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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]



I have to do the title call, even though this isn't the Submission Dojo!!
And unlike Don Leon, this time I was asked to answer questions as well as doing the title call!!
Now I think about it, it feels like I've never really gone out of the Submission Dojo, right?
That makes this issue a very important one!!



If a Third Generation or IPD leaves the range of her Song Magic Server and gets her RT qualities put into a latent state, would it be impossible to Dive into her?
(Kimura Shuuichi)



If I had to answer, I think it'd be correct to say that Diving into her would be impossible.
Since she would be in a "state where she can't communicate with the Tower", the most correct answer would be that she would also be in a state where a Dive could be conducted but it wouldn't be possible to do anything in it. To put it more simply, it would be a complete blank or complete black world, which in terms of data would read as "00".
Still, since the Install Port also serves as an access point for the Soulspace, the Dive itself would be possible. However, the Diver would end up completely alone in a world where they wouldn't be able to get any sensory data from their five senses: they would end in state similar to floating in a completely black void.
If the Reyvateil gets a bit inside the range of the Server, it would be possible to see a small part of her world, but not the entirety of it. Maybe it'd be sensible to compare it to the relationship between a TV and the electromagnetic waves.



For the Technical Service Center.
In which kind of state does the sound generator of origins, EXA_PICO exist right now? Does it exist as a point at the very center of the universe whose dimensions we can't even fathom; or does it exist as an 11-Dimension being, of an order far higher than us three-dimensional beings which can only be observed in the three-dimensional universe as the energy it emits in the form of background radiation; or does it appear and disappear from the three-dimensional space depending on certain wave amplitudes; or does EXA_PICO itself keep expanding, and the universe and everything it comprises, including Ar Ciel is contained within it?
(Sanada Kaoriko)



We still haven't been able to fully comprehend EXA_PICO with the science level that Sol Ciel has at the moment, so anything we can say about it is reduced to simple speculation. EXA_PICO itself isn't a three-dimensional object, so it's said that we can't observe it in its entirety from the three-dimensional world. So far, we have successfully identified around 10 different waves types from it like D, H and N-Waves, but we only understand clearly the functions and rules that govern D and H-Waves, so the others are a complete mystery to us.
Furthermore, leaving out our planet Ar Ciel, there is a number of waveforms that surpasses the hundreds, and leaving them out there is also an even larger variety of shapes to them. However, not all of them can be observed from the three-dimensional world. Ar Ciel is formed from the waves that were relayed to an appropriate level from the ones that have EXA_PICO as their point of origin, so Ar Ciel itself and we, the people living in it are included inside EXA_PICO... or more strictly speaking, we are included inside the feelings of EXA_PICO itself, so it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say we are all the delusions of EXA_PICO.
And if I'm allowed to make a digression, try imagining a fictitious world inside your mind and placing people on it. When you do that, you would be doing inside your brain the same act that EXA_PICO is always carrying out, so even if that delusion only lasts for a second, you have created an eternal instant in which the people in the world of feelings inside your brain are living.
That is, the world is structured in a fractal-like manner, so while the waves composing them and their respective scopes might be extremely different from a part to another, the capabilities they have and the acts they carry out are all the same from EXA_PICO to the humans. We could also say that this world has a structure similar to an "infinite matryoshka". However, we still haven't found the medium the waves need to be transmitted. However, there is also the little explanation that the waves behave like particles in our world.
If I had to state an established theory about this world, it would be the following: when waves have become bodies of high energy, they can gain a strong repellent force from forming specific wave patterns, which also gives them the property of repelling the waves from other patterns with specific shapes. The collisions between these repellent forces are what we recognize as "matter".
I don't know if this answer will satisfy you, but... how was it?



There's something I'd like to ask Don Leon.
Don Leon once disappeared inside Aurica's Cosmosphere, and he was revived thanks to the efforts Lyner made in the real word. However, what would have happened to him if Lyner didn't make these efforts?
Would Aurica have stayed without a Mind Guardian forever, or another Mind Guardian that wasn't "Don Leon" would have been born?

Don Leon1 拙者に質問とな!!!


You're asking me that!!!???
That surprised me a lot too!!
And there's something that happened related to how I disappeared. This might be shocking, but the fact I disappeared was no more than one of Miss Aurica's facets. It might be a little hard to explain, but in short, the Don Leon that was aggressive to Lyner disappeared from Miss Aurica's subconscious.
The only time in which I would really disappear for good would be when Miss Aurica forgot about me at a subconscious level. Still, since the me that was aggressive to Lyner disappeared, I fear that his influence could cause me to disappear entirely.
That would be the case if Lyner somehow caused me or Miss Aurica a tremendous shock, and that wound caused in turn to make Miss Aurica forget about me. In that case, I would vanish entirely.
But even if Lyner hadn't made that effort or if he had left the aggressive me disappear without doing anything about it, it wouldn't be a large problem. However, if Miss Aurica sustained a large wound in her heart and completely rejected me from the inside, I would disappear and a new Mind Guardian would be born to replace me. I can only pray that never happens...



All the Mind Guardians that have appeared so far have been very small, but it's possible for them to be large? I'm guessing the would be very conspicuous in the Cosmosphere if they were so large (like Shadow Mir-level large).



I'll answer this question about the Mind Guardian's size!!
Theoretically, there's no limit for how big a Mind Guardian can be. But since people usually don't have the chance to see a very large world during the point in time when Mind Guardians are born (during early childhood), Mind Guardians generally end up being based off items that are familiar to them, so I don't think it'd be rare for something physically large to become Mind Guardians.
To give an example from your world, let's suppose you're watching TV and a monster comes out in a show, and if that monster ends up becoming something in which your heart relies for some reason, it'd end up becoming a gigantic Mind Guardian.
But since the people in the TV can only say but not listen to things, it's pretty hard for fantastical things to become Mind Guardians, which is why you'll rarely something unreal as a Mind Guardian.



About the Hymmnos that is learned when a RT has her qualities awaken, is it established by that time if she'll be attached either to Central Standard Note dialect or the New Testament of Pastalie dialect?



It's established to which dialect she will belong indeed, but you have basically have the order reversed.
The SH Server (Soulspace) of the Reyvateils is directly connected to the Hymmnoserver, so please think of it as if they have an added Hymmnos lookup function.
Whenever a Hymn Crystal is Downloaded, first the world inside it is expanded into the SH Server, and then to put the feelings forming it into words, they draw the words they think will be the best for expressing it from the Hymmnoserver. So the lookup method used at that moment has nothing to do with the dialects. And anyway, the so-called dialect are no more than something like a simple set of words, so while it's somewhat different from them have a stored pack address, functionally it doesn't seem to be any different from that.
So ultimately, the words drawn out from the Hymmnoserver just belong to the dialect to which they belong, so the Reyvateil mustn't necessarily be conscious of to which dialect they belong. Well, there are some people that prefer using a specific dialect over another because they admire it or like it, so it's very frequent that they end up using the dialect they like the most unconsciously.
But going back to the original question, this works the same regardless of a song is Downloaded into a Reyvateil through the Preinstall Model or through a Hymn Crystal due to the aforementioned reasons. In short, the dialects do exist but the Reyvateil aren't necessarily aware about them.
And of course, even if I don't say it myself, I think you should know the New Testament of Pastalie is an exception to this.



We had a very deep Technical Service Center this time!!
And since Ar tonelico 3 is going to be released soon, make sure to get familiar with the currently know world setting!!

Editor's Postscript[]


And well, time to celebrate the announcement of a new game! To everyone who was expecting it, I'm very sorry it took us this long.
Right now, all members of the staff are putting all their efforts into the game! Please, make sure to look forward to it as you wait!
I'm really thinking I'm going to die (*laughs*), but I'll still do my best to make it into a truly great game. So please, make sure to enjoy Ar tonelico in its entirety, including this sequel!

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