri: That'll be my pleasure.

(Stop BGM)

Track 8[]

Targana: Everybody! We have struck down the intruders!


Chester: These helmets are proof of their defeat! Come now, let's return to the hideout! We shall have to spend several days in rebuilding efforts.

Reyvateil A: Amazing! They defeated such strong enemies so easily!

Knight: Well, they do look like the helmets these women were wearing, but...

Reyvateil B: They couldn't do even a single thing when they went crazy at the hideout. How did they manage to beat them so easily?

Chester: H-His Highness risked his life in a final attack and that somehow defeated them!

Targana: Correct! While it was truly difficult, my opponent was a Reyvateil. I had the advantage in hand-to-hand combat.

Knight B: Is that true?

Reyvateil A: Hey, how can you all be so rude to His Highness!?

Reyvateil B: No, you're the one who's acting weird.

Reyvateil A: Because I could see hope thanks to His Highness defeating those women! I pledge to loyally serve His Highness until my life ends!

Targana: V-Very well. Come now, let us go back!


Reyvateil A: Hmm? Wait. Don't you hear something?

Reyvateil B: Yeah... It sounds like something is gonna fall around here...

*crash. screaming*

Reyvateil B: W-What!?

Reyvateil A: I-Is that... a robot!?


Jakuri: Jakuri, launch!


(BGM: Varna)

Jakuri: Leader of the Sacred Army, Targana.

Targana: Do you have any business with me?

Jakuri: Are you the man who defeated Cherry and Viole?

Reyvateil A: I knew it! He really beat those women!

Knight B: No way! He really beat them in such a short time...!

Reyvateil B: Unbelievable! How someone as strong as him could exist!?

Knight: He's really a fearsome man!

Jakuri: Answer me. Did you defeat them?

Targana: And what would you do if I did?

Jakuri: Prepare yourself.

*lock on*

Targana: No! Everyone, scatter!

*gunfire and screaming*

Knight B: Whoa! W-What kinda monster is this!?

Chester: Your Highness! What is your plan!?

Targana: Hiding isn't a strategy I'm fond of. Hyaah!

Knight: Please stop! It's too dangerous!

Jakuri: How interesting! In that case, I'll give you this!

*missiles firing and explosion*

Targana: To think she would go this far...! Agh!!

Jakuri: Hmph, you'll have to train at least 741 years before you can take me on! Jakuri, kamikaze attack!

*firing and explosion*

Reyvateil A: Your Highness! I'll heal you...

*gunfire and screaming*

Reyvateil A: I can't go out like this!

Jakuri: Missiles.

Targana: Once again the same attack!?

Jakuri: Serial sweeping fire.

*missiles firing*

Targana: You can't be serious!!


Jakuri: Ahahaha! A battle that ends so easily is boring! Come, stand up! Come and cut me! If you can manage to hurt me, I might play a little more seriously with you!

(Stop BGM)

Chester: ...So she is the type of person who greatly likes to say such dangerous lines, huh?

Targana: To think she would go this far!


Jakuri: Can't you get up anymore?

Targana: Don't mock me! I... still can...!

Reyvateil A: Your Highness! Please stop! Don't get up again!

Targana: I have the mission of making Hibernation a reality! For the sake of our coexistence with the Goddess, for the sake of our people, I cannot fall here!


Jakuri: How surprising. So you still had such strength?

(BGM: Legend of Ar tonelico II -The Second Tower-)

Targana: I have companions who believe in me. For the sake of the coexistence with the Goddess that brings hope to them, for the sake of Hibernation, I shall not fall!

Reyvateil A: Your Highness!

Knight A: To think he cares for us so much...

Jakuri: I'll show you that you can't do anything on feelings alone!

Knight A: Hey.

Knight B: Yeah.

Jakuri: Bazooka.

Targana: I will show you I can endure this!

Jakuri: Fire.

*bazooka firing*

Knight: Your Highness!



Knight: Your Highness!

Reyvateil A: Uuhhhh... This can't be!

Jakuri: You were useless even as a diversion, huh?

Targana: ...Do you really think so?

Jakuri: What!?

*crowd running*

Knight B: Hahaha! We're still alive!

Knight A: Yeah! It's surprising, but we still managed to pull it off!

Reyvateil A: Everyone... Is serving as a wall to His Highness!

Targana: Everyone!

Knight A: Your Highness, Hibernation is the dream we all share!

Knight B: Didn't I say I would devote my life to you? I wouldn't know what to do if you died first!

Targana: Will you fight at my side?

Knight A: Of course, Your Highness!

Reyvateil A: I'll protect you all! I'll start charging my magic!

Knight B: Got it!

Reyvateil B: I'll do that too!

*magic charging*

Jakuri: D-Do you think you can defeat me by just having a bunch of small fry join you?

Targana: We won't lose!

Jakuri: Huh? Interesting!

Targana: Assemble! We will protect those who sing for us in the rear!

Knight: Roger that!

Jakuri: Missiles. Fire all units at once.

*missiles firing*

Knight: We'll endure this!


Jakuri: I'm sure this should...

Reyvateil A: Take thiiiiis!

*magic explosion*

Jakuri: They blocked them!?

Reyvateil A: Once more! Hyaaah!

*magic explosion*

Jakuri: Uuuugh! But this sort of attack won't--!

Targana: How naive!

*running and grunting*

*slashing against metal*

Jakuri: Aaaagh!? Impossible! How could this happen!?


Knight B: We did it, Your Highness!

Targana: Indeed. Good job resisting the attacks.

Knight A: Because we didn't want anyone getting hurt! Not even you, Your Highness!

Jakuri: The damage rate is of 3.5%! How, if I tried to keep it down to 1%!?

Spica: (But even small fry can become a threat when they are in large numbers. You must never drop your guard. It seems it is surprisingly easy to lose your life.)

Jakuri: So this is what she was warning me against...

*hatch opening*

Jakuri: You damaged me more than I had expected. You are a really interesting group.

Knight B: Huh!? So you're just noticing our current power!?

Reyvateil A: Everyone, I'll be preparing one more attack! Please support me!

Targana: Leave it to us! It is high time we got serious!

Jakuri: This is my turn now!

*magic charging*

Reyvateil A: Aaaaaah! It's growing far too fast!

Jakuri: My nature is completely different from yours! Well, I think about this size should do.

Knight A: No way!? It's about the same size as a small airship!

Jakuri: Don't tell me you plan on running away after coming this far.

Knight B: Wha... Of course we won't! We'll show you we can resist it!

Targana: Well said! We members of the Sacred Army won't run away in the face of danger!

Jakuri: If you keep working just like that, you might actually become an organization capable of matching the Grand Bell.

Targana: Has your opinion of me improved then?

(Stop BGM)

Jakuri: Hmph. Time for you to get a reality check.

Reyvateil B: Aaaaaahhhhh! It's too large! Our defensive Songs won't be ready in time!

Targana: Everyone, assemble!

*magic explosion and screaming*

Track 9[]

(BGM: Sunny Place)

Spica: Ahahaha! These truly are nostalgic memories!

Jakuri: Yeah. It was a real pain in the neck, but in the end it turned out to be really fun.

Chester: That brought me a lot of trouble! Everyone had lost consciousness and I had to take them all back to the hideout on my own!

Jakuri: If it's just that, you have no reason to be complaining about. It was thanks to you guys that I ended up being cast as a complete villain here.

Chester: And it's not just that. For starters, I still think you were using enough power to kill us all back then!

Jakuri: I actually restrained myself quite a bit. Besides, your Reyvateils used some weak defensive magic right before my Song struck you, and that protected you a bit.

Chester: You didn't restrain yourself or anything at all, did you!?

Spica: But you can't deny these experiences strengthened the Sacred Army's unity and allowed it to grow into such a large organization in just a year, correct?

Jakuri: Could it be said then that we're Goddesses of luck?

Spica: You are such a happy bunch because you can coexist with the Goddesses of luck, huh! In other words, Hibernation? Uhuhu!

Chester: Uuuugh... I can't see you as anything but Goddesses of destruction. Agh! I had completely forgotten about it! It's thanks to your drug that my subordinates won't wake up now!

Jakuri: Ah, yeah. You did say something about that a while ago, right?

Chester: You said you would provide us with medicines and that's why we have been giving you funds and information in exchange, but with this it feels that you're just treating us like guinea pigs!

Spica: The medicines I have been providing you with have worked just as they should, so you should just bear with the side-effects when they happen.

Chester: Uuugh! I beg you, please wake up our sleeping comrades quickly...!

Spica: Okay, here you go!

Chester: Aah!

Spica: It's an improved version of the restorative! Try it out, it should wake them up as soon as they gulp it down.

Chester: Oh, this will serve us well! Well then, I will excuse myself now...!


Spica: Huhu, make sure to use it well!

(Stop BGM)

Jakuri: You don't really know what that drug you gave him actually does, huh?

Spica: That's why it is an experimental one. But once he puts it into their mouths... it'll wake anybody up!

Jakuri: It's a lot better than slapping them awake. Anyway, this sort of job is a real annoyance. Weren't you having more fun by being a buyer while you were selling candies, like before?

Spica: I just finished thinking about a lot of things.

(BGM: Warmth)

Jakuri: Thinking? From the time you were cut down? How could you do it in that condition?

Spica: In order to abate the worries I've been having so far, I had been thinking about which would be the best path I should pursue, and this was the only option I found. I have been pondering about it all this time, but looks like becoming a pharmacist was the right choice in the end.

Jakuri: Looks like you've got some enormous worries then. Take care to not end up with a stomach-ache from them.

Spica: (What I'm actually worried about is Jakuri herself... But it seems she hasn't noticed it yet, huh?)

Jakuri: Okay then, looks like I'll be getting busy too, so it's time to head back for me.

Spica: Okay. If you ever have any worries, I'd like to help you whenever you need me.

Jakuri: What came over you now? That seriously gives me the creeps.

Spica: When it comes to the recipes I've finished testing on the Sacred Army, I can give them to you for free. They should serve you well in emergency times when your magic isn't effective.

Jakuri: How generous. Is that really okay with you?

Spica: In exchange, would you call off the debt I owe you from back then?

Jakuri: Yeah, it's fine. There were also several things I forgot to tell you that day.

Spica: Like what?

Jakuri: Do you remember the chat we had about what would happen if my precious person got wounded? You were right, most likely I would have slaughtered every person I could find out of fear.

Spica: Okay, and then?

Jakuri: If you're that afraid of it happening, you better try to take care and make as few enemies as possible.

Spica: Oh, and why is that? Huh!? Do you mean...!? In other words...!

Jakuri: Uhuhu, I'll see you later.


*closing door*

The End

Extra Track[]

Miyazaki: Okay, I'm Miyazaki Ui, Jakuri's voice actress! Umm, for this time Jakuri ended up having a main role, but as umm... She isn't really a heroine-like character I was really worried about if I could play her properly. But she ended up making a good combination with Spica, and while we couldn't really see much what kind of relationship they shared in the game itself, I think this was a mystery everyone wanted to solve. That's why we thought we should shed some light onto it for this Drama CD. And the rest of the cast were really wonderful here, and I'm really happy about it! I really thought the differences in the way we made the dialogue flow was great!

Midorikawa: I'm Midorikawa Hikaru, Targana's voice actor! Umm, in the game he was a really rough character, but I can also make this sort of voice. It'd be great if you could support me if I ever get to play a character that goes well with this sort of voice. Yeah. Hehe! Umm, hehe... Umm, well.. I'm the son of a chemist, so drugs are a point that really grabbed my attention. Yeah, drugs, medicine... It's great there are drugs out that can be useful for people. But, well... I sincerely want to say that drugs that aren't made to be useful to people shouldn't ever be used. They shouldn't ever be stocked either, and even less made. This is really important, so please promise you won't ever do anything related to these evil drugs. Well then, I hope we'll meet again somewhere else! Good-bye!

Suwabe: Greetings. This is the third Drama CD for Ar tonelico II, correct? You really had... a lot of free time to listen to it, huh? I'm just joking, thanks for listening to it. I'm Suwabe Junichi, Chester's voice actor. Yeah, about this Drama CD, of course you listeners were among the people... who played the game, right? Whaaaat!? You didn't!? That just can't be! Go right away... and not from a second-hand shop, go to a game shop somewhere and buy it new! I really think you should play it! If you do so, you'll be able to enjoy this Drama CD even more! Ah, on the other hand... well, umm...if I had to say something to those who listened to this CD, well... If you enjoyed the game and listened to this CD afterwards, I'm sure you'll enjoy it and you'll get thoughts such as "Man, this sort of events happened on the hidden side of the game's world!?", as because they synergize with each other, I think you will be able to enjoy them both even more. Please do so. Well, about the role I played in this CD, it was the character called Chester, and he did everything for his surfboard... subordin... subordinates, wasn't he? I hope I managed to make clear he really cared for them... and yeah, it was sort of painful for me to do it. Yeah. Well, that was how things were for me. Umm, we might see each other again somewhere else... it's possible another CD may be released if this one is popular enough, and I think that Chester might make an appearance again if Ar tonelico 3 is ever released, so please support us from the bottom of your heart. Yeah, please show us your support in your blogs and websites as well. Well then, good-bye.

Miruno: Yes! I'm Miruno Jun, Spica's voice actress! Yeah! Recording this CD was really fun! Um... in the game... umm... Spica generally served only as as shopkeeper and that was why she didn't get many scenes, and I really wondered about what sorts of things she could be doing while she wasn't on screen... and so, umm... We came to create this CD, umm... to show you all what she was doing... it was really, really fun to play her again! Every single one of the characters, you know, have all a great individuality, so... Umm, I had to really endure a lot, as... otherwise, umm... I'd have rolled around in the floor while laughing! Yeah, umm... Spica has already made appearances in 1 and 2, and I think she could show up elsewhere later on, so if you can support me again when that time comes, I'll be really happy!