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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08

Adult Misha4


Happy New Year! Technical Service Center!
And I got to make the title call two times already since the year started, so it looks like it's going to be a great year.
I'll be counting in you all to make this Technical Service Center great this year too. However, it seems that answers have gotten a sharp increase in difficulty.



Would it be possible to record Song Magic in a Hymn Crystal like it's done for the Hymmnos Extracts?



I think it's impossible. Song Magic can be created effectively only through the Hymmnos Extract called "EXEC_HYMME/.", so I'm not certain about it.
To make a comparison, please think EXEC_HYMME/. is papier-mache and that Song Magic like Life Warmth are dolls and houses you made out from it. From a programming and processing standpoint, it has pretty much the same qualities as "papier-mache".
However, since we haven't ever tried crystallizing Song Magic, it could actually be possible if we tried doing it. But theoretically speaking, I think the only thing that would actually be crystallized would be the base EXEC_HYMME/. program.



If we chose the option of "Having a happy life with Misha..." after Lady Shurelia sings EXEC_SUSPEND, and the Tower's services are left completely stopped, could everyone actually live happily like that?
For the Pureblooded β-Types and upwards, having the Tower Suspended wouldn't cause them any sort of anomalies?

Adult Misha 1


We would be rendered unable to use Song Magic. Likewise, we wouldn't be able to depict Hymmnos words in our feelings, so we wouldn't be able to understand the language when we saw or heard it. But aside of that, it seems like the systems that are related to our vital functions didn't get suspended at all.
If I just explain the Tower's systems the way Leard taught me about them, the Tower's functions would be divided into two main systems called the Service Infrastructure System (SIS) and the Basic Infrastructure System (BIS), and apparently Suspend only has effect over the SIS.
BIS comprises systems like the SH_RAM (a Static H-Wave memory that has Parameno as its main component) that gets commonly called the Song Magic Server, the environmental control console (the Musical Corridor) and the gravity control console (the Plasma Bell).
As for the SIS, it comprises a system called the Console. The console is the mechanism that reads inbound Dynamic H-Waves and them processes them as outbound Dynamic D-Waves... in other words, is the mechanism in charge of the Song Magic processing.
And it seems that the thought patterns of the Origins are included in the SIS for some reason. However, we have no reference documentation for the Origins anymore, so no one knows why they are made like that.
Anyway, about if we could live happily like that, it would be an entirely separate issue, but I think there would be no problem for us to continue living normally.



Happy New Year! And in celebration of the new year (?), I've decided to submit a question.
Please, help me out with it.
In Toukou Issue #81, I learned that the Soulspaces of the Pureblooded β-Types are part of an Origin's copy, but how are the Soulspaces of the Third Generations made?
Additionally, I'm interested in knowing how the Soulspaces of the IPDs are made (?). I'm thinking they would be made almost like how they are for the normal Third Generations, but IPDs had no Origins or βs to base from to begin with...



Third Generations are humans by nature, so they also have feelings the same way humans do. Theoretically speaking, the process when they awaken as Third Generations is that "a specific part of the Reyvateil qualities inside a human happen to match with a specific address within the SH Server, so the SH Server mistakenly recognizes a human as a Reyvateil".
. So basically, the SH Server executes a processes to "normalize the mental regons of a Reyvateil that it (mistakenly thought) to have carelessly overlooked until that moment". This is done with the cooperation of the LEM (Reyvateil Life Extending Mechanism), so it begins collecting information at high speeds from input media like the five senses, emotions and memories, and uses them to begin constructing their Soulspaces.
Said process takes approximately ten days to complete. Once it's complete, the Soulspace they have naturally as humans and the Soulspace they have inside the Reyvateils' SH Server become near-identical copies. These Soulspaces then undergo revisions endlessly after they have been created, so we could say that the human Soulspace and the Reyvateil Soulspace keep always performing mirroring on each other.
It is in this way that the Soulspaces of the Third Generations are constructed.

Adult Misha4


Anyway, I'm very surprised to say how your knowledge level has grown, given the questions you're all asking. At this point, you know a lot more details about the physical laws from our world than even the people who live here.
So I hope we can continue enjoying the world of Ar Ciel this year too!

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06


Happy New Year!
And it's just 30 more days before Ar tonelico 3 is released. Knowing that there's only one month left before it is getting me all excited. Will you all enjoy it? Will it get you excited at some point? Will you all like it...? When I think about that, I can't help getting all excited and nervous.
Since 2010 started, it felt like it was going to be an excellent year to get excited about Ar tonelico. Please, make sure to continue supporting the Ar tonelico series this year too!

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