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Track 1 - Scene 1: Beginning - Part 1 -[]

{BGM: Scars}

Shurelia: (Since she asked me so suddenly, I decided to accept Aurica's request. About her relationship with Misha, even though they both were companions that traveled together for a long time, it seemed their relationship was only half-hearted. Friends that traveled together... I think they would like to become even closer than that, but it seems only one step wouldn't be enough for them to reach the level of closeness they wanted. So I decided to use a nice method I had at my disposal for this situation.)

Aurica: Hot springs?

Shurelia: Yes! A long time ago, people used to get into a large bath and interact with each other in the nude, which was how they deepened their friendships.

Aurica: Huh? But that happened long ago, right? Now we can't...

Shurelia: If we go to the Binary Field's virtual world, we will be able to. Of course, I can also configure everything so your memories from before the Dive remain as they are once we are inside!

Shurelia: (Several days went by after we had that conversation. We gathered at the Dive Shop, but...)

{End BGM}


Shurelia: Misha? Who are those people?

Misha: These are my friends Maya and Yuo, and Maya's younger sister Saya.

Maya: Pleased to meet you.

Yuo: Whoa! I haven't gone to a Dive Shop in so long!

Saya: It's my first time in one, so I'm a little scared...

Shurelia: We are going to be quite the number of people, huh? I wonder if everything will be okay if we are so many...

Misha: I suddenly met with them while I was on my way here, and since "the more the merrier" as they say, I thought it'd make things more exciting... But is that going to be okay?

Shurelia: Oh I see. Okay, we will manage somehow.

Misha: But... where's Aurica?

Shurelia: About Aurica... it looks like she got tired from waiting for you.

Aurica: *snoring*

Saya: Huh? Whaat!? It's Miss Aurica!

Yuo: Huh? Ya know her?

Saya: Yeah! But after I waited so long to see her again... and she's asleep...

Shurelia: Well, you will be able to have your reencounter once we have Dived, so we should get going.

Saya: Can we do that!?

Shurelia: Yes, of course! So Misha, should I make you appear with your current shape?

Misha: Oh, now you mention it, could you make me appear on my adult form? I want to show Maya and the others my true shape.

Shurelia: So everything has been decided, correct?

{Song: Singing Hill -Harmonics EOLIA-}

Shurelia: Well then, everyone, please get ready.

Yuo: But Lady Shurelia... I don't really know how to put it, but it's okay we Dive with no humans around?

Shurelia: Well, I don't foresee any problems occurring... most likely.

Yuo: Huh!?

Drama CD Ar tonelico: The Girl Who Continues Singing at the End of the World Side Extra

Track 2 - Scene 2: Beginning - Part 2 -[]

{BGM: Peaceful Song}


Aurica: (Dear Mom and Dad: it's Aurica. The three of us: Misha, Lady Shurelia and I are going to the hot springs! While Misha and I have traveled for a long time together, we really didn't have any chances to talk and relax. I'm really glad I told Lady Shurelia about it!)

Misha: How much longer do we have to walk?

Aurica: We didn't get lost, right?

Misha: Of course not. Wasn't this supposed to be a short walk? But despite having said that, where could Maya and the others have gone off to? Geez...

Aurica: What happened?

Misha: Ah, no! It's nothing! Ah, it's there! That's the inn we were looking for!

Aurica: Whoa! It's so big!

Misha: It really is... I wonder if there's anyone else in it besides us. Well, come on. Let's hurry!

Aurica: Yeah!


Aurica: Ah, wait Misha! It's terrible!

{End BGM}

Misha: What happened now? If you're going to say that Lady Shurelia isn't around anymore... No way, she isn't here!?

Aurica: But she was walking right behind me until a little ago!

Misha: *sigh* I'm getting an awful déjà vu right now...

Aurica: That's Lady Shurelia for you, huh?

Misha: This isn't the time to be joking around! Anyway, let's get going.

Aurica: Shouldn't we go look for her?

Misha: There's no need. It's a short walk to the inn, remember?

Aurica: You're right. This isn't the sort of place where anyone could get lost, right?

Misha: Besides, Lady Shurelia isn't a kid anymore. I think she'd find it rude if we worried so much about her. Let's just go ahead and wait for the others inside.

Aurica: Huh? Umm... okay.

Misha: Aurica? What is it?

Aurica: Ah, umm... I'm sorry. I'm too worried, so I'll just go and look for her!

Misha: *sigh* You're such a worrywart. Oh well, let's retrace our steps a little.

Aurica: Ah no, I'll be okay by myself! You just go to the inn ahead and wait until we get there!

Misha: Ah, b-but...!

Aurica: It's okay! We'll get back before you even notice!


Misha: A-Aurica!


Aurica: *huff-puff* Maybe this was wrong...

{BGM: Elegy}

Aurica: (Once I realized me and Misha were completely alone, I got a little uneasy. We had never talked by ourselves with no one around until that moment, and I started trying to think up a topic to talk about. That was why I asked Lady Shurelia to create a chance for us to talk like this one.)


Aurica: And I had this chance... after waiting for it for so long... (I know this was wrong... but... even though I was like this until a little ago...) I've got to look for Lady Shurelia!


Track 3 - Scene 3: Again, A Lost Girl[]

*bushes. crows*

Shurelia: Hngh... Hngh... I was following the road until just a moment ago... So why did I end up in a place like this? (To think I'm causing everyone else problems due to getting lost so frequently... I was walking between Aurica and Misha before this, so why was I the only one who got lost like this?)

*bushes. crows*

Shurelia: Hmm... I'm sure I was following the road, and I saw a bunny to the side... but when I focused back on my surroundings, the road had disappeared and...

*birds flying away*

Shurelia: Agh! Aurica! Misha! Where have you gone!?


Shurelia: You two! Don't just leave me behind!


Shurelia: Ahhh! Ugh...

*water splashing*

Shurelia: Auuriiiicaaa... Miiishaaa...


Shurelia: Agh! What...!?

Mir: Oh, you...? What are you doing?

Shurelia: Mir!

Mir: Why are you so surprised?

Shurelia: Who wouldn't be upon seeing you come out from that bush all naked!? And what are you doing here?

Mir: I just needed to talk to you. But I'm surprised to see you wanted to play in the mud.

Shurelia: Kgh...! T-This is... umm... it was just an accident!

Mir: Uhuhu! You got lost again, right?

Shurelia: No! No... I didn't get--!

Mir: I see. Well, I'll just head back.

Shurelia: W-Wait! Don't leave me alone!

Mir: What are you doing!? Don't cling to me while you're all covered in mud!

Shurelia & Mir: Aaahh!

*fall. splashing*

Mir: Agh...

Shurelia: I-I'm sorry...

Mir: Don't say anything!

*standing up*

Mir: Well, let's go.


Shurelia: Ngh...

{BGM: Silver}

Mir: So, what's the Tower Administrator doing in a place like this?

Shurelia: I was going with Aurica and the others to the hot springs.

Mir: How easygoing. Don't you have work to do?

Shurelia: I'm doing it because I'm not so busy now. It's because things have gotten so peaceful now, but...

Mir: I don't mind it. So, where are those hot springs you mentioned?

Shurelia: For now I don't know. We won't know unless we can get to the road again.

Mir: I see. We should be getting out from the bushes any time now.

*bushes. walking*

Mir: And here we are.

Shurelia: Ah, you saved me!

Mir: When you finally take the time to fix your little getting lost problem, you'll finally be on the road to be better than I.

Shurelia: Don't start with the bedtime stories! Anyway, you really saved me.

Mir: Even though you made me go through some awful stuff.

Shurelia: U-umm... So why were you here?

Mir: Like I said, I needed to tell you something. I've been looking for you for a pretty long time since you weren't in the Tower.

Shurelia: Is it something important?

Mir: Well, who knows? For now, I'll just say that it's something I won't tell anyone else.

{End BGM}

Aurica: Lady Shurelia! Over here!

Shurelia: Ah, Aurica!

Aurica: Ah, ah! I finally found you! *huff*

Mir: Uagh!

Aurica: You're all covered in mud!

Shurelia: Umm... a few things happened...

Aurica: Hmm... Oh, and you're?

Mir: It's been a long time, huh?

Aurica: Mir!

Shurelia: A-Ah, it's fine! Mir helped me!

Aurica: Why are you naked?

Shurelia: So you went there, huh? Granted though, it's very surprising to see.

Mir: I'll head back now.

Shurelia: Huh? Didn't you have something you needed to tell me?

Mir: It's just for now! I'm worried that being covered in mud would be a hindrance to the conversation!

Shurelia: It's true it was my fault we ended up covered in mud.

Aurica: Ah, I know what happened! You both were playing in the mud! That's why you're covered from head to toe in it, right?

Shurelia: What!?

Mir: Wait a second! Do I even look like I'd play something as childish as that!? It was all because of a certain girl that has the habit of getting lost!

Shurelia: W-Who is that? W-Who?

Mir: Well, yeah! Who could I be talking about? Anyway, I'll go now.

Shurelia: Ah, wait! Since we've got all the way here, don't you want to go to the hot springs with us?

Mir: Huh!?

Shurelia: Since you were the one who helped me, I can't just let you go away all dirty like that.

Mir: But wasn't it your fault?

Shurelia: Anyway, if I pay you back with this, we'll be even, right? Besides, this would be your first time going to a hot spring, right?

Mir: I have never gone into a bathtub either.

Shurelia: Huh!?

Aurica: How messy and dirty!

Mir: Huh!?

Shurelia: Aurica!

{BGM: The Melting Morning Dew}

Aurica: Girls shouldn't go all dirty like that. Come Miu! Let's go and bathe in the hot spring!

Shurelia: Miu... Why are you giving her that nickname now?

Mir: Let me go! Shurelia, do something about this girl NOW!

Shurelia: Aurica, at least I agree it would be terrible to let her go around with no clothes on.

Mir: I'm not talking about that! Hey, don't pull me!

Aurica: It'll be okay! Having your hair covered in mud makes it ugly. Besides, I've even fought enemies once while wearing only a bath towel. So I kinda know how that feels!

Shurelia: Unbelievable...! Ah, wait for me please! Don't leave me behaaaghh!!


Track 4 - Scene 4: The Three Girls Meet Again[]


Misha: *sigh* ...I wonder if Aurica found Lady Shurelia...

*standing up*

Misha: Aaahh... Due to her meddling, the feelings couldn't get transmitted. (Maybe they decided they wanted to be alone... No... Even if it’s useless to think about it... I'm feeling somewhat lonely... And despite that, now... It'd be horribly boring to go and enter the hot springs before anyone else.)

Yuo: To think a large inn like this would be so empty! It feels as if we got the place reserved only for us!

Maya: Yeah. But it also feels a little lonely...

Saya: But, but... that means we've got the hot springs reserved for us! Yeah?

Yuo: So that means... there's no one who'll get angry if I swim in them! Saya, let's go crazy swimming doggy-style in them!

Saya: Yeah!

Maya: Stop acting like kids! Hmph!

Yuo: Ugh...

Misha: What now? I better go and take a look.

Maya: Ah, so there was another guest besides us.

Yuo: Ah, you're a stealthy girl

Maya: I'm sorry. We'll be quiet.

Misha: Where were you three?

Yuo: Huh?

Misha: We didn't get here together, so I was getting very worried.

Saya: You know that person, sis?

Maya: Uh... Umm...

Misha: What is it?

Maya: Um... who are you?

{BGM: Phosphorescence}

Misha: Who am I...? Ah, yeah! You've only seen me in my child form, right? Well, I'm Misha!

Maya: Huh!? Misha?

Yuo: No way! Misha's much littler, cheekier, and flat-chested!

Misha: Ugh!? Y-Yuo... you never change, do you?

Maya: You said we've only seen you in your child form, but what does that mean?

Misha: I'm telling you that this is how I actually look.

Maya: ...!?

Yuo: That's kinda hard to believe...

Misha: Argh, enough already! What do I have to do to get you to believe me!? Ah, yeah! Hey, look!

Maya: *gasp* That ring is...!

Yuo: The same one we gave Misha!

Misha: So I'm telling again, I'm Misha! You still don't believe me? I also remember that you said some stuff about Yuo hating pigeons, and that Maya called her aloe plant Radolf and that she talks to it every day! Didn't we talk about all these things?

Maya: So you're Misha after all, huh?

Misha: Yup, the one and only! Now you believe me?

Yuo: But that the cute little Misha ended up turning into a woman as grown-up as you... it's kinda shocking.

Misha: Make sure to accept reality. Kgh... even though I'm saying it inside the Binary Field.

Saya: Huh? And where's Miss Aurica and Lady Shurelia?

Misha: They'll come later. Ah yeah! Why don't we talk a little, just the three of us?

Yuo: What, what? What're we gonna talk about?

Misha: Hmm, anyway, let's have a short talk for now.

{End BGM}


Maya: I see. So you were doing this to improve your friendship with Aurica by bridging the gap between you two, right?

Misha: Yeah. I don't think it was bad, but we traveled together for so long, and we never had a chance to have a peaceful chat. So we thought we'd do it now, but we couldn't stay together for too long, and that's spoiled the mood.

Yuo: So it's that, huh?

Misha: I didn't really worry much about it though.

Saya: Hmm...

Maya: Saya, what is it?

Saya: Maybe it's that she's worried about Miss Aurica, since she gets gloomy sometimes.

Misha: She really was gloomy until a little ago, but she isn't really like that now. If you saw her now, you'd be surprised.

Saya: Really!? I can't really imagine that...

Misha: I think you'll see it yourself once she gets here. *sigh* What should I do?

Maya: Maybe we could help you somehow.

Yuo: Oh, help her!? In that case, I'm ready to help!

Misha: Your feelings make me happy, but... umm… I want to do something on my own. I don't think I can be straightforward about it, but umm... I do have the confidence I can pull it off.

Maya: Got it. We'll be cheering you on anyway, okay? Misha?

Misha: Thanks. Oh? I haven't heard about it yet, but did you girls leave Tenba?

Yuo: Yeah, we left 'em!

Maya: That's wrong, as we were actually driven away.

Misha: Huh!? Driven away?

Maya: They noticed that Yuo only kept on sleeping and living on the infirmary after her wounds healed, so the next month after all that happened, they went and fired her.

Yuo: That's because I could still get my wages just by sleeping a lot! It was Heaven!

Maya: And I was forced into that same kind of life, so I ended up going too.

Misha: It means you got fired too, huh?

Yuo: I wanted to keep living in that infirmary...

Maya: Don't say foolish things. Geez...

Misha: Hehehe... But I feel kind of relieved. You haven't changed at all.


Shurelia: Umm, where could they be?

Aurica: It's okay! Let's open all doors until we find people inside!

*door sliding*

Shurelia: There is no one here!

Aurica: Next one!

Shurelia: Ah, Aurica! We shouldn't look for them like this!

Aurica: But it seems we're the only guests here. So it's fine! Umm, so maybe it's this one?

*door sliding*

Misha: That girl has no remedy... Aurica! We're over here! Can you hear me?

Aurica: Ah, yeah! We'll be there in a sec!

*walking. door sliding*

Aurica: We found you, Misha! H-Huh? We've got company?

Saya: Aaaahh! It's Miss Aurica! Hahaha, hehehe!

{BGM: City in the Sky}

Aurica: Ah! Huh? You're…!

Saya: Long time no see, Miss Aurica! Hehe!

Misha: Hehe! Aren't you glad, Saya?

Saya: Yeah!

Aurica: Saya? Ah, that was your name, right?

Saya: Huh? What, what?

Aurica: Ah, it's nothing! Long time no see!

Saya: Yeah! I never thought we'd meet again in a place like this!

Misha: Aurica... And where's Lady Shurelia?


Shurelia: U-Umm... I'm sorry for making you worry.

Misha: W-What happened!? How did you get covered in mud from head to toe?

Shurelia: Several things happened... Many... And by the way... We've got one more guest too...


Mir: Hello, Misha. Are you doing well?

Misha: M... Mir!? What is Mir doing here...!? What does this mean? Why are you covered in mud too?

Aurica: Hehe, you know, she was playing in the mud with Lady Shurelia! And since she's told us she's never gone into a bath before, we brought her with us!

Yuo: Egh! How dirty! Piggy!

Mir: Wait there; don't start making fun of me! It's true I have never stepped into a bath, but I don't like getting dirty!

Shurelia: I'm sorry, Misha. But that means we'll also have Mir with us today. Is that okay with you?

Misha: W-Well, that's just how things turned out to be. But why were you playing around in the mud anyway?

Aurica: It's because they've got kids' bodies! So there're times they want to play too for sure!

Shurelia: T-That is a terrible thing to say!

Maya: So well then, shouldn't we continue our conversation in the bath? I feel bad about them being all covered in mud.

Misha: Yeah. So shall we go to the bathroom?

Yuo: 'Atta! I'm gonna swim as much as I want!

Saya: Me too! Me too!

Aurica: Me too!

Misha, Shurelia & Maya: Don't swim in the bathroom!

Mir: They've gotten so lively...

Shurelia: Why are you scowling?

Mir: Because I've got no experience on this...

Shurelia: Well, it's your first time doing something like this, right?

Mir: Kgh...

Shurelia: Don't you want to...?

Mir: It might... be not so bad... huh?

Track 5 - Scene 5: The Maidens at the Hot Spring[]

*door opening*


Aurica: It's... so big!

Saya: Yeah! But Miss Aurica, why don't you take your clothes off?

Aurica: Ah, it's just like I feel like doing something special! Step back a little, okay? Transform!


Saya: Whoa! What's this light!?

Aurica: Hehe! Bubble Passion equip complete!

Saya: Ah, cool! You changed into a bath towel in a sec!

Maya: It's going to get see-through though.

Yuo: Ah, so we Reyvateils can transform too! I wanna do something like Aurica too someday!

Aurica: What? Wanna transform, so you end up only wearing a bath towel?

Yuo: ...I'm better off without it!

Maya: It's pretty convenient though.

Saya: Hey, hey, let's hurry and go in!

Shurelia: Mir, let's first get ourselves clean, so we won't drop mud into the bath.

Mir: Wouldn't it be enough just with entering the hot water?

Shurelia: That would only cause problems to the others, so no. Now, come over here.


Misha: What should we do?

Aurica: I'm going ahead!

Saya: Me too! I'm going in with Miss Aurica!

Misha: Ah, okay. We'll go clean ourselves first!

Maya: Take good care of my sister, okay?

Yuo: Misha, lemme wash your back!

Aurica: So let's get in!

Saya: Yeah! Uh... Ah!


Aurica: A-Are you okay!?

Saya: Owie... My behind hurts...

Aurica: U-Umm... I can fully see your Install Port...

Saya: Ah, it's so nostalgic! We Installed into each other, right?

Aurica: N-No, it's not that... Listen, I'd like to keep a secret how you saved me...

Saya: Okay! Let's get in already!

*walking. water*

Saya: *sigh* It's a little too hot...

Aurica: You said you weren't a kid, right? Bear with it, endure it!

Saya: Hng... yeah...


Saya: *sigh*

{BGM: At the Other Side of Memories}


Shurelia: See now? Doesn't it feel good to get your hair clean, Mir?

Mir: Ugh, that hurts my eyes.

Shurelia: Huh!? It's shampoo! You're supposed to keep your eyes closed while using it!

Mir: How annoying...

Shurelia: Your eyes are going to get red now.

Mir: They were already red to start with, so I don't mind it.

*water. scrubbing*

Yuo: Uuhhh... And Misha got a body where I can't rub her cute back or touch her hair easily anymore!

Misha: Of course! With this you should know this is how things are going to be now.

Yuo: Why!? You did that for a man!? You're choosing a man over your friends!?

*scrubbing roughly*

Misha: O-O-Ouch!! Yuo! You're doing it too hard! Too hard I'm telling you!!

Maya: So you still like playing around with your food, huh? Yuo?

Saya: Oho... Miss Aurica...

{End BGM}

Saya: You're still spacing out like always, right?

Aurica: Ah, sorry! I was just thinking about some stuff.

Saya: What kinda stuff?

Aurica: Nothing really. It's just about how I got all lively and bustling and stuff out of nowhere. And now I think about it, this might also be the first time I've ever gone to a hot spring with other girls like this.

Saya: Miss Aurica... You don't really have many friends, yeah?

Aurica: Lately I've been getting more little by little! Don't think I'm like I used to be!

Saya: Hmm... But you really may have gotten brighter!


Maya: Saya.

Saya: Ah, sis! You've finished cleaning each other, right?

Maya: Yeah.


Maya: Um, Aurica... was it, right?

Aurica: Ah, yeah.

Maya: I've got the feeling we've seen each other before somewhere, but I can't remember where.

Aurica: Ah! I was thinking that same thing! Looks like we really may have met somewhere!

Saya: You have?

Aurica: Hmm, where could it be?

Maya: Well, we'll know once we remember it... And more importantly, Saya told me some things. Looks like she caused you some trouble, didn't she? I'm sorry about it.

Aurica: No, of course not! I just went and helped Saya because I wanted!

Saya: She's just like you!

Maya: Hehe, it kind of looks like you have the same kind of relationship with Misha we do, right?

Aurica: What kinda relationship you've got with Misha?

Maya: We met Misha by chance while she was trying to escape from Tenba.

{BGM: Droplets}

Maya: We ended up becoming friends because we helped her out.

Yuo: ...To escape.

Aurica: That kinda sounds like what Misha'd do.

Maya: But they found us, and so we had to make things so only Misha would escape. But Misha protected us, even while she was completely surrounded by enemies. We tried to help her, but she ended up helping us.

Aurica: Maybe... that happened a little after we were dropped from the airship?

Yuo: Ah yeah. I heard a guy called Lyner got dropped from an airship too.

Aurica: Yeah, that happened! I knew it, Misha's really something!

Saya: Miss Misha's really so amazing?

Aurica: Yeah! The reason why she had to go back to Tenba was because she was protecting us! And that's only the iceberg's tip: looks like Misha was also who beat Bourd for good! And she's also who saved my life when I was forced to sing Linker!

Saya: Huh? But you can use amazing magic too, Miss Aurica!

Aurica: Thanks! But Misha's much more, more amazing than me! (Looks like Misha's done nothing but save me all the time... But have I ever done... anything for her during all the time we were traveling together?)


Yuo: Hya!


Saya: M-Miss Yuo!


Yuo: Aaahh... Mmrrgrr... I'm feeling like this is too shallow to swim in...

Misha: Hey, Yuo! If you're going to get into the bath, do it more quietly!


Mir: Is that the right way to get in?

Shurelia: Please just enter quietly. Quietly!


Shurelia: *sigh* It's so comfortable...

Aurica: Hehe. You sound like an old granny, Lady Shurelia!

Shurelia: O-Old!?

Mir: Huhu... She really could be one. She even has white hair and--

Shurelia: My hair isn't white!

Yuo: Anyway, why do Misha and the others call you Lady Shurelia? Ah, maybe you're some kinda important person or somethin'?

Misha: Of course! After all, Lady Shurelia is no other than the Tower Administrator!

Shurelia: It's fine! Please don't mind my status! Besides, we came here to leave all such matters aside and relax.

Yuo: But even if we leave that aside, you're older than us, Lady Shurelia and--

Shurelia: I'm 16 years old.

Yuo: ...Huh?

Shurelia: I'm 16 years old. Isn't that right, Misha?

Misha: Huh...? Y-Yeah, right! You were 16, right?

Mir: Huhuhu...

Shurelia: What is so funny, Mir?

Mir: N-Nothing in special...

Aurica: But if Lady Shurelia's 16, how old would Miu be?

Mir: Ah, yeah. I'm about 13.

Saya: Huh? About my same age!?

Mir: Oh, this is unexpected. We should be good friends then.

Saya: Yeah, Miu!

Maya: Since all of Misha's acquaintances are younger than her, it makes her seem kind of out-of-reach, huh?

Misha: Well that's... because they're very eccentric in many ways!

Aurica: And you can freely change your body's age and size! Right, Misha?

Misha: But I don't really want to go back to having a child's size! Shouldn't I take care of the nice body I got after so long? Especially these... they got so big, see?

Aurica: Ugh... I lost...

Shurelia: No chance to beat her from the start... I never could...

Mir: Huh? What is so good about having them big?

Saya: Umm, I don't know...

Maya: But among all us, isn't this girl the one who's got them the biggest?

Yuo: Huh? What?

Maya: You've been showing them off all this time. How they got completely round and all that.

Yuo: Ah, this? They're so heavy and annoying, so I didn't think it'd be them!

Misha: I had a chance to feel them before, but I didn't think they'd be this large...

Yuo: You were in the way, so you got pushed off by them! I've had to tape them down with a sarashi, you know?

Shurelia: I'm so jealous...

Aurica: Having them so large is a problem too, yeah?

Maya: Ah, and changing the topic, you're a member of the Church, right? Aurica?

Aurica: Yeah, I am.

Maya: T-Then... Umm... You get many chances to talk to Lord Ra, true?

Misha: You're still in love with Radolf, Maya?

Maya: Of course! My beloved Lord Ra... Ahhh... I get so happy just remembering him...

Mir: Who is that?

Yuo: Hmm, how should I put it? He's an old-looking guy wielding a spear.

Maya: Don't calm him an old-looking guy!

Mir: Ah, that?

Shurelia: That? Shouldn't you at least say "him" or something?

Saya: Ah right. Didn't you join a fanclub or something, sis?

{BGM: Song for Counting Memories}

Misha: But there is only a Radolf Fanclub in Tenba, right? She shouldn't be able to do anything in it since you two left.

Yuo: Yeah, but lately the Radolf Fanclub's started getting a lot more power and influence!

Saya: Huh? Everyone's got bad hobbies...

Misha: A lot more power and influence? In which way?

Yuo: They've been calmly allowed to set up over several places in the Tenba HQ. Or better said, seems they've been makin' many goods based on the man himself and been sellin' them all around! It looks like it's gotten to the point where the Card Shop in Firefly Alley is even selling a Radolf Series! There're even rumors they ended up turning into a cult or sumthin'!

Shurelia: It's true... He isn't a bad person, and yet... Why do they go so far?

Maya: He is such a gentle person, that not even this would be enough!

Saya: Sis has collected all the goods and cards herself, so the house's turned into a mess to the point it's even hard to walk in! She's even trying to draw him in detail!

Aurica: T-That sounds really rough, Saya.

Misha: You should just go and join the Church then.

Aurica: And since that alone wouldn't be enough for her, they all should just go and join! That way, they can talk with Bishop Radolf all the times they want, as he's there every day! He'll even Install on you if you ask him!

Maya: G-Get an Install... from Lord Ra!? I-If he ever did that to me... I... would be so happy... Yeah... That's what I think...

Aurica: And if he does, you'll have to recite prayers too!

Misha: That could be a problem.

Yuo: You've gotten Installs too, right Aurica?

Aurica: Ah, yeah I've had.

Saya: And Miss Aurica also did an Install to me, and I did one to her!

Aurica: You've got yours in a very amazing place, Saya. It was very embarrassing though.

Yuo: Oh, where you've got it?

Saya: Here! It's right here! In my left buttock's inner side!

Shurelia: Y-You indeed have it in an amazing place, yes.

Aurica: That's why it was so embarrassing to me.

Yuo: So maybe Maya also got hers in the same place.

Maya: Sorry, but no. I've got mine in my left arm's inner side. Look.

Saya: And where's Miss Shurelia's?

Shurelia: Ah! Mine is... here, on my hips.

Saya: Miss Aurica's is in the same place, right?

Aurica: Ah, no. It's over here.

Misha: And where you've got yours, Yuo?

Yuo: Hmmhmmmhmmm... Mine is... Here! I-I've got it on the back of my left hand. Isn't it cool!? I can even easily Install stuff myself! I've gotta endure it as I insert it, so I end up breaking walls in one hit if I'm facing one as I do it!

Shurelia: To think that a precious experience like an Install... would be done in such a way...

Yuo: It's because I've got a low pain tolerance!

Saya: And where is yours, Miu?

Mir: Kgh... It's here.

Misha: Huh? So the tatoo you've got in your stomach is...

Yuo: Looks more like a target for committin' seppuku than for Installin' sumthin'!

Mir: Argh! I don't care about that!

Misha: D-Don't mind her, Mir. This girl is kind of... the type that talks before thinking.

Aurica: You get worried so much about everything!

Shurelia: Umm... but I think you are like that too, Aurica.

Mir: Ugh...

{End BGM}

Saya: What happened, Miu?

Mir: Is it possible... to be poisoned by a hot spring?

Maya: Hmm, it looks like this is for healing stiffness on the body and releasing stress.

Yuo: Ah, it really does a great job healing stiffness! And I've been worried a lot lately!

Shurelia: I'm not jealous... or anything...

Misha: It seems that a few of us had a lot of pent-up stress though.

Mir: Kgh... I've started feeling dizzy. Maybe it's really poison...


Shurelia: Huh? Your face is completely red! You have gotten lightheaded!

{BGM: Pocoscon}

Maya: This isn't good! Let's get her to a room and put her to bed, quickly!

Shurelia: Mir! You have to give me acupuncture later, so don't collapse in the bath!

Mir: The hot springs... left me all stiff...

Track 6 - Scene 6: Aurica and Misha[]

*clock ticking*

Aurica: *sigh* We finally got dry, huh?

Saya: But I still feel hot...

Aurica: It's because you're in the room's inner part. Should I carry you here?

Saya: Nah, it's fine! I can get there myself! Besides, I wanna see how Miu's doing!


Saya: Ah, Miss Misha!

Misha: Huh? Are you going back to your room?

Saya: Yeah! I'm worried about Miu!

Misha: Lady Shurelia and Maya are looking after her, so I think she should be okay. Is Aurica still inside?

Saya: Yeah, she's still in. Okay, see ya later!


Misha: Aurica.

Aurica: Ah, Misha.

Misha: How are you? Finished drying up?

Aurica: Yeah, I'm okay.

Misha: I see.

*clock ticking*

Misha: U-Umm... Want to go for a walk?

Aurica: Yeah. Let's go.

*night sounds*

Misha: Looks like we're really the only people here. The other rooms are all empty.

Aurica: Yeah. It kinda gives me a bad feeling.

Misha: Really.


Misha: Umm, hey Aurica...

Aurica: Misha, you know how you've always helped me?

Misha: I have?

Aurica: Yeah! When we were dropped from the airship, you went and saved me from Bourd! You also saved me when I sang Linker, so I've always been saved by you.

{BGM: Cirrocumulus Clouds Flowing}

Misha: Now you mention it, you really may have a point there.

Aurica: I've also heard from Maya that you made friends with them when you were brought back to Tenba, and how when they were surrounded by enemies, you saved them. You're always doing amazing things, even when you're not with us!

Misha: Ah! Ehehehe... (Even though I was scared to death when we were in the pipeline back then, to the point I couldn't even stand up...)

Aurica: As for me... Um, during the time we traveled together, I wanted to show you my good side many times.

Misha: Aurica, you're so stupid... That's what was worrying you so much?

Aurica: B-But that was so important to me and--!

Misha: I've never done anything like that during all this time. It looks like you haven't noticed it, but you're pretty amazing yourself. You've even saved me, you know?

Aurica: That's... a lie.

Misha: It's true! Even if I can't say what you've done is equal, what I'm saying is true! Hey... what do you think was what allowed us to meet in the first place?

Aurica: Huh? Umm... The first time I met you was... The whole thing with the airship, right? So, umm...

Misha: It was Lyner.

Aurica: Lyner!?

Misha: If Lyner had never come down from Platina, most likely we wouldn't have ever met.

Aurica: Hmm, yeah. But that means we'd have never saved each other.

Misha: And that's the problem.

Aurica: Huh? Aaahh! W-Wait a second!

Misha: A divine Knight of Elemia descended to the Lower World, but looks like he was badly wounded and he was left at death's door. Who was the one who saved him while he was in that state?

Aurica: Ugh... Me?

Misha: Correct. If you hadn't saved Lyner back then, I'd have been locked up in Tenba for the rest of my life. I'd have never met Maya, Yuo, Krusche, or you.

Aurica: But...

Misha: And while I was held prisoner in Tenba, and while I was singing in the Crescent Chronicle, you were also the one who always protected Lyner.

Aurica: Oh...

Misha: So we're even. You were the one who let me get out from these endless days I spent locked up at Tenba, meet so many friends and companions, and even meet again with Lyner. You still feel you haven't done anything amazing?

Aurica: Misha...

Misha: This is the first time we've been able to talk about all that like this, just the two of us, huh?

Aurica: Yeah, that's right.

Misha: We actually... share a very mysterious relationship, don't you think?

Aurica: Yeah. I've always thought the same thing too.

Misha: And well... Most likely it's that we feel strongly we're both companions.

Aurica: Hmm... Maybe we could get a little closer than that.

Misha: But... in which way? If we took even a step to get closer to each other, surely...

Aurica: No! That'd actually make me happy.

Misha: What should I do? After all, this is the first time I've talked to someone about it.

Aurica: Uh...

Misha: What is it?

Aurica: Nothing! It's just I've got a question for you.

{End BGM}

Misha: Oh, it's payback for before? Okay, go ahead and say whatever you've got in your mind.

Aurica: I've actually got a special hidden skill! And what do you think it is?

Misha: Huh!? Wait a moment... Umm...

Aurica: Hihihi... I'll show you the answer now! So wait just a second, okay?

Misha: So it's fine if I tell you my answer when you get back, right?

Aurica: Will you get it right?

Misha: I'll do my best to do it.

Aurica: Okay! So, wait for me a little, okay?


Misha: Well, time to start thinking, huh?

*echoing steps*

???: Huhuhu... It seems so fun.

Misha: Huh!?

???: Shall we play a little?

*echoing steps*

???: Huhuhu... Ahahaha...

{BGM: Conspiracy}

Misha: What was... that? I told her I'd think and wait for her, but... I'm sorry!


Track 7 - Scene 7: Shurelia and Mir[]


Shurelia: Where could have Aurica and Misha gone off to now?


Shurelia: Umm... Ah, right!

Mir: You got lost again, didn't you?

Shurelia: Eh!? Mir! You should be sleeping!

Mir: I thought you could have ended up on your own and got lost again. You were right about to get lost again, didn't you?

Shurelia: No way! Of course not! And more importantly, what happened with your yukata's obi?

Mir: It feels too tight, so I left it behind.

Shurelia: Why aren't you able to wear clothes properly?

Mir: Leaving that aside, I've got something to tell you. Can I do it now?

Shurelia: If you're fine telling me while we search for Aurica and the others.

Mir: Yeah.

*night sounds*

Mir: So we finally can talk in peace, huh?

Shurelia: I'm sorry. You've been trying the whole day to tell me that.

Mir: I'm telling you now so that doesn't happen again. I'm planning to leave this world.

Shurelia: Huh...?

Mir: Didn't you hear? I'm going to leave this world. Got it?

Shurelia: Why? And now you've come and told me out of nowhere you're leaving, where are you planning to go to?

{BGM: Elegy}

Mir: It's a secret.

Shurelia: Why!?

Mir: Even if you could keep your meddlesomeness under tabs, I'd be worried if you knew. And since you get lost so easily, you'd only cause me trouble.

Shurelia: You might have a point.

Mir: I knew it. It would have been better to not tell you anything.

Shurelia: But... Why did you suddenly decide to tell me something as important as this?

Mir: At first, I didn't have the courage... But you ended up taking care of me in many ways, didn't you? I just thought I couldn't leave without telling you.

Shurelia: Even though you won't tell me your reasons for leaving or where you're going, huh?

Mir: Are you angry?

Shurelia: Have a nice journey, Mir.

Mir: Huh?

Shurelia: Why are you so surprised now?

Mir: Knowing you, I thought you'd have gotten angry or shocked for sure...

Shurelia: Of course I'm angry and I'd like to blow you up... But you would never listen to anyone who tried to stop you, correct?

Mir: Kgh...

Shurelia: Besides, even if you only told me you're going away, it makes me very happy to know you trust me. So, I can only wish you a nice journey. And take care out there.

Mir: I'm sorry...

Shurelia: But don't forget about coming back here. That's the only thing I want you to promise me. Once you return, let's Dive again. And of course...

Mir: I'll make it! I'll make another interesting story, so I'll definitely come back!

Shurelia: It's a promise then, Mir.

Mir: Yeah, I promise, Shurelia.

Shurelia: Shall we go back to our room? Aurica and the others might have returned already.

Mir: Yeah, you're right.

Everyone: Kyyyyaaaahhh!!

Shurelia: Huh!? These screams just now...!

Mir: Looks like something happened!

Shurelia: Let's go!

Track 8 - Scene 8: An Evil Spirit that Got Carried Away[]

{BGM: Sigh of Town}


Aurica: *huff* Running around in a yukata is so exhausting...

Maya: Ah... Umm... I want to ask you something... It's about Lord Ra...

Aurica: Huh?

Maya: Umm... I... Umm... It's about Lord Ra--!

*door opening*

{End BGM}

Saya: About Bishop Radolf?

Maya: Kyaaah!!

Yuo: Huh? There's no one here.

Saya: Welcome back, Miss Aurica!

Aurica: Maya, what was that about Bishop Radolf?

Maya: W-Who knows!? What could you be talking about? It's just I wanted to talk with you about Radolf a little.

Yuo: Yeah, it seemed like you could've gotten somethin' from her. Too bad.

Maya: Kgh... And I was so close too...

Yuo: Ding-ding!

Maya: Please forgive me...

Aurica: Ah, this can't be! Umm... here it was!

Saya: Ah! You're going somewhere again, Miss Aurica?

Aurica: Yeah! I'll be back right away!

Yuo: With Misha?

Aurica: Yeah!

Saya: Then I wanna go too!

Yuo: You're playin' with me, Saya. Don't be a spoilsport now.

Saya: Huh!?

Yuo: So go, Aurica! Hurry! Misha's waiting for you, yeah?

Aurica: Uh.. yeah! I'll come back--!


Maya: Huh!? Electrical currents?

*doors opening*

Saya: Huh? Something weird's happening...

Yuo: I'm sure it's 'coz the building is old or somethin'. See how it's acting all weird?

Aurica: Ah, yeah!

???: Such an interesting group.

{BGM: Conspiracy}

*echoing steps*

Saya: W-What!? Something's coming!?

???: Uhuhuhu... Let me have you, women in red sitting on your knees, entertain me.

Maya: I don't know who you are, but stop the pranks at once. Come, show yourself!

???: Hmm, in that case... I shall do as you say.


Saya: Kyeehh! Oh, Miss Aurica! Don't touch me outta the blue! You scared me...

Aurica: That wasn't me...

Saya: Huh...? Then... Miss Yuo?

???: Huhuhu... You are mistaken.

Saya: Ugh....

Maya: Tch...

Everyone: Ghoooooost!!

Priestess: Oh, such energetic young girls! So, shall we begin?


Saya: I'm scared, sis!

Maya: Hurry, let's go outside!!

Aurica: We can't! It's locked!

Priestess: You shall not get away so easily. Besides, I have not had any company in so long, so I shall make you entertain me.

Yuo: Then I'll just break it down with a Flame Shot!

Priestess: Oh, are you not concerned with damaging this place?

Yuo: This isn't my house, so I don't care! Let's go!

Priestess: Such a dangerous child. Then I shall make you play a bit with illusions. Ah!


Yuo: Agh! That didn't do-- Eeegh!! There's... There's pigeons...!

Aurica: What is it, Yuo!?

Yuo: No, no don't get near me! Ouch ouch! Don't peck me! Don't peck me!!

Priestess: She fears pigeons. Such a pitiful child!

Maya: Get Yuo back to normal!

Priestess: Oh? And you were so afraid just a moment ago. And if it is for your friend, you are willing to face your own terrors? Huhuhu! How amusing! Then you shall suffer her same fate!


Maya: How naive. There's nothing I fear--!

Saya: S-Sis...?

Maya: C-Cacti!? No, I hate cactiiiii!!!


Maya: Aaah! My potted aloe plant!!

Priestess: So now we have gotten ourselves a cacti-fearing child? It was supposed... to be a more adult fear... How interesting! Shall I tease you a bit longer?

Maya: How awful! You're awful for even making me see cacti!!

Priestess: It seems you place a great value on plants. However, on the opposite side of the scale, it seems you really harbor a hatred for cacti.

Maya: You're... going to make cacti appear again...?

Priestess: Uhuhu... Repeating the same trick twice would be dull. Hmm, now I see you well, you seem like quite the delicious plum.

Maya: Delicious... plum?

Priestess: Uhuhu... That will be good enough! I am going to eat you!

Maya: Kgh... kgh.. Noooooo!!

Priestess: Uhuhuhu... Ahahahaha! To think there are still children who get startled so easily! How amusing! It is truly amusing!

Aurica: I don't think that at all!!

Priestess: Oh? So there is still one?

Aurica: Saya, over here!

Saya: M-Miss Aurica!!

Aurica: It's okay! Everything is gonna be okay!

Priestess: Uhuhuhu!

Aurica: *gasp*

Priestess: Hmm? I am sure I have seen you before...

Misha: Hey! Did anything happen!? Open!

Aurica: Misha!

Misha: Aurica, what happened!?

Saya: *sob*... Miss Misha!! A scary woman is bullying us!!

Priestess: Misha...? Ah, so you are the friends of the ones that were playing here that time!

Aurica: Huh? What are you talking about?

Priestess: Huhuhu! Nothing you should concern yourself about. So it is your turn now. How should I terrorize you? Hmmm? Or rather... should I instead possess your body?

Misha: Kgh! Aurica, get away!

Priestess: Hmph! It is no use! You shall not be able to enter this room so easi--!

Misha: Hyyaah!

*magic blast. explosion*

{BGM: In the Nick of Time}

Priestess: W-What!?

Misha: Aurica! Are you okay!?

Aurica: Misha! Maya and the others are...!

Yuo: *sob* The pigeons are...! The pigeons are eating my food...!

Maya: Lord Ra... My aloe turned into a cactus...

Misha: So you've dared to harm my friends!? I won't forgive you!

*magic charging*

Priestess: Huh? No, impossible! Can we talk about this a second...? N-No! Now it has come to this, I shall make you drown among illusions!

Aurica: You won't!

*magic explosion*

Priestess: Agh! Curse you!

Aurica: Misha!

Misha: Okay!

Priestess: Curses!

Misha: Disappear now!

*magic explosion*

Priestess: Agh! I just wanted a body for a little whiiiiiile!

{End BGM}

*debris falling*

Misha: Everything is going to be okay now.

Aurica: *sigh* You saved us!


Shurelia: What was all that ruckus!? What happened here!? What is the meaning of this mess!?

*debris falling*

Mir: Looks like the ground zero of a bomb...

Misha: Looks like the inn is going to need some remodeling. More importantly, please take care of Maya and Yuo.

Shurelia: Understood.

Mir: Are you okay, Saya?

Saya: *sob* ...Miuuuuu!!

Misha: But geez... What was that thing?

Aurica: I dunno. She just appeared out of nowhere.

Misha: I see. But no one got injured, right?

{BGM: Your Feelings}

Aurica: But... you saved me again, right?

Misha: It was all thanks to your support. I'm sorry for just waiting around.

Aurica: No, it's nothing. But you still haven't answered my question... it's a little sad.

Misha: But I've been thinking about it a lot. Your special ability is... your cooking, right?

Aurica: That's half-right! Kinda?

Misha: Huh? I was wrong? Hmm, then...


Aurica: This is the answer!

Misha: This is... an orgel...?

Aurica: Yup! It's my special talent! And I wanted to give this one to you no matter what.

Misha: Aurica...

Aurica: Are you going... to accept it?


Misha: Thank you. I'm so glad you made this for me, Aurica!

Aurica: Hihihi! But it's all because you Misha, are my...

Final Track - Scene 9: Ending[]

*birds chirping*


Aurica: (Dear Mom and Dad: it's Aurica. We've just returned from the hot springs. But after we returned, everyone had tired faces and were really exhausted, so much they seemed they were going to faint any minute.)

{BGM: The Sunset Glow is Bright Red}

Aurica: *sigh* And I wanted so badly to go to the hot springs... But I ended up so tired from being in them...

Saya: *sigh* I'm not gonna be able to go to the bathroom alone for awhile...

Maya: I'm a little afraid from my aloe Radolf...

Yuo: I'm kinda feelin' like I still got pigeons peckin' my head...

Misha: But because we fought that ghost, we got to move to a nicer room. So I see no reason to complain.

Maya: But even so, the reason why there were so little guests was because of that ghost, right?

Yuo: It's a Haunted Inn, and that's why guests never come to this place, huh?

Saya: We got moved to a better room... but should we be happy 'bout it?

Maya: Well, maybe. I can't really be glad about it though.

Misha: Geez. In that case, what do you think about going to another place now?

Aurica: Now?

Misha: We got all tired from staying at the hot springs, right? A change of pace would be good for us.

Saya: Let's do it! Let's go sis!

Maya: Yeah! Let's do it!

Yuo: I'm goin'! If we can play, I'm goin' wherever you go!

Aurica: (Looks like it was decided we're going somewhere else next. I don't know yet where I'll be going with everyone else, but...) I'm going too! Let's fly high on wings!

Priestess: And I shall go wherever you head to... Uhuhuhu...

*echoing steps*

Aurica: I-I just felt... something cold going by...

Misha: It's just your imagination. And it seems like Lady Shurelia has gone ahead.

Aurica: Huh? What happened? Don't tell me she got lost again and... She isn't here!

Yuo: No way! She was walkin' right before me 'til a sec ago!

Saya: She was supposed to be behind me!

Aurica: And at my right!

Misha: And to my left!

Maya: How could she have disappeared if you four were surrounding her in all directions!?

Misha: That's just the kind of person she is...

Aurica: (*sigh* It'd be good if she didn't get all covered in mud again... But it seems we're somehow redoing everything we did yesterday... Or at least it feels like it. That Lady Shurelia got lost and I have to search for her. Me searching for her all alone.)

Aurica: I'll go and search for her!

Misha: Ah, Aurica!

Aurica: (But you know? There's something different from yesterday. Because yesterday I hadn't been able to do something great, amazing and precious!) Will you help me, Misha?

Misha: Huh? Yeah, of course!

Aurica: (Mom, Dad. I...)

Misha: Okay, let's hurry Aurica!

Aurica: Yeah!


Aurica: (I made a precious friend!)


Bonus Track - Aurica's, Misha's and Shurelia's Hot Springs Discussion[]

Miyazaki: I'm Aurica's voice actress Miyazaki Ui.

Nogawa: I'm Misha's voice actress Nogawa Sakura.

Sakai: And I'm Shurelia's voice actress Sakai Kanako!

Miyazaki: And so, this work troop ended up making this CD!

Nogawa & Sakai: Yeah!

Miyazaki: So today, we'll mix opinions about the hot springs!

Nogawa & Sakai: Hot springs!

Miyazaki: So shall we start?

Sakai: Everyone, hot springs are great, right?

Miyazaki & Nogawa: Yeah!

Miyazaki: And umm... while we've finished our work for today... umm, we're done.

Sakai and Nogawa: Yeah!

Sakai: Dreams!

Miyazaki: Yeah, dreams! There are very dreamy places where we can enter the hot springs, but you know... I really like going to hot spring inns!

Nogawa: I like them too!

Sakai: That's great!

Miyazaki: You've never gone to one with a man?

Sakai: Umm, I heard there was a very dreamy place in Fukuoka while I was there, but they didn't allow mixed bathing in there.

Miyazaki: Really? I'd like to go to one with my mom when I go back to her house, since she also likes them a lot. And then I'd like to be able to relax or something, and be able to get a good rest at an inn with them. And now I'm remembering it, there's nothing better than staying at a hot springs inn.

Nogawa & Sakai: Yay!

Miyazaki: It was so fun when I last went to one! It was with friends, but it was so moving! First we made the reservations for the hot spring! And yeah, it was an open-air bath!

Nogawa & Sakai: Amazing!

Sakai: I've never entered one like that.

Miyazaki: And you can let time slip away in there or something and later pack yourself tight in the room.

Sakai: Wow!

Nogawa: That's great!

Miyazaki: And the thing that really moved me was during this summer was seeing they got an electrically heated one.

Nogawa: I saw one that was special, because the hot spring was connected with the sea!

Miyazaki & Sakai: What!?

Nogawa: Amazing, right!? And it had a roof made from stone! Even though I don't really like stones!

All: Hahahaha!

Nogawa: I was really worried because of the stones that day, but all my neighbors thought it was amazing!

Miyazaki & Sakai: Whoa!

Miyazaki: And you went naked?

Nogawa: What?

Miyazaki: If you ever entered the hot spring naked?

Nogawa: Yeah, I have. But...

Miyazaki: And the sea?

Nogawa: No!

Miyazaki: You haven't?

Nogawa: Well, you know...

Miyazaki: You got no one to see you?

Nogawa: If I got...? I was in plain sight and... Hey, that's embarrassing!

Miyazaki and Sakai: Hahahaa!!

Nogawa: No way!

Miyazaki: Great!

Sakai: But it's really amazing. The least I've worn going to the sea was only a bath towel.

Miyazaki: How detailed.

Sakai: Yeah.

Miyazaki: Wait, that was too much!

Sakai & Nogawa: Huh!?

Miyazaki: And where? Where was it?

Sakai: Hmm, where was it?

All: Hehehe!

Miyazaki: This is so fun!

Sakai: It's okay. That was during my graduation trip. I wanted to go see places, and what's what a girl wants? Travel!

Miyazaki & Nogawa: Ah!

Sakai: About the hot springs...

Miyazaki: But was it embarrassing? And how much?

Sakai: Not really! I went in wearing a swimsuit! I searched for one and rented it at the hot spring.

Miyazaki: Ah I see! I see! And who you went with? It looks like it was a ska...

Nogawa: It's spa.

Miyazaki: Yeah, spa. The custom is always going in first, right?

Sakai: Of course.

Miyazaki: Amazing! But as for me, I wouldn't have gone in later?

Nogawa: Yeah, it's cool!

Sakai: I don't know, okay!

All: Hahaha!

Miyazaki: And I think that's all, right?

Nogawa & Sakai: Yeah!

Miyazaki: I love hot springs!

Nogawa: Yeah!

Sakai: Yup!

Miyazaki: And time to go!

Nogawa: Yeah!