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This Month's Tsukkomi Aurica[]

Toukou 01


オリカだよ。誰かさんにオボンヌ話で引っかき回されないうちに、人気投票の結果を発表するよー! というわけで!栄えある第二回人気投票の第一位は…!
すごいよミシャちゃん!強いよミシャちゃん!なんだか出来レースのように思えてくるほどに強い! そして、毎回狙っているかのようにシュレリア様と数票差…というのも憎い演出だよね!

Aurica here. In order to prevent a certain someone from taking over this corner with Funbuns, we're going to announce the popularity contest results! So! The glorious first place winner of the second popularity contest was...!
Naturally, it was Misha-chan!
That's amazing, Misha-chan! You're so popular, Misha-chan! So popular it's almost like the results were fixed! And the difference in votes between you and Lady Shurelia, who seems to trying to catch up... what an amazing showing!


組織票とか入れてない? …。


...hey, she's not really after her, is she?
You're not all voting for her, are you? ...





Okay, I get it! There's no way, that could happen, right? Hahaha!
Right, let's do our usual interview with the winner! Come on out, Misha-chan!

Adult Misha4



ま、まあいいか。みんな、ありがとう!まさか二回連続で一位になれるなんて思ってなかったわ。相変わらず大人のミシャの方が圧倒的に人気ね。 んー…そうだ。今日は二冠王になった記念に、開発秘話を1つするわね。さて、問題です!大人ミシャと子供ミシャは、どちらが先に企画されたでしょうか!


Wow, to think I'd win twice in a row,
I'm practically speechless.

Oh, and Aurica, you're kind of scary.

Oh well, whatever. Thanks, everybody! I never thought I'd come in first place twice in a row. Like last time, adult Misha was by far more popular. Mmmm... that's right. To commemorate my double victory, let me reveal a secret from during development. Pop quiz time! Which character came up first in planning, adult Misha or little Misha?

The correct answer is adult Misha.
The adult Misha's character was OKed around December 2004, and young Misha was OKed around February 2005. By comparison, Aurica's was in November 2004, and Lady Shurelia's was in December 2004. I think it's probably pretty obvious, but young Misha showed up pretty late, didn't she? There's a story behind that that always makes me tear up when I hear it.
At first, I only appeared as an adult. So, the first time they put us both side-to-side, we were both adult heroines. Then, the developers realized something. "There's only 2 heroines, but don't their designs overlap in a lot of ways?" But, it would have been too terrible to toss both of our designs. This problem was resolved by the scenario they were considering then. Little Misha was born from the scenario where Misha has her powers stolen by Tenba. So that's why little Misha was the only one they came up with while they were working on the game's story in February 2005.
...Huh? Lady Shurelia?
Well, she's the secret character, so she wouldn't have been publicized before the release, right?



Well, I guess that means I'm left out...

Question Corner[]

Otayori top

最近は投稿が多くなりつつあって嬉しい限りである! そんな努力を惜しまぬ貴様等のために、少し気張って今回も投稿枠を拡大したのである!!

I'm so happy to see so many more posts coming in! We'll have to ramp up our efforts to make sure your enthusiasm isn't wasted!!
Don't forget to be grateful if your post is chosen!

式でのヒュムノス語講座、「本気」と書いて「早くやってください!」と読むくらいやってほしいです! 英語がまともに分からない愚者ですが……やってほしいんです! そしていつか、というかあと2年後くらいには「英語は世界語」じゃなくて、「ヒュムノス語は宇宙語」くらいに広まってることを期待したいのですよ!

I'd really love it if you did an official Hymmnos lecture section! By which I mean please hurry up and do it! I'm a fool who can't even understand English... but I really hope you'll do it! And some day, well really in two years, I'd love for people to be able to stop saying "English is a world language" and start being able to say "Hymmnos is a universal language"!
(Nagaame Hibari)


確かに、ヒュムノスを使える人が増えたら、世界に詩が溢れて素敵ですよね。 ちなみに、ヒュムノス語講座を希望する方って、どのくらいいるのでしょうか。 希望者が多ければ、開講しようかとも思います。 …あ、でも…教えられる人が他にいないので…

A Hymmnos course, you say...
Truly, it would be wonderful if more people learned Hymmnos and the world was full of song. I wonder how many people would like to see a Hymmnos course? If there are enough, I think I'd like to start one. ...oh, but... there isn't anyone else to teach it, so...
I'd be the teacher... but, if you wouldn't mind....


Why don't people mind Lyner being such a cheat? Please tell me
(Anyway, wanna eat needles?)


俺はそんな浮気なんかしないから、秘訣とか言われてもわからないよ。 ってか、浮気なんかするようなやつは最低だ!!

Hey, just a minute, did you say I was cheating on people!?
I've never done anything like that, so I don't have any secret to tell you. Man, I hate people who cheat on people, they're the worst!!
Anyone like that deserves a punishment that'll really make them feel the pain of... huh? Aurica, Misha, Lady Shurelia, why are you all charging song magic?

ュレリア様はみんなから様づけで呼ばれていますが 実際はなにかあだ名で呼ばれたいのでは ないでしょうか?もしそうなら、自分ではどんな あだ名がいいと思っているのでしょうか?

Everybody always calls Lady Shurelia "Lady" Shurelia, but I wonder if she has some kind of nickname? If she does, I wonder what kind of nickname she likes?
(Representative of Western Japan)



Now that you mention it, Mir got called lots of nicknames in the Drama CD, but I didn't get any at all.
Still, you can't decide your own nicknames, so it's difficult...
Mmmm..... I think "The Eternal Sixteen" is a little too long, anyway...
I suppose I'll just have to get Aurica-san to give me a cute name with -chan in it.

く雑誌とかの企画でありそうな、さぽているのコスチュームデザインを募集したりはしないんですか? 投稿されたものの中からいくつか選んで、実際のコスチュームにするとか…! きっと可愛いコスチュームデザインがたくさん投稿されると思います!! と言うより正直もっと可愛いコスチュームが欲しいと言うのが、本音です;

Why not put a call out for Suppotail costume designs like they do in magazines? You could choose some from all the submissions and turn them into actual costumes...! I'm sure you'd get a lot of really cute costume ideas!! Or I guess I'm just trying to say I want to see more cute costumes ;;



…なんだか今のコスチュームが全然可愛くない、と言われているような気分ね。 何にしても、さぽているの「コスチュームコンテスト」は考えていないわけでもないわ。
ただ…開催しても、参加してくれる人がいないと、空しくて胸に風穴が空いてしまうから…。 念のため、先にみんなに意見を聞いておくことにするわ。

...It sounds like you're saying the current costumes aren't cute at all. Well, it's not like we hadn't thought about having a Suppotail costume contest.
But... if nobody participates, we'd have broken our own hearts for nothing... Just to be sure, I'd like to see what people think about it before hand.

Suppotail costume contest
I'd love to participate!
77 (36%)
I'll just watch, but please hold one.
134 (64%)

ラマside.Extra聞きました~いい話でした。 ドラマまた続きますかな?
ミュールさまの行動がかなり気になります。 そういうわけで是非side.ミュールも作ってください♪

I listened to Drama CD side.Extra~ It was a nice story. Will there be any more?
I'm very curious what Mir's going to be up to. I hope you'll put out a side.Mir♪


とにかく、side.Extraを聞いたならわかると思うけど、シュレリアにも秘密にしたことを言うつもりは無いから、諦めなさい。 ・・・まあ、気にしてもらえるのは、悪い気持ちじゃないけど。

You do? I don't want to.
You'd probably have more fun watching what Shurelia is doing than worrying about me, wouldn't you?
She's always falling down and getting lost, so it's certain you'd enjoy following her more than me.
Anyway, I think this is obvious after listening to side.Extra, but I have no intention of talking about something I'd even keep secret from Shurelia, so give it up. ...well, it's nice to know people are interested, though.

日、大人ミシャに活を入れられる夢を見ました。 死ぬほどときめきました。

The other day I had a dream where adult Misha really encouraged me. My heart was pounding so much I thought I'd die.
I couldn't do a thing at work that day.
I'm a failure at being a productive member of society, so I hope you'll help me out again!


大体、ミシャに活を入れられたらまたときめいて仕事できなくなるだろ? だぁかぁらぁ、今こそこの俺様の出番ってわけさ、ガッハッハッハッハ!!

Heh heh heh, if you want to be pepped up that much I'd be happy to work you real hard.
If Misha did it again, you'd just get all jumpy and be useless at work again, right? Sooooooo, that means this time it's my turn, ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!!
I'll give you such a workout you won't be able to move for a week, what a deal!!

は、 はじめまして!初投稿させていただきます。聖花と申します。
えっと、スタッフ様にお願いというか、なんというか…その申し上げたいことが…。 いつもさぽているでヒュムノスを聴いて思うのですが、リピート再生機能が欲しいと思っ てきました!(ぇ
ほら、お気に入りの曲とか何回も聴きたいのに、何回も♪アイコンをクリックして、曲選 ぶの大変じゃないですか。 だから、そういうのを改善するためにリピート機能が欲しいなぁ…と、勝手に思ってるだ けです。はい。
ま、まぁ、スタッフ様も大変なので…無理にとは言いません! そして、改めて、アルトネのサントラ欲しいと思う今日この頃(どうでもいい)だったり します

N-nice to meet you! This is my first post. I'm called Seika.
Umm, I dunno if you'd call this a request for the staff, or what... I've always thought this listening to Hymmnos in Supporteil. I'd love it if there was a looped playback function! (huh
See, I want to listen to my favorite songs over and over, but it's a lot of work to click the "Over and over♪" button and pick a song. So, I think a repeat button would be an improvement... personally. Yes.
W-well, um, I'm sure that would be a lot of work for the staff... so I don't want to force you! This is just something I thought up while I was thinking I wanted an Ar tonelico soundtrack (whatever)


でも、歌う人の気持ちも考えてあげないとダメよ。 CDじゃなくて、さぽているで聞きたいというなら特に。
さぽているのキャラは、あくまでもあなたのパートナーなの。 だから、自分のパートナーに歌ってもらっている、ってことを忘れちゃダメよ。 わかると思うけど、延々とずっと歌い続けるのって凄く疲れるでしょ?

A repeat button would be really convenient. But, please think of the person who'd have to sing it. After all, you're listening to a Supporteil, not a CD.
The Supporteil characters are your partner above all else. So, please don't forget that you're asking your partner to sing. I think you understand, but it really tires you out to have to keep singing, you know?
So be careful about what you say, and if you want to hear the song again, make sure you push the ♪ button with lots of gratitude.

の前、アルトネリコに名前が近いトネリコの苗を買ってきました。 すくすく元気に育っています。
最近この苗に名前でも付けようと思い、考え初めて早十日・・・・全然いい名前が浮かび ません。
そこでオリカさんに、このトネリコの苗に名前を付けてもらいたいのです。 一文字1500リーフでお願いします!!

Not long ago I bought an ash seedling. In Japanese we call the ash tree toneriko, which is a lot like Ar tonelico. It's growing really fast now.
I've been thinking I want to give it a name, but I've been thinking for 10 months... I just can't come up with a good name.
So, I thought I'd ask Aurica-san to come up with a name for this toneriko. I'll be happy to pay 1500 leaf per letter!

Adult Misha 1

それはともかく、友達とケンカしちゃダメよ。 特にそのケンカの原因が私じゃ、こっちが悲しくなっちゃうわ。 だからもう私のことでケンカしないでね、約束してね。

Please, don't fight over me!!
Hahaha, I always wanted to say that♪
But anyway, you shouldn't fight with your friends. Especially if it's over me; that just makes me sad. So promise me you won't fight over me anymore.
If you can't promise that, I'll have to incapacitate you both with song magic so you stop fighting.

ュレリア様!前回の人気投票でオリカのネタにされ…(涙)このまま、引き下がるわけ には行きませんよッ!?
オリカがちゃっかり「ちびオリカ」を追加したし、こちらも塔内の全権力、機能を使って でも「リンケージ」を追加するしかあるませんw シュレリア様の魅力で、オリカの悪巧みを阻止しなくては!!!(笑 がんばれ、シュレリア様!ツンデレデレ万歳~♪

Lady Shurelia! I can't believe Aurica made a joke of you with the popularity contest... *sniff* You can't just stop now, you know!?
Aurica even snuck in "chibi-Aurica" as an option, so your only recourse is to use all the Tower's facilities and participate as "Linkage" *g* You have to use your charm to stop Aurica's plots!!! *g* Good luck, Lady Shurelia! Long live tsunderedere~♪



だからあれは悪気があってやったことではないので、でもだから対応が難しいのも事実で・・・。 ・・・私、どうすればいいんでしょうか?

I believe I said this last time, but I'm not a tsundere.
Oh... honestly!
Please don't try to make me into a tsundere,
it's embarrassing...

Now, about Aurica-san... I don't think that's some sort of plot.
After all, Aurica-san is, well... I don't know if I should say she's airheaded, but...
Anyway, I'm sure she's not acting out of malice, so it's hard to deal with her, and... ...oh, what should I do?

分副業でライターやってるんですがね?毎回毎回締め切りで頭が死ねます。頭を働かせ る為にそんなに好きでもない甘物大量投入してるんですが、以前お医者さんから糖尿だの 高血圧だの気をつけろと言われてそっちの方でもかなりタイヘンです。 という事で、天才ボルドくん!何か一言お願いします!
それはそれとして、ハマちゃんのでかバージョンとかあったら見てみたいな。ではそうい う事で、そっちもお願いしますよボルドくん。ほら、無駄に溢れる気合で。

So I've got a side job writing. Those deadlines kill me everyday. I eat a lot of sweets to force my brain to keep working, but my doctor told me to watch out for diabetes and high blood pressure, so that's a real pain, too. So, Genius Bourd! Please give me some advice!
Oh, and if there's a big version of Hama, I'd love to see her. I hope you can do something about that too, Bourd-kun, with that useless reckless abandon of yours.
(Hashimoto Takahira)


・・・甘物食べれば頭働いてどうにかなるなんて、そんな簡単なら苦労はしないわ。 そう・・・そうよ、甘いものでどうにかなるなら、私だって苦労しなかったわ!!
あのドラマCDでシュレリアとライナーの三人でダイブしたときの話だって、どれだけ頭を悩ませて、どれだけ苦しみながら作ったことか! 簡単に作ったように見せてるけど、本当は何日も何日も頭を悩ませて作ったものなのよ! しかも変な幽霊にハッキングされて本当のラスト、地下に封じ込められた怪獣を光の巨人が殴り倒すっていう感動的なエンディングも台無しになるし!
・・・少し取り乱したけど、まあ、締め切りギリギリになればイヤでも頭働くだろうから、締め切り前日まで遊びほうけるってのも一つの手よ。 まあ、終わらなかったら作品の前にあなたが「完」だけどね。

Sorry, but I think this question is perfect for me, so I'll answer it.
So, you eat lots of sweets to keep your brain working... I see.
...if you could get by with just eating sweets to get your brain working, you wouldn't have to work so hard. Yes... that's right, if sweets could solve that problem I wouldn't have had to work so hard, either!!
How much do you think I worried, how hard do you think I worked during that three-person dive in the drama D! It looks easy, but it really took me days and days to come up with that! And then at the end we got hacked by some weird ghost, and the moving ending I thought up where the light titan beats up the monster sealed beneath the earth was all for naught!
...I guess I got a little distracted. Well, if you're up against a deadline, you have no choice but to wrack your brains, so maybe you're better off playing until the day your piece is due. But if you can't get it done, it'll be "The End" for you before it'll be the end for your work.


Why does Spica hate the Firefly Business Association?
Please tell me!!!


商工会なんてものはね、結局自分たちの利益を守ろうと必死になってるだけなのよ。 私が商工会に加盟せずに仕事をしているから、商工会にお金が入らない事を良く思っていないって感じね。 そうそう、この間あまりに腹が立ったから、お灸を据えてあげたわ。
最初の版には私の姿なんて無かったから…完成した手ぬぐいを見て腰を抜かした商工会長の姿がおかしかったわ。 どうやってやったのかって?ふふふ…私を誰だと思っているのかしら?

Why do I hate the Firefly Business Association?
Obviously because they get in the way of my work.
All they care about is protecting their own profits. I started my business without joining their association, so they can't think kindly of me for not paying them dues. That's right, they really got me mad recently, so I got back at them pretty good.
Originally, I didn't even show up, so... it was odd to see the association chair look at his hand towel and throw his back. How did I do it? Hmhmhm... who do you think I am, after all?
I'm on a first name basis with even more important people than the head of their association. That sort of thing's a piece of cake.


Hymmnos writing is very complicated. I'd love to know how they came up with it.


そこでは例えば、ヒュムノス文字に関する規則性や、どうしてあのような形をしているのか…などが載ってる。 興味があったら、買ってみたらいいんじゃないかな?
…何って?情報料だよ。有益な情報あげたんだから、当然でしょ? ま、今手持ちがないなら、仕方ないけど貸しにしておいていいよ。 利子は1分当たり0.5%。どう?良心的でしょ?

Let me tell you something good.
There's a little bit about Hymmnos writing in the "setting explanation" section of
Enterbrain's Ar Tonelico ~Melody of Elemia~ Perfect Guide strategy book.
Things like, how it works, and why the letters look like they do... If you're interested, why not pick it up?
...oh, but first...
That'll be 10 million Leaf, please.
...What? It's my information fee. I gave you a really good lead, right? Well, if you can't pay it now, I guess I'll have to give you a loan. The interest rate is 0.5% a minute. Well? Isn't that generous?

Don Leon's Confessional Dojo[]

O don top


Last time I helped a wayward youth onto the path of righteousness... he didn't say he was a youth...
Haaaaaaaaaah! This time it is I who will laugh last!!


I have something to ask Don Leon.
Will you permit me to use the Aurica bath towel to wipe up in certain places!?

Don Leon1

オリカさんのバスタオルで色んなところを拭くなど、例え神が許しても拙者は許さんぞ!! そこへひざまづけ!!命乞いをしろ!!拙者が成敗してくれるわ!!
テーブルの上やコーヒーをこぼした床、さらにはトイレまで拭こうと言うのだろう!? ええい、考えるだけでも許せん!

Y-you fiiiiiieeeeeeend!!! What are you thinkiiiiiiiiing!?!
Wiping up with Miss Aurica's towel, even if God permits it, I shall not!! Now bow down on your knees!! Beg for your life!! I shall mete out your punishment!!
You scoundrel... just thinking about it is a disgrace!!
To think that you'd use her towel to wipe the top of the table, or spilled coffee, or even the toilet!? No, I won't permit you even to think about it!
I'll beat you until every cell in your body begs for mercyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!
Y-you fiiiieeeeend!
I can't punish you for wiping your body with a bath towel!
Unfair scoundrel! I'll take that towel from yoooouuuuu!!!

Hama's Submissions Dojo[]

Tks header 04 hama



The Submissions Dojo is still open!
Neither rain nor wind can keep the Submissions Dojo from taking your work!
That's because dojos are really strict places!!


ミュール(みぅちゃん)のイラストです。 描くときの最難関は、彼女は服を着ない事ですね。(笑) 何とか服を着せてみましたが、普通に着させると彼女らしくないので、結果としてこのようになりました。 髪が黒の長髪なので、和服が似合いそうですが、彼女が着てくれる確率は・・・・う~ん。


This is Mir (Miu-chan). The hardest part of drawing her is that she doesn't wear clothes *g* I tried making her wear something, but that's not like her, so it ended up like this. She's got long black hair, so she'd look good in Japanese clothes, but would she ever wear them...? Ummm....
Anyway, I hope you'll accept my picture for the 4th time in a row!

■Homepage "Shin-Oze's Room"
Soon I'll probably power it up with an Ar tonelico page and some pictures.
I'll probably feature the pictures I posted to the Toukousphere.


実は床に着くぐらい髪の毛が長いから、十二単とか超似合うかも知れないのよ。 次は是非、十二単を着せてあげるのよー!

Wow, it's Mir in Japanese clothes!!
Mir has long hair, so I think she looks good in Japanese clothes.
It actually reaches all the way to the floor, so a ceremonial robe would probably look great on her. Next time you should draw her in a juuni-hitoe!


今回はテーマをつけて挑みました それは「人形」です。
このテーマには二つの意味があるのですが この絵を見てそれを感じ取ってもらえると幸いです。

I tried going for a theme this time: "dolls".
There are two meanings to this theme; I hope they come through in this picture.



Wow, it's really sparkly... she really does look like a doll!
Just like a bird resting her wings, too.



Since Hama-chan told me I should go for a hat trick after my last post, I had no choice but to post again!
I've always liked to use lots of different photographs in my pictures. Sol Ciel lost most of its land and oceans a long, long time ago, but I'm sure it was very beautiful a long time ago, so I arranged that kind of photograph around Meimei, who's lived as long as Lady Shurelia.
...but, personally, I also like Sol Ciel how it is now!


そうなのよ!メイメイは緑の大地を知っている、数少ない人なのよ。 きっとメイメイの中には、今でも緑の大地の記録が残っているのよー…。 なんだかとってもロマンチックなのよ…。

And so you easily slide in with your third goal.
Meimei is so cute!
That's right! Meimei is one of the few people who remembers the green earth. I'm sure she still has memories of those times deep inside her... How romantic...


資料が少なくて色々間違ってそうですが…そこは勘弁願います~;; 詩魔法のキャラ可愛いのに中々光が当たらなくって残念です… これを気に光があたってくれると嬉しいです!



This is my second post!
This time I wanted to draw Flower, the song magic~
There isn't a lot of information about her, so I probably got some things wrong... I hope you'll overlook that~ ; ; It's too bad the song magic characters don't get much attention, they're so cute... I hope this helps bring light to your spirit!

■ Homepage "Suppotail display + picture post page"


…そ、そんなの自分でダイブし直して確かめればいいのよ!! 私の口からは言う気にもならないのよ…あのバカのことなんて…。

Oh, this is Misha's "Flower" song magic!
This "Flower" is something that idiot worked real hard to grow.
...what? Who's "that idiot"...?
...if you have to ask, why don't you go Dive again and find out for yourself!! I'm not going to tell you... anything about that idiot...


前回は載せてくださった上にハマのツッコミまであって飛んで跳ねて喜びまし た。ありがとうございます…!!
もっと他のキャラも光りを!!というわけで今回は社長とクルシェに光りをあてて みました。ボルドも入れて「天覇組」とかやりたかったのですが…ムリでした。 ですがアルトネにはまだまだ「あまり光りのあたらない人たち」がいるので、応 援も兼ねてもりもり描いていくことを目標にしようと思います(笑)

I was so happy to have my picture accepted last time, and even have Hama comment on it. Thank you very much...!!
I wanted to shine the light on even more characters, so this time I drew Krusche and the President. I wanted to add Bourd too and make it the whole Tenba group, but... it didn't work out. However, Ar tonelico still has a lot of characters to shine the light on, so I'd like to support you all by drawing more and more pictures *g*


でも、天覇社員なら、案外普通に見られる組み合わせでもあるのよ。 なんだか、ソル・シエールの日常を垣間見ているようで、和むのよ~。

Wow, it's the Tenbas!!
We really don't see these two together much.
But they're probably the easiest two in Tenba to imagine together. It's so refreshing to see something like this, it's like a slice of daily life in Sol Ciel!

Super Supporteiler[]

O super top



スーパーサポテイラー・るあ(Atelier Search)

さぽているでダイブが出来るという、今までにないサポテイラー。 上から二番目のアイコンをクリックしてみよう。様々なコンテンツの中に、一際興味をそそるものがある。 それは「ダイブ」というコンテンツ。まさかな…と思いつつもクリックをしてみる。 何と名前を入力しないとダイブさせてくれない。既に本気の度合を感じる。 そして名前を入力し、ダイブしてみると…確かにそこには「コスモスフィア」が広がっていた。 会話によって続いていく幻想的な世界。そこには確かにオリジナルな精神世界が広がっているのだ。 それも、しっかりとコスモスフィアレベルまで存在しているのである。 正直、これは面白い!アルトネリコをプレイした方なら是非プレイしてみて欲しい。

氷龍(Go with the flow...)

サポテイラーの為のサポテイラーである。 上から二番目のアイコンをクリックしてみよう。 通常のサポテイラーが様々なゲームを配置しているそのメニューに、一風変わったメニューが並ぶ。 それらのコンテンツは、サポテイラー同士のリンクであったり、FLASH会話の講座であったり、 それは明らかにサポテイラーの支援を行うためのさぽているなのである。 さぽているをもっと極めたい者、そして始めてみたが右も左も分からない諸君は是非会話をしてみては如何だろうか。 楽しくさぽているについて、深く知ることが出来るであろう。

Editor's Postscript[]

今回は「スーパーサポテイラー」への応募が予想以上に殺到した事に驚きと嬉しさがありました。 そして、もっと皆さんに分かるように募集告知をしなければいけないな…ということで反省。 更に、今回は皆さんからお寄せいただいた「同盟サイト」を紹介する予定でしたが、それも諸事情により次回になりそれも反省…。

I was really surprised to see such a flood of submissions for "Super Suppotailer". It made me happy. I ought to make it clearer when I'm asking for submissions for you all... I'm sorry about that. I'd been planning to introduce a partner site to you all this time, but unfortunately that will have to wait for next time.. I'm sorry.
This is turning into a real confessional.
Still, your messages to us truly delight us, and give us the energy to work on the next issue!
So, I hope you'll all keep posting! (Tsuchiya)