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Summary Blurb[]

Jakuri, Cloche and Luca saw Cocona as she was walking to Croix’s room as they were staying at an inn.
What they heard was a conversation Croix and Cocona had about—

Mixed together with stories from the pasts of each Leglius, Reisha, Batz, Amarie, Chester, and Sonia, here we have a recording of the [Grand Bell Telemo Shopping] program hosted by Sasha and Cynthia!

Track 1[]


Croix: *yawn*... This is useless... I'm sleepy...

(BGM: Startup)

Croix: (Because I received a sudden order from Lady Cloche, I haven't been able to sleep for two days now. Apparently, the Nyanya Store's sales have started going down, and to do something about it, Lady Cloche decided all on her own that we should start a mail order service through the Telemos. And now I had to rush to make the preparations for it...)

Croix: Why did it have to be me? Lately both the Captain and Targana have gotten more free time than me... And anyway, this isn't the sort of job a knight should be doing...

(*door opening*)

(BGM: Like the Sand and Wind)

Cynthia: Yahoo, Coo!

Sasha: Bro Cro, hi!

(*door closing*)

Croix: Cynthia! Sasha! Are you up already?

Cynthia: It's because I got called to the Grand Bell Hall at long last, so I decided to take the chance to do a field trip inside it!

Sasha: It's the first time I've seen such a big building!

Croix: I think Lady Cloche should be returning from her official business by the time we've finished with the mail order service, so maybe she'd have me showing you around several places in the Hall.

Sasha: Okay! I wanna see Sis Clo soon too!

Cynthia: Then I'm gonna take you up on that offer and ask you to show me around, Coo! Let's have a date in the Grand Bell Hall.

Croix: I'll pass on that. I didn't sleep the last night because of all the preparations we had to make.

Cynthia: A-Are you telling me... You're inviting me to sleep with you...?

Croix: How did you get that idea? Agh, it's no good... I've got a headache...

Sasha: A-Are you okay? Your face's a little pale too, so maybe you should go take a nap.

Croix: No, preparations are almost done. So until they are, I can't...

Cynthia: This is the first time I've ever seen you this tired, Coo. We'll take care of the rest, so how about sleeping a little until we're finished...?

Croix: I appreciate your feelings, but will two be okay on your own?

Sasha: It's okay, Bro Cro! I'd feel anxious if I were alone, but as Miss Cynthia is here too, I'm sure everything'll turn out okay!

Croix: That's what worries me...

Cynthia: Coo.. Are you worried about me...? Could it because of our love...?

Croix: Haha... Sorry, I'll go lie down for a while. Please wake me up as soon as you're finished.

Sasha: Okay! Rest well and get better soon, please!

Cynthia: Okay! I'll sing you a lullaby so you can get a good sleep! Love~love~love~!

Croix: Ugh... Just let me sleep in peace...

(BGM: Legend of Ar tonelico 2 -The Second Tower-)

Drama CD Ar tonelico 2: The Girls' Metafalica That Resounds Throughout the World- Side.Extra

Track 2[]

(BGM: A Brief Rest)


Cloche: That was a nice bath, huh?

Luca: Yeah!

(BGM: A Secret Meeting at Midnight)

Luca: But looks like the bath powders we used today were a failure. They made me feel a little too warm, so they didn't wipe away the sweat I had.

Jakuri: There is no reason to get into the bath if it doesn't wipe away the sweat. That's the whole point of it.

Luca: Why do you like baths so much, Jakuri?

Jakuri: Because I'm a girl.

Luca: Huh?

Cloche: Umm...

Jakuri: Uhuhuhu.... I'm just joking. I like them because there are several ways to enjoy them depending on how you enter the bath.

Luca: That's true! And you even had me going that you liked them because you're a girl!

Jakuri: Oh, is that because you don't think I'm a girl?

Luca: Whaaat!? A-Ah, i-it's not that! Umm...

Cloche: Jakuri! Please do not tease Luca that much. H-Huh...?

(BGM End)

Cloche: E-Everybody... Hide just for a bit.

Luca & Jakuri: Huh?


Cloche: Isn't that...?


Cocona: Cro...


Cocona: Cro... Can I go in?

Croix: Sure, it's open.

(*door opens*)

Cocona: I'm going in.

(*door closes*)

(BGM: Doubt)

Cloche: The girl from a moment ago... Wasn't she Cocona?

Luca: Yeah... What could she want this late at night?

Cloche: It is worrying. What could these two normally talk about?

(End BGM)

Jakuri: I don't think... They will just be talking to each other.

(BGM: Assault)

Cloche & Luca: What!?

Luca: Huuuh!? I don't get what you mean!

Jakuri: A boy and a girl are alone in a room this late. And Croix is a man too besides.

Cloche: T... That's completely absurd! Didn't Croix come frequently to our rooms to talk to us too!?

Jakuri: But it was well known among us that Croix came every night to talk to us. On the other hand, that's not the case for Cocona: nobody knows she is in Croix's room this late.

Cloche: Ugh...

Jakuri: Oh, what's the matter?


Cloche: We must investigate what's happening inside. You two, come with me.


Luca: Aah! Wait, please!


Jakuri: Teasing these two is always so fun.

(End BGM)



Luca: Ah, what should we do? Ah! It seems they're talking about something!

Cloche: Shh! Be quiet!

Croix: What's up, Cocona? It's not usual for you to come this late.

Cocona: Ah... No.

Croix: Did something happen?

Cocona: Today... there weren't too many customers, so many rooms were left vacant, and besides... I was all alone in my room tonight...

Cloche: Aaagh! This cannot be possible!!

Luca: Is she inviting him to her room!?

Jakuri: Looks like it.

Luca: There's no way that could be!

Cloche: We must decisively put a stop to such a morbid happening!

Croix: Is it because you're afraid of being alone in a room?

Cocona: Hmm...

(BGM: Twilight)

Cocona: Hehe, whenever I turn off the lights and get ready to sleep, I feel a little scared. I feel as if was all alone in a dark, quiet place...

Croix: Did that make you remember some unpleasant things?

Cocona: Yeah. The first night I spent all alone after dad and mom died, I was really scared...

Croix: I'm sorry for not noticing it. Maybe I should ask Amarie to let you sleep with her.

Cocona: Ah, no! It's okay! I don't want anyone finding out I'm scared of being in a dark room!

Croix: No one'll laugh about it.

Cocona: It's not that! That's a secret only you and me know!

(End BGM)

Luca: Uh... so that's what happened to Cocona. Since she's always such a reliable girl, I had forgotten she's still a little kid.

Jakuri: Everyone has weak true natures, no matter how reliable they might appear on the surface. We're weak ourselves, and that's why we ask him to Dive into us.

Cocona: But I'm glad no one came to talk with you tonight, Cro! If someone had come, I'd be shivering all alone in my room.

Croix: Now you mention it, we had next to no chances to talk like we're doing now ever since we started traveling.

Cocona: Yeah! That's because you're always talking to Lady Cloche and the others!

Croix: I'm sorry to have forgotten about you.

Cocona: Agh! You're so boo, Cro, boo!

Croix: Ehehe, I'm just joking. But it's still true we haven't had many chances to talk. I'm sorry about that.

Cocona: Hehe, don't worry about it! I'm strong, so I'm still fine! But can I ask you to spoil me a little today?

Croix: You don't have to be shy about it! If you want, you can even sleep here tonight! I'll be fine, as I can even sleep on the floor as long as I have a blanket to cover myself with.

Cocona: Really!?

Croix: That's why I'm saying you shouldn't be shy about it.

Cocona: Yay! Thanks, Cro! Ah, yeah. You know, a little while ago, I made a little midnight snack for the Captain and Amarie!

Croix: For Captain Leglius?

Cocona: Yeah! Amarie came out at midnight saying she was hungry, so I borrowed the kitchen to make some food for her. The Captain had also returned from the last patrol he was doing before going to bed, so I also made some for him, and he praised me saying I had made something really tasty!

Croix: I can see how. You're the one that can cook the best dishes among us all.

Cocona: Ehehe, let's finish up everything quickly, as I want us to cook together again!

(BGM: Leave It Be)

Cloche: Ah, Luca. Why are you grabbing the areas around your stomach?

Luca: By the way Lady Cloche, why are you looking kinda pale?

Jakuri: Uhuhu. You two ought to fix that lack of sense you have for cooking!

Luca: Hngh! You can't even cook yourself, Jakuri!

Cloche: Indeed! I won't hear such things from the person who made something like the Jakuri Stew!

(End BGM)

Croix: But from what you said, it seems as if Amarie had manipulated you.

Cocona: I think she was just being considerate to me, so I won't feel lonely when I'm not with you, Cro.

Croix: W-Was it like that?

Cocona: Yeah! We're always sharing a room, so she always talks with me until I fall asleep, and we even go into the bath together! As Amarie has them so big, it's really amazing whenever she takes off her clothes!

Croix: ...I don't even know how I should respond to that...

Cocona: Ahhh... I'd really like to get them that big too... I'd like to wear something that highlights my breasts too!

Croix: You're still too young for that! I won't allow it until you're over 20 years old!

Cocona: Boo! You worry too much, Cro!

Croix: Ugh! ...Is that so...?

Cocona: Hmm... But if you say so, I'll wait until I'm an adult! I'm a good kid after all!

Croix: But if you ever feel I'm getting too overprotective, just say so.

Cocona: It's okay if you do that! That's just how you are, Cro.

Croix: Is that a compliment?

Cocona: You're a little stubborn, but being how you are it's good! That's also really calming to me.

Croix: But wouldn't you say I'm normally too suffocating for you?

Cocona: Really? I don't really see how!

Croix: Well, if you have no complaints about it, that's a relief for me too.

Cocona: Well, the only complaint I've got is that I'd like you to make some time to talk with me too.

Croix: Ah, sorry. I'll try to make some time for you from now on.

Luca: Hnnng... I'm sorry, Cocona. It's all because we're having Croix talk to us every night.

(BGM: That Which Overflows)

Cloche: Even Croix... Even Croix has a problem with it! How is it possible for him to not have realized it!?

Jakuri: He's such a dense man, that we can't expect him to have realized it.

Cloche: ...I must tell him to attend better to Cocona and to sympathize with her better!

Luca: I've gotta warn him next time to not turn into an insensible guy!

(BGM: Inexpressible Feelings)

Croix: But anyway, don't be shy: you can always come to my room whenever you want. If you want to talk about anything with me, I wouldn't mind doing so every single night.

Cocona: But there's always someone coming to your room. I mean, it's either Luca, Lady Cloche or Jakuri...

Croix: It's because they'll also complain if I don't talk to them during several days.

Cocona: Hehe, looks like you're in a big mess.

Croix: Well, there's nothing else to do while we're in a room, so I'm thankful to just have someone I can talk to. Ah right! You should join us when I go talk with any of them next. I think that would make our talks even more fun.

Jakuri: Oh, it's rare for him to get such a good idea.

Cloche: Certainly! And as we're both Gergo buddies, I'm sure I could spend the whole night having fun with Cocona!

Luca: And I wanna ask Cocona about what kind of life Croix has lived ever since he got to Pastalia! I really should ask her about it later!

Cloche: Oh! I want to hear about it too!

Luca: Then, let's all gather together next time!

(Stop BGM)

Cocona: No, it's fine.

Cloche: Huh?

Luca: What!? Why!?

Croix: Huh? What happened? I was thinking it'd be fun if we all talked together.

(BGM: Inexpressible Feelings)

Cocona: But if I got in the way of your talks with them, I'm sure things'd get scary later on.

Croix: Scary?

Cocona: Yeah! I think they could start glaring at me all the time while we're talking!

Croix: Haha, no way!

Cocona: No, I'm serious! Luca might not mind it that much, and Lady Cloche and Jakuri aren't scary normally. But if I got in the way when it came time for you to talk to them, I'm sure it'd get scary. That's why it's better for us to just talk like this once in a while!

Croix: I don't really get it, but thanks for being so considerate. Still, we'll have to get up early tomorrow, so is it okay if we leave the conversation here for today?

Cocona: Aha, yeah! Okay, I'll borrow the bed!

Croix: Ah!

Cocona: Ehehe, uhuhu!

Croix: Okay, I'll be turning the lights off. Good night, Cocona.

Cocona: Good night!

(*lamp off*)

(Stop BGM)

Jakuri: We got to learn about something unexpected.

Cloche: S... So that's what she thinks of us...

Luca: I... I'm such a scary person normally...?

Cloche: Anyhow, even if it's not what we usually do, what kind of actions could have caused Cocona to have such an image of us?

Jakuri: Come; let's head back to our rooms. We have to wake up early tomorrow too.

Cloche: Indeed.

(BGM: Oath)

Cloche: As soon as we have returned, we shall hold a strategy meeting.

Jakuri: What?

Cloche: Having learned that my Gergo buddy Cocona is frightened of us, I just cannot ignore this situation! We must think of a way that will relieve her of the fear she holds for us!

Luca: I a-agree! I don't wanna get misunderstood as a scary older sister!

Cloche: Naturally! Come; let us return to our chambers!


Jakuri: I've got a bad feeling about this.

(Stop BGM)

(*door opening*)

(*birds chirping*)

Cocona: *yawn* I slept great! I'll do my best today too!

Luca, Cloche & Jakuri: Good morning!

(BGM: Let's Go At My Pace)

Cocona: Ah! Ah, g-good morning! Why are you three all together?

Luca: Huhu! Your kind older sisters have come to give you a special breakfast as a present, Cocona!

Cloche: Come, Jakuri! Bring that forth!

(*cart rolling*)

Jakuri: We're quite proud of this dish.

Cocona: A dish you're proud to have made?

(*tray opening*)

Cocona: *gasp* Nooooo!

Cocona: For several days after this happened, everyone talked to Cro less than usual. Thanks to that, I could talk to him every now and then, and while the day I first talked to him was a good thing, I ended up being haunted by nightmares about that special breakfast!

Cocona: Huh!? What kind of dish was that!? Ugh! Anyone who asks about something that scary is boo, seriously boo!

Track 3[]

Cynthia & Sasha: Grand Bell Telemo Shopping!

Croix: Whoa! Ah... looks like they started. It'd be great if it went well.

Sasha: I'm Sasha, the Nyanya Store shopkeeper!

Cynthia: And I'm Cynthia from Tsuruya, Sasha's lovely assistant!

Sasha: We've prepared several amazing items today that we're sure that'll make you all happy! Miss Cynthia, please show them one of our items!

Cynthia: Okay! Why are drills a man's romance? What does it mean for a booster to have a girlish heart? This is the dictionary that answers all such questions! Its name is [The Heart of the Weapons]!

Sasha: I've compiled all the explanations that Miss Cynthia, an expert blacksmith and weapons seller, has given me into this book! It's a sure thing you'll become an expert on weapons the instant you read this book!

Cynthia: Let's listen to the testimonials from satisfied customers who actually used it!

Jakuri: Indeed, weapons are romance! There is no other book in the world that explains such a romance in this level of detail! It's the best!

Leglius: Hey... Why doesn't it explain anything about the Scrap Iron!?

Sasha: Huh? Huh? But Miss Cynthia, you said that you checked everything and that there shouldn't be any weapons missing from it!

Cynthia: It's because while the Scrap Iron can be used as a weapon, it isn't a weapon! I mean, no normal person would ever use one like that!

Sasha: I see! That's true!

Cynthia: Besides, this item is a regal bargain! It's just 30000 Leaf!

Sasha: 30000!? No way...! I mean, it's a dictionary! If I got 30000 Leaf, I'd have enough to be able to redecorate my whole house!

Cynthia: It's worth that much, as it's truly a wonderful book! We'll start taking orders as soon as this program ends, so please wait until then, okay?

Cynthia: Okay then, this is our next item!

Croix: Aaagh... Should I just do as if I didn't see that...? Ooh... Ngh...

Track 4[]

(BGM: Reisha's Lullaby -Whistle-)

Leglius: It happened 19 years ago... Back when I was still a low-rank knight in the Grand Bell Hall Knight Corps. I was just a normal knight no one had any expectations on. Therefore, it might have been because my stiff personality was seen as a harbinger of catastrophe by others, but back then I was a low-rank knight that had few friends. That's why these two people were so special to me.

(Stop BGM)


(BGM: Heavenly Town)

Leglius: Sir, did you go drinking ahead of me!?

Batz: Ya took too long, Leglius! How ya dare make your superior wait for a whole hour!

Leglius: What!? No way...

Batz: I even thought I'd gotten the place or time wrong, and was 'bout to head back home!

Leglius: Ah... I'm sorry!

Reisha: There's no need for you to be apologizing, Leglius!

Batz: Oh? Ah, Reisha! What's up? I thought you were the only one who always got to a place in time!

Reisha: Stop spouting nonsense. Look, Leglius, you've got to scold Batz once in a while too!

Leglius: N-No, it's just...

Batz: Ah, wait a sec. Are you feelin' kinda badly today, Reisha? You look pale.

Reisha: Oh, is that how I look? How about Leglius then?

Batz: Ah? That guy can't easily hide how he's feeling. I mean, I've gotten a real liking to him too.

Leglius: No, I've still got a long way to go compared to you, Sir.

Reisha: Leglius!

Leglius: ...! S-Sir... I'm not really feeling that well today either.

Batz: What? What's up with you two? Did something happen?

Reisha: Hmm... Well, let's explain it in a way he can understand it. Leglius...

Leglius: Ah... Congratulations for having captured that high-leveled IPD today, Sir. I could have never imagined that you'd capture the girl you were fighting without even scratching her.

Batz: Yeah! Wasn't that amazin'!?

Reisha: I've got to admit I'm impressed you did that. How was it even possible for you to capture her like that?

Batz: Even IPDs have a limit. In other words, ya just gotta let 'em run loose as much as they want, and once they start staggering, ya just swoop in and pin her down. I mean, just chargin' in to attack a high level one is suicidal, so just gotta be careful they don't attack any civilians with their magic while you tire 'em out. You see? Simple, right?

Leglius: I see! You really planned it out!

Reisha: That's not something to be impressed about, Leglius!

Leglius: Ah... yeah. But... I still think that focusing on guarding until the opponent is exhausted is a good idea.

Batz: Hehe, yeah!

Leglius: However, the amount of damage that caused to the city itself must have been unimaginable. Sir, do you know how much damage resulted from this incident?

Reisha: It was so large that we wouldn't be able to pay it back even if we worked every single remaining hour of our lives.

Batz: Amazin'! There was so much damage in that short a time!?

Reisha: It was all because you didn't stop her faster!

Leglius: B-But at the least almost all the damages were done to buildings and public property: there wasn't even a single casualty. That's our only relief.

Batz: Yeah!? I did my best 'cuz I didn't wanna see anyone gettin' hurt!

Reisha: *sigh* ...You have such admirable ideas.

Batz: Oh, didja fall in love with me again?

Reisha: We'll talk about falling in love with you after you've settled this whole mess.

Leglius: The amount of written apologies and reports we had to turn in due to this incident was really unprecedented. I even lost the feeling in the fingers I was using to hold the pen partway through.

Batz: I've reported everything directly to Lady Arshe! I didn't even have to write anythin' like an apology or report!

Reisha: Given you need to leave a record of what you've done, don't think you'll escape having to write a report too. As you're always pushing everything onto us and running away, you don't even know that, do you!?

Leglius: *sigh*... Well, it's true the amount of reports we had to submit today wasn't normal at all.

Batz: Hmm, well, come and sit down? Aren't you tired?

Reisha: Whose fault do you think it is!? Argh!


Reisha: Don't just run wild; make sure to also clean up your mess once in a while too! Leglius is really a model knight, but he's stuck doing desk work because he has to clean every single disaster you make!

Batz: Looks like it! But a little ago, Lady Arshe praised you guys because the reports you send in really justify everythin' I've done!

Leglius: If you didn't so, most likely they'd have discharged you from the knights, Sir. I also wish to say this now: I think that lately, you have been going wild a bit too much.

Reisha: Yeah. But well, Batz is on good terms with Lady Arshe, so they wouldn't fire him so easily, although it seems he's really pushed them this time.

Leglius: It's because of how widespread the damage was. No matter how much we try to help him, I'm sure we'd get a good reprimand from it. Sir, what did Lady Arshe tell you?

Batz: Oh? Well, it was just the usual.

Leglius: I knew it. *sigh*... Looks like this bothered even Lady Arshe herself, huh?

Batz: Hey hey, has Lady Arshe got any complaints about me?

Reisha: It's because we're the ones who have to clean this mess up, and because we three are the only ones who have direct contact with Lady Arshe. However, almost nobody else in the Grand Bell Hall can even speak to her. So do you know how these people see you and Lady Arshe now?

Batz: Hmm? No idea.

Leglius: They see you as her favorite: a knight who can do whatever he likes without getting as much as a reprimand. In fact, it's impossible to know how many people are displeased about it.

Reisha: You should also realize that if this situation isn't handled properly, even Lady Arshe could end up making enemies within the Grand Bell. It's a real headache.

Batz: Ah gotcha. I'm sorry 'bout that. So cleanup aside, looks like I've gotten her pretty worried too.

Leglius: Hmm... Aha. Well, at the least nothing has started yet. In any case, please make sure to reflect upon this.

Batz: I'll make sure to not make her worry even if I cause some trouble!

Leglius: Ah, while that'd be better than what you're doing, actually we'd prefer you to do the opposite.

(BGM: Sunny Place)

Reisha: By the way, what do you think Leglius said to that girl?

Leglius: Reisha! Let's forget about--!

Batz: Stop there, idiot! We just got to something good, so shut up!

Reisha: Leglius told her that he couldn't go out with her because he already had a woman he was in love with! Uhuhu! What a waste! To think you could refuse a confession from a girl as beautiful as her!

Batz: Eh! Waitwaitwait! I'm more bothered by how he said there was a woman he was in love with! You look more like the kinda guy who'd only have an unrequited love! Shouldn't you go and propose to her already!?

Leglius: Easier said than done...

Reisha: Shouldn't you just honestly tell her how you feel?

Batz: Okay! Then practice a bit with Reisha! Leglius; go and propose to Reisha now!

(Stop BGM)

Leglius: Huh!? W-Wait a second! What are you saying!?

Reisha: Hey, that's a good idea! Sounds interesting!

Leglius: Even you, Reisha!?

Batz: It's just a little bit of practice! Come and hurry it up!

Leglius: But--!

Reisha: Uhuhu! I wonder what kind of confession you'll end up making!

Leglius: Mnggh!!

(BGM: Assault)

Batz: Go now!

Reisha: Hang in there!

Leglius: Mgh... Reisha... Mggh...

Batz: Do it!

Reisha: Speak from your heart! Calm down!

Leglius: Mgh... I... love...

Batz: Okay, you're gettin' there! Say it!

(Stop BGM)

Leglius: I'm sorry!

Batz: Huh!? What gives!?

Leglius: Didn't I say it was easier said than done!?

Reisha: Ahaha! Ah well, it's the sort of thing I could imagine you saying! Come, wipe that sweat off!

Leglius: Aaah.... I'm s-sorry!

Batz: Oh man, you really got no spirit--!

Leglius: (This is like some sort of torture...)

Reisha: But isn't that good! That's one of your good points, Leglius!

Batz: Looks like I've gotta train you thoroughly 'fore you can propose to anyone! Agh, I ran out of booze...? Hey, miss!

Woman: Yeah!

Batz: Bring me more booze!

Woman: Gladly!

Reisha: Batz, I think you should stop drinking now. Your wounds haven't healed yet, right?

Batz: Oh? Ah, you mean the ones I got today?

Leglius: They're good now because they were healed with magic, but before he had things jutting out all over him.

Batz: Was it that awful?

Reisha: I won't ask what things were jutting out from these wounds.

Batz: Ah, are we eating hotpot?

Reisha: Knock it off!

Leglius: But if you had finished her off in a single attack and in a quiet manner like always, wouldn't you have gotten off with lighter wounds? Sir, you should be able to guard yourself even from attacks from a high level IPD to a certain extent. Why didn't you just capture her faster instead of waiting until she was exhausted...?

(BGM: Melody of Rebirth)

Batz: It's 'cuz I wanted to solve things peacefully, but because that girl... was still just a kid. I didn't wanna hurt her.

Reisha: Ah...

Leglius: You call all those damages and these large wounds you got solving things peacefully?

Batz: Somehow, all the damage to the areas 'round was minimal. And I just did my best to shield the civilians from the magic blasts. Wanting anythin' beyond not gettin' any casualties would be greedy, you know?

Leglius: *sigh*... You're right. At the least we can repair what was destroyed.

Reisha: *sigh*... You didn't want to hurt a kid, huh? I get how you feel.

Batz: Yeah?

Reisha: But the one who didn't actually want to hurt her was Lady Arshe, right?

Batz: Wha?

Leglius: What do you mean? There's no way Lady Arshe could have issued--

Batz: Ah, no! That's completely impossible!

Reisha: I see. As selfish as Lady Arshe can be, there's no way she could have issued such an order. Even if she ended up issuing a selfish order, she would place special emphasis on keeping us, the ones who must carry it out, safe. She even gets to the point of being overprotective, huh?

Leglius: So you're saying you did it for Lady Arshe?

Reisha: You know that it's compulsory to report whenever an IPD is caught, right? If you had to go capture a high level IPD like this one, how would have you done so, Leglius?

Leglius: Well, I'd be reluctant to do it, but--

Reisha: Although giving Lady Arshe such a report now would be quite cruel.

Leglius: ...I see.

Leglius: (The Maiden Lady Arshe is about to give birth. If we reported to her now that we grievously injured an IPD... no, a child, or that in the worst case we ended up killing her, it's almost definite that would cause her great sadness.)

(Stop BGM)

Leglius: So in other words, you did something as suicidal as capturing an IPD unharmed just to make Lady Arshe happy?

Batz: I wasn't just about to get myself killed there! I really thought things through when I did that!

Reisha: Well, at the least it seems you were successful in making her happy. This is the first time I had ever seen Lady Arshe so delighted.

Leglius: Yeah. But Sir, shouldn't you also talk to us about these things? After all, we're always causing Lady Arshe all sorts of trouble too.

Reisha: Yeah. Although I think there should be many other people listening to her selfish wishes too.

Leglius: Next time, please make sure to call us too.

Batz: I'm not gonna do that! If she's gonna act as happy as she did this time, I'd prefer keep doing things as I've always done them!

Leglius: There's no way she could have feigned acting happy!

Batz: Of course she did! It's because she's so innocent! When she's happy, she acts so... how should I say it...? Ah, really cute, I guess.

Leglius: Ah. Looks like you're actually better off doing things like always than trying to be considerate to her.

Batz: Looks like it. *sigh*... Making her happy is stupidly difficult!

Reisha: Frantically appealing to her just to making her happy is just for your own convenience though! Don't forget Lady Arshe is married!

Batz: Huh? What was that? It's not like I'm tryin' to appeal to her or anythin'--

Reisha: Oh, really? While you're always telling her things about me, when you're with me, you always only talk about Lady Arshe! What a terrible man!

Batz: Heyheyhey! Are ya jealous? That's not what's happenin'!

Reisha: *sigh*... Oh yeah? Maybe I should just aim for Leglius then.

Leglius: Ah!?

(BGM: Ding-Dong March!)

Leglius: What're you saying, Reisha!? You don't....

Reisha: Because Leglius would never be daydreaming about some other person who wasn't his lover, right?

Leglius: Yeah, of course!

Reisha: Besides, since we're spending so much time together cleaning your messes, I think we could build a nice relationship! What do you think, Leglius?

Leglius: T-That's.... I wouldn't make the woman I love uneasy or--

Batz: The only reason I go through all that trouble for Lady Arshe is because I wanna make her happy during a time she's as cranky as she's now due to being pregnant. But ya know Reisha; I've never considered you inferior or anythin' to Lady Arshe.

Reisha: Really?

Batz: I'm not lyin'! If I had to pick one of you, there's no doubt I'd pick you!

Reisha: In that case, there's no reason for me to pick Leglius!

Leglius: Agh!

(Stop BGM)

Batz: Oh? What's up, Leglius? Are you sleepy?

Reisha: Leglius? Hey, this isn't the place to fall asleep in!

Leglius: Uh... I...

Batz: Huh? What's it?

Leglius: Does that mean... I should be more open about myself, like Batz is...!?

Batz: Ngh!? W-What are ya sayin'!? First, calm down! That's not good!

Reisha: Yeah, Leglius! Why are you even thinking of becoming like Batz!?

Batz: If you ended up bein' like me, it'd be so messy to listen to Lady Arshe's selfish orders that I wouldn't be able to do it anymore!

Reisha: Just having one Batz is trouble enough! If I had to write official apologies because of what you did too, I'm sure I'd overwork myself to death! I'm begging you, don't do that!

Leglius: *sigh*... well, I don't really want to make you overwork to death, Reisha. Okay.

Batz: Damn! Don't scare us like that!

Reisha: Good grief! Why did you even say that out of nowhere?

Leglius: Hmm? Ah...

Leglius: (It's because I admire Batz's free lifestyle. If I acted like him, I may be able to get closer to him. And there's also the possibility that may bring me a little closer to Reisha.)

Leglius: Well, it's because I'm such a boring and stubborn man. I just thought that if I broaden my world a little, I may end up changing myself.

Batz: Hmm, so you were thinkin' you wanted to change yourself?

Reisha: I s-see.

Leglius: Is it that unexpected coming from me?

Reisha: It's not that. It's just that if you did change like that, I'd feel like odd woman out among us three, and that'd be kind of sad.

Batz: But if you did, we might include you into my friends!

Reisha: Huh?

Batz: If you open yourself with a "bang!", we'd sure cause a lot of trouble to the Grand Bell and Lady Arshe! How 'bout it!? That way you won't feel like the odd woman out!

Leglius: Us three?

Leglius: (I don't care about happens to me... But… Reisha becoming like Batz!? That isn't something I want to see!)

Leglius: N-No, Sir! It's impossible to change out of nowhere like that! I'm better off having this personality after all!

Reisha: Uhuhu!

(BGM: A Small Journey)

Reisha: Yeah! That staunch, stubborn personality isn't something that can be easily changed!

Batz: Well, I'll be able to do that somehow! For starters...

Batz: You've gotta get to the age where you can start drinkin' booze like this! Once you do, I'll show you tons of ways to have fun! Even if you don't want it, I'll change that personality of yours!

Leglius: W-What!?

Reisha: Stop there, Batz! Didn't I tell you to stop drinking!?

Batz: Hey, Reisha! If I have ever to pick either you or Lady Arshe, I'll always pick you! I'll protect you even if that costs me my life! So calm down! So well, that's an issue settled! Ahahaha!

Reisha: Will everything be okay?

Leglius: I don't know. But well, I don't think it's a bad idea to have some expectations on him.

Reisha: Huhu, you're right.

(Stop BGM)

(BGM: Reisha's Lullaby -Whistle-)

Leglius: Ultimately, the things Batz said back then only were made a reality in part. A few months later, he took Reisha and both disappeared in front of me due to the coup d’état Alfman instigated. The superior I admired so much, and the woman I was secretly in love with. I lost both of them at the same time. If that coup d’état had never happened, what kind of person would have I become? Would I have changed a little? While I still have these thoughts in my head, most likely I will always have these questions for as long as I live.

(Stop BGM)

Track 5[]

Croix: *yawn* Ahhh... I'm feeling pretty well now. So, what could these two be up to now?

Sasha: This is our next item! It's a special bath powder you can use in the bathtub!

Cynthia: I've synthesized more than a few bath powders at my shop! I think everyone should know about them, right?

Sasha: But as generally we end making too much of an item during synthesis, we don't have enough containers to put them in! It's a waste to just throw them out!

Cynthia: Yeah, it's a waste to just throw out something we've put so much work into making! Therefore, we have brought here all the bath powders that were left on the shelf at our stores, re-synthesized them, and doing that we've made the ultimate bath powder! This is the [Metafalica Hot Spring]!

Sasha: B-But even if you call it synthesis, we actually just mixed them!

Cynthia: Mixing is synthesis too!

Croix: I think that's wrong!

Cynthia: Ah, Darling!

Croix: Who're you talking about!?

Sasha: Ah Bro Cro! Are you okay now?

Croix: Yeah. But anyway, are you okay selling this sorta stuff? Depending on which bath powders we're talking about, I think there are more than a few that shouldn't be put out for sale.

Sasha: Ah, looks like we've gotten some testimonials from the watchers at home!

Cloche: W-What manner of bath powder is this!? When I used it, I was assaulted by the effects of all the bath powders I have made thus far at once! This is nothing more than an instrument of torture!

Luca: Besides, I couldn't get out from the bath because of the Sorberry Coagulant's effect! If someone with a weak heart used it, I think they'd die from a heart attack!

Croix: Weren't all of those negative opinions!?

Cynthia: All opinions are important, regardless of what they say.

Sasha: Yeah! Besides, it's impossible for an item to be liked by every single person in the world! So even if there are many negative opinions about it, I'm sure there must be someone out there who would be troubled if that item didn't exist!

Cynthia: Like how it happens with the bread crusts in the bakeries?

Sasha: That was what I had yesterday for dinner.

Cynthia: And given it is so disliked, the Metafalica Hot Spring's price is of 5000 Leaf!

Sasha: Whoa! It's a 1/6 of the Heart of the Weapons' price!

Cynthia: It's a reasonably priced item, and it's a must have for every household!

Croix: In what way is it reasonably priced!?

Track 06[]

(BGM: Prologue)

Amarie: My hometown of Kanakana Pier doesn't exist anymore, but I feel the life I used to have when I still lived in it was the best to me. It was because, although it was a small town, I had my family and many friends, and I also had Chester and Sonia with me. Maybe the memory that left the greatest impression on me from the times I lived there was this one...

(Stop BGM)

(BGM: Sunny Place)

Amarie: Hey, hey! Sonia, hurry!

Chester: Amarie, if you don't slow your pace a little, Sonia will get exhausted. She's not used to going out to the surface.

Amarie: It's just a little more, Sonia! Keep at it!

Sonia: O-Okay. But don't pull me that hard.

Amarie: We're here!

Sonia: This place is...

Amarie: Ehehe, it's our secret place! It's a plaza me and Chester found!

Chester: Though you were the one to find it, Amarie. I wouldn't have ever thought that an abandoned plaza was in a place like this.

Amarie: I was searching for a place that people didn't seem to come to, and I found this one just like that! It's really sunny, and since no people aside of us three will come here, Sonia should be okay too, right?

Sonia: Hmm...

Amarie: Didn't you like it?

Sonia: There is no way I would dislike a place you searched for me, you know? I'm very happy about it. Thanks, Amarie.

Amarie: Uhuhu, I'm glad it made you happy! Ah, let's go sit down under that tree!

Sonia: Yeah. I don't like being under the sunlight.

Amarie: Ehehe!

Sonia: This is truly a wonderful place. How did you find it?

Chester: Yeah, I like it quite a bit myself. Normally, no would think of coming to a place like this, right?

Amarie: Yeah, I just searched for a place that people didn't seem to visit much. So I thought no one would get into the bushes, and when I went in, I found this place. I think you could read books in peace here too, Sonia.

Sonia: You thought of having me read books inside a bush?

Amarie: Huh, is that bad?

Sonia: Well, I really like this place. I could read my books in peace here just like I do at home.

Amarie: You're again reading such a difficult book.

Sonia: If you studied a little more, I think you would be able to understand it too.

Amarie: Eh!? No way!

Sonia: Chester managed to start reading them too. Isn't that right?

Chester: Yeah, but it's because you were so good at teaching me, Sonia. If I don't study a little more, I won't be able to keep up with you.

Amarie: Ah, I'm gonna read a book too! I've brought one with me too, so let's read all together!

Sonia: What kind of book did you bring?

Amarie: Uhuhu, umm... these two!

(BGM: Leave it Be)

Sonia: Umm, uh... Kyukyun Gentleman Love... and... The Shocking Young Man Next Door... Kyukyun... What does it even mean? That word isn't even in the dictionary.

Amarie: Both are stories about a girl who falls in love with a man older than her. Wanna read them too, Sonia?

Chester: Hey, Amarie! You're still too young to be reading that kind of books!

Amarie: No! Sonia and I are in the recommended age range for them!

Sonia: What does Kyukyun even mean?

Amarie: Ah? Ah, umm... It means something like "kaboom"! Or something?

Sonia: Is it onomatopoeia? What kind of sound is it patterned after then?

Amarie: Isn't that how a heartbeat sounds?

Sonia: A heartbeat? Is that a book about medical care then? I'm impressed to see you're reading about something so complex.

Amarie: Ahaha... how did she start thinking that?

Chester: Ah, Sonia. This is a romantic novel, which is a sort of story that depicts a romance between a man and a woman. Apparently, it's a tale about a girl who fell in love with a man older than her.

Sonia: What is Kyukyun then?

Chester: Ah, it must be a typo! Don't worry about it!

Amarie: (Chester... Avoiding it like that is cheating!)

(Stop BGM)

Sonia: I see. In that case, it should do you well to read that book now, Amarie.

Chester: What!? What are you saying, Sonia!?

Sonia: It would be terrible if Amarie's life was derailed due to her running to a man that has no life experience or knowledge. So would it be wrong to think that she should fall in love with a reliable man that's older than her?

Chester: Ah, well... Even if you put it like that, I don't really think...

Amarie: It's okay! I hate gross old guys too! Hmm, but... I think I'd like a guy a little older than me.

Chester: Well, I don't think that will be a problem. But still, you need to grow a little more before you can start going out with guys. Until then, you shouldn't get close to any men, okay?

Amarie: Is it okay for me to be with you, Chester?

Chester: I'm like your older brother. Besides, we're always with Sonia.

Amarie: Then, shouldn't I go out with you, Chester? We'd still be going all together like we're doing now, right?

Chester: Actually, I'd rather see you find an even more wonderful than me, Amarie. There's no need to rush it.

Sonia: How dense.

Amarie: Argh! Then I'll grow into a sexy woman, and make you fall for me, Chester! I'll get these bainbain big!

Sonia: Bainbain?

Amarie: That means I'm gonna get huge boobies!

Sonia: In that case, the best food for you would be Kururuku Dango. Given they contain so many nutrients; I'm sure they will make your chest grow greatly.

Amarie: Ah, yeah! Okay, I'm gonna eat lotsa Kururuku Dango starting today!

Sonia: Huhu, do your best.

Amarie: Yeah! Huh? But Sonia, if you're eating them every day, why are you flat as a board?


Sonia: Ugh...

Chester: Huh? S-Sonia...

Sonia: I-It's because all the nutrients go to my brain.

Amarie: Gotcha! Being smart is pretty troublesome too!

Chester: Did that worry you?

Sonia: It only started bothering me slightly a few days ago. What do you think about it?

Chester: Huh... Ah... About what?

Sonia: Nothing. Forget it.

Chester: I see. Ah, well... But actually, I think a person who's smart enough to explain difficult things in a simple way is more charming than one who's only beautiful in appearance.

Sonia: Really?

Chester: It's true!

Sonia: I see.

Chester: Still, don't you think you should walk outside a little more whenever you can? I think you need to brush up a little more you worldly ways.

Amarie: It's because you're always cooped up in your house studying, Sonia! Hehe, from now on, you've gotta always come to this place when it's sunny outside!

Sonia: This is the place you found for me. I intended to do so even if you hadn't asked me to do it. Of course, we both will come here together, right?

Amarie: Yeah! As long as we're here, we can't just read books, we can play too! You also gotta do some exercise, huh? Chester?

Chester: Hmm, ah. Yeah. I'll think about it.

Sonia: You're reading books all the time at your home too, right? If you don't take care, you'll end up with a weak constitution like me.

Chester: Thanks for worrying about me, but I'm afraid it's too late. I've been doing nothing but studying for six months now, so I've gotten kinda frail.

Sonia: Is it due to it that I've seen you thinner lately?

Chester: You noticed it? It's just because I thought that maybe I was more suited to studying and reading than to moving around.

Amarie: You were always the studious sort, right?

Chester: Yeah, it seems so.

Amarie: I think you're great just as you're now!

Chester: Yeah, but well... You know how you must train everyday so you can run faster? And if you get a shorter time, you'll be able to run even faster. Studying works like that to me.

Amarie: Hmm, so because you can study, you want to study even more difficult things?

Chester: Yeah. At the least, I want to be smart enough so I can talk with Sonia as equals. That's the only thing I'm thinking about now, and why I work so hard every day.

Sonia: I think you're quite amazing as you're now.

Chester: Oh no, I'm still a long way off from being amazing! I've got to study even more, umm... because I don't want a certain charming person to hate me.

Sonia: Hmm?

Amarie: What what!? Who's that charming person?

Chester: Well, who knows? Ah, Amarie! We've still got time before the sun goes down. Could you take this and buy some snacks?

Amarie: Whoa! Are you okay giving me that much!?

Chester: Yeah. Make sure to buy all your favorite things. Okay, see you later.

Amarie: Yeah! I'm off!

Sonia: What was the meaning behind these words just now?

Chester: Hmm, hmm... I just meant what I said. What do you think?

Sonia: I'm shocked. You said it so suddenly.

Chester: Ah, s-shouldn't I have said them then? Ah, looks like I didn't realize the proper timing for them.

Sonia: There's something I want to confirm, so please say it to me directly.

Chester: S-Seriously?

Sonia: I have next to no knowledge on things like these, so there's the possibility I could misunderstand it. So please, Chester.

Chester: O-Okay! S-Soni-Sonia! I... I...! I've always thought about you!

Sonia: Ah...

Chester: There're... many more things I want to talk to you about! So many more... And I want to always be with you...! So... what do you say...?

Sonia: Uh...

Chester: I'm n-no good...? He, I k-knew it... Looks like I'm still not good enough... Ahaha... *hic*...

Sonia: Are you crying?

Chester: N-No way! No...! To do something like that before the person I proposed to...! It would be so uncool to cry in a moment like this! No way! I'm not crying at all!

Sonia: It's okay. You're not crying, right?

Chester: ...

(BGM: Lamplight)

Sonia: I have the same feelings you do.

Chester: ...Huh?

Sonia: There are still so many more things I want to talk with you too. I've thought that from a long time ago. Didn't you notice it?

Chester: Ah... I always thought the same too! H-Huh? But then... why didn't you give me an answer a moment ago?

Sonia: Because... I was sure I would be disliked by others. I'm different from everybody else, because I'm just a person with nothing interesting going for me. When I thought that, I got sad.

Chester: That's not it! The talks I have with you are always so interesting, that's why I ended up going to your side every day!

Sonia: But we can't talk about the same things every day. The knowledge I've obtained and the books I've read are quite different from anything that could be called pleasure or fun. These are the only things I can talk about. Besides, what about my body?

Chester: Didn't I say what I thought a little ago?

(Stop BGM)

Chester: And yeah, we might have a limit in the topics we can talk about. That much is true... so it might be hard for us.

Sonia: You see?

(BGM: Warmth)

Chester: That's why the next time; we'll talk about all the sorts of things I know.

Sonia: You mean outside the ones we've studied?

Chester: Yeah. Even you, who normally spends all her time locked up at home, managed to go out for a stroll like you did today. If you could do so, isn't there the chance that we could end up walking to many other places?

Sonia: I don't know.

Chester: We finally managed to bring you outside. Doing that made both Amarie and me really happy, as we could teach all sorts of things to you, the one who’s always teaching things to us.

Sonia: Ah...

Chester: Actually, because of all the things you have taught us, I could discover new things and see how fun that feels. So now, I'd like to do the opposite: teach you all sorts of things, so you can discover new things and find the fun in it. That way we could both expand our worlds, right?

Sonia: But I don't know if I'll be able to follow you as you do that. If that happened, I'm sure you'd--

Chester: And if we ended up parting ways, wouldn't you be the one that would propose new ideas?

Sonia: What if I end up saying something that makes you hate me?

Chester: Unless I make you do something you hate or we fall out of love with each other, I don't think it's possible for us to end up parting ways. If we ended up getting in such a situation, we wouldn't feel anything but rage, but we shouldn't feel sad about it. So calm down, we'll be okay.

Sonia: Chester... What do you intend to do to me?

Chester: Huh!? Ah ah, it's not that! I didn't mean it like that! I'm not planning to make you something you hate! It's the truth!

Sonia: Is that right?

Chester: Yeah! But no matter what happens, I definitely won't make you sad. I promise it! So... it'd make me really happy if you answered with a nod...

(Stop BGM)

Chester: Sonia...

Sonia: You definitely won't make me sad. Definitely, huh? And only an irresponsible person would say definitely with no solid basis for it.

Chester: Ah...

Sonia: I love you too, Chester.

Chester: Eh... Huh!?

(BGM: Feelings)

Sonia: Huh!? Was my way of responding wrong? I don't really know how I should have said it.

Chester: No, no no... Because I'm such an irresponsible guy...

Sonia: I know very well that you aren't an irresponsible person, Chester.

Chester: But I...

Sonia: The proof to it is the fact you have worked so hard. So even if you don't have a solid basis, I want to believe in you.

Chester: Ah...

Sonia: But I'd be glad to not make you angry as much as I could. I don't want to do anything that could anger you.

Chester: *sob*... S-Sonia!!

Sonia: Chester, are you okay?

Chester: I'll never...! Never! Get angry at you! Never! I'll never make you sad! Never!

Sonia: I know. I believe in you. Uhu, looks like you're unexpectedly easy to move to the point of crying.

(Stop BGM)

Amarie: I'm back! I've brought some Kururuku Dango as snacks! Huh?

Sonia: Ah.

(BGM: Ding-Dong March!)

Amarie: WHAT!? Sonia, stop bullying Chester!

Sonia: Huh? No! You're wrong! It's a misunderstanding!

Amarie: Chester, are you okay!? Did Sonia hit you!?

Chester: N-No! I-It's not that! It's not that, Amarie! It's just we were reading a book, and the last scene was so wonderful, that it moved me!

Amarie: It moved you? Is that really what happened?

Chester: Yeah, it's true! Ah, ah! You brought back some Kururuku Dango? Come, Sonia! How about eating something before we continue studying?

Sonia: Yeah, sounds good.

Amarie: Hmm, isn't something kinda weird around here? Sonia, did something actually happen?

Sonia: Ah... something?

Chester: *cough* *cough*! Amarie is still too young for that. Let's change the topic.

Sonia: Looks like we have no other choice.

Sonia: Amarie, what would you do if Chester started dating someone?

Amarie: Of course I'd go and steal him! Chester is mine!

Chester: What!? Really?

Amarie: Yeah! Of course! Ehehehe!

Sonia: So it seems things have come to this, Chester. What will you do now?

Chester: Oh... Now I really want to start crying...

(Stop BGM)

(BGM: Inexpressible Feelings)

Amarie: The first time I learned about Sonia and Chester dating was several months after that day. They told me about it one of the times we went to our secret place, just like that day.

Chester: Well, while it was kind of a shock, the damage was a lot less than I expected. It might be irritating, but no other person could have been my opponent aside of Sonia. It's as if I had accepted her myself. Afterwards, a lot of things happened to them both, and I ended up learning about them much later, but I just kept wishing for them to be able to find happiness. Uhu, after all, they're my big sister and my big brother!

Track 07[]

(BGM: Like the Sand and Wind)

Sasha: Ah, good job, Miss Cynthia!

Cynthia: Yeah! The best part is that everything ended well!

Sasha: Yeah! We managed to present so many, many items!

Cynthia: If we manage to sell them all, we'd have a lot to celebrate for, huh!

Sasha: Yeah!

Croix: Good job, you two! Looks like everything went well in the end.

Sasha: Yeah! I had never explained things about items except for the ones I've got stocked in my store, so it was really fun!

Croix: It'd be great if we got good sales from this

Sasha: It's okay! Miss Cynthia's explanations were incredible, so I'm sure we'll get good sales!

Cynthia: Flattery won't get you anywhere, you know?

Croix: She's just honestly happy about it.

Cynthia: I'll bring out the boundless love I've got for you, Coo! Look!

Croix: I can't see whatever you're putting out. And more importantly, we've got a meal prepared for us in the room over there. Luca and Lady Cloche are waiting for us.

Sasha: Sis Clo is there too?

Croix: She said she wanted to eat with you, Sasha, so she hurried up to finish her official business and returned here as soon as she could. Come, hurry and go see her.

Sasha: Okay!

(Stop BGM)

Croix: *sigh* Now then...

Cynthia: At last it's just the two of us!

Croix: Hey!

Cynthia: What?

Croix: The meal I talked about was for you too. It's going to get cold, and I won't be able to clean up things here like this.

Cynthia: How about you, Coo?

Croix: I've got to clean up this room. After all, that the program today went as well as it did was because of the things you two did.

Cynthia: Oh well, looks like this is how things are supposed to go. See you later, Coo! I love you!

Croix: Hmm... now!

(*phone ringing*)

Croix: Huh? What is it now? Oh geez...! Yes! This is the Grand Bell Hall reception room! H-Huh? A copy of the Heart of the Weapons book? Huh? Wait a moment please! What's that supposed to be!? Oh? What!? Hey!! How did things get like this!?

(BGM: The Second Tower)

Croix: No... Wait a second... I think they said...

Cynthia: (We'll start taking orders as soon as this program ends, so please wait until then, okay?)

Croix: W-What should I do now!? Agh, looks like I've gotta bit the bullet and just do it! Sorry to have kept you waiting! Are you going to order one!? Yes! Yes! No, our service doesn't have a specified time! Just tell us the date for shipping! Payment on delivery? Yes, we allow for that, but that will require us to charge you handling fees! I apologize; we can't specify a delivery company for it! We appreciate your understanding...

(The End)

Extra Track[]

Yusa: This is Yusa Koji, Croix's voice actor. Now the recording is finished, I want to say good job to everyone. Huh, so Ar tonelico 2 ended up having a lot of material, even 4 drama CDs. Huh, but for some reason I didn't remember anything about the first 3 ones! Huh, why could have that happened? But anyhow, while this CD is titled Extra, it seems to be a sort of conclusion and it brings out an atmosphere similar to that of an epilogue, so somehow, while I didn't appear in the other CDs and it feels like it served to close stuff I didn't know anything about, and that made me feel really anxious, it's great it somehow came out so well. Well, I want to hear to all the opinions you all must have had from the work we did here, so I'll be counting on you all!

Koshimizu: Hey, here's Koshimizu Ami, Luca's voice actress and production baobab! Good job, everyone! So I wanna say that the Luca I voiced this time was, like she was a long time ago, pretty dark, right? Huh, dark? But she's a heroine! How could she be dark! Ah well, everyone, every single person idealizes girls too much, so thinking Luca could have dark sides to her is just like what I think about every single person having a lot of dark sides to themselves. Ahaha! And we got to see a bit of it in this CD, huh? Right, Lady Cloche? Uhuhu! So what I want to say is that Luca isn't necessarily dark, but actually a realistic person due to being such a normal girl. So please, continue supporting Luca from now on, okay? I love you all! Good job! And so dark.

Sawashiro: I am Sawashiro Miyuki, who was given the role of Cloche, although I haven't changed that much. I am Sawashiro Miyuki, who was given the role of Cloche. Huh? I am a middle-aged woman now? Middle-aged?

Koshimizu: Yes?

Sawashiro: I'm a heroine! A heroine! Ah, I'm truly sorry! I always do my best effort, and that's why I have been able to sincerely face Cloche whenever I voice her. Why am I saying this? Umm, because she is such a good girl that just heads directly to her goal, no matter how shocking events might be, she withstands their shock just like that, and although that has caused me to consume a lot of calories, I have really come to love her cuteness a lot, but I always think it's a bit of a shame that even now I couldn't get that cuteness to get across completely in these voiced lines. Huh? And Yusa-san, Croix finally appeared in this Vol. 4, but we ended up without actually being able to have a scene together. I think that if I ever get another chance, I'd like to have a scene where I talk to Croix.

Shimura: Hey, here's Shimura Yumi, Cocona's voice actress! Umm, everybody was really cute this time! It's great that Cocona was such a cute girl! I was even praying that the Special Breakfast would never happen! But being able to voice such a really wonderful, cute, and... all that girl was...! Ahaha! Really fun! She doesn't even have a dark side! Ah yeah, all humans truly have a dark side to them, so I hope we'll keep working together in the future! I'm glad Cocona was such a good girl! Thanks, everyone!

Miyazaki: I'm Miyazaki Ui, Jakuri's voice actress! Umm, I was made to record my lines separately from everyone else, but umm, after I felt like I had finished around 6 pages of the script, for some reason, Koshimizu Ami-chan came to me, and as we then decided together about if we shouldn't change this or that. I didn't think we'd end up making so many drama CDs, so it was kind of a shock, but it also made me realize just how popular Ar tonelico has become. I think it'd be great if a third game was released, you know? And besides, I was truly glad to see how Jakuri got a status upgrade by becoming a heroine for this game in comparison to the first one. Umm, I think we'll be making all sorts of works and we'll keep transplanting it to other sorts of media, so please keep supporting us! Thank you very much!

Terasoma: Thank you very much. I'm Terasoma, Leglius' voice actor. Ahaha! Umm, this CD was a particularly hard battle, as I had to play the role of Leglius at 19 years old. That made me think back to my own youthful days, reading books, and that made me cry when I was all alone. I'd be very glad if I managed to get these feelings across, so please, try comparing how I played Leglius there to how I normally do so. Seeing how everyone gradually, bit by bit came to love this work, has caused us all to gradually, bit by bit by bit to become more excited to work on it, so I hope we can keep counting on each other in the future! So here I am, and I was Leglius at 19 years old! Thank you very much!

Yamaguchi: Okay, hi everyone, and thank you very much. I'm Yamaguchi Kappei, Batz's voice actor. Umm, what should I say? Ah well, it's been some time since the game went out, and although I only got speaking parts for some of the flashback scenes, looks like I ended up talking a lot more here than I did for the game, huh? I truly didn't think I'd be made to talk for a character that hadn't been solidified well enough in the game itself! But you know, that was something really rare for me to do. So as for how it was for me to play this role, the first thing I thought when I was handed the character portrait was "Man, I'm really going to play this guy!?" I thought it was incredible and wondered if I'd be okay doing so, but it ultimately was really fun to voice him, so if the series has another installment in the future, it's possible I might get to talk more in flashbacks, so I'll keep waiting and expecting for the best.

Terasoma: I'll try to remember you in the future.

Yamaguchi: Yeah, please remember me! Please! But more importantly, after we finished the recording session and left the studio, I went to a nearby pond that was filled to the brim with turtles, and that was really tranquilizing for me! So this was Yamaguchi Kappei, who is feeling now like wanting to go see a lot of turtles.

Shioyama: Thank you very much. I'm Shioyama Yuka, Reisha's voice actress. In the game itself, we didn't really see Batz beyond the start of the game, so I ended up thinking "Huh, that's how it all ends!?", but it was a real relief to finally see how Batz was! But hey! Although there was the [I couldn't decide which one of you I liked the best] line that Reisha said during the game and that it seemed she was still undecided for a time, I think it was during the events in this CD that she picked Batz! That was really too nice! So here was Shioyama, who was happy to be choosing between two handsome men! Thank you very much!

Goto: This is Goto Saori, Amarie's voice actress. Um, I think the line that left the greatest impression on me this time was "bainbain". I think it fits quite well Amarie, who admired getting bainbain breasts. Bainbain. But I think this is the first time I've ever heard bainbain as a word. Bainbain. Maybe we could make it into a trend? But what am I saying! I'm sorry! And thank you, everybody! Good job!

Suwabe: I'm Suwabe Junichi, Chester's voice actor. Everyone, are you going bainbain now? Yes, truly I ended up becoming fond of bainbain, but although I don't know if it's good to be saying it like this, and we had to do a lot of retakes for these scenes, and while there was a point in which we got stuck saying our lines, I was a bit shocked when Goto-san said "kyun", and that got our chests going "kyun" too. It was shocking. It was unthinkable. It was wonderful. She showed us her best side. Its life-span in our memories surpassed a hundred days. Thank you very much. By the way, this CD was quite unusual for me in that I portrayed a young man in the springtime of his youth as he proposed to a girl, so while I was a bit insecure about making a proposal to Watanabe-kun and asking her what she thought of it, it ended up being quite a fun experience, as I generally end up playing people who want to kill everyone off, so doing this once in a while it's not bad at all. I'll keep doing my best efforts to greet 2009 well. Thank you very much.

Watanabe: Good job, everybody. I'm Watanabe Akeno, Sonia's voice actress. So Sonia was such a cute girl a long time ago, when she was 14 years old. But when I was told I would have to play her like that right as I arrived at the studio, it was a real chaos, and we had to frame up an acting plan in a hurry.

Suwabe: It's okay.

Watanabe: Were you really okay?

Suwabe: There were some parts in which we couldn't say anything.

Watanabe: Seriously? Somehow, it feels as if we had clammed up in front of the microphone.

Suwabe: It's quite rare for that to happen.

Watanabe: There were also several nuances we couldn't bring out. But as we went forward, for some reason I started coming up with things we could put in the corners. It's so weird, as I was pretty cute when I was young too. But being made to record again after such a long time has passed after we did our performances for the game, I got to see some things that weren't in the game itself, like Chester as an awkward boy, and thinking they spent happy days like that one all the time, I think we ended leaning a little on the side of romance for it. Somehow, just having some small talk this time was good enough. Seeing how Chester and Sonia fell in love and how everything became more exciting afterwards got something like a little noise in the pit of my stomach, and I ended up liking that a lot. Huh? Was it because we were past lunchtime by then? Oh it was just my stomach growling. As for the scene I'd say was the best, that would be Chester stumbling through words. Really! And well, that was the hidden story behind these scenes, so everyone, I hope you all will keep going bainbain well into 2009, and we hope we can continue counting on each other in the future!

Ito: I'm Ito Kanae, Cynthia's voice actress! Heh, the most impressive scene to me was the last one, and it's the one I recommend the most! Croix is so cool, I love him! See you all later!

Yasuda: I'm Saki Yasuda, who played Sasha's role. Um, you know, it's been a long time since I last saw Sasha, and I was really glad to voice her again. I can't say it aloud, but this time I had to make her say some hard-to-say phrases, you know? So it might happen that sometimes I can't properly follow what Sasha says because it's hard to say it, but I was really glad to play her again. And in this CD, I really loved the addition of the Telemo Shopping program to this world setting, and how at the end she said that it's impossible for an item to be liked by every single person in the world! When I actually registered how good the meaning behind that phrase was, I was awed from how positive it sounded! Ahah! Or so it went! And Sasha's cuteness coupled with Cynthia's lackadaisical attitude and how they both influenced Croix, I think everyone will greatly enjoy these comedic parts! Thank you very much!