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This Week's Infel Breeze[]

Toukou head 07

Aurica20 みんなに大ニュースだよ!!
アルトネリコ3が、CEDEC(ゲーム開発者の学会発表会のようなもの)で行われた「CEDEC AWARD(技術面での功績を讃える賞)」で、サウンド部門優秀賞を受賞したよ!

Everyone, we've got big news here!!
Ar tonelico 3 has been awarded a prize for excellence in its sound department at the "CEDEC AWARD (awards that extol technological achievement)" the CEDEC (something like an academic presentation for game developers) bestows every year!

AT3 tate

Aurica20 今回は惜しくも最優秀賞にはなれなかったけど、次に何かプロジェクトをするときにもバッチリ目指していくよ!って開発者が言ってたよ。


"While we sadly didn't get awarded the best of the awards, we'll do our best to try and win it next time with one of our projects!", that's what the developers said.
But that we got to the point where we could get noticed by everyone was just because you all kept supporting us! Thanks, really!!
We'll be facing all sorta challenges from now on, so I hope we can continue gaining your support for a much longer time!!



Aagh!! This is the second consecutive time my corner has been taken over! You know I won't consent to that!?
  But anyway, looks like Ar tonelico was given an award, huh? But well isn't like they got an "award" for being in "a ward", huh!?

An award for being in a ward
[ 意味が分かりません>< ]
I don't get it
[ さすがインフェルさん!タダ ]
That's our Infel! Tadah!
[ 賞を取ったのに賞がないとは ]
They got an award because they are in a ward of sound
[ シャキーーーーーーーーーー ]
Ba-dump tish!!
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Aurica20 あ、そうそう!次回はいよいよ100周年だね!


Ah, right! Next issues will finally be our 100th anniversary!
To commemorate it, we plan to unveil a special project that'll be only for that issue! We'll begin accepting submissions for that project from next Tuesday on, so make sure to participate on it! We'll announce the details next week.

Croix(knight)3 <a name="t6"></a>

Huh...? 100th... anniversary...!?
Isn't it a commemoration for reaching 100 issues...?

Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08

Shurelia2 テクニカルセンターです!


Technical Center!
Today, shall we do our best again to answer to any enigmas our users might present us?

Shurelia1 あら、久々に職場復帰ね。


Ah, it's been quite some time since I last came back to my workplace, huh?
By the way, while there have been a lot of people saying that "there's no point to having Shurelia and Jakuri in the name of the corner", we're still going to work on it today as we used to so long ago.

Shurelia2 というわけで、久し振りに初心に返って頑張りましょう!


Which means we're going to do our best as we originally intended long ago!



The Tower to the Heavens appeared when Viena was sung in Ar tonelico 2, but can said Tower be seen from the First Tower's Rinkernator (even if it can't be seen with the naked eye and binoculars or such are needed for it)?



I think you could if you made enough effort, but since the Tower itself is so thin, it would be next to impossible to see it with the naked eye. But if we only consider the altitude, it should be possible to see it.



Good evening!
I've got a question for Fururu, or rather Lady Frelia!
You're said to be the only Origin that has a Cosmosphere, so does that mean you're an Origin that has a Mind Guardian!?
(Which in your case, I think it should be Enja when he was little)
Also, would you have nine strata in your Cosmosphere, like all normal Reyvateils do? Or would it be even deeper? Please tell me!!
(K, U)

Frelia0 御指名ありがとうね!コスモスフィアは、私もβと同じで9階層までだよ。そもそもオリジンと言っても精神世界深度のような根幹の部分は


Thanks for naming me! My Cosmosphere is just like those of the βs and only has nine strata. While I'm called an Origin, my Soulspace has the same root parts as those of the βs, so its contents aren't really different from the ones they have.
But if Tyri had a Cosmosphere, I think she'd have about 20 levels to it.
Also, I do have a Mind Guardian, but I don'tknow what it is. It'd be great if it was Enja though.

ドラマCDアルトネリコ3 sideフィンネル』にてジャクリが第三塔にこれたのは何故でしょうか?


How did Jakuri get to the Third Tower to appear in the "Drama CD Ar tonelico 3 Side Finnel"?
Wasn't she supposed to melt away into water in the way there...?
Or was it thanks to the Inter-Tower Network?
And anyway, what is the Inter-Tower Network?

Jakuri0 細かい事はおいおい発表になると思うから、ここでは簡単にドラマCDの補足も兼ねて説明するわ。


Since I thought the details for it were covered well enough in the announcement, I'll just explain it as a simple addendum for the Drama CD.
The Inter-Tower Network is basically an initiative that was started comparatively fast in Ar Ciel after the land was revived. Its goal was of course expanding in a 100% the effective range of the Towers, so there were no limits to the places they could go to.
Still, since there was already an appropriately strong Inter-Tower Network linking the First and Second Towers, its actions ended being just connecting the Third Tower to the First and the Second.
To explain it in a simple way, there were two relay satellites launched between each Tower, which were designed to have the capabilities of relay stations and access points (have the same functions as the Towers themselves).
And well, while I'm the one explaining it, it doesn't mean I actually worked on that project. This project was actually worked in mainly by Sasha after she got Tenba's cooperation for it.



Thanks for answering my questions in the previous issue!
I've got another question: after Lady XP has been left in the Planetary Core during the Planet's regeneration, who would administrate the Tower?
The system management seemed to need a mutual relationship of support - administration to work due to the circumstances behind its creation, so I was thinking it'd be impossible for a single Lady Harvey to handle all of it.

Harvestasha Vista3 失礼な事言わないでくれない?妾が一人でやってるわよ。…といっても妾とは違うスキンの妾だけど。

Stop being so rude. I can do it myself just fine. But anyway, maybe I should try applying a different personality skin to myself.

Harvestasha Vista2 はい!私が全部やってます!


Yes! I can do it all on my own!
It's true that the Module Harvestasha works under the thesis of being a Dual Cycle System, but since Sis XP was the only one who existed at first, the Dual Cycle itself was only a system that was added afterwards to intensify the reliability level on it.
The most important part of the Dual Cycle is increasing the accuracy level of the railgun when the XP Shell is being shot during the final stages of the AHPP project, so once it has been carried out, a single system is perfectly capable of doing a task like administrating the Tower that was left behind.
Therefore, the system can work as a Single Cycle afterwards, and even if something important happens, there shouldn't be any problems.

カネは感情設定を低めにしてつくられているそうですが、この感情設定とはどういうものなのでしょうか? また、それはミュールに施されていた感情を無くす作業と同じものなのでしょうか?


It seems like Akane was configured to have a low emotional development, but how was this emotional development configuration done? Was it something similar to what was done to Mir to get rid of her emotions?

Harvestasha Vista7


To be honest, it was from the application of some unique algorithms I developed from researching the classified documents that were brought back from the First Tower to the Third during the mission Ayatane Michitaka had there. So we could say we applied the same basic principles here.
The emotional configuration is merely setting a limiter in a certain address region of the Cosmosphere, which is a simple mechanism that keeps wavelengths from getting too wide in comparison to their initial state. Well, I say simple because it seems simple to me, but it seems something like that is far to complex for stupid humans like you to understand.

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06



Now the Harvestasha Twitter has come to its end, as also did the Supporteil Present Campaign, it feels pretty lonely all of a sudden now that this summer's Fourth Anniversary Festival has ended. But well, we still have the NicoNico Character Broadcast encore pending, so I hope you're all looking forward to it. We still haven't decided on an exact date for it, but we're trying to hold it someday next week at 8 PM.
We've gotten a lot of opinions saying they'd like us to make the previous broadcasts into a movie, but since I didn't make the system for it myself, I think it'd be pretty difficult to pull it off, and for that I'm very sorry. However, I'll try to discuss this with the staff from NicoNico Douga to see what I can do.
At any rate, next issue is finally our hundredth one!! And we still have planned to release several other products, so please continue supporting us!

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It was pretty boring
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