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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08



Welcome to the Technical Service Center.
I don't know it it's a good idea for me to be in a place like this, but maybe getting this kind of work isn't so bad once in a while.
Everyone will be doing their best to answer your questions today, so please take good care of them.



Pleased to work again this year with you, Lady Shurelia.
Then, let's get Technical please!!!
When you sand "Suspend" during AT1, you suspended the functions of the Tower, right?
If it was possible to Dive into the Reyvateils during that time, what would happen to the Diver and the RT?



Normal Diving is possible even when the Tower is suspended. And not only that: these Dives wouldn't have any sort of additional problems.
This is because the SH Server lodging the Soulspaces isn't included in the service side of the SIS (Service Infrastructure System) that gets affected by Suspend.
The Dive Machines aren't even related to the Tower's systems and were built during the Third Era, so since none of the elements essential to a Dive form part of the SIS, Diving is possible.
And it might be superfluous to say this, but the part of the Binary Field that corresponds to me and the system that controls my actions are all part of the SIS.



I think that if a Reyvail (sic) gets injured while she sings, her Song Magic will be interrupted, but what happens to the energy (?) of the Song Magic that have been crafted up to that moment?
It seems like it's supposed to not have any effects if it isn't sung to the end, but in that case, would the energy they accumulated disperse by itself?



If she stops, the Song Magic stops too. Putting it in a more extreme way, all the charged energy would disappear.
Actually speaking, the energy doesn't disappear so easily, so this is a phenomenon that happens only when the Reyvateil herself has received an appropriately large shock that renders her unable to continue singing.
And while I said it disappears... it's because the concentration of the Symphonic Power from the Tower into her has been interrupted, so it's a bit different from the idea you have of the charged energy dispersing.
As you know, Song Magic is a method in which by concentrating the Symphonic Power sent by the Tower upon a specific point, it's possible to modify the order of that Symphonic Power (manifest something).
So when I say that the concentration of energy is disrupted, I mean something similar to a flow of light that was sent to them being interrupted: nothing more and nothing less.


またこのとき、サーバーに再接続してすぐに詩魔法を使うことはできますか? (もっとも、PV見る限りソル・クラスタはインフェル・ピラの導力有効圏内みたいですが…)

Now 3's about to get released, I've got a question I want to ask in order to review what I know about the RTs.
The Cosmospheres of the Third Generations RTs are composed of a mirroring of their human minds done by the RT qualities, and this mirroring takes about ten days to complete when it's done from zero, but if an IPD got disconnected from the Song Magic Server and got reconnected to it later on, it wouldn't take ten days again to restructure her Cosmosphere and instead it'd take a time proportional to the how long she was disconnected, correct? That's how I guess it'd be.
Also, would she be able to use Song Magic as soon as she got reconnected to the Server? (Also, as far as I could see from the PV, Sol Cluster seems to be within Infel Phira's valid Symphonic Power range...)
(Kimura Shuuichi)



Once the mirroring has been completed once, the Server will preserve the contents of that Reyvateil's Cosmosphere even if she gets temporarily disconnected from it. Therefore, any updates to it would become mere "diffs" upon reconnection, so it won't need a such a long time span like ten days.
Of course, I think it might require a bit longer depending on the time she was disconnected, but generally the update is almost instant, to the point where I don't think we could actually perceive it as it happens.



Now Ar tonelico 3's release is the most talked about topic here, I was clearing each of the routes from Ar tonelico 1 on, and I got a simple question.
Would it be necessary to keep singing for a long time in order for the Song Magic of the Reyvateils to get a boost in power and effects?
Would it be a Song Magic that would go on and on eternally, or would it become a repeat at some point? Which one would it be?



Song Magics aren't single complete songs that have a definite start and beginning like normal pops, you know?
The melody changes constantly depending on the feelings the singer has each second, so since it changes bit by bit to match the singer's heart, we couldn't say it's endless. I think the most accurate way of putting it'd be a "solo ad-libbing session" that goes on until you're satisfied.



We have two types of Life Extending Agent: the Tranquility and the Diquility, but which one would be a lighter load to bear: a single Diquility dose, or a large amount of Tranquility doses?



While we could say that both Tranquility and Diquility have similar effects, their usage is completely different.
So no matter how many Tranquilities are used, they can never serve as a replacement for Diquility.
Tranquility only serves for a punctual usage, similarly to a nutritional supplement, while Diquility is something that replenishes life energy.
So do you think you'd be able to extend your life by using a nutritional supplement that only perks you up temporarily? Because it's the same case here.



Hmm, the level you all have in your questions is impressively high.
If we just had people a little more capable like any of you in Tenba...
So, would any of you like to come and join my company?

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06

でも、ネタバレはあまり出さないようにお願いします(笑) (土屋)

And we're finally close to Ar tonelico 3's release. I think by the time the next Toukousphere goes live, you'll have already played the game.
What kind of impressions will it give you...? I think it'll be some time before the AT3 characters join the fun, but please, make sure to send me the feelings you had while playing Ar tonelico 3.
But please make sure to not post any spoilers here. (*laughs*)

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