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Translation of Aurica's Drama CD. Dialogue transcripted by ell and translated by aquagon.

Scene 1: Beginning[]

{BGM: Whisper}


Aurica: No one... no one understands how I feel. Not even Lyner, as he should know I don't feel well. He should come as soon as I call him! You're a liar, Lyner!

*slip and fall*

{End BGM}

Aurica: Agh..! It hurts... I'm getting worse with each second. Why did this have to happen...?


Shurelia: There might be a problem in Aurica's Cosmosphere.

Aurica: Which means, I'm defective, right?

Shurelia: Either way, we have to Dive to check her mind.

*end Flashback*

Aurica: I'm defective...? Then, what should I do...?

{Song: Singing Hill -Harmonics EOLIA-}

Girl: Are you okay?

Aurica: Huh?

Girl: Miss, did you fall down? Are you okay?

Aurica: Agh...

Girl: Miss?

Aurica: Who... are...

*Aurica faints

Aurica (Narration): And this was how I met that girl. This was the beginning of my little, short adventure with a girl whose name I didn't even know.

Ar tonelico: The Girl who Continues Singing at the End of the World ~Side Aurica~

Scene 2: Diquility[]

Girl: Miss! Miss!! Are you okay!?

*shaking sounds*

Aurica: Nng...

Girl: I've never done this, but... aha! Found it! Miss, this'll hurt, but please try to bear it.

Aurica: Ughh...

Girl: Ei!!

stab and absorption sounds

Aurica: I... it hurts!! No!!

Girl: Hah, you scared me... but looks like you've come to.

Aurica: Ugh... that hurt! What were you doing!?

Girl: Ah, sorry... but... looks like you're feeling better now, right?

Aurica: Huh...? Now you say it...

Girl: Hehehe, I gave you a Life Extending Agent! You shouldn't go so long without getting one Installed, or you'll die!

Aurica: You did what? I got one Installed shortly ago, and now I've just gotten other one...

Girl: Huh...? Are you serious? But well, it shouldn't matter if you're feeling better now, right?

Aurica: H-how halfhearted... (And who is this girl?)

Girl: Huh? Miss, what is it?

Aurica: Who are you? And where are we? Is this the Great Songstone Park?

Girl: Did you forget? I called out to you right before you fainted, Miss.

Aurica: Ah... right.

Girl: I couldn't do anything where you fainted, so I carried you all the way here. But well, I'm glad you're better now!

Aurica: Hmm, so that's what happened. Err... and...

Girl: You look a bit down, Miss.

Aurica: I shouldn't be talking about these things to a kid I've just met!

Girl: I'm not a kid! Look, a tattoo has already shown up on me, so I'm an adult now!

Aurica: A tattoo...? Are you a Reyvateil too?

Girl: Yeah, I'm just like you! Lookie here!

{BGM: The Melting Morning Dew}

Aurica (Narration): The girl rolled up her skirt, and right on the base of her thighs, she had a tattoo, although a really thin one. That's a symbol that only appears on Reyvateils once they have grown up to a certain point. It was the Install Port of this girl...

Aurica: W-what are you doing!? Cover it, quickly!

Girl: Whoa! Ehehe... sorry, Miss. Huhuhu.

Aurica: Oh goodness...

Girl: Miss, are you a member of the Church?

Aurica: ...Why are you asking that?

Girl: Or do you work for Tenba?

Aurica: I'm a Church member, but why are you asking that?

Girl: Oh, then you do all sorts of work for them?

Aurica: (No... because I'm useless... but I shouldn't tell this kid anything if I can avoid it...)

Aurica: It's nothing. Forget about it. Well, time to get going.

Girl: Where are you going?

Aurica: Who knows?

Girl: Ah. You're so mean.

Aurica: I'm not being mean. I just haven't decided where to go.

Girl: Why's that? Will you be okay without doing your work at the Church?

Aurica: It's okay. They'll be better without me there.

Girl: Without you?

Aurica: Yeah. I'd hate to cause them trouble again.

Girl: Hmm. I don't really understand, but it looks like you're in big trouble.

Aurica: Nng...

Girl: Ah, right! Don't you want to come with me?

Aurica: Huh...?

Girl: There was a place to which I wanted to go, but I feel pretty helpless being all alone. So, come with me!

{End BGM}

Aurica: No...

Girl: Why?

Aurica: I don't want to have anything to do with anyone. You don't have anything to with me, either.

Girl: But you already have something to with me.

Aurica: B-but that's...

Girl: That's the roadside where you collapsed, so you really can't convince me with that.

Aurica: B-but...

Girl: And you haven't decided where to go either, so it's fine! Please, Miss!

Aurica: Stop pulling me! Okay, okay!

Girl: Really? Yay!

Aurica: Ugh... why even I have to be convinced with a puppy look like that…

Girl: Ehehe, sorry 'bout that! Then, let's go!

Aurica: So, where are we going?

Girl: Hmm, we'll go to...

Scene 3: To Firefly Alley[]

{BGM: Screaming Seagull)

Girl: Whoa! I've never been in Firefly Alley before!

Aurica: I see...

Girl: It's really floating! Won't it fall down?

Aurica: Who knows...

Girl: Miss, you're really gloomy, you know.

Aurica: (And I even came to Firefly Alley without telling anyone, but well, that's to be expected of a failure as me...)

Girl: Agh, enough! You're spacing out again!

Aurica: By the way, what will you do here?

Girl: What...? Miss, you came all this way with me without even knowing that?

Aurica: B-but that's because you didn't want to tell me.

Girl: Miss, you're the type to get tricked and kidnapped easily, huh?

Aurica: Of course not.

Girl: Really~? Something seems to be bothering you~ Aurica: Enough already. Just tell me why you brought me here.

Girl: Okay, okay. You don't think I went to the place I met you just for that, right?

Aurica: No... I don't think so.

Girl: Of course. I went there to meet up with my big sister.

Aurica: Oh, I see.

{End BGM}

Girl: Yep, that's it.

Aurica: What is it now?

Girl: You're really gloomy, Miss.

Aurica: P-please, stop saying I'm gloomy all the time.

Girl: But that's because you don't listen to me, even when I'm talking normally to you. And you always get all silent and stuff.

Aurica: Because I thought that if I got deeply involved with anyone, they'd hate me.

Girl: But just apologize if that happens.

Aurica: It isn't so simple.

Girl: And you apologize a lot already. If you're always afraid of that, you'll never be able to talk normally, you know?

Aurica: I know that, but...

Girl: Then, practice with me! Let's do it while we're together, no matter how short that time is!

Aurica: It's okay, it's nothing important.

Girl: That isn't okay~. You won't be able to make any friends like that, right?

Aurica: Ugh...

Girl: Ah, bulls-eye!

Aurica: Stop now, I know it already! Come now, let's finish up whatever you have to do quickly and head back!

Girl: Ah, don't you want to go back with me?

Aurica: Ah, but isn't your big sister here? In that case, there's no need for that.

Girl: No, there is! That's because I planned this trip to just take one day.

Aurica: And after coming all this way?

Girl: It's because Sis works over at Tenba. I don't want to be a nuisance to her.

Aurica: So she works there. But won't she be okay with letting you stay overnight?

Girl: I got a letter from her a while ago... but it seems that she's having a lot of trouble at work. That's why...

Aurica: You wrote back saying you'd go to see her?

Girl: I didn't tell her anything. I wanted this to be a surprise for her.

Aurica: But wouldn't you be nuisance then?

Girl: It's possible, but...

Aurica: But what?

Girl: I just wanted to tell her "You've done a great job", and go back home.

Aurica: That's all?

Girl: That's all.

Aurica: But why...?

Girl: Because for some reason, talking to Sis is pretty difficult.

Aurica: I wonder about that.

Girl: Because if she won't listen to me even for one second, she'll end the conversation. That's why it's difficult to talk to her for a long while.

Aurica: I'm sorry...

Girl: It's okay. By the way, Miss, do you know where Tenba is?

Aurica: I don't know.

{BGM: The Melting Morning Dew}

Girl: Huh? You don't know?

Aurica: It's because I've never really come to Firefly Alley.

Girl: No way! So that's why you stopped to ask for directions when we got off the airship? Oh my...

Aurica: I-I think that's all my fault.

Girl: Huh...? But I didn't say that.

Aurica: Ah... I'm sorry.

Girl: Well then, let's look all over for it! It should be okay, as we've come all this way, right?

Aurica: Y-yeah.

Girl: Okay, it's decided! Aha, let's try going to the other side!

Aurica: Okay. But if you find your sister and she gets mad at you for having come here, what will you do?

Girl: I'll apologize to her when that happens.

*walking sounds*

{End BGM}

Girl: So, where are we?

Aurica: I don't know why you're asking me.

Both: We got lost?

Aurica: What should we do? I don't even know where we should go.

Girl: And there are no people walking around, so maybe it's a closed street or something.

Aurica: What should we do?

Girl: Miss, that's enough!

Aurica: H-huh?

Girl: Don't just stand here saying "What should we do" over and over. We just got lost, right?

Aurica: Yeah, but...

Girl: Well, let's go!

Aurica: But where to?

Girl: Let's begin walking! There must an exit somewhere in there!

Aurica: N-no! We might get even more lost! We should just wait until someone comes by!

Girl: I don't think anyone will come to a dark and damp place like this. I mean, it's a mystery how we ended up in such a place.

Aurica: B-but...

Girl: You should stop relying on the help of others!

Aurica: Ah...

Claire (memory): You should drop that habit of depending on others.

Aurica: Claire...

Girl: Huh? What?

Aurica: It's nothing. I just was reminiscing a bit about something.

Girl: You also have a big sister, Miss?

Aurica: No... I don't have a true older sister.

Girl: Ah, sorry. It's something about which you don't want to talk?

Aurica: That isn't the case. It's about a neighbor that was like a big sister to me.

Girl: Whoa, that was sudden! What kind of person is she?

{BGM: The Other Side of Memories}

Aurica: Hmm... she's like an honor student, and a very gentle person. Now I think of her, she used to make music boxes a long time ago.


Claire: Okay, it's ready, Aurica.

Aurica: Whoa, it's great! A piano-shaped music box!

Claire: Isn't it cute? I did my best making it, because it's a present for you.

Aurica: You're giving it to me?

Claire: Yes. Do you like it?

Aurica: Yeah! Thanks, Claire! As it has a piano shape, can I give it the name "Strummbox"?

Claire: H-huh? Oh, yeah! The Sky's Musical Box! That's the name of this music box!

Aurica: Sky's... Musical Box?

Claire: What do you think? Isn't it a nice name?

Aurica: Yeah. I don't really understand it, but it sounds wonderful.

Claire: I-I see... Well, I'm glad you liked it so much. Next time, you can also try making one with me.

end flashback

Aurica: She has been like a kind big sister to me since a long ago.

Girl: A kind big sister, huh? She's the same as my Sis!

Aurica: But we're in bad terms right now.

Girl: H-huh? Is that right?

Aurica: B-but that's because she's so awful! She doesn't understand my feelings, and she still continues spouting out all sorts of nonsense! All because of Lyner!

Girl: M-miss, calm down! I don't really understand why you're so upset! And who's that Lyner?

{End BGM}

A little later...

Girl: He~h, so it was you who stopped the storm we had until a while ago!

Aurica: No, it wasn't me. On the contrary, I only caused them trouble. Who actually stopped the storm was an amazing person called Lady Shurelia.

Girl: But that person was who asked you to go to the... how was it? Ion... Musical...

Aurica: The Musical Corridor?

Girl: Yeah! And she also asked you to stop the storm, right? That much shows you're amazing too, Miss!

Aurica: But I failed, and that's because I'm defective. That's why Claire and Lyner treated me like that... *sigh*

Girl: Huh? What happened?

Aurica: I'm stupid. Looks like I couldn't help telling this to someone that looks so much like a kid as yourself.

Girl: I told you to not treat me like a kid! I'm an... Whoa...!

tripping and falling

Aurica: A-are you okay?

Girl: Ahaha, looks like I got my legs all twisted!

Aurica: Your knee is scrapped and bleeding.

Girl: It isn't too bad, I'll be okay. I can heal it a little with Blue Magic!

Aurica: You can do it already?

Girl: I'm great at it! Lookie here!

Girl (tone-deaf singing): I'll wish to the stars and the Cello Moon for your happiness, my beloved~

Girl: Huh?

Aurica: Nothing happened?

Girl: I know without you telling me that! This time I'll do it!

Girl (tone-deaf singing): I'll wish to the stars and the Cello Moon for your happiness, my beloved~

Aurica: Hahaha!

Girl: Agh, you laughed! How horrible!

Aurica: I didn't laugh!

Girl: You did! And I can do it! This time, I'll do it for sure!

Aurica: *sigh*...Don't move.

Girl: Ah... W-what?

Aurica: It'll be okay.


Aurica: Hmm...

{End Song}

Girl: Ahh... Miss?

Aurica: Okay, I'm done. It doesn't hurt anymore, right?

Girl: N-no, it doesn't.

Girl: This is the first time I've seen Song Magic sung by anyone aside of my Sis...

Aurica: Is that right?

Girl: Yeah, but I felt that my wound healed faster than when Sis did it.

Aurica: Really?

Girl: Yeah, you're amazing at healing...! Ah right, I was right about it after all.

Aurica: About what? Girl: I was right, Miss! You're an amazing person! So that Lyner guy and your big sis must be treating you nicely too!

Aurica: Anyone can use this level of magic, and besides, I'm sure that even Lyner must hate me right now...


Girl: Why can't you think in any other way aside of that?

Aurica: Huh...?

Girl: Miss, you suddenly stop listening to what others are saying! No, you do listen, but you just listen to all the bad things, don't you?

Aurica: But that's...

Girl: True. So Miss, why can't you say anything else aside of you being defective, or a failure, or such other bad things? Have Lyner or your big sis ever told you these things?

Aurica: No, they haven't... but...

Girl: I get told all sorts of awful things every once in a while, but I also get told all sorts of nice ones! Miss, do you really want to be left all alone?

Aurica: I might feel better like that. That way, I wouldn't have to feel as an idiot ever again.

Girl: But wouldn't you feel all lonely...?

Aurica: Hmm...

{BGM: Peaceful Song}

Girl: But I feel jealous. From what I overheard before, you're part of the Church, so do you have a partner that gives you the Life Extending Agent?

Aurica: Generally speaking, I still don't have one. I've never had one, so maybe now it's too late for that...

Girl: But don't you want Lyner to be the one who gives you the Agent? Would you be okay with anyone else doing it instead of him?

Aurica: I don't want that, at all...

Girl: But if it was Lyner?

Aurica: I don't know...

Girl: Don't you want it?

Aurica: Maybe, I'd like it...

Girl: Then you should let him do it! If you like him and if he's your partner, then that's the one who should give you the Agent!

Aurica: A-are you saying that I should ask him myself?

Girl: Well, he won't know if you don't tell him, right?

Aurica: That might be the case, but...

Girl: I don't have a chance. Don't say anything and just continue forever... that's why...

Aurica: Huh...?

Girl: Ah... it's nothing. Anyway, once you get back to Nemo, try asking him that.

Aurica: I wonder if it'll be okay. I still have a chance with Lyner...?

Girl: Good luck, Miss.

Aurica: By the way, have you ever told your sis these things?

Girl: Ehehe, I have. Ah! Something appeared! Look, there's a lot of people there!

{End BGM}

Aurica: I'm so glad. Well then...

Girl: Ah, Miss, Miss! Are these guys in matching armors part of Tenba, by any chance?

Aurica: Huh? Ah, yeah they are. They're Tenba soldiers.

Girl: Okay, I'll try asking at Tenba then! Maybe that way I'll be able to figure out where my Sis is!

Aurica: Ah, wait! And... I wanted to ask for her name...

Aurica: (To let Lyner give me the Agent, huh? It's true that everyone else has their partner do it for them, but...)

Aurica: Even that girl ended giving the Agent to me! Even if I asked him now, there'd be no point to it anymore!


Girl: M-miss!

Aurica: Welcome back. How did it go?

Girl: Run away, quickly! Run!

Aurica: Huh...? W-wait, why are these Tenba soldiers chasing you!?

{BGM: Pocoscon}

Aurica: What happened!?

Girl: I didn't do anything! They're the bad guys!

Aurica: I didn't mean that. What did you do? These soldiers look pretty angry.

Girl: They got angry at me!

Aurica: Enough! Just tell me what you did!

Girl: I kicked them!

Aurica: Y-you... kicked them...!? Stupid! Why you did that!?

Girl: They're the stupid ones! I didn't do anything bad!

Aurica: And why didn't you apologize!?

Girl: I didn't do anything bad, so I won't apologize for it!

Scene 4: Saya's Emergency[]

*heavy breathing Aurica: S-somehow, we managed to lose them.

Girl: Right... ahh... I'm so tired.

Aurica: But don't you know that you can't just go and suddenly kick someone!?

Girl: B-but!

Aurica: No buts! Why did you kick them?

Girl: B-because... these guys began saying bad things about my Sis.

Aurica: Then, did you learn where she is?

Girl: I heard she left Tenba and returned to Nemo yesterday.

Aurica: Then did we miss each other on the way? There wasn't any way to contact your sis?

Girl: Maybe she didn't say anything to surprise me. Sis is the kind of person that does that occasionally.

Aurica: Ah...

Girl: But I won't forgive these guys! They called Sis incompetent and useless! My Sis isn't anything like that!

Aurica: (This kid doesn't know anything at all about the cruel treatment that we Reyvateils always get.)

Aurica: Are you angry?

Girl: You bet I am! That's my Sis, and I'd get angry if anyone said these things about her, even if they were her friends!

Aurica: Why do you get angry?

Girl: What's with that question?

Aurica: I don't know at all why I've been told all sorts of terrible things. Since everyone around me was so capable, I don't see why there had to be people that said these things to me. I don't understand it at all.

Girl: I also wonder about that.

Aurica: You too...?

Girl: Today was the first time I've heard anyone badmouthing Sis.

Aurica: Ah... and that was why you kicked them?

Girl: Sorry for causing you trouble.

Aurica: It's okay, you had a reason to do it. And more importantly, how are we going to go back?

Girl: Through the port?

Aurica: But these guys don't know about you now? Most likely, they'll be setting up an ambush for you there.

Girl: If that happens, you can fry them with your magic!

Aurica: Don't say absurd things! Ugh! Oh yeah, I remember Lyner once told me a way to escape this place, but...

Girl: Ah!

*tripping and falling sounds

Aurica: A-are you okay?

Girl: Y-yeah. I didn't get injured this time.

Aurica: I didn't mean that...

Girl: I told you I'm okay! So, where we're going now, Miss?

{BGM: Sigh of Town}

{A little later}

Girl: Whoa! So there was a place like this below the city?

Aurica: It's my first time here, too. But, I'm sure it was around here... it's here...?

hits the wall

Girl: What's up with this wall?

Aurica: Get away from it a little! Eii!

*fires a Fire Shot*

Girl: Whoa! You broke the wall down!

Aurica: Hey, looks like there's a road on the other side. We can escape using it.

Girl: Y-yeah... but, umm... I wanna rest a little.

Aurica: Hmm? Are you afraid of heights?

Girl: No, I'm fine with them! It's just that I'm a little tired.

Aurica: But it's very dangerous to rest here. Anyway, it'll be better once we leave this place.

Girl: O-okay. U-umm.... well...

Aurica: What?

Girl: Can you... hold my hand?

Aurica: Hmm...

Girl: S-sorry. It's too much trouble?

*both take each other’s' hand*

Girl: Thanks!

Aurica: Okay, let's go!

Girl: It's pretty long, huh?

Aurica: It's okay! Surely...


Aurica: But, it's okay for me to do it? Can I really stop that storm?

Lyner: It's okay. If anyone can do it, that's you, Aurica!

end flashback

Aurica: It'll be okay, right?

{End BGM}

{A little later}

Aurica: We've arrived!

Girl: What's this place?

Aurica: The Terraced Fields. By climbing this place, we can reach the inside of the Tower and use it to get back to Nemo...

Girl: Uhh...

*staggers* Aurica: W-what is it?

Girl: Unn...

*heavy breathing*

Aurica: What a high fever...! No, why did she get like this all of a sudden?

Girl: I'm okay... I just need a little rest...

Aurica: No, you're not! You have a very high fever!

Girl: High... fever?

Aurica: Don't tell me this is... when was the last time you got the Life Extending Agent?

Girl: Ehehe... looks like you've found me out.

Aurica: I knew it... you used your own Agent on me! Why did you do that!? Don't you know how important the Life Extending Agent is for us Reyvateils!?

Girl: I know, but...

Aurica: No, you don't! If you knew, why did you do it!?

Girl: Because... you seemed to be in great pain, Miss...

Aurica: N-no... why’d you do something like that for someone you have never seen before? It's just....

Girl: It isn't that what anyone would do...? That's what my Sis always said. That she began working for Tenba because she wanted to help people.

Aurica: But that's...

Girl: But looks like I've given you nothing but headaches... I'm sorry...

Aurica: No! This isn't your fault, so you don't need to apologize!

Girl: E-eheheh... looks like I'm copying your bad habit: apologizing without having done anything bad.

Aurica: Anyway, there's no point in staying here like this. I'll carry you on my back...

{BGM: Wriggling Premonition}

Girl: ...What!?

*flower monster screams*

Aurica: No, it's a monster!

Girl: A monster...!? Miss... I'm scared... !

Aurica: Ugh...

*flower monster screams*

Girl: Uu...

Aurica: It'll be okay! I'll try defeating it!

Girl: Huh...?

Aurica: (Right, the enemies here can recover themselves immediately... To do this all by myself is...)

Aurica: Ei!

* magic explosion*

*flower monster screams*

Girl: Miss! It's still alive!

Aurica: It's getting to me! I'm not able to charge up my magic!

Girl: No!

*flower monster screams*

Aurica: Once more!

Girl: But you'll get attacked again!

Aurica: Second time... but I wonder if I'll be able... to continue withstanding this...

*flower monster screams*

Girl: It's coming, Miss!

Aurica: Ugh...


Jack: Are ya okay!?

Krusche: I knew it! It's Aurica! What are you doing!? And all alone... or not, in this place!

*running sounds*

Aurica: Jack, Krusche!

Jack: Why aren't ya with Lyner!?

Aurica: W-well, it's a little...

Krusche: I mean! It's absurd to fight these things unprepared!

Aurica: A-are you going to help me...?

Jack: You bet!

Krusche: Yeah! This'll be a question of time for us, so continue singing like you're right now!

Aurica: Okay...!

Jack: Eat this!

{BGM: In the Nick of Time}

*gunfire, monster screams*

Jack: Ah, so you were serious with it recovering quickly, ah?

Krusche: I've got a personal grudge with these guys, so I'm not going to forgive them! Ei!

*chainsaw revving up*

*flower monster screams*

Girl: Amazing...! Miss, these people are...?

*sound of magic charging*

Girl: This is... magic...? It's the first time I see one so large...

Krusche: Aurica, are you ready!?

Aurica: Yeah, I'll release it now! Go!!

{End BGM}

*great magic explosion*

Jack: Whoa! Looks like Aurica's magic got far stronger!

Krusche: It seems so. Whoa! Nothing was left of the monster!

Aurica: Jack, Krusche, please help me!

Krusche: What happened?

Aurica: This girl is... Do any of you have a Life Extending Agent!?

Scene 5: Parting and Awakening[]

Krusche: And we're here!

*walking sounds*

Jack: Well well, we haven't been in Nemo in a long time!

Aurica: Sorry for making you come with me.

Krusche: It's fine. But in exchange, you'll come with us to the Hexagonal Plate, okay?

Aurica: All right. I've got no problems with it.

Girl: Miss!

Aurica: Yes?

Girl: Thanks, you saved me! You even went to Firefly Alley with me! It was very fun!

Aurica: I had a lot of fun too! But for some reason I feel as if I was forced into it.

Girl: But that isn't what happened. It just feels like that because you're always so gloomy.

Aurica: Y-you said it again!

Girl: Because it's true!

Aurica: You...!

Girl: Ehehe... well then, I have to...-

Aurica: Go and meet with your big sister, right? She must be waiting for you.

Girl: Yeah... we'll see each other again?

Aurica: You can always find me at the Church, right?

Girl: Can I go just to see you?

Aurica: Yeah, of course.

Girl: Hehe... it makes me so happy...!

Aurica: But don't ever force me into something again, okay?

Girl: Umm... I won't do that! Fine, I don't care anymore! See ya!

*runs off*

Aurica: Ah, wait!

Girl: Ah, what did you say was your name, Miss?

Aurica: Aurica! My name is Aurica! And yours?

Girl: Mine? I'm Saya! *airship taking off*

Aurica: Huh? I can't hear you well!

Saya: Miss Aurica, you have to make up with your sis and with your partner, Lyner! Do your best!

Aurica: Ah, wait...!

{BGM: Peaceful Song}

Aurica: I missed the chance to hear her name...

Krusche: What do you mean, Aurica? By any chance, you don't know her name...?

Aurica: Yeah... I actually don't know it...

Jack: Wouldn't any normal person say it upon meeting each other for the first time?

Krusche: Really. How did you call each other all this time, then?

Aurica: Hmm, I called her "kid' or "you"... and she called me "Miss"...

Jack: Heh, I was even more surprised than when I reunited with Misha.

Krusche: And I'm even more surprised than when I saw you and Lyner falling off from that airship.

Aurica: B-but...

Jack: Well, you can at least look forward to ask her that when you meet again, right? Now, let's get going to the Hexagonal Plate.

*walking sounds)

Aurica: I was tricked...

Krusche: Now, now... but you seem to have changed Aurica, and in a good sense.

Aurica: Huh...? Really? (That'd be great.)

{End BGM}

* a little later*

Lyner: Aurica! Hey, Aurica! Are you okay? Can you stand up?

*shaking sounds*

Aurica: H-huh...? Lyner? What I'm doing here...?

Lyner: You fainted in Miss Claire's place, so I thought I should take you to the Dive Shop.

Aurica: That's what happened...?

Aurica: (After we reached the Hexagonal Plate, my condition worsened, so Lyner came searching for me, and then...)

Radolf: So, Lyner. Have you found the cause for this?

Lyner: Yeah, and it's nothing to worry about anymore. Anyway, we should give her the Life Extending Agent.

Radolf: Yes. Very well, Lyner, we'll take Aurica back to the Church...

Aurica: Wait, Cardinal Radolf!

Radolf: What is it?

Aurica: I want... Lyner... to give me the... Life Extending Agent...

{BGM: Your Feelings}

*A little later*

Radolf: Okay, this is the Life Extending Agent. Make sure to insert it gently.

Lyner: But is it okay? It's my first time doing this, so I don't know how to do it well. And I could make it feel even more painful.

Aurica: It's okay. I want you to be the one who administers it.

Lyner: Well, if you say so...

Aurica: Thank you. It's here, around my nape... insert it here...

Lyner: O-okay. Well then...

Aurica: Ah, wait...! It's better like this...

Lyner: H-huh...? F-facing each other?

Aurica: Yes, it's better like this. Lyner... go ahead...

Lyner: Got it. Here it goes...

*stab and absorption sounds*

Aurica: Ugh...! Aaagh...! uu...

Lyner: A-are you okay!?

Aurica: It's okay... I'm fine... I'm really fine...

Aurica (Narration): As always, the pain of the insertion hasn't changed in the slightest from the first time I got it: it hurts to the point it makes you want to scream your lungs out. It's so painful that it makes your entire body tremble and it even makes tears come out from the inner corners of your eyes. However, Lyner never abandoned me and continued protecting me all this time, because he has become my partner, and we can believe in each other. And besides...

Saya: (You have to make up with them! Do your best!)

Lyner: I'm done... Aurica, did it hurt?

Aurica: N-no... it didn't hurt... at all...

Lyner: I see...

Aurica: Yeah... So next time... could you do it too... Lyner?

Aurica: (We've made up. And besides, I want to introduce you to Lyner, who became my true partner ever since we met up again.)

Scene 6: Revealed Truth[]

Lyner: Okay, we'll get going, Aurica.

Aurica: ...Okay. Take care, everyone.

Ayatane: We'll be okay. You don't have to get so worried about us.

Radolf: Yeah, there aren't any enemies strong enough to defeat us over there.

*Door closes*

Aurica: And there these three go...

Falss: Very well, Aurica. We must begin our preparations as well, as we mustn't delay our journey to the Holy Land any further.

Aurica: Huh...? The Holy Land?

Falss: Yes. But don't worry, as we can't begin until Lyner and the others have returned.

Aurica: Ah, all right, I understand.

Falss: Please hurry.

Aurica: The Holy Land? Where's that place?

{BGM: Elegy}

Aurica (Narration): There was a problem inside my Cosmosphere, but it was something very sudden, as what it was found in there was one of the Goddesses of the Trio of Elemia that the Church worshiped and I admired so much: it was Goddess Tyria. Surprisingly, Goddess Tyria descended into me. Now I knew the cause, my physical condition wouldn't worsen anymore and I would head to the Holy Land as the Holy Maiden, and once there, I would sing Linker for the ritual that would make the Goddesses descend into the world.

Aurica: *sigh*... Looks like it's going to be a lot of trouble...

Saya: What's going to be a lot of trouble?

{End BGM}

Aurica: Hmm... it's because a lot of things suddenly began happening and... huh!?

Saya: Hehehe, hi, Miss Aurica!

{BGM: The Melting Morning Dew}

Aurica: Y-you! What are you doing here!?

Saya: Huh? What happened now?

Aurica: Nothing! And enough with that, you scared me!

Saya: Yay! I thought that'd scare you!

Aurica: Ugh! And you came just for that?

Saya: Didn't you say that I could come here to see you?

Aurica: I-I did say that, but today is...

Saya: I know. You have to leave today, right? I know because everyone seems so busy.

Aurica: Sorry. I wanted to introduce you Lyner and the others, but we're about to head out.

Say: Eh? How lousy.

Aurica: I'm sorry.

Saya: No! I could see you, so I'm satisfied just with that!

Aurica: You know flattery won't get you anywhere, right?

Saya: I'm not flattering you!

Falss: What are you doing, Aurica? Please hurry. We can't begin the journey if the Holy Maiden herself isn't ready.

Aurica: Ah, I'm sorry! I'll go right now!

Saya: The Holy Maiden? You, Miss Aurica?

Aurica: Ah... ehehe... it seems so.

Saya: Amazing! You're amazing, Miss Aurica! Congratulations for being the Holy Maiden!

Aurica: Thanks!

Saya: If I go with the Holy Maiden to Firefly Alley, I'll be safe from any enemies! Now I can brag to my Sis about this!

Aurica: And now you can't say that the Holy Maiden is gloomy.

Saya: But you were so gloomy, oh our Holiest Maiden!

Aurica: Hey!

Saya: Just kidding! But I'm still a little worried... umm... ah, okay! I'll give you this! This is a keyholder I like a lot! I'll give it to you as a good luck charm!

Aurica: Is this an aloe? Ah, but it has a face! How cute!

Saya: Yeah, I like it a lot because it's so cute!

{End BGM}

Saya: Ah, and this reminds me you saw my panties, right? These also have aloe drawings!

Aurica: These could be cute, too.

Saya: Ehehe! Well, time to get going! You have to go walking with me again someday! If you make me wait too long, I'll begin taking about aloe!

Aurica: T-that could be a problem, but did you buy this?

Saya: In a trip! Since I couldn't go anywhere for so long, I could ask my Sis for anything I wanted! It's just the two of us, without anyone else bothering us! No one! Now I can have her all to myself!

Aurica: T-that's why I told you to stop manipulating others.

Saya: But I want to do it! The more people I can manipulate, the more people can pamper me!

Aurica: You're so spoiled! That's why I said you're just a kid!

Saya: And I'm okay with it this time! And besides, I manipulated you a lot, right, Miss Aurica! Thanks for that! You made me really happy!

Aurica: Once I get back, I'll tell you all sorts of stories!

Saya: Okay! See ya later, Miss Aurica!

Aurica: Ah...! Looks like I couldn't ask her name or thank her again...

Falss: Aurica, are you finished with your conversation?

Aurica: Ah, yes! I'll go get ready right now!

Falss: Please, do.

Aurica: By the way, Bishop Falss, what is that place you're calling the Holy Land?

Falss: My, Aurica, it is a place you know very well.

*A little later*

{BGM: Bifrost}

Falss: How nostalgic! To think I would be able to come back to the Altar of Apostles!

Bourd: Ya look so happy, and just for bein’ in such a gloomy place!

Falss: Because for me it's no exaggeration to say that here was where my second life began!

Bourd: As a Church Bishop, hah? What a dull life!

Falss: Unlike what you think, it wasn't bad at all. While it was indeed dull, it allowed me to collect everything I needed for Mir's revival.

Bourd: Ah, gotcha. And are ya going to begin or what? I've gotta go to Misha's place now.

{End BGM}

Falss: Don't be impatient. She has to wake up first.

Aurica: W-where I am...?

Falss: According to the rumors... Oh, so you have awakened, Aurica?

Aurica: Bishop... what's this place...?

Falss: You know it, don't you? This is the Altar of Apostles, although it wouldn't be incorrect to call it the place where viruses come from.

Aurica: Why are we here? Weren't we supposed to head to the Holy Land...?

Bourd: And that's why you’re here. This is the Holy Land!

Aurica: Y-you're... Bourd!? Why are you here!?

Bourd: For no other reason... than to help ya with the great descent of your Goddesses!

Falss: Come now, Aurica! It is time for us to begin the ritual.

Aurica: But Lyner and the others haven't brought here the holy relic...

Bourd: Hey, Bishop! Looks like she doesn't get yet the situation she's in!

Falss: Hmph... looks like there is no other way. We have no time to waste, so I'll keep it simple. Aurica, the Goddesses that our Church worships don't exist in reality.

{BGM: Whisper}

Aurica: What do you mean? That's...

Falss: What will descend upon you won't be Goddess Tyria. But well, if I had to guess things from what Lyner told us, she showed up under Goddess Tyria's shape.

Aurica: Under her form?

Falss: The Tyria that Lyner saw was no more than an impostor.

Aurica: That's impossible! The Trio of Elemia did exist long ago!

Falss: I wonder about that. Lyner ate up that story without question because he saw Tyria's statue at the Falcon's Claw ruins. He never noticed that what he saw was actually what we call the Mother Virus!

Aurica: T-then that means... that what descended into me under Goddess Tyria's shape is... no...!

Bourd: Hah, it took ya long enough to figure that out by yourself! It's as ya think: it's Mir!

{BGM: Conspiracy}

Falss: And you have been chosen to be the vessel into Mir will descend, Aurica!

Aurica: Vessel... But wasn't I the Holy Maiden into which the Goddesses would descend!? The way you're saying it... it's as if... as if I was a sacrifice...

Falss: I have never told you any lies about this matter. I never said anything would descend upon you.

Bourd: Gh... gwahahahaha! Oh Bishop, you're even more of a villain that I ever gave ya credit for! Eh?

Falss: The matter that always was first and foremost in my mind was the advent of a Goddess: one we call Mir. And the Church worked so hard to bring it about without even knowing it. Especially you, Aurica...

Aurica: (They fooled me...? I worked so hard because I wanted to meet the Trio of Elemia, and all that... turned out to be a lie in the end...?)

Falss: Because she is even more reliable than the Trio of Elemia!

Aurica: Stop saying these things! You fooled all of us for who knows how many years already! The descent of the Trio of Elemia meant everything for me until just now!

Bourd: And all that got denied just now, so you're no more than an empty shell! Just perfect to be a vessel!

Aurica: No...

Falss: Now, Aurica, come and sing!!

Aurica: Ugh...

Falss: Aurica!!

{End BGM}

Aurica: ...Alright.


Falss: The time for the advent of the Goddess has come!

Aurica: (Everything I've ever believed in has been destroyed. Everything that ever meant something to me ever since I was a child and until now...)

Aurica: Ugh... ahhh...

Falss: Huhuhuhu... it has begun! If you don't resist, everything will end soon...

Aurica: (I didn't need to get told that, as I don't want to resist it either. I can't bear with it at all... the pain of having everything that meant something to me being denied. I'm sorry, Lyner... I can't bear it anymore...)

*keyholder falls*

Aurica: Ah...

Saya: (Sis! Do your best!)

Aurica: (I'm sorry... I knew it... I can't go on... Lyner...)

Lyner: Aurica! Aurica! Get a hold of yourself!

*shaking sounds*

Aurica: Uh... Ly... ner?

Lyner: Are you okay? Are you still in there, Aurica?

Aurica: Did you come... to save me?

Lyner: Aurica, do your best! You can't lose against Mir!

Aurica: I'm empty now. Everything about me was just built upon a lie. So now that the lie has crumbled away, I'm no more than an empty shell...

Lyner: Aurica...

Aurica: It hurts so much... I don't want to feel it anymore...

Lyner: I'm sorry. I knew you were in pain, but not that it was to such an extent... I know that living might be hard and painful... but I want to save you! I don't want to let you die!

Aurica: Lyner...

Lyner: I don't want to see Mir hijacking your body and using you to exterminate humanity!

Aurica: My body... humanity...

Aurica: (Even Lyner... even Claire and that girl...)

Lyner: You won't be able to do anything else if you die here! There are many things I want to do you with you!

Aurica: Lyner...

Lyner: And you must have lots of thing you want to do too, right!? Don't let yourself become a sacrifice in this place!

Aurica: (I want to make music boxes with Claire again... and say thanks to that girl and ask for her name...! And I want to be with Lyner...!)

Aurica: No... it's so hard... so painful... but there are still many things I want to do...!

Lyner: Then you're not an empty shell at all! You can still go on and on! Don't succumb and die here!

Aurica: Lyner... I...

Aurica: (I want to... I want to do my best once more... But it's too late... I can't any... longer...)

*mind connection*

Misha: [Aurica...]

Aurica: [Huh...?]

Misha: [Are you okay? Are you still you, Aurica?]

{Song fades out}

Aurica: [M-misha?]

Misha: [I'm so relieved. It might be a bit hard, but I need you to keep at it a little longer. I'll save you now.]

Aurica: [But how are you going to do that?]

Misha: [I've just been reinstated as the Star Singer. So once I start singing again, I'll stop Mir.]

Aurica: [Star Singer?]

Misha: [There's no time for explanations. Don't worry about anything, and leave everything to me.]

Aurica: [Thanks... Misha... You're really amazing.]

Misha: [Of course. And make sure to live for both of us. If you ever die, I'm not going to forgive you!]

Aurica: [Huh...? What do you mean by "for both of us"?]

Misha: [Do your best. See ya, Aurica.]

*end mind connection*

Aurica: H-huh...? Where I am...?

Lyner: Agh, it hurts... Ah, I'm so glad! Looks like we managed to save you!

Aurica: Lyner... Misha's song...

Lyner: Did Misha do this?

Aurica: Yeah, Misha came to save me!

Lyner: Aurica...

Aurica: But what happened to you? You've got wounds all over!

Lyner: Ah, that's because of everything that happened until we reached this place. But it'd been in vain if you hadn't been here. Hahaha...

Aurica: Lyner... Huh? I was sure that I dropped that keyholder over there.

Lyner: I guessed it was yours. I don't really get what it has on the end, but I thought it was an amulet of sorts and made you grasp it. Looks like it was very effective.

Aurica: I was grasping it all this time...

Radolf: Lyner! Falss is...!

{BGM: Conspiracy}

Lyner: Tch! Aurica, we've got to run away! Bishop Falss has been contaminated by viruses! Go there and rest for a while!

Aurica: (If I had lost here, Lyner, Claire and that girl would have...)

Lyner: Aurica! Hurry up!

Aurica: No...!

Lyner: Aurica...

Aurica: I... I'll fight too! I've got things I want to protect too!

Lyner: Aurica... right. That's why we're partners!

Aurica: Yeah!

Radolf: Incoming!


Lyner: Tch! Aurica, I'll be counting in you for support!

{BGM: Vidohunir}

Lyner: Hyahh!!

*sword swing, metallic sound, repelled blow*

Falss: Fwahaha! That's all your attacks can do against the power I've been granted by Mir!?

Radolf: Take this!

*metallic sound*

Falss: It's useless!

Lyner: Damn it!

*struck and sent flying*

Lyner: Aghh!!

Ayatane: Lyner!

Falss: It's your end!

Aurica: I won't let you!

*explosion, song magic charging*

Radolf: Lyner! Ugh... damn you!!

Falss: Fuhuhuhu! I'll finish you off next!

Lyner: Sorry, but you won't do that!


Falss: What the…!?

Lyner: Hyahh!!


Falss: Gwahh!!

Ayatane: Lyner!

Radolf: Are you okay!?

Lyner: Yeah, thanks to Aurica!

Falss: What!?

Aurica: I won't let you hurt Lyner, or anyone else!

Falss: Blue Magic!? How impudent! Know your place, vessel that lived surrounded by lies!

Aurica: There are people I want to protect and lots of things I want to do! So I won't let you call me a vessel!

Falss: How insolent! Then I'll kill you first, bitch!

*beam shot*

Lyner: You won't!

*metallic sound*

Falss: Gahh!

Aurica: Lyner! Are you okay!?

Lyner: You bet!

Aurica: Then, I'll pour all my feelings in this song!

Lyner: Okay, I won't let that guy get to you! So relax, and do the best you can!

Falss: Damn you all!


Falss: Aghh!!

Ayatane: You should pay more attention to the battle!

Radolf: Falss, your crime of having deceived to Church for years on end is unforgivable! Hyahh!

*successful strike*

Falss: Gughh... Damn you!!

Ayatane: And I won't forgive either that you deceived and tried to kill us!

Lyner: And you'll pay for having tried to use Aurica as a sacrifice!


Falss: Uaghh... Impossible... for me, who received the power of Mir...

Lyner: Hyahh!!


Falss: Aghhhh!!

Lyner: Now, Aurica! Hit him with all of your feelings!

Aurica: Okay!

Falss: D-damn you all!!!!

Aurica: Go!!

*magic explosion*

Scene 7: Ending[]

Radolf: Well then, we'll be going ahead to Platina.

Ayatane: Aurica, we'll leave Lyner to you.

Aurica: Okay.

Lyner: I'll go too...!

Ayatane: And how do you intend to do it? You've got so many wounds that you can't even walk on your own.

Radolf: I'd lend you my shoulder, but we're also pretty battered up, so you can come only if you can walk.

Lyner: Agh... damn...!

Aurica: Lyner, stop pushing yourself so hard.

Lyner: I'm not pushing myself!

Aurica: Hmm... Eii!!

Lyner: Whoa! Stop pinching me! Seriously, stop! It hurts!!

Aurica: Ehehe, sorry... I'm really sorry.

Lyner: Why are you apologizing twice?

Aurica: It's because I thought I wanted to be a sacrifice when you came to save me. I thought I could be finally at peace if I did...

Lyner: I see... but now?

Aurica: Well... I'm feeling... so pained that I might start crying at any moment.

Lyner: I guess. But you've persevered a lot Aurica, enough to even erase that past filled with lies.

{BGM: The Sunset Glow is Bright Red}

Aurica: And it's all thanks to you.

Lyner: I really didn't do anything. I just told you to do your best, but the one who really did everything was you, Aurica.

Aurica: No. It's because you came for me. If you hadn't been there at that time, I'd have lost consciousness and died.

Lyner: Why are you saying that?

Aurica: Because I hurt a very precious person to me. I thought I'd end disappearing, but no one wanted that.

Lyner: But aren't you having a hard time because of all that?

Aurica: Not at all. Because that made us be together again, as we're now... and besides...

Lyner: And besides... what?

Aurica: (If I could make music boxes again, I'd be able to give my thanks to that girl and ask for her name. And I could introduce you, Lyner, to her, as my partner.)

Lyner: You're making curious about it now.

Aurica: It's a secret!

Aurica: (I'll keep everything about the music boxes and that girl as a secret! That way, when I give her the music box and we begin talking about our little adventure, Lyner will get that surprised look in his face and that'll make that girl very happy!)

Lyner: Come on, it's making me so curious I won't be able to sleep! At least give me a hint!

Aurica: No hints for you!

Lyner: How awful! You should be a little more considerate to the sick and injured!

Aurica: I'm not being considerate enough even though I'm letting you lie on my lap like this?

Lyner: Eh...? What? When did you...!?

Aurica: Ah, you stood up... And I wanted to stay like this a while longer.

Lyner: Ugh, if Radolf and the others saw this... I wouldn't be able to look them to the face ever again...

Aurica: Hehehe... shall we get going?

Lyner: Hmm? Ah, yeah. We won't be able to get any more rest than this.

Aurica: Right.

Lyner: Well then, let's go, Aurica!

Aurica: Yeah! Ah, right. There's one more thing I wanted to tell you.

Lyner: And that is?

Aurica: Ehehe... Lyner, from now and in the future, I'll be glad to be with you!


Bonus Track: Aurica's and Lyner's Comments[]

Miyazaki: Hi, here's Aurica's voice actress, Ui Miyazaki!

Masahide: And here's Lyner's voice actor, Fuse Masahide.

Miyazaki: Okay!

Masahide: Okay, okay.

Masahide: Hey, umm... this time around, Aurica was quite a bit exasperated and depressed, huh?

Miyazaki: Ah, right, but that's how she was at that point in the story, huh?

Miyazaki: And it was filled with mysteries, formidable enemies... Masahide: And these were things that also happened in the game. And how it was?

Miyazaki: But there were a lot of things that weren't in the game too!

Masahide: Ah right!

Miyazaki: And there were a few parts I had to do alone, but it was great that we could do this together, especially...!

Both: That scene!

Masahide: W-we put a lot of love into, right?

Miyazaki: Yeah! And it was great you said these lines like that! You played them great!

Masahide: Although if anyone else heard us saying them, they wouldn't know what we're talking about!

Masahide: But well, it was great working with you!

Miyazaki: Same here!

Miyazaki: As for that group scene...

Masahide: Yeah, yeah, I was a bit lost there. "Don't tell me to look at that!" Right?

Miyazaki: Right!

Masahide: Well, if I was asked to do that, I don't think I'd do it, right?

Miyazaki: Yeah, isn't it?

Miyazaki: Ah, right. There was a new character in here, right?

Masahide: Yeah.

Miyazaki: A girl called Saya, right?

Masahide: Yeah, Saya.

Miyazaki: And she manipulated Aurica a bit, right?

Masahide: Haha, and she got her good, huh?

Miyazaki: And she told her to not manipulate her.

Masahide: That's right. That scene was made as the other side to what happened in the game, huh?

Miyazaki: Yeah!

Masahide: I didn't even know about it! That she had that kind of adventure!

Miyazaki: Right, right!

Miyazaki: Although that might sound bad for some girls.

Masahide: Ah, sorry about that! Sorry!

Miyazaki: Okay!

Masahide: Well, when everyone listens to these scenes, we hope you all enjoy them!

Miyazaki: Yeah. And pleased to have worked with you all!