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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08



Whoa! I'll be doing the title call this time?
I'm a little surprised...
But let's do it right now! This is the Technical Service Center!!
And this is also the first time I've answered a question in a long time. It's just one, though.
But anyway, we'll be talking about very advanced things. I have to work harder, or I won't be able to keep up.


I have a question ever since I played Ar tonelico 2.
The Pureblooded β-types are supposed to stop growing once they reach the age of 18 years, but then, why did Jakuri's growth stop once she had grown to the equivalent of a 15-year old?
And if the age around 18 years is the best for the crafting of Song Magic, then Jakuri simply doesn't grow to that point because she doesn't want to, given she feels the most comfortable like this, and she is the strongest Pureblooded β-type in history...?



You might ask me that all you want, but I don't know.
..but as I'm not the type to run away, I'll give you an honest answer.
A long time ago, I was under a level of stress you can't even imagine. And before I was sealed away, that stress ended becoming my life itself. In short, my body had already reached internally the form of a 18 year-old, but somehow, when everyone "tried guessing my age", the only thing they said to me was that I had 15 years, and that was kinda the reason. And actually, the physical age isn't reliable at all for judging the age of a Pureblooded β-type Reyvateil. Because, you know how Shurelia is over 700 years old, right? Well, given that she can't really control her growth through the D-Cellophane, like us βs do, comparing us with her is simply barking up the wrong tree, so to speak. However, there's just one conclusion that can be drawn from this. It's because of the tastes of our developers.


It's been just a little since 3 got released!
In the game, Tyria's said to be the most advanced Reyvateil among the Origins, but in which sense are they saying that?
Please tell me, teacher Shurelia! Teacher Jakuri!
(Agepan Soda)



Are you asking me that?



Just do your work. In this kind of work, you also have to answer questions you dislike, no?
I'm fine with answering it myself, though.



Very well, I'll answer it.
Simply put, it's because she was designed with the capacity of feeling and emitting wave frequencies far higher than those that Pureblooded β-types, Frelia and myself can. Because of that, she could even see beings that we can't. To make it short, these beings are higher-level life forms. As I was the very first Origin created according to what was established in the Reyvateil theory, there are several points in which my nature was considered to be flawed, which is why I underwent several revisions and improvements. Still, I've also heard that because they also added to her several experimental features when they raised her frequency limit, she has a much more unstable ego than the βs, Frelia or me.



Hmm, so you diligently answered it, huh? Splendid, simply splendid.


I suddenly got a question while I was reading the backlogs: to be more specific, it's where a question about Reyvateils being able to Dive into each other was answered in the Technical Service Center of issue #37.
Back then, it was said that if the Diver side of the Dive Machine could recognize the human nature of the Reyvateil, she would be able to Dive.
So, what would happen if Pureblooded β-types, which are clones of the Origins, entered that pod?
I personally interpreted it as since it'd think that the Pureblooded β-types didn't have a human nature, the Dive Machine wouldn't find it in them and thus wouldn't allow them to Dive.
Please, answer me.



You understood it very well. That's correct.
If a Pureblooded β-type enters the pod corresponding to the Diver's side, nothing will happen. It would be like a CD-ROM drive giving you an error message of "Please, insert a disc" after you put a disc in it. If we use this analogy, the Third Generations could be considered as something like a CD-EXTRA then.


I know that Pureblooded β-types are created in nurturing tanks, but given they are created artificially, would it be possible to modify the structures of their bodies to a certain extent?
For example, the size of their breasts? (Hey!!)



Of course it's possible!
Jakuri said around half of this in the answer to the first question, but looks like it's possible to configure up to a certain extent how their final growth will turn out. That's done because they have a D-Cellophane Installed into them, which has the initial configuration for their bodies recorded into it and generally gives their growth a certain direction. However, just because they have to blueprints to turn out a certain way doesn't mean that they will grow to be exactly as they were on paper, given the great number of calculation errors that influence them. Therefore, actually it's only possible to configure them in a very broad way... more or less. But like in the example you put of the size of their breasts, I think that's something that could get reflected the way it was configured. Let's say you configure them with the idea of "88cm would be the best!!", but there's no certain way of knowing they'll develop exactly like that, as while you might have defined them as 88cm or something else, they could go from 80cm to 96cm due to the calculation errors. It's just a matter of normal distribution though.


This is addressed to the Technical Service Center.
This might be a very elemental question, but since Aki has a Dive Machine in her house, someone installed it assuming she was going to to Dive? Given the situation, I don't really want to think that Aki brings someone with a human nature (maybe a man) back home in order to Dive but... or was it because of the hobbies of the previous user of the machine!?



I'll answer with everything I've researched!
The Clustanian Dive Machines are models especially modified for home use that only have one pod. That means that the Diver doesn't get invited to the house, so the pod Akane has in her house is the one for the Reyvateil. As for the Diver's side, it's located in the Dive Machine of the houses where the humans live in the Slave District. All the Dive cables that come out from here are relayed temporarily through Harvestasha's control and exit at the Reyvateil District. Then, the compatibility of the Reyvateils and Divers is determined, and it ends so couples that have never seen each other, or even known each other, do Dives. It might seem like something that has a terrible efficiency, but since we're talking about the Clustanians, I think they have some tricks for this. That's everything I know about it.



Thank you everyone for asking so many questions!
If I ever get other chance like this, I'd like to work even harder.
If I do so, I'll be able to answer many more questions, so I'll work much harder from now on!!

Editor's Postscript[]

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And it's been a month already since the release, but the amount of submissions in the Toukousphere hasn't decreased at all: rather, it seems to be going up and up. It should be apparent just from seeing how much activity there was in this issue's Submission Dojo, but a lot of you all took part in this issue, and I can only give you my heartfelt gratitude for it. The last week we talked about the "trigger", but right now we're planning to hold an event to thank all our fans. I want to try offering all sorts of things to you all from now on, so I hope we can continue working together for a much longer time!

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