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This Month's Tsukkomi Aurica[]

Toukou 01


ここって、昼も夜も見る人いるでしょ?だから、昼でも夜でも対応できる挨拶つくってみたんだ。えへへ。 それはそうと、今週は第5週なんだけど、金曜だけピンポイントで第一週なんだよね!
期待していた人残念でした~!5週目なら、また何か豪華プレゼントがあったかもしれないのにね。 それじゃ、今日も楽しくトウコウスフィア、いってみよ~う!

Gooding! Aurica here!
People read this place all hours of the day, right? So, I figured I'd better make up a greeting that can work at any time of day. Hehe. Oh yeah, that's right, this was a 5th week, but Friday was the very first day of the next month's first week!
Sorry to anyone who was disappointed~! There might have been some special present if it had really been a fifth Friday, too. Well, let's keep on going with our exciting new Toukousphere!

Question Corner[]

Otayori top

最近は投稿が多くなりつつあって嬉しい限りである! そんな努力を惜しまぬ貴様等のために、少し気張って今回も投稿枠を拡大したのである!!

Recently it occurred to me, what do all you posters do every day?
I'm so happy to have gotten so many new posts from you all lately! In order to keep your effort from being wasted, we'll increase our efforts, as well!!
Don't forget to be grateful if your post was chosen!


I have another question for Lady Grannie. When Aurica and Misha sang Purger, it sounded completely different. How about Chronicle Key? Was Misha's song different from all the earlier Star Singers?


クロニクルキーは、歴代星詠によって全然その詩は異なるわね。 だから、ミシャで33代目だから33曲の詩が謳われた…という事になるわ。
なんてCD創ったら売れるかしら。 そしたらイム・フェーナの財政が潤うかもしれないわね。

That's a good question. I think I'll give you a straight answer today.
Each of the Star Singers have sung Chronicle Key a different way. Since Misha is the 33rd Star Singer, that means she's sung the 33rd variation on Chronicle Key.
...I think this might be written down somewhere, but not all of the Star Singers were able to properly craft Chronicle Key, so there were probably only... yes, less than twenty proper renditions, I think.
You know, I bet there would be a lot of demand for a CD called
"Best of Chronicle Key: 3421-3770"
Don't you think? I wonder if it would sell. It might have a real effect on Em Pheyna's economy.

ぽているの娘さん方の心の護はどうしてるんでしょう?コスモスフィアうろつきまくって今更なんですが。 いないなら勝手にうちの娘と紡いじゃって構いませんかね?

What's the deal with the Mind Guardians of all the young Supporteil ladies? Even if it's kind of late to be prowling around their Cosmospheres. If they don't have any, is it okay if I craft one with my Supporteil?


私なら答えられないことはないけど…今回はやめておくわ。 まあ、心の護を勝手に紡ぐのは勝手だけど。
あなたが「心の護」と言うものが心の護になるわけだし。 ちょっと哲学的な話になってきたわね。
まあ、もし心の護を紡いだら、記念写真でも撮ってページ内に貼り付けておいてもいいかもね。 普通レーヴァテイルは自分の心の護を暴露したりしないから、ちょっとした羞恥プレイとして楽しめるわよ。ふふ。

That's a rather interesting question.
There's nothing I can't answer... but I don't know if I want to this time.
Well, you could just go and make a Mind Guardian if you wanted.
After all, whatever you call her Mind Guardian will become her Mind Guardian. Hmm, this is getting kind of philosophical.
In any case, if you do craft a Mind Guardian, make sure to take a commemorative photo and post it on your webpage. Most Reyvateils won't reveal their own Mind Guardians by themselves, so it could be an effective form of embarrassment play. Hmhm.

「ア ルトネリコ関連リリースカレンダー」にいつの間にか追加されている「小説版アルトネリコ」が気になって仕方ありません。何か少ぉぉぉしでもいいので情報を出してもらいたいですー。

I'm really curious about the Ar tonelico light novel that showed up on the Ar tonelico release calendar lately. I hope you can give us even just the tiiiiiniest bit of information about it.


むー。わがままな人なのだー。 そんなに知りたいなら、リルラがテレポートで仕入れてきた情報を少ぉぉぉしだけ教えてあげるのだ!


以上なのだー!少ぉぉぉしだけという約束だから、気を悪くしないで欲しいのだ。 リルラのせいじゃないのだー!!

Hmmmm, you're awfully selfish, aren't you! If you want to know that bad, let me tell you the tiiiiiiiiiiiniest bit of information I found out while I was teleporting around!

They're slowly making progress on a light novel version!

That's all! I only promised the tiiiiiiiiiniest amount of information, so I hope you'll be okay with that. It's not my fault!!


All the Reyvateils are connected through the Tower, so their Mind Guardians are inside the Tower, right? That means Hama and Don Leon could meet inside the Tower, right? Have you ever met?? I bet you'd bad-mouth Lyner over a cup of tea any time...


確かに私たちはコスモスフィアとバイナリ野を行き来できるけど、他人のコスモスフィアに入ることは出来ないのよ。 それに、もしバイナリ野で逢うことが出来ても、それは私の形をしていないから分からないのよ…。


Sorry, but I've never met that stuffed bear!
Yes, it's true we can go between the Cosmospheres and the Binary Field, but we can't enter other people's Cosmospheres. Besides, even if we could meet in the Binary Field, I wouldn't necessarily look like me, so...

There's lots of stuff I'd love to say about that idiot, so I'd love to meet Don Leon. But, the laws of the universe won't let that happen!!

ここら辺で魅力を再度アピールしたほうが良いと思います。 人気投票を覆すためにはこれぐらい必要っていうか必然です。というわけでお願いします><

I think Aurica's been way too dark lately.
I think she ought to do something to remind people of why they like her. That's what you'd need to do to overturn the results of the popularity contest! No, I mean, it's inevitable! So, good luck >_<



だから…どうかな…? え、えへへ…ちょ、ちょっと…本当に恥ずかしくなって来ちゃった… こんなハズじゃ無かったんだけど…もう…。

Hmmm? What a pain.... Still, you're right, it's pretty important.
Well, then...

Well, um, I... I, Aurica Nestmille!
Well, um...... My dream is to open a music box factory.
So, um... I... actually, I'm... looking for someone to help me make music boxes.
...eh, ehehe...
But, nobody wants to help me make music boxes together...
I"m clumsy, and shy, and darkI mean, um... it might be hard to approach me...
Oh, um, but, I, if I could find someone to help me make music boxes... I'd devote my all to them...!
I'd make them dinner every day, and whisper in their ear every morning until they wake up, and if they wanted children I'd make them tooas long as they wanted to name them Don Leon
So... what do you say...? Eh, ehehe.... it's... kind of embarrassing to say all this.... I bet nobody feels that way... geez...

生日を迎えた瞬間、バイト先に財布を忘れたことに気が付きました。 ものすごく楽しみにしていた本が買えませんでした。 夜中の12時を回った途端マジ泣きしました。 誰か癒して…

Just as I was about to start enjoying my birthday, I realized I left my wallet at work. I couldn't buy the book I'd really been looking forward to getting. I was really breaking down in tears when midnight rolled around. Please, someone, heal my soul...


だが別に財布を落としたわけではないのだろうし、そう気を落とすことは無いぞ。 今度バイトに行った時に財布を回収したら、その足で本屋へ行けばいいだけのことじゃないか。 なに、楽しみが少し延びたと思っていれば気も楽になるさ。

Ha! Ha! Ha! That must have been terrible for you!
But, it's not like you dropped your wallet, so don't get so down about it. If you can get your wallet back when you go to work tomorrow, just go to the bookstore after that. See? Just think that you've extended your enjoyment for one more day.
Anyway, happy birthday.

何故リンケージを着た時は転んだりしないのにスタンダードだとやたら転ぶんですか? 気になって夜も眠れません教えてください

I have a question for Lady Shurelia.
Why is it that whenever you wear Linkage you never stumble, but you're always falling over in your standard costume? I want to know so bad that I can't sleep at night, so please tell me


シュレリア様だと色々と否定すると思ったので、メイメイが代わりに答えますです。 ゲーム画面で、シュレリア様がリンケージを着ているときの足元に注目してください。 アレを着ているときは、微妙に浮いてるんですよ。
でも、時々大きな石とか、積んである本とかに浮いてる状態でつまづいて、バランス崩して壁にぶつかったりとかしてます。 さすがはシュレリア様、それでこそ塔の管理者ですー。

I think Lady Shurelia would deny a lot of that, so I, Meimei, will take her place. Please pay close attention to Lady Shurelia's feet when she's wearing Linkage in the game. She's floating, isn't she?
So, as you can see, it's impossible for her to fall in such a state.
Still, her balance might be thrown off my large boulders or enormous piles of books. That's our Lady Shurelia, that's what makes her the tower's administrator!

じめまして。実は私、アルトネリコはやったことも見たこともないのに、さぽているを はじめました。(レーヴァテイルが可愛かったので惹かれてしまったんですv) そんなわけで私はキャラのことがよくわかりません。トウコウスフィアのみが情報源なの ですが、読むたびに思うことがあります。

Nice to meet you all. Actually, I've never played or watched Ar tonelico, but I started using Supporteil. (Because the Reyvateils were so adorable! ^_^v ) So, I don't really know the characters that well. My only real information source is the Toukousphere, but as I was reading it, I was thinking...
Lyner's kind of an unfortunate character, isn't he?
He's in such an unusual situation, so I hope someone can explain it to me.


よくわからないけど、まだプレイしてないなら12月7日発売のベスト版アルトネリコを買うべきだぞ! それをやれば、俺が残念な子じゃないってのがわかると思うけどな。 そして君も、間違いなくオボンヌの魅力に取り憑かれるはずだ!
俺が1000行に渡るレポートを書いても、ホンモノを味わった時の感覚には遠く及ばないくらいだ! だから、早くベスト版を買って、オボンヌの魅力を堪能してくれよな!

Just what's so unfortunate about my situation, anyway?
I don't really get it, but anyway, the Best Hits version comes out on December 7, so you should buy it! If you do, you'll see there's nothing unfortunate about me. And then you'll understand the appeal of Funbuns!
Funbuns are amazing, right!?
I could write 1000 reports about Funbuns, but it wouldn't compare to tasting the real thing! So, hurry up and buy the Best Hits version and see what Funbuns are all about!
That's a promise between us, right, Rui-chan?

んにちはー!いつも楽しくトウコウスフィアを拝見しております。 前回のオリカさんの返事を見て、思ったのですが、もしかして1リーフ=200円ってこ とになるんでしょうか?
(1文字3000リーフ/ラードルフ(5文字)/3000×5=15000(リーフ)/ 30000(円)÷15000(リーフ)=200)
とすると、一番安そうな猫飴でも240円になるんでしょうか?そう考えると結構高い気 がするんですが・・・。バケツ一杯だったら一体何円になるのかが、激しく気になりま す。

Hello! I always enjoy reading the Toukousphere. Reading Aurica's response last time, I couldn't help but think, 1 leaf is really 200 yen, right?
(1 letter = 3000 leaf / Radolf (about 5 letters) / 3000*5 = 15000 leaf / 300000 yen / 150000 leaf = 200)
So, the cheapest option is something like Kitty Candy (猫飴), which could come out to around 240 yen, right? That seems pretty expensive... I wonder how much a whole bucket full would cost. I'm really curious.


前回言ったのは、1文字単位3000リーフで、日本円にして約30000円ってことだよ。 だから、合計すると五文字で15000リーフ、つまり日本円で約150000円ってところだね。

Last time I said one letter is just 3000 leaf, so that would be about 30000 Japanese yen. So, 5 letters would be 15000, leaf, which is about 150000 Yen, right?
In other words, 1 leaf is about 10 yen, got it?
That was really educational, right? So you should pay me 5000 Leaf in Japanese yen as teacher's fees within a week♪



If you don't pay up...

に「アルトネリコっていうゲームがあってね」と切り出したら 「なにそれ? アルとネリコ? 誰それ」 と返されました。 会ってみたいです。アルとネリコ。

So my older sister told me "There's this game called Ar tonelico" and I replied "Huh? Ar and Nelico? What's that?" 'cause "to" in Japanese means "And". I'd love to meet those two, Ar and Nelico.


ミシャとリルラから呼ばれてたからな。 だから、探したらいるかもしれないな、ネリ子ってヤツも。
あ~、でもそうなるとサブタイトルの「詩い続ける少女」って、めちゃネリ子のことっぽく思えてイヤだなぁ。 でもそうなるとアレか?ジャックとネリ子の恋話にでもなるのかな。
あーでも、だいたい男女の名前が書いてあるタイトルの物語ってさ、悲恋の物語だよな。 ロミオとジュリエットとか、トリスタンとイゾルデとか。

I dunno who Nelico is, but I definitely know an Ar.
See? Jack's Teru name in Japanese is Ar, right? Misha and Lyra call him that all the time. So, maybe we could really find a girl named Nelico.
Oh, but the the game's subtitle is "The girl who keeps singing", so I'd really feel sorry for her. But, wait, that would make this game a love story between Jack and Nelico, right?
Oh, but any work with the name of a boy and a girl in the title is usually a tragedy, right? You know, like Romeo and Juliet, or Tristan and Isolde.
So, I guess Ar and Nelico is also a tragic love story...



"Nelico, oh Nelico, wherefore art thou Nelico..."




談の方でケーキの話が出たので、アルトネクリスマスケーキを希望します! できれば オリカ作で。 250リーフぐらいで。

I just happened to talk about cakes with someone, so I'd love to see an Ar tonelico Christmas cake! Preferably by Aurica. For about 250 leaf.
(BBQ Soda)


だいじょうぶ、あたし料理は得意だもん。料理上手はやり繰り上手! 250リーフしかないなら、250リーフで出来る物を使えばいいんだよ。 そうだなぁ…250リーフで最高のケーキを作るなら…
やっぱりモンタカバブーは外せないよね。それとゴゴゾールとかエロヒネとか… ちょっと毒抜きに時間かかっちゃうけど…
ま、いっか。待ったフリしておけば。 それと…この予算だと小麦粉は使えないから、石灰で代用するとして… あとは、ふくらし粉の代わりに発泡剤をクルシェちゃんからもらおっと! 生クリームも高いからちょっと無理だし…そうだ、ライナーからシェービングクリームもらえば何とかなるかな。

Okay, a 250 leaf version would be fine!
That's perfect, since I'm good at cooking. I'm great at making cooking work somehow! If all you've got is 250 leaf, I'll make it work with 250 leaf ingredients somehow. That's right... the best cake you could make for 250 leaf...
Yeah, you can't leave out the montacababoo. Or the gogozol or erohine... It'll take a while to remove the poison, but...
Oh, well. Just pretend we kept them waiting. Let's see... I can't use wheat flour like this, so I'll have to use ash instead... And... instead of baking powder, I'll get some foaming agent from Krusche-chan! Whipped cream is a little too expensive, so... I know, I'll get some shaving cream from Lyner.
Okay! This'll be just fine!
I can make this for 250 leaf, so I hope you'll look forward to it!

イナーは何本フラグを立てれば気が済むんですか?ミシャとかオリカとかシュレリア様 とかアヤタネとかアヤタネとかアヤタネとかーーーーっ!

Let's see, which flags do I think Lyner could trigger? Maybe Misha's or Aurica's or Lady Shurelia's or Ayatane's or Ayatane's or Ayatane's......!!!!!!



I don't know if he'd trigger my flag or not, but Lyner certainly does trigger too many flags.
Still, even if he triggers a lady's flag, he doesn't realize it because he's too insensitive, which must be hard on his companions.
......so, that being the case, all those flags should just be converted to Lyner's death flag, don't you think?

Don Leon's Confessional Dojo[]

O don top

ンタさんに「どんすけ」がほしいと書いて送っときました。 クリスマスが楽しみです。

I sent Santa a letter that said I wanted a Don Leon. I'm looking forward to Christmas. (Muryou)

Don Leon1

拙者はオリカさんのものであって、オリカさん以外の誰にもなびくことはないわーーー! そのふらちな考えをたたき直してくれる!



Why yyyyyyyyyyyooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
I'm not just some thiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnng!
And just what did you expect to get as a present!?
I'm only for Miss Aurica! Nobody but Miss Aurica may receive meeee! I'll beat your impudent thoughts into shape!
Bow down right there!! I'll punish youuuuuuuuuuuu!
However! First, I...
You... you always go to sleep hugging a stuffed animal, don't you...
If that's the case...

You fiend! What are you making me saaaayyyyy!
There's no way your soul could make my spirit waver in...
The complicated sections of my heart! My heart!!!

Hama's Submissions Dojo[]

Tks header 04 hama



I'm so happy so many people have sent posts to the Dojo so many times!
But, we're always happy to see new people here, too!
We're always waiting for everyone's pictures here!


好きだけどなかなか見かけないアヤタネを描いてみました。妖しい雰囲気が出せてれば幸いです。 マザコ・・・もとい、母想いなところも彼の魅力のひとつだと思います。

This is my first image post, so I'm kind of nervous.
I really like Ayatane, but we don't see him much. I hope this image has an unusual atmosphere to it. What an Electra c-.... actually, I think his feelings for his mother are part of his charm.



It's Ayatane! I just love how dashing he is!
But, where is this picture taking place!? In some field at night?


コルセットが半袖だったので、寒そうで手袋を描いてみました!! 「風邪引きますよ?」
シュレリア様はすごく可愛いのでまた再挑戦したいです!! トウコウスフィアにイラスト初投稿なのでドキドキしました♪

This is my first time trying to draw Lady Shurelia! (o^-^o)
Her corset has short sleeves; I thought that would be cold, so I gave her gloves!! "Be careful, you're going to catch cold!"
Kind of like that...
Lady Shurelia is really adorable, so I'd like to try drawing her again!! This is my first time posting to the Toukousphere, so I'm really nervous♪
Well, see you~
(Black cat)




Ahhhhhhh! Black cat, you're soooo nice!
Short sleeves in the snow really is too cruel!!!
You even gave her a scarf! That looks super warm.
I hope you'll keep supporting Lady Shurelia even more!!


エルフィール・マルローネ・リイタコスチュームの三人を描きました☆ ポイントは一人遅れて焦ってる?シュレリア様です!


This is my third post~
Mayuru→Hana. So... this time it's finally the three heroines!
But it wouldn't be interesting if it was their normal outfits *g*
So, I drew them in their Marie, Ellie and Lita costumes☆ And who's the one who's late and rushing to catch up? It's Lady Shurelia!
I've finally drawn some AT-like characters... *sweatdrop*

↓Suppotail stories and pictures


ミシャのエリーコスがちびミシャなのは、その胸の大きさから決められているのは秘密なのよー。 シュレリア様とリイタは似てるけど、その運動神経は正反対なのよ!

Wow, Aurica really stands out!
It's amazing how well everyone looks in their Atelier costumes.
Don't tell anyone, but the reason why Misha's Ellie costume is for little Misha is because of her breast size! Lady Shurelia looks really nice in Lita's outfit, but she's nowhere near as athletic!


RTと騎士というだけでなく、プライベートでも信頼関係を築いてたらよいと思っ てみたりしています。
優秀なRTとのことですが、実際フェイマはどんな人だったのかとか、オリカは フェイマのことを胸の内でどう呼んでたんだろうかとか、オリカの目にはどう 映ってたんだろうかとか、描きながらいろいろ疑問が浮かんでは気になってました。 いつかオリカの口からそこのところを聞かせてくれる日を願っています。

This time I wanted to shine some light on those former partners, Fayma and Radolf.
I'd like to think that they didn't have a relationship just as an RT and her knight, but were able to rely on each other as friends as well.
She may be an excellent RT, but as I drew this I realized we don't really know a lot about her; what kind of person she is, what Aurica thinks of her and how she would interact with her and so on. I'd love to hear about this from Aurica some day.



It's Radolf and Fayma! We don't see pictures of these two that often! This is super special!
We really don't know if Aurica and Fayma ever met.
Fayma wasn't Radolf's partner when Aurica came to the Church.
By the way, the OVA is the only side story, and it doesn't quite mesh with canon.




I always enjoy reading the Toukousphere. This time, as the creator of the "Lady Shurelia Alliance", I thought I'd come to Hama's Submissions Dojo to prea... er, I mean, to tell people about it.
Somehow a year has already passed, and it's become winter. So, I decided to draw Lady Shurelia in winter. I hope everyone remembers to wear warm clothing so they don't get too cold this winter.

Home page "Lady Shurelia Alliance"


最近はシュレリア様率が高いのよ!もっとミシャを描くのよーーー! それにしても、暖かそうなのよ。

It's Lady Shurelia in a coat!
Lady Shurelia's been really popular lately! You should all draw more Misha pictures! Anyway, she sure looks warm.
It's really cold in the Rinkernator where Lady Shurelia spends all her time, though.


前回、恐れ多くも三冠王を達成させて頂き、「これ以上送るのはおこがましいんじゃ…!」と 思って悩んでいたのですが、ポテログで、たくさんの方から 「これからもがんばって!」「四冠、五冠を目指して」というような励ましの言葉を頂き、 それがとっても嬉しかったので、今回も投稿させていただきました!
…そんなこんなで、今回は、ついにハマちゃんにまでライナーのオボンヌの魔の手が 伸びてしまった恐ろしい(?)図です。彼の周りを漂う、呪詛のような文字列は 以前のトウコウスフィアでの、彼の熱い語りを引用させて頂きました。


After I got my third posting last time, I thought "sending any more pictures in would be pushing it!", so I worried about whether to draw anymore, but a lot of people on the Suppolog told me "Keep at it!" and "Go for 4 or 5!", and I was so happy to hear their encouragement I decided I'd post again!
I'm so grateful to everyone who sent me comments!
...so, this time I drew Hama-chan under the threat(?) of Lyner's rampant Funbun-ism. The curse-like words wafting around his head are from the last Toukousphere; I took part of his passionate speech about Funbuns.
I can only draw pictures like this, but do you mind if I keep posting them, Hama-chan!?



でも、おあいにく様なのよ…私はオボンヌの味は良く知っているから飽き飽きなのよ。 なぜって…それは、あのバカがオボンヌ食べた後に私と…

Eeeeek! It's meeeeeeeee!
And I'm getting a Funbuuuuuun!!
But, I'm sorry to say... I've tasted Funbuns so much I'm pretty tired of them now. Why...? Well, after that idiot ate those Funbuns, I...
...um, I didn't say anything!!

Lady Shurelia's Hymmnos Lecture[]

Tks hy syureria3



It's finally here! My very own column!
I'll be running Hymmnos lessons here for a little while.
We'll start from the very beginning with easy material,
So I hope everyone will participate!

実際には、この直後に何かを実行する単語(動詞)がつけば、もうヒュムノスの完成です! 例えば「Wee yea ra hymme」なら


という意味ですので「謳うことが嬉しくて仕方ない」という感じの意味になります。 簡単ですよね?

今回はこれでお終いです。 次回は「ヒュムノスに主語はないの?」をお伝えします。





Hymno ser


例えば、謳う丘の最初のヒュムノス文「Rrha ki ra tie yor...」ですが、
この中の「Rrha ki ra」の3つが「想音」と言われる部分です。

「Rrha ki ra」のそれぞれの意味は


…ま、まあ例文が微妙だったので微妙な和訳になってしまいましたが…。普段は「Rrha ki ra」なんて滅多に使いません。
一番よく使われるのが「Wee yea ra」あたりでしょうか。


例えば、親しい人からプレゼントをもらったりしたら「Wee yea ra!!」と言えば


▼"Emotion words" that convey feeling: the basis of Hymmnos!
The basis of Hymmnos is something called "emotion words": three words that begin every sentence.
For example, take the first line of Singing Hill: "Rrha ki ra tie yor..."
The first three words, "Rrha ki ra", are the emotion verbs.

These three words serve the purpose of expressing the singer's feelings.
Here's what each of the words 「Rrha ki ra」means:

Rrha = trance-like state
ki = concentrating
ra = I want to remain like this

Basically, it means something like "Right now my mind is off somewhere else, but it feels nice so I want to stay like this~".
...er, well, it's kind of an odd example, so the translation is a bit unusual, too... normally people almost never use "Rrha ki ra".
I think the most commonly used emotion words are probably "Wee yea ra"

. Wee = fairly
yea = happy
ra = I want to remain like this

For example, if someone you just met gave you a present, if you said 「Wee yea ra!!」 it would mean something like
"Wow!! I'm really happy!!"
There aren't very many words you can use as emotion words, but you can still express a lot of feelings through the different combinations, so you can spend a lot of time enjoying Hymmnos just this way.

▼Add a verb after the emotion words, and you're done!
Actually, if you just put a single word (verb) after the emotion words, that's all you need for Hymmnos! For example, "Wee yea ra hymme"would be

Wee = fairly
yea = happy
ra = I want to remain like this
hymme = sing

So, that would mean something like "I'm so happy about singing I can't help myself." Isn't that easy?

That's enough for today. Our next lesson will be "Don't Hymmnos sentences have subjects?"

Now, it's time for everyone's homework!
I want you to try translating the English sentence below into Hymmnos.

"Protecting you makes me feel ultimate happiness!"

You don't have to get the first three words exactly correct.
Read that sentence and try crafting the emotion verbs that best match your feelings.
By the way, there are some example emotion words listed here.
I hope you'll find them useful.

You can also find the word for "to protect" by searching the Hymmnoserver, so please be sure to use it.

Hymno ser

▼Homework answers
In this section I'll post a few representative answers from people who submitted correct responses.
Please submit your answers using the Toukousphere post box.
Since there wasn't any homework this time, I'd like to show you a letter from
a brave soul who posted to the Toukousphere.

Rrha apea erra reen hymmnos. どうでしょうか?

I poured all my feelings about Hymmnos into this song that I crafted.
Rrha apea erra reen hymmnos. What do you think?



Hymno ser


Yes! That's very good!
Hearing you say that makes me very happy.
I hope you'll continue to love hearing Hymmnos!
You can find out the meaning of that sentence if you enter it into the Hymmnoserver, so please try it.
Hymno ser

Well then, everyone, take care!

Editor's Postscript[]


Since so many people voted to have a Hymmnos lecture last time, we decided we'd give it a try.
It will start out fairly simple, so I hope those of you who think "I already knew all that!" will wait patiently.
Well, I hope you all enjoy the next Toukousphere! (Tsuchiya)