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Summary Blurb[]

It was the day in which she would be enthroned as the legitimate Maiden.
Cloche thought back on the reasons she had to aspire to become Maiden.
However, the only thing that she remembered was being told how she was going to be freed from a dark place
in exchange for becoming the Maiden.
While she has the feelings of wanting to create a continent
to make a peaceful world,
is someone as unmotivated as her
qualified to become the Maiden?
What appeared before Cloche, who had spent the night crying inside an empty room, was--

An original story that abundantly depicts
the feelings of the heroine, Cloche.

Track 1[]



(BGM: Twilight)

Cloche: It has been decided that the ceremony in which I will be enthroned as the legitimate Maiden will be held today.


Cloche: But I don't... Really have any motivation to become Maiden... I might not be the legitimate Maiden as of yet, but... Becoming the Maiden was a decision forced upon me from the start...I don't like recalling this, but when I asked to be allowed to leave that dark place, I agreed to follow the order I was given of becoming the Maiden... Without knowing at all what that entailed... Because I was so young back then... Unlike back then, I can now think about matters thoroughly and at calm. Becoming the Maiden means in layman's terms governing the entirety of the populace who live upon this world. As well as it also means becoming the person who will be tasked with singing to craft the continent. Naturally, I do have the wish of crafting the continent and making this world a peaceful one. But... on the other hand, given I am partially being forced into such a role, I do not feel I am capable of carrying it out...


Cloche: I cannot... It's obvious that one that bears feelings like these is not qualified be a Maiden! And it is due to this anxiety that is I locked myself into this room and started crying by myself like so... This is not the first time I have done something of this sort... I do not know just how many times I have done it either... Most likely, today I will just crying until I get tired and drift off into the dream world, like I always do...



Cloche: Huh? *sniff* Where am I...?

???: Oh my, your future is pitch-black!

Cloche: Huh!?

???: I just said your future is pitch-black!


???: I mean, to think the girl who’s supposed to become the Holy Maiden is saying stuff she shouldn't, like saying she doesn't wanna be the Maiden! That's beyond unreliable!

Cloche: Huh!? W-Who are you!?

???: Good evening! About-to-be-Maiden Lady Cloche!

Cloche: Huh!? U-Umm, good evening... Wait, this is no time for greetings! What reason compelled you to sneak into my room!? I mean, what kind of person are you!?

???: Heheh, when it comes to people who sneak into other people's houses at night like me, we have only two goals! The first one is thrill! And the second one is...!

Cloche: W-What...?

???: Robbery!




(BGM: Legend of Ar tonelico II -The Second Tower-)

Drama CD: Ar tonelico II -The Girls' Metafalica That Echoes Across the World- Side Cloche

Track 2[]


Leglius: Lady Cloche! Is anything the matter!?

Cloche: Huh!? O-Ow...

Leglius: I heard a scream coming from here, but... Did something happen?

Cloche: W-Well... Umm... I-It was just that I had a bad dream...

Leglius: Hmm?

Cloche: I apologize for having you made come here for nothing... But I am okay as you can see! Umm...

Leglius: You are exhausted. Therefore, please make sure to rest easy tonight.

*armored footsteps*


(BGM: Ding-dong March!)

Cloche: Agh!

???: Looks like it hurt, huh?

Cloche: W-What is your goal!? Did you come to assassinate me!?

???: What!? I just came to steal some things!

Cloche: Then what is the point of you grabbing me from behind while putting a knife to my neck!?

???: T-This!? I-It was just a spur of the moment thing, it's not like I wanna keep holding you!


???: Sorry for scaring you! But it doesn't seem like you're hurt or anything.

Cloche: *sigh* Having a knife pressed against me is good enough, thanks! Seriously, what were you thinking!?

???: Sorry! Okay, I don't have time to be dawdling around here, eh? Tata!

Cloche: W-Wait a minute! What is that enormous bag you are carrying around for!?

???: Huh? It's for the booty, but...

Cloche: And that is.... I'm sure these were the vases that are supposed to be decorating the corridor...

???: It isn't just the vases! I got several paintings and jewels into it too!

Cloche: Huh!? Y-You! All of these belong to the Grand Bell, isn't that right!? Why do you have them!?

???: Because I stole them, of course!

Cloche: Don't reply to me you stole them as if it were the most natural deed in the world! No, it cannot be! Did you take something from my room as well!?

???: I only got into this place a second ago, so I didn't even have any time to take anything! It sure is a pretty boring room with nothing in it though! And pretty big to boot! Ah yeah! To repay you for earlier, I'll give you one thing!

Cloche: They belong to the Grand Bell to begin with, isn't it? And now I know you are a robber, do you think I will turn a blind eye to your actions?

???: Hihi! Who would have thought I'd get caught by a crying little girl!?

Cloche: I-I wasn't crying or anything of the sort! I was just--!

???: You were crying! You were saying you didn't want to be Maiden! Yeah?

(Stop BGM)

Cloche: Huh...!? Is… Is anyone around here!? There is an intruder--!

???: H-Hey! Stop, don't do something stupid!

Cloche: You just don't want me announcing there is a robber here, correct!? In that case, you would do well to behave!

???: Hey, don't be so cold! There are starving kids that depend on me, and you know, they're waiting for me!

Cloche: Huh? Children...?

???: Yeah, kids! And besides, you had dinner already, right?

Cloche: Yes, but as I had no appetite, I only had some light pasta for dinner.

???: The kids under my care have been only on water these last three days...

Cloche: They have only been having water for so long!? What are you thinking, not allowing them to have a proper meal in three days!?

???: I'm telling you, they're like that because I have nothing I can feed them! That's just something typical of poor people like me.
Cloche: Hmm...

???: Do you get it now? Well then, see ya!

Cloche: Wait there! We have yet to finish talking!

???: What now!? I've gotta hurry or these kids’ stomach and back are gonna touch each other!

Cloche: I understand your reasons, so I will not alert anyone of your presence! However, I will not condone your illegal actions!

???: It's okay! After all, I can steal anything from the Grand Bell and you'll still forgive me!

Cloche: Why are you saying that now!? Please explain yourself!

???: There's lotsa things I wanna do, but I'm getting exhausted and I wanna get this done already, so heave-ho!


Cloche: Are you planning to escape while carrying that in all seriousness? It was nearly a miracle that you managed to sneak into this place like that, but it is impossible you will be able to escape like this!

???: We won't know until I try, yeah? Besides... I've gotta get back or the kids will starve to death!

Cloche: Agh... Do not include these children into the conversation, if you please!

???: Holy Maiden, you shouldn't be so gullible about what people say. Otherwise, the bad guys can trick you pretty easily.

Cloche: Huh!? Are you telling me... That everything you told me thus far was---!

???: Aah, I'm a good thief, so I'm not lying. So like the Godde... Agh, yeah, she's part of the War Against the Goddess, so she might take the wrong idea if I compare myself to Her... like a demon, I don't lie.

Cloche: Why are you comparing yourself to such a being now? Good grief...

???: Because that was the first thing I could think of. But well, do you believe me? Or not?

Cloche: Hmm... Yes, I guess.

???: Yay! Okay then, I'm gonna get--!

(BGM: Leave It Be)

Cloche: I truly will not allow you to steal any further, but I wish to be of assistance in some way.

???: What!? Why're you saying that now? Or you don't actually believe me?

Cloche: No, I do believe you. But if your problem is that the children under your care are starving, it would do you a lot better to bring them as much food as you can carry, don't you agree? And it would be better if I helped you, as you could carry twice your capacity.

???: Umm, you might be right about that...

Cloche: If you aren't lying, then there is no problem with me helping, is it? Or do you want me to call someone?

???: ...Are you serious?


???: O-Okay, I get it, so stop that already!

Cloche: As long as you understand, it's enough for me. In any case, you should hide in that closet for now.

???: Oh maaan.... I shouldn't have entered this room...

*door closing*


Leglius: Did you call me, Lady Cloche?

Cloche: Yes. My dinner was exceedingly light, so I wondered if you could bring me something to eat.

Leglius: Understood. Do you wish for anything in particular?

Cloche: Anything would do, so please hurry and bring me some kind of meal!

Leglius: Very well. Anything and it must be done quickly... Huh?

Track 3[]

???: Hey, you okay in there? We've almost reached my house!

(BGM: Slum Town)

Cloche: You say it's your home, but do you really live in a place such as this?

???: Hey, that's an awful way of putting it! Home is where you make it, and that's why we're living in the Slums!

Cloche: This is unbelievable...

???: You might say that, but I'm glad this part of the Slums remained for us. Plus, this isn't the sorta place a Maiden would visit.

Cloche: Well then, shall we put what you just said to the test?

???: If you're gonna say that, what's all this about having made that macho-looking knight bring you so much food?

Cloche: Well, obviously this much food isn't something you could have bought with the money you would have gained from selling everything you stole. So this would be a far preferable option if you were to bring happiness to these children.

???: Pretty nice speech, but whatcha gonna do if I everything I told you was a lie? That'd render everything you did moot, right? It's not like I wasn't saying the truth though.

(BGM Stop)

???: Okay, here's my home!

Cloche: There are lights on inside, but isn't this place in ruins?

???: That's just how it looks on the outside. The inside's actually pretty tidy!


???: I'm back, Lili!

Lili: Aeon! That's great! I was getting worried because you were taking so long!

Aeon: Sorry, sorry! A bunch of stuff happened though! Okay, here's the loot!

Lili: Umm, you know it's pointless if you don't bring back some money or food, right?

Aeon: If that's what you're worried about, don't be! Thanks to a nice bystander, I got my hands on something! Right?

Cloche: I have no older sisters! Good grief...

Lili: Huh!? You are...!

Ren: Aeon! Aeon's back!

Sunny: Yeah, she's here! Welcome back!

Aeon: Ahaha! I'm back, you two! I'm sure you're hungry!

Sunny: Nah! We're still fine 'coz we drank lotsa water! Right?

Ren: Yeah! We don't know who among us drank the most!

Aeon: You know it isn't praiseworthy to fill an empty stomach with just water. Still, it's admirable you managed to stand it!

Cloche: Please don't encourage them to put up with such a situation!

Ren: Uh? Miss, who're you?

Cloche: Well, good morning... Come, there is plenty for everyone, so go ahead and eat!

Sunny: Whoa! It's rice, and there's bread too! And there's candy over here too!

Ren: Aeon, can we eat this!?

Aeon: Once you've put the plates and the tablecloth on the table, you can start eating! We've gotta do it properly, yeah?

Ren: Okay, I'm gonna get the tablecloth!

Sunny: I'll also bring the plates!

Cloche: They are really energetic children, aren't they?

Lili: Yeah, they are. But they aren't my relatives.

Cloche: Huh? By not being your relatives you mean...

Lili: More importantly, you're the Maiden, yeah?

Cloche: Yes, that's correct. I have yet to be formally enthroned though.

Lili: Okay then, sorry to spring this on you, but could you get back home now? This isn't the sorta place you should be at.

Cloche: What do you mean? That the Maiden should avoid visiting the Slums entirely?

Lili: Are you seriously saying that? What do you think the people around here think about you and the Grand Bell!?

Aeon: Hey hey! You shouldn't be saying that sorta thing!

Lili: But she's--!

Aeon: It was thanks to her we got all this food. She could've gotten me thrown into jail, but instead she went and helped me out!

Cloche: I did nothing to be thanked for. It was all just because you mentioned you had children under your care and that they were starving. Correct?

Aeon: You see? She's the sorta person that'd help kids like these. That's got nothing to do with being the Maiden, right?

Lili: Ah... yeah...

Cloche: Huh? There is no need to be admonishing her, as I will be going back now. In any case, I have ascertained the truth to your words, so my goal has been fulfilled now.

Aeon: Actually, I'm not satisfied with this. You helped us out, so at least lemme repay the favor!

Cloche: There is no need for that. I didn't do this for your sake, but for the children.

Aeon: In that case, lemme thank you by being your bodyguard! It'll be only for as long as the food you gave us lasts though.

Cloche: Though given I'm so disliked, it would make the food here to taste worse were I to remain here, correct?

Aeon: Hey, don't say that sorta thing! Oh man... Hey, girls! Come out for a bit!

Sunny: What's up, Aeon?

Aeon: I wanna invite the kind girl who gave us all this food to tonight's dinner! She's the one who requested it for us!

Lili: Hey, if you put it that way--!

Sunny: Okay, I'll add a plate for her too!

Ren: The food gets tastier the more people there are!

Cloche: Hey, do not just decide it on your own...

Ren: Ah, yeah! Um... here...

Cloche: Huh? A doll?

Ren: It's a Gergo stuffed doll! I wanna give it to you as thanks!

Cloche: But it's just a meal...

Lili: It might be just a single meal to you, but it isn't just that to us.

Cloche: Hmm...

Aeon: So, whatcha gonna do?

Cloche: Thank you. I will always treasure it.

Ren: Yay!

Aeon: Okay then, it might be kinda late to say this, but shouldn't we introduce ourselves before we eat? First, the kids here!

Sunny: I'm Sunny, and I'm in charge of cleaning the bathtub!

Ren: I'm Ren, and I'm in charge of the plates! Please take good care of Gergo!

Aeon: And while there are countless of these, she's the breadwinner for our house, Lili! Come on, greet her!

Lili: Okay okay. Good evening...

Aeon: Oh man... And well, I'm the head at this household and the one who takes care of these girls. My name's Aeon! Sorry it took me so long, but pleased to meet you!

Cloche: Ah, you were in charge of thie...very stopping, correct?

Aeon: Hehe, well, yeah! We've got our own times of crisis every now and then, but normally I'm the head in this house!

Sunny: Hey hey, miss! What's your name?

Cloche: Hehe, my name is Clo--

Lili: Waaa!

(BGM: Leave It Be)

Lili: Hehe, sorry! S-She's May... Deen! Yeah, she's Maydeen! Maydeen!

Ren: May...deen...?

Cloche: H-Hey! Why did you just do that!?

Lili: Because you're the Maiden, the Maiden! So just let us call you that while you're here! Okay!?

Cloche: Huh? I don't understand why you are doing this though...

Lili: So you don't get it, huh?

Cloche: Wait just a minute, you. I have been listening to you for a while now and--!

Aeon: Hey hey! You shouldn't fight in front of the girls! Okay then, let's eat!

Ren: Maydeen was the one who gave us this food, so she gets the seat of honor! So that means she gets to sit on many cushions piled up!

Cloche: ...It would be problematic if there were too many cushions though... (But... Just what am I doing in a place such as this?)

Track 4[]

Cloche: Hmm...

*door closing*

Aeon: So here you were! I thought you'd gone home by now.

Cloche: I'll be doing so in a while. How are the children?

Aeon: They're taking a bath. We always take a bath right after dinner! After that it's time to get into the futon and sleep 'til morning!

Cloche: I see. That aside, could you please tell me the reason why you made me use a false name?

Aeon: Ah, that... Well... It's kinda like the proof we're good friends, sorta like skinship! There's no problem when friends call each other by nicknames, you know!

Cloche: Giving me a nickname right before I said my real name? I might have had next to not interaction with commoners, but even I know that is a lie. Tell me the truth.

Aeon: I'm just saying there're things they're better off not knowing. So could we just leave it at that?

Cloche: Do you think I will just nod my head and agree?

Aeon: Uh...

Lili: You really don't have a nicer way of saying things, huh? Holy Maiden!


Lili: You haven't gone home yet, huh?

Cloche: Well, excuse me! As soon as I have bid farewell to the children, I will leave your home.

Lili: I'm telling you to just get going already! I don't want to let these kids see your face ever again!

Cloche: ...I have been meaning to ask this of you for a while! What kind of grudge do you hold against me!?

Aeon: Lili, I get how you feel but... Just stop. Nothing good's gonna come from saying that.

Lili: Aeon! Can't you get at least a bit angry about this!? The only reason we're forced to live like this is because of them: of that nasty Grand Bell!

Cloche: I have no recollection of ever forcing you to live in the Slums as you do! If you dislike them so much, why don't you leave the Slums and go live elsewhere!?

Lili: No, that's not what I meant...

Cloche: Then explain yourself clearly! Think about the feelings of those you try to disparage despite not knowing what you mean!

Lili: Oh, so it's like that!? The high and mighty Holy Maiden doesn't know anything about this then!? Then I'm gonna say what I wanna!

(BGM: That Which Overflows)

Lili: I'm telling you to think about us who've got to take in kids who lost their families, because the Grand Bell's taken hundreds of years for making Metafalica or whatever a reality, and because they've announced that there's nothing that can be done for the IPDs except for containing and confining them! So it's all the Grand Bell's fault!

Cloche: Huh!?

Lili: The Grand Bell is doing nothing but containing IPDs as soon as they're spotted! They care nothing about the berserk IPDs' victims, they do nothing but take their sweet time to get to the scene, hit the IPDs savagely until they're knocked out, contain them and imprison them! These victims lose their families, and they care nothing either about the families of the IPDs they drag away! Hahaha, how great, how amazing! Excellently evil methods aren't they!?

Cloche: I-It's not like that! It's all to create the continent and make this a peaceful world--!

Lili: Then do it already! We wouldn't have had to lose our families if you had done that already!

Cloche: What do you mean...? Don't you have a family right here?

Aeon: ...Ren is my younger sister. But it's not the same thing for Lili and Sunny. Lili's my childhood friend, while Sunny is a kid we met here in the Slums.

Cloche: ...And your other relatives?

Aeon: ...They're dead. They were killed in an IPD outbreak.

Lili: You expect us to not hold any kind of grudge against the Grand Bell and the Maiden, and just wag our tails happily at you as you keep singing about peace or whatever while making us suffer? Do you think it's even possible for anyone to not hate you for what you're doing to these kids!?

Cloche: So that's why you didn't want to say who I truly was...

Aeon: Well, I know there's nothing that can be done about the IPDs and their containment. If you didn't do that, there'd be even more victims and things would get even worse. That's why I don't hold any grudges against you.

Lili: But it's not the same for these kids! And the same goes for me!

Cloche: Then, why did you stop me when I tried to leave a while ago!? Given what you told me, shouldn't you have been honest and allow me to go back on my own!?

(BGM Stop)

Aeon: Because I was thinking that maybe I should have stolen away the Maiden herself too! Or something like that. But I didn't think that we'd have gotten a twist like this though.

Cloche: Explain what you mean this instant!

Aeon: Well, you know, I saw when you said you didn't want to be the Maiden, and that got me thinking that maybe you were a victim of the Grand Bell too.

Cloche: Ah...

Aeon: Well, it seems the kids don't know anything yet, so if you're okay with the idea, wouldn't you like to live here with us too?

Cloche: Huh?

Lili: I refuse! I won't let that happen!

Aeon: Lili... bullying her so much isn't cool at all, you know.

Lili: Agh...

Aeon: There's nothing I can do about our poor table, beds or Lili's foul mouth, but at least it seems we can get by comfortably for some time with all the stuff I've stolen.
(BGM: Twilight)

Cloche: ...I cannot...

Aeon: Don't you like our home for some reason?

Cloche: No, it's not that. If I tried doing that, most likely I would be followed in secret, and I would be forced to go back before I could do anything, only causing you further trouble on the meanwhile.

Aeon: I see. So it isn't just whether you're okay with my invitation or not.

Cloche: No, I don't mind that. But if I tried actually acting upon it, it would be a great problem for you all. To think you can't even eat without having to resort to means such as stealing...

Aeon: Lili's normally working to earn money, so we can make ends meet somehow. It's just we're kinda bankrupt right now... It was Ren's birthday a little ago, so we spent about 5000 Leaf to buy her a present Gergo, and that's why we're in the red now. So I had no choice but to go and steal something.

Cloche: Then...! You are saying the stuffed doll she gave me was--!

Aeon: Make sure to treasure it. That's proof enough of how grateful Ren is to you. But still, I wanna say thanks for keeping quiet about me stealing in front of the kids. I've taught them to always live in the straight and narrow despite being poor, so it'd be terrible if they heard about that.

Cloche: I just let it slide because I thought that wasn't the sort of thing that should be said in front of children. I didn't think about concealing it, I just didn't want Ren to hear it. By the way, what kind of employment is the one you do normally?

Aeon: Lili works as a Dive Therapist. Right?

Lili: Well, yeah. I'm still a novice at it, so I'm only getting sessions every now and then.

Cloche: Dive... Therapy... you say...?

Lili: Yeah, I know what you wanna say. That it's indecent, that it's illegal in Pastalia, right?

Cloche: If you know that much, then why don't you practice any other--!?

Lili: Because you should know already that it's the only kind of job for Slum-dwellers like ourselves that can support four people!

Cloche: But that's...

Lili: We need money to feed these kids! But well, I don't think the Holy Maiden has ever had this sort of problem!

Cloche: Ugh...

Aeon: W-Well... Don't look so down! In the end, the IPD outbreaks were what caused this all! There's no reason for you to be so sad!

Cloche: That might be what you think, but... (If they ever learned that the Grand Bell is intentionally increasing the number of IPDs... Even Aeon would...)

Sunny: Ah, everyone! It's gotten so late, we were wondering what you were doing!

Aeon: Ah, you finally got out from the bathtub?

Sunny: Yeah! Ren, come here! Everyone's here!

Ren: Ah, I found you all! What're you all doing this late here?

Lili: Hehe, nothing at all! And more importantly, your head is still wet! I'll wipe it off, so let's go in!

Ren: Okay! By the way, how about letting Maydeen stay with us tonight? She can sleep in our bed!

Cloche: Ah no, I shall be heading home right now. Actually, I apologize for overstaying my welcome.

Ren: Huh!? No, stay with us! Our bed is so very big, the three of us can all sleep on it!

Cloche: No, it's not that.

Ren: H-Hey, Aeon, say something!

Aeon: Ah hahaha... Well, it's pretty late already... It would be very dangerous for a lone girl to be walking through the streets now.

Cloche: But...

Ren: Please stay with us, just tonight... *sniff*

Aeon: Ah, no! You're going to catch a cold like that. Let's go inside now. We've gotta dry your hair too!

Ren: I wanna have Maydeen in our home too!

Aeon & Cloche: Huh!?

Cloche: D-Don't push me like that!

Sunny: We wanna have you staying here tonight!

Cloche: Wait...! Aeon, please do something!

Aeon: Looks like you'll spend a nice night with us!

Cloche: Please consider my opinion on this!

Track 5[]

Cloche: Where am I...? Ah right... So I ended up spending the night in this place, huh...? (To think I ended not only assisting a thief, but also sleeping between two children...) Huh!? Now I think about it, where have these children gone?


Cloche: Huh!? No, it's past noon already!



Aeon: Ah, good to see you! I was gonna go wake you up about now.

Cloche: Good morning, Aeon! I apologize for oversleeping! So many things happened last night, and looks like I was exhausted due to it!

Aeon: Actually, umm... We've got a guest here...

Cloche: Huh? A guest...?

Aeon: We're making him wait, so let's hurry up.


Aeon: I've brought her.

Cloche: Huh!? Leglius...?

Leglius: Hmph. Lady Cloche.

Cloche: W-What are you doing here...?

Leglius: It seemed you were taking too long to return, so I have come to bring you back.

Cloche: H-How did you know I was here!? I slipped outside the Grand Bell Hall without telling anyone!

Leglius: I had the feeling it was quite unusual for you to order a meal so late at night. Once I noticed there was no presence of any sort in your room and that you weren't stepping out from it regardless of how much time passed, I decided to go search for you on my own.

Cloche: Ah...

Ren: Maydeen... you're really Cloche?

Cloche: Ah... Ren...

Sunny: The Grand Bell... are these guys who take people away... right?

Cloche: Sunny... I haven't...

Sunny: No! I don't wanna!

Aeon: Sunny...

Ren: No... I don't wanna be taken away by anyone...! I wanna stay here!

Aeon: I'm sorry for lying to you two...

Cloche: No, it's not your fault.


Cloche: What are you intending to do now, Leglius?

Leglius: Huh?

Cloche: Regardless of if you came to escort me back, can't you put some more thought on your actions? If you could actually feel something strange about me, then--!

Leglius: If we delay our return any further, the Chancellor and the rest of the Grand Bell may notice your absence. Are you fine with this, even if that would result in you being subject to punishment?

Cloche: *gasp*

Leglius: Let us head back. This isn't the sort of place a person of your status should remain at for long.

Cloche: I understand... I will go in a moment, so please wait outside on the meanwhile.

(BGM: Inexpressible Feelings)

Cloche: Ren... Sunny... I apologize for having deceived you.

Ren: *sniff*

Cloche: Ren... Take this... I will give you back this stuffed doll... I'm sorry for deceiving you...

Ren: *sniffle*

Cloche: May you be well...



Cloche: Let us depart.

Leglius: Are you fine with this?

Cloche: That isn't the sort of words the person that came to escort me back should be saying.

Aeon: Wait!

Cloche: What is the matter?

Aeon: Won't you change... your mind?

Cloche: What do you mean?

Aeon: You know... About staying and living here with us! That sorta thing... Won't you give it a second thought? I mean, you still haven't been enthroned as the legitimate Maiden and stuff... Besides, it's possible the future's gonna be even harsher to you.

Cloche: Yes, you might have a point.

Aeon: In that case--!

Cloche: It is precisely that why I cannot avoid doing this. In order to bring these pitiful circumstances to an end as soon as possible, and so no more people will have to find themselves in the same predicament as your family does.

Aeon: *gasp*

Cloche: May you be well, Aeon.


(Stop BGM)

Leglius: Good grief... what were you thinking?

Cloche: What do you mean?

Leglius: I'm talking about the fact that you not only gave assistance to a robber that broke into the Grand Bell Hall, but also went into the Slums like this, without any escorts.

Cloche: Aeon was with me, so there is no problem.

Leglius: She was a robber, not an escort of any sort. And as if that wasn't enough, she is also sheltering IPDs in her home. There's no telling when these girls might experience an outbreak. If you were caught into an outbreak, you might get seriously wounded... not, you might even lose your life in the process.

Cloche: It's true it was quite dangerous for me to have come to this place with no escorts. I apologize.

(BGM: Love Pattern -Spring-)

Leglius: Oh? You are acting quite obediently today.

Cloche: There is no fault in the arguments you have made. There is no question that I was mistaken in having come here with no one protecting me.

Leglius: Given the way you are phrasing it, do you mean you weren't mistaken about coming here?

Cloche: As far as coming here is concerned, I don't think I was mistaken to do it. After all, it was thanks to having come here that I could see with my own eyes how the people in the Slums live their daily lives.

Leglius: Even though you could come to do inspections to this place?

Cloche: If I did it in such a way, I wouldn't be capable of seeing anything but the surface. But thanks to having come here in the way I did, I could not only share an evening with the residents of the Slums, but also share a meal with them. In addition, I could talk with them without having to hold myself back. If I came here on an inspection, I would never have a chance to do any of these things, correct?

Leglius: Well, if you tried doing anything like that during an inspection, we would have to force you back to the Grand Bell Hall.

Cloche: That is precisely why I'm glad I had this experience. I understand now what the usual days are like in the Slums, and what opinion their residents have of us, the Grand Bell. I have to hurry and craft the continent as soon as possible.

Leglius: In order to create a peaceful world?

Cloche: Not only for that. It is also to release all the IPDs the Grand Bell is keeping contained in secret, so they may return to their families. If I manage to craft the continent, there will be no further need for us to keep increasing the IPD numbers.

Leglius: Will you accept to undergo the ceremony where you will be enthroned as Maiden then? You were so against it that you were even crying.

Cloche: I have changed my mind. Besides, I need to reach the position of Maiden in order to carry out my objectives. Therefore, I fully intend to accept it.

Leglius: Hehe, I will act as if I hadn't heard that.

Cloche: Oh, would that cause any sort of problem? But it's for the sake of creating a peaceful world. I have to create it so no one will ever have to live again while embracing such painful feelings.

Leglius: Hmm, as far as I'm concerned, it won't be a problem as long as you craft the continent. And more than anything, it isn't wrong as long as it gives you motivation to carry out your duties.

Cloche: Huhu, has your opinion of me improved?

Leglius: Well, while your way of thought is still quite naive and simplistic, it's still a noticeable improvement.

Cloche: Ah, wouldn't you happen to be every bit as naive as I am too? Leglius?

Leglius: Do you see me as naive? Please allow me to ask why.

Cloche: When you came to bring me back, you didn't criticize Aeon in any way, correct? That you didn't attack in any way the robber who snuck into the Grand Bell Hall so late at night and spirited away the Maiden is quite unlike you!

Leglius: Hmph...

Cloche: In fact, given how you kept in secret the fact there was a robber in the Grand Bell Hall last night, may I ask why you haven't told anyone about it or about today?

Leglius: Because it would be a great problem if word came out that the person that is about to become Maiden assisted a robber. Therefore, it would be in our best interests to remain silent about this.

Cloche: I wonder about that. Is there any other reason beyond that?

Leglius: That's all there is to it! Come now, let us make haste.

Cloche: Hehehe.... You are so honest, huh.

Leglius: I don't want to hear that from someone who is as naive as you. Geez... In any case, it seems we will be able to return before this causes us any trouble.

(Stop BGM)

(BGM: Assault)

Cloche: What!?

Leglius: That just now...!

Cloche: Leglius! There is smoke rising in that direction!

Leglius: It's an IPD outbreak!

Cloche: No! That is where Aeon's house is located!


Cloche: This is terrible! Leglius, let's go!

Leglius: W-Wait!


Leglius: Damn! Doesn't she understand her own position!?

Track 6[]

(BGM: Assault)

Cloche: That is...!

Lili: Keep it up, you two! Run!

Cloche: Lili! And Sunny and Ren!

Lili: What now? You're still around!? Just go home already!

Cloche: This isn't the moment to be saying such things! What happened to Aeon? Where is she!?

(Stop BGM)

Ren: Umm...

Cloche: Ren? What happened to your sister? Where is Aeon?

Ren: N-No! Go home, and don't drag Aeon away with you!

Cloche: By drag her away you mean... Impossible... It cannot be...!

Leglius: Lady Cloche! This place is dangerous, we must withdraw now! Oh!?


Cloche: ...Aeon...?

(BGM: Darkness and Voices)

Leglius: Everybody, go behind me now. She's here!

Cloche: Aeon... This cannot be true...

Aeon: ...CLO...CHE...

Cloche: Aeon! You are...!

Leglius: Don't get any closer to her!

Cloche: Eh...?

Leglius: Don't you understand what's happening here?

Cloche: She is... an IPD... In other words, her mother was a Reyvateil!?

Lili: Y-Yeah... But I never thought Aeon'd get infected with the IPD Syndrome! I could do nothing but grab the kids and run away...

Leglius: That's just how the world is. That's why we can't ever stop doing our work.


Ren: S-Sis!

Sunny: A-Aeon! Aeon's in pain! Help her! I don't wanna see her like this!

Lili: I know that! I know it! But...

Aeon: NO... I CAN'T...!

Leglius: She's coming!

(Stop BGM)



Leglius: Agh!

(BGM: Scheme)

Leglius: What!? Was she such a high-level IPD!?

Lili: No!

Leglius: Egh, there's no other way now. I don't really like doing this, but...

*shield spikes expanding*

Cloche: What do you intend to do!?

Leglius: Containing such a high-leveled IPD on my own is obviously impossible, so there's only one way to stop her

Cloche: Are you going to..!? No, I absolutely forbid it!

Leglius: Then what should we do!? Let everyone here die!?

Cloche: Ah... No. I will not allow anyone to die here today.

Leglius: What!?

Cloche: Leglius. I authorize you to employ a certain measure of force against her. However, the only way in which I will be satisfied with this is if you manage to apprehend Aeon alive.

Leglius: How absurd! That is completely unreasonable!

Cloche: These are my orders! Naturally, we will assist you as well.

Lili: Uh, by "we" you mean...

Cloche: I want you to lend us your strength.

Lili: Of course!

Cloche: Well then, Leglius, please start by serving as a shield to us.

Leglius: E-Excuse me!?

Cloche: And while you bear with the brunt of the attacks for us, we will simultaneously sneak on Aeon from the sides and seize her. When we do that, please rush her and render her unconscious.

Leglius: ...Are these your orders?

Cloche: Yes, they are.

Leglius: Egh, understood.

Lili: You two, please go hide elsewhere, okay?

Ren: Please, save my sister!

Sunny: Lili, do your best!


Cloche: Leglius.

Leglius: Yes. I won't let her get away!

(BGM: Vrtra)

Aeon: DIE!!


Leglius: Augh! You two, now!

Cloche: Aeon!

Lili: Hey, over here!



Cloche: Leglius! Hurry!



Cloche & Lili: Aaaaaahhhh!!

Cloche: No way! How can she be so powerful!?

Lili: That ball...! It's attack magic!

Leglius: Shit! Are we done for!?

Cloche: Huh!?


Cloche: Stop! You aren't the sort of person that would say such things! Get a hold of yourself! You aren't like that!

Lili: You...

Cloche: I beg you! Get back to your senses!!


(Stop BGM)


Cloche, Lili & Leglius: Aaaagh!!


Aeon: AAAHHH... AAAHH...

Cloche: Huh?

Leglius: Ugh... Is everybody okay?

Cloche: Yes. But we should have received that enormous blast. How...?

Reyvateil A: Hey! Are you guys okay?

Lili: Everyone! You came for us! Ah, you were the ones who put up that defensive magic, right?

Cloche: These people are Reyvateils who live here in the Slums?

Lili: Thanks! We're all safe thanks to you!

Reyvateil B: But honestly, it feels like it was pretty lacking, huh?

Reyvateil A: What are you saying!? Of course that when you use a defensive Song, any attack magic is useless against it!

Leglius: I see. So that means that whenever an IPD attacks...

Reyvateil B: Yeah!

Reyvateil A: Because everybody that lives here is like family to each other!

Cloche: Leglius, let us try restraining Aeon once more.

(BGM: Indra)

Leglius: In other words, you are suggesting that we cooperate with the inhabitants of the Slums?

Cloche: Do you have any other plans that will help us deal with this situation?

Leglius: No, I understand.

Cloche: I apologize for asking this, but would you please cast your defensive magic upon us once more for a little while? If you do so, I'm sure we will seize Aeon this time.

Reyvateil A: I'm okay with it, but... Where have I seen you before?

Reyvateil B: That other guy seems to be from the Grand Bell, but... Are you related to them?

Lili: Start focusing on your magic already! She's getting ready to fire again!


Aeon: AAAAGH...

Leglius: It seems to be as strong as the previous times... Take care of supporting us with your defensive magic! Let's do it!

Reyvateils A & B: Yeah!

Leglius: Uoooo!!

Aeon: GET AWAY!!!


Leglius: Aaagh! Huh!? An invisible wall! She cast defensive magic upon herself too!?

Cloche: Then destroy it!

Leglius: Easier said than done!


Aeon: AUUUGH!!

(BGM: Legend of Ar tonelico II - The Second Tower -)

Cloche: Lili, once the wall breaks, you go and seize Aeon.

Lili: Got it, but... What about you.

Cloche: I'm a Reyvateil as well. Going to assault her directly will be difficult, so I will leave the rest to you.

Lili: Okay. I'll make sure that Aeon doesn't get caught into the blast, and then you're saying I...

Cloche: It would be correct to say "do whatever you wish".

Leglius: Lady Cloche!

Cloche: Just say the word!

Leglius: Okay! Hyaaaah!



Cloche: Get away from her! Heeeh!


Aeon: MY... MAGIC IS...!

Lili: Aeon!



Lili: Hurry it up!

Leglius: I'm sorry!


Aeon: Agh...

(Stop BGM)

Lili: You stopped her...?

Leglius: Yeah... I've knocked her senseless. But once she wakes up, she's going berserk again.

Cloche: Leglius. Are you okay?

Leglius: Geez, even if these were orders, they were beyond unreasonable!

Cloche: I apologize.

Leglius: Well, complying with your whims is part of my duties though.


Ren: Sis! You saved my sis, right?

Lili: For now, at least.

Sunny: That's great! We thought you were gonna take Aeon away!

Reyvateil A: Hey... Lili. About those people... Don't tell me...

Lili: Y-Yeah. Um...

Cloche: It is just as you can see.

Lili: So that means you're planning to take Aeon away?

Ren: Huh? Why...? Sis isn't going crazy anymore, right?

Cloche: Only for as long as she stays unconscious as she is now. She might be okay once she wakes up, but there is a very high chance she will be as you just saw once she regains consciousness.

Ren: N-No...

Sunny: You're not gonna take her away, right? You aren't going to take Aeon away from us, right?

Leglius: Hmm, I'd like to hear a report on the damages this caused.

Reyvateil B: Ah, umm... All the people who live close by the area should be accounted for.

Leglius: Any casualties?

Reyvateil A: We don't know. But everybody's used to this sorta thing, so I think everyone ran away before they could get wounded.

Leglius: Well, given it was such a large incident, the Grand Bell Knights should be coming here soon.

Ren: You're gonna... take Sis away?

Leglius: It's the least we can do.

Lili: The least you can do... right? That means you're gonna take her away and confine her somewhere, right?

Leglius: Then please tell me. What should we do with the IPDs, who hold a power capable of causing such large-scale disasters?

Lili: Ah...

Sunny: No, no, don't take Aeon away! We're gonna hide her away!

Ren: Y-Yeah! We'll protect Sis!

Lili: And once they're taken away, they never come back.

Leglius: Then do as you like.

Sunny: Really?

Leglius: Yeah, I don't mind it.

Reyvateil B: Lili, what are you going to do?

Lili: Let's hide! If we head deeper into the Slums, the Grand Bell won't be able--!

Leglius: However, if she has a relapse, we won't go help you. If countless casualties result from that, you will have to cope with them on your own.

Lili: *gasp*

Cloche: Leglius... couldn't you say it in a nicer manner?

Leglius: They should know just how dangerous IPDs are. If they still think they are better off hiding her, they need to be prepared to deal with the consequences.

(BGM: Love Pattern -Winter-)

Reyvateil B: Yeah. It's true Ren and Sunny could end up gravely wounded from this. If that happened, Aeon would surely get sad.

Ren: No! That's okay! Don't take her away!

Sunny: Lili, say something! Don't let them take you away!

Lili: I don't want to let them do that!

Reyvateil A: But if she went berserk again...!

Lili: I know it! But... but Aeon is part of our family!

Leglius: And she could very well end up killing all members of her own family. Never forget that.

Lili: Agh...

Sunny: Lili... What are you waiting for!?

Lili: Take... Aeon away...

Ren: W-Why!? Stop that!

Sunny: No! I don't want Aeon to disappear! Don't take her away! Don't take our big sister away!

Lili: I'm sorry! I can't do anything!

Reyvateil B: It's not your fault, Lili!

Reyvateil A: Yeah! Don't blame yourself!

Leglius: Looks like you want to say something.

Cloche: I'm thinking of what to say. There is something, yet I don't know if I should.

Leglius: Then say it. You are the Maiden, after all. No, the about-to-be-Maiden that still needs to undergo the enthronement ceremony. Don't forget that.

Cloche: Indeed. Yes, I am about the become the next Maiden.

Leglius: Correct. About to be the next Maiden.

Cloche: Yes.

(Stop BGM)

Cloche: What if I said there was another way that could save her?

Lili: Huh?

Sunny: Really?

Ren: Tell us, please!

Cloche: However, there is a condition before I agree to tell you: there is no guarantee that the method I am about to tell you about will improve her condition. In other words, if we attempt it and it ends in failure, you will hand her over to the Grand Bell without protesting. Is that okay?

Reyvateil: So, what's that method about?

Cloche: It's Dive Therapy. By carrying out Dive Therapy, it is possible to cure an IPD that has had an outbreak. It is extremely difficult though.

Lili: You said we can cure her with Dive Therapy?

Ren: Lili, will you do Therapy on her?

Cloche: From what I gathered yesterday, Lili's ability as a Therapist seems to be first-class. There is a higher chance of success if you are the one who treats her.

Lili: I'm gonna treat Aeon?

Cloche: The better your abilities as a Therapist, the higher the chances are of saving her. You are the only one who can save Aeon.

Reyvateil A: Then let's hurry! I'll talk to the Dive Operator, so--!

Lili: No!

Reyvateil A: Huh?

Lili: I can't believe what the Grand Bell is doing! Everything you've just said has got to be a lie!

Cloche: I'm not lying!

Lili: If you can heal IPDs that way, then what happened to all the people the Grand Bell has taken away!?

Cloche: T-That's... top secret information...

Lili: Top secret!? You say it's all to make a peaceful world, so why in hell are you hiding the cure to the IPD outbreaks!? It makes no sense!!

Cloche: That's...

Lili: So you're acting like it'll save us, make me do a Therapy session in vain, and once it ends in failure, you're gonna ridicule me as an utter failure in Therapy!? And by doing that, you're gonna prove you're the good guys who save everyone from the IPDs!?

Cloche: I know it's completely contradictory! But it's true there is a possibility it will save her! I'm not lying or trying to deceive you!

Lili: I'm not some idiot that the Grand Bell can always keep fooling with everything they do!

Cloche: Why can't you believe me!? I just really want to save Aeon, and every single one of you!

Lili: And if you really want to save us Slum-dwellers, how would that benefit you!?

Cloche: I'm not thinking about doing it to benefit myself!


???: S-Someone, come here!

(BGM: Startup)

Cloche: Huh? What?

???: Please, hurry!

Cloche: A scream? Leglius, let us go!

Leglius: Hey! Wait!

Lili: Wait there! Our talk is far from over!

Track 7[]

(BGM: Startup)

Woman: Please! Someone help me!


Cloche: What happened!?

Woman: Thank goodness! Please, help me! I can't hear their voices anymore!

Cloche: Calm down please! Could you explain me what happened?

Woman: Y-Yes. I heard a woman and a baby screaming inside this house!

Cloche: But this house... Isn't it on the verge of collapsing!?

Woman: We can't even open the door! I can't even hear their voices anymore! What should I do!?

Cloche: It is fine. We will save them somehow...


Leglius: Lady Cloche!

(Stop BGM)

Leglius: *sigh*

Cloche: Leglius! It appears there are still people inside this house! Please open the door in any way possible!

Leglius: No, I think we should leave it alone. If a place that seems about to collapse like this received the slightest shock, it could bring down the whole structure.

Cloche: No...

Ren: Ah! This wall seems like it's crumbling away a little!

Cloche: Where!? This is good news! If we break through this wall, we should be able to get inside!

Lili: You mean... Get inside this place!? But it can start collapsing any minute now!

Cloche: If we save the people inside before that happens, there is no problem, correct?

Leglius: No! Please abstain from getting yourself in any more danger! H-Hey! Stop! Get back here!

Cloche: I shall be returning in a minute!


Lili: W-Wait! There's no need for you to go save them! I can--!


Lili: Agh! It's crumbling!

Leglius: No, it's still holding up. Hey, if you're not going to go in, then move.


Leglius: Damn! My body can't fit into this hole! Geez!

Lili: Why... Why did she get into a place like this...? Why's she going so far for us Slum-dwellers!?

Leglius: Regardless of what you guys might think of her, our Holy Maiden... No, our to-be-the-legitimate-Holy-Maiden isn't the sort of person to put herself before the others. She never discriminates anyone, unlike you who discriminate against those belonging to the Grand Bell.

Lili: *gasp*

Leglius: You shouldn't look down on her.


(BGM: Pursuit)

Leglius: Crap! It's coming down! Hurry up and come back now!

Cloche: I found them! I will be returning now, I just need a little more--!


Woman: Ah! T-The wall has...!

Leglius: Hey! Answer me! Are you okay!?

Cloche: M-My body... feels so heavy... I can't move...!

Leglius: Egh! Wait there! I'll go pick you up now!


Leglius: Aaaagh!

Lili: Everybody, come help us! Quick!

Reyvateil A: Ok! Let's do it! One-two-three!

Leglius: Hurry!

Cloche: Now!

Leglius: Got it! Let's drop it!

(Stop BGM)

Woman: Are you okay!? Are you hurt... anywhere!?

Cloche: I'm fine! But this baby is...! Someone, please use healing magic on him!

Reyvateil B: In that case, let me...! No...

Reyvateil A: What are you doing!? Use your magic, quick! Ah...

Cloche: Why!? Please, sing quickly and...!

Reyvateil B: Our magic... won't be enough... for a wound as large as this...

Cloche: No! Call a medic please, quick!

Woman: Okay!


Leglius: *sigh*... A medic will be coming shortly. Keep holding him on the meanwhile.

Cloche: Is it... my fault...? If I could have gotten there sooner... If I could have done more...

(BGM: Those That Overflow)

Lili: No way... The Maiden is crying...? Why...? Why is she crying for Slum-dwellers like us...? Why did she risk her life so much for people like us...?

Cloche: What does this have to do with living in the Slums or anything! Aren't you alive, just like me or any other person in this world!? Aren't you doing your best to live on!? Don't talk about living in the Slums as a losing comparison to our lives! Don't talk like that about the people who live here!!

Lili: *gasp*

Cloche: I... I just want to bring happiness to every single person who lives on this world! That's why I want to craft the continent... Just to make this a happy world... But I can't do anything... Even for the IPDs... Even for Aeon... Even for this little baby... I can't even save a single life...

Leglius: Whenever something like this happens, it is a sure thing there will victims...

Cloche: But...! But I'm not supposed to be the Maiden!? I have the mission of bringing hope to everyone and make a peaceful world for them! And yet I can't save anyone...

Lili: *sniff*

Cloche: It is so regrettable... I want to save everyone... I want to make a peaceful world...

Lili: Enough...!

Cloche: What...? What's enough!?

(Stop BGM)

Lili: I'm telling you it's enough! Stop crying already!


Reyvateil B: When I went to the medic's place, it seemed they were too busy attending the people hospitalized to leave no matter how serious things were outside or how much we'd pay them, so we're gonna take the baby there!

Lili: Come now, give them the baby.

Cloche: *sniffle* Please save him...

Reyvateil B: Please leave it to us, Holy Maiden.


Cloche: I'm not even worthy... of the "Holy" appellation...

Lili: She'll be okay if I do Therapy, right?

Cloche: Huh?

Lili: I'm talking about Aeon. We might save her if I carry out a Therapy session on her, right?

Cloche: *gasp*

Lili: What? Was it a lie!?

Cloche: If you're successful, she should recover!

Lili: I see. Sorry, but I've gotta take Aeon to the Dive Shop!

Reyvateil A: Ok, got it! Then I'll go ahead and talk to the Dive Operator!


Lili: I'll do it. I'll do Therapy on her.

Cloche: Really!?

Lili: This doesn't mean I believe you! It's just...

Cloche: I don't mind it! It's fine! Please hurry... hurry and save Aeon!

Lili: Got it. Girls, let's go!

Ren: Yeah.

Sunny: Yeah.

Cloche: Lili!

Lili: What...?

Cloche: Please, save Aeon!

Lili: This is the first time that someone from outside's relied on me. It's also the first time I've seen someone who's not from the Slums to have considered us as precious people...

Cloche: ...Really...?

Lili: Yeah... But... This doesn't mean I fully believe everything you've said!

Cloche: It's okay! Just hurry!

Lili: Okay. See you.

Ren: Ah! Umm... Bye-bye.

Cloche: May you be well...


Lili: Cloche!

Cloche: What is it?

(BGM: Warmth)

Lili: Umm... No matter what happens... I'm gonna put my hopes on you until the end!

Cloche: I shall make sure to never betray your expectations!

Lili: Keep doing your best!

Leglius: We should get going too. It would be a problem if the Grand Bell Knights found us here.

Cloche: Yes, you are right. Let us go.


Ren: Lady Cloche!

Cloche: Ren! What is it? Aren't you going to stay with Aeon and the others?

Ren: Here!


Cloche: Hey, what is this? Ren!

Ren: Thank you! Thank you, Lady Cloche!


Cloche: *gasp*
Leglius: What did she give you?

Cloche: A Gergo... It is that girl's precious treasure...

Track 8[]


(BGM: Love Pattern -Spring-)

Leglius: Anyway, it seems you were given something absurd. If word came out of this, it would be quite troublesome for you.

Cloche: Ah, what do you mean?

Leglius: Everything related to this incident. Helping a robber, and collaborating with the residents of the Slums to stop an IPD. You must be the first Maiden to have done such things.

Cloche: Oh, isn't it good? Looks like I will go down in the annals of history.

Leglius: Hehehe, you seem to be in a good mood. Did you take so much of a liking to that stuffed toy you are holding?

Cloche: It's Gergo! Don't you think it's cute?

Leglius: I don't really care about stuffed toys, to be honest.

Cloche: If you did, it would be really creepy.

Leglius: However, aren't you glad that you told them about Dive Therapy?

Cloche: It is of no consequence.

Leglius: Of course it is. You are the Grand Bell's Maiden, and furthermore, Dive Therapy is illegal in Pastalia--

Cloche: I have yet to become the legitimate Maiden. Therefore, I doubt there was any problem to begin with. Well, I mean, it does nothing to change the fact I despise Therapy, but--

Leglius: I see.

(Stop BGM)

Leglius: Well, at the least we can sweep this incident under the rug by treating it as a routine inspection conducted by the Maiden. And it would do you well to say the same thing whenever anybody asks about what happened here.

Cloche: Why?

Leglius: Because nobody knows that the Holy Maiden came to this place helping a robber. Therefore, let's just settle this incident quietly and without nobody else knowing.

Cloche: *sigh* It would cause quite a bit of trouble, correct?

Leglius: You are still so naive even though you are about to become the Maiden.

Cloche: You are right.


Cloche: I must become a splendid Maiden as soon as I can.

Leglius: Yes. Once you become a splendid Maiden and until Metafalica is a success, you must do your best so the number of victims that result from the plan is kept as low as possible.

Cloche: I know. Isn't the peaceful world I am wishing for being built upon enough sacrifices already?

Leglius: I have great expectations for you, Holy Maiden.

Cloche: I-It's not like that!

(BGM: Maiden of Fate)

Cloche: (But... It is certain that even harsher and more problematic days may be awaiting me. Once I undergo the ceremony to become the legitimate Maiden, I will be bestowed with the duty of leading the people of this land, and repaying all the damage I have caused, such as this incident. I have to improve myself so I will be able to create a peaceful world and make Metafalica a success as soon as possible. And during that time, many things will continue happening day after day.)

Leglius: If times ever become too harsh on you and you need someone to lend you an ear, I will await your summons.

Cloche: Aren't you so kind?

Leglius: It's part of my duties.

Cloche: In that case, I shall accept your offer. However, I will be fine.

Leglius: If you are going to the extreme of saying that, I can be confident that this very night, you will be crying yourself to asleep as soon as you are left alone.

Cloche: I shall be fine! I have as my goal making sure that Metafalica is a success, no doubt about it! Besides, even if I am left alone... (Would I get laughed at... for acting so childish?)


Cloche: I have this! I have my own cute Gergo now!

Leglius: Hmmm? Yes, that's right.

(Stop BGM)

Cloche: Hehe...

Track 9[]

Cloche: (And as it was planned, I underwent the ceremony to become the legitimate Maiden. And thus, I was led onto promising days.)


(BGM: Like the Clear Sky)

Cloche: I know these are about 50.001 documents, and as expected, l must stamp and give a proper response to them all...


Cloche: *sigh*... Ah, no! I'm sighing again!? *sigh* But it's not like I can avoid it.


Cloche: Huh? I will close the window. (It cannot be!)



Leglius: Lady Cloche!

Cloche: Leglius! You have come at the perfect time! I just noticed the room's window was open and...

Leglius: Shit! We've been had! Please take a look at this!

Cloche: Hmm? This is... Ah!

Aeon: (Once I came to, I noticed we had no money! So I came to pick up some stuff from here! Sorry about that, Cloche!)

Leglius: This was pinned on the wall that was decorated with paintings. We had reinforced security ever since that incident happened, so how did she manage to do it!?

Cloche: *giggle*

Leglius: Oh? Is anything the matter?

Cloche: It seems she recovered, didn't she?

Leglius: Huh?

Cloche: Maybe everyone will be boisterously sharing a meal about this time, don't you think? Maybe I should try to sneak out and go see them every now and then...

Leglius: *sigh*... Hehe...

Cloche: Ah, is anything the matter, Leglius?

Leglius: No, it's nothing. Maybe we should triplicate our security measures starting today.

Cloche: Ngh... Do as you wish! *sigh* Well then, I will be going to sleep now. Maybe I will have a nice dream tonight...

Leglius: Well then, may you have nice dreams. Good night, Lady Cloche.

Cloche: Yes. Good night.

(The End)

Extra Track[]

Sawashiro: Thank you very much for listening! I'm Sawashiro Miyuki, Cloche's voice actress. Good job, everyone!

Everyone: Good job!

Sawashiro: Umm, during the game I played Cloche as a hotheaded that would fall silent whenever she was alone, but who always had the drive to do things when she was with someone, so I instilled the same soul she had in the game for this CD. I felt some kinship with her and started liking her a lot because of how much she liked toys in the game itself, so when I got to play her again in this story that served as an "episode zero", I kept thinking about how different she would be from her game self as we did the recordings. Umm, it was really fun to get into these exchanges she had with Leglius! As we got more comfortable with the characters, there were parts where we advanced further in how to play them, but at others we had to dial back a bit! That was why this work was so fun!

Terasoma: It was!

Sawashiro: No, no it wasn't because of that! Hehe! No! I think I managed to do it this well because I had everyone helping me out, so thank you very much!

Terasoma: Hey! Good job, everybody!

Everyone: Good job!

Terasoma: I'm Terasoma Masaki, Leglius' voice actor! Umm, being in this studio like this, with so many flowers around, all of which are so beautiful and cute women, it was so... Huh?

Sawashiro: It was so hard, huh?

Terasoma: Yeah, it was so hard! I failed! So while I kept thinking this studio was filled with such a nice aroma...!


Terasoma: Umm, it smells just like roses! Hahaha! That's on record now? Ah, yeah! As for how playing my role was, I played Leglius, just like I did for the game itself. Again, I asked the director to get some cool lines for him, but it looks like I failed at getting that wish, even though it was really fun to do it anyway! I said, "well, let's gonna try it anyway" while I talked with Sawashiro-chan, and as we kept talking on and on, there were some points where I just went in and said "let's do it!" or "let's stop the prince!" Well, now I've said all of my dream stuff, I just wanna end by saying it was great working with everyone here. It was hard sometimes, but we still pulled through in any way we could! Umm, that's all. Looks like I've got two roles in AT already! Ah, everybody's looking at me! Ahaha! Ah well, looks like I failed again, I think it's like a saga! Umm, if you managed to enjoy the performance we put on for this drama CD, I'll be really glad! We put even more effort here than we did for the game! I can say nothing but thanks to everybody for making it possible! Really, thanks! And well... I hope you can hear us again next time! We’ll work hard for that to happen! Thanks!

Kobayashi: Everybody, great job!

Everyone: Great job!

Kobayashi: I finally got a role here! I'm Kobayashi Yuu, and I'm glad to be here! Umm, today I got my first chance to enter the world of Ar tonelico II!

"That was great!"


Kobayashi: I was so glad about it! I was so glad I got a chance to work with you all! And umm... Hey, what's up?

Terasoma: Ahaha, we're going to drink sake later!

Kobayashi: Ahaha! Aeon had a nice nature, and she moved so fast! That's the sort of girl she was! And I ended playing her even as she became a berserk IPD! I played a berserk IPD! It caused everyone so much trouble! Thanks to that, it all became a big mess, but Terasoma-san came into the studio and said "Come over here! Come over here, Miyuki-chan!" Everyone was all like: "Did he really want to say these lines that badly!?" I thought it was a really good performance!

Sawashiro: But it seems it caused you a great deal of trouble, didn't it?

Kobayashi: Yeah! And he kept on supporting everyone by saying " Do your best! Keep going!" So I caused everyone else a lot of trouble, but because he said we had to keep doing our best, I was really happy in the inside to be doing it! And besides, the conversations between Leglius and Cloche were really warm, I loved them!


Kobayashi: Thanks for giving me this role!

Terasoma: You were really a winner here!


Kobayashi: Thank you very much! And give an applause to the next one!

Makishima: Ok, good job, everyone!



Makishima: Umm, I got my first chance to appear in Ar tonelico II here! I'm Makishima Yuki, Lili's voice actress! Umm, Lili was the sort of character that had it in for Cloche, right? Sorry about that!


Makishima: Sorry! I had a role that required me to act obstinate, like a cat you try to give food but that doesn't like it!

"Poor thing!"


Makishima: Umm, and my honest feelings really are "I wanna go home already!" Hehehe! Umm, but I think in Ar tonelico, people who are cold on the outside tend to be warm on the outside, yeah? Umm, I was really glad to be part of this work! Thank you very much!

Tateno: Great work, everyone!

Everyone: Great job!

Tateno: Great! Umm, I'm Tateno Kanako, who played Ren, Aeon's little sister! Umm, Sis Aeon had a really nice personality and was really cool, but I was really startled by the gap between her and Kobayashi-san's usual combative roles!


Tateno: She was a wonderful and nice big sis; I really loved the family she and Ren had! I really loved everyone! I really feel I'd really like to have the chance to stay with them forever, which were the feelings I had as I performed! Umm, you know, this might be kinda off-topic, but I really liked how Leglius acted here! Yeah! And... and... this might be kinda personal, but there's a lot of things I really want to know as much as I can about the game, but since it's sort of ecchi, I haven't been able to play it as much as I wanted, so everyone, don't spoil me any more on it! Now I've said it, I played Ren while thinking there was a chance she could have an IPD outbreak at some point, so I hope she can have a happy life, always smiling, with her family! Thank you very much for listening to me to the end! This is Tateno Kanako out!

Aizawa: Everyone, great job!

"Great job!

Aizawa: I'm Sunny's voice actress, Aizawa Mai! I got the chance to appear in this second part to Ar tonelico, and it feels really nostalgic now to remember when I was offered the role of a poor kid who had gone through hunger and war all her life. But while she was taken in and looks like now has warm big sisters, for a girl to have been all alone like her makes her feel like she was really poor. She was really, really cute! And well, what else can I say?

Terasoma: Whatever you want!


Aizawa: I got she was really cute from the scenario, but the scenes where Leglius and Cloche were all by themselves were really great, like everyone said! Everyone also says there are scenes like this in the game too! So I really want to play through it and see it for myself now! So I think I'm going to do just that! What do you all think about it? Okay, I hope we can work together again if we ever get another chance! Thank you very much! This was Aizawa Mai!