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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

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Welcome to the Last Bosses' Technical Service Center.
Since we abnormally got several Tsukkomi-styled submissions, it was quite a dire distress to reply to everyone. It seemed just like all questioners were wanting us to have cringing faces. So now even the last bosses have joined forces to flee from the burning questions, even if they have to do it barefoot.



Indeed. Although even last bosses have to join forces.


The Cosmospheres of the Third Generations seem to be structured when the Reyvateil reaches around 13 years, but it seems that the Reyvateils that got an outbreak, such as Cloche at age 3, can have it structured much more sooner. It can take up to reaching 15 years to be made? And they wouldn't have any problems without a Cosmosphere at that age, given that's beyond 13 years?
And how about the artificially made Reyvateils such as the Origins and Beta-types? Well, the Origins have the Binary Field as their Cosmosphere, so they might not have anything with this, but around which time the Binary Field of the Origins and the Cosmospheres of the Beta-types are structured?
And by the way, how about the prime field synthesis and Cosmospheres of the Pureblooded β-types?


第三世代におけるコスモスフィアの形成は、だいたい13歳くらいの時にある程度の固定化を見ることが出来ます。その前に発症する場合…特にレイカさんのように3歳で発症をした場合でもコスモスフィアは存在しますが、13歳程度までの間は大変不安定で、ダイブには適さないと言われています。ですので正確には、13歳くらいの時に安定する、というニュアンスになりますね。 13歳以下でのダイブ行為は、精神が不安定な為、いわゆる「世界」として構築されていない部分が沢山存在する世界になります。そういった所にダイバーが足を踏み入れてしまいますと、ダイバーも理不尽な死を遂げたり、レーヴァテイルも精神に異常を来したりするために危険なのです。

About the formation of the Cosmospheres of the Third Generations, they are generally completed and determined as something visible when they reach 13 years old. If they have a breakout before reaching that age... especially in a case such as the one that Reika had at the age of 3 years, she will have a Cosmosphere, but until she reaches 13 years, it will be extremely unstable, and thus not suitable at all for Dives. So then, the nuance is that they will have a Cosmosphere, but it won't get stabilized until they reach the age of 13 years.
If a Dive is performed in a Reyvateil that has yet to reach that age, because of the instability of her mind, the many parts of her mind will exist mingled as a world, but they won't be structured at all into something we would call a "World". If a Diver tries to walk over a place like this, he/she will be highly risking to die in it, and also, to causing grave damages to the Reyvateil and her mind.
As for the Pureblooded β-types, their Cosmosphere is formed when they are born as the equivalent of a 6-year old human, and while it's said that it would be better to not Dive into them until they have reached about 13 years in age, Diving into them isn't as risky as it would be in an immature Third Generation. If a Reyvateil has an outbreak at 15 years old, at that point in time, her Cosmosphere is already completely formed. At the same time the outbreak occurs, the LEM (Life Extending Mechanism for the Reyvateils) tries to correct the errors in the Cosmosphere, and to repair all of them, it has to overwrite it. Because of this, the human part and the Reyvateil part of their minds ends getting fused, structuring her mind in such a way that there are no internal inconsistencies or contradictions. However, this last part doesn't have any relationship to the age in which said outbreak occurs.

お願いします。br /> (パッパラ)

I have been thinking about this for a long time, but it's the final boss for Ar tonelico 1, "Shadow Mir", a virus?
Or perhaps it's a [Song Magic that manifested Hatred]?
This has been troubling so much, that I haven't been able to sleep.
Please, tell me.



Well, to define that would be quite hard. But both forms of saying it could be correct.
I was the one that created the "Viruses", and though they are programs in the system, they are still the result of the materialization of Dynamic D-Waves, and since they were shaped by very powerful "feelings", they were structured through the same process that makes up Song Magic (Dynamic H-Wave to Dynamic D-Wave Conversion), and created through it. Well, to put it shortly and roughly, "Everything that was mass produced, using the same method for the Song Magic, are Viruses". Of course, this a very rough way of putting it, and by this same definition, something like SunSun Summon could be also considered as a Virus, which is why I said it would be very hard to define them.
And about what kind of existence could be Shadow Mir, it's a Song Magic-like existence I crafted on impulse, but because it's also something that for getting materialized received the blessings of the Tower, it's hard to say what it actually is. In short, even as "hard" as I could have described it, the fact is that maintaining its existence puts a heavy load on the Tower. That is because the more pure feelings are, the higher the amount of energy that's contained in the H-Waves that makes them up, more or less. If we had to treat Shadow Mir as a Song Magic, we could consider it as a Lv. 9 Song Magic.


I have a question about the Emotion Verbs. At a glance, it seems that it's possible to make Emotion Verbs with Emotion Vowels and without Emotion Vowels that have the same pronunciation (for example: t.n. and tUn).
In a situation like this, how can we distinguish the pronunciation?
And in case it's impossible, how we can judge the difference between both? We basically should judge the context in which the same verb it's being used, though that's harder?
Please, teach me.



This is pretty difficult to explain, but basically is the same thing as the Japanese being unable to see the differences between words such as "glass" and "grass", which the native speakers of English are able to distinguish. t.n. and tUn are the same thing, with the former being pronounced "tun" and the latter "tuun" (or maybe "toon"). However, when they are pronounced, they sound almost the same. However, the IPDs can recognize each one of these, and because the Tower is able to clearly read their feelings, the pronunciation of something like "tUn" is unimportant when they sketch the feelings they are conveying to the Tower.
You remember that the definite difference that Hymmnos has with the general languages is that the feelings are much more important than the pronunciation, right? The normal languages have the "Keep on mind that for conveying words to other people, you have to pronounce correctly what you say" mentality. However, Hymmnos has the "Let the things you have in your heart be sketched by the Hymmnos language, and let them flow by themselves from your mouth" mentality, so, if the singer thought [tUn], no matter how she pronounces it, the Tower will still receive it as "tUn".


I have an small question.
Lady Shurelia's true name is Eoria, right?
Then, why she keeps calling herself as Shurelia?
While in the other hand, Frelia continues keeping her name...


Let's get Technica~l! I had a little question about the stories of the past of Sol Ciel, and it's: when did Lady Shurelia change her name from Eoria to Shurelia? That has been on my mind for a while.
Could it be that she is called Shurelia because she ended hating the name "Eoria", or something like that?



Why I have to answer two similar questions at the same time?
Well, during the period of the First Era, which was 700 years ago, my creator, Eleno, was the one that gave me my name.
The name Eoria was actually a codename that was used during my development, which officially is nothing more than a title... Right, in a way of speaking, it would be the same thing as if you bought a robot, and the model name of it was "X86", but you would like to give to it a name thought by yourself. I think it could be the same thing, or maybe not...?


About the methods for obtaining the Life Extending Agent, while the majority of the Reyvateils of Sol Ciel have to be working for Tenba or the Church, in which kind of work the Reyvateils of Metafalss are usually employed, given that they don't have that kind of worry?
And what kind of work the Reyvateils that are unable to do Dive Therapy, do?


レーヴァテイルが有利になる職業と言えば…うーん、傭兵とか? あとは治癒師(ヒーラー)と言われる仕事があるね。そもそも、レーヴァテイルの特技が詩魔法とコスモスフィアであるとはいえ、それでなければいけない、というものはあまりなくて、逆にレーヴァテイルだと有利な職場、というと、メタ・ファルスにはかなり多いんだよね。ただそれも適性によって…保育士さんもレーヴァテイルだと有利になるケースがあるけど、それは紡ぎ出せる魔法によって全然有利ではなかったりするし、そういう意味では前述の傭兵や治癒師も同じ。要は、レーヴァテイルの能力はパソコンと同じで、どう活用しているかによってがらりと様相が変わってしまうものなんだよね。

About the job that would be the most profitable for a Reyvateil, that would be... hmmm, as a mercenary? Or also working as a healer. In the first place, the special skills of the Reyvateils are their Song Magic and the existence of their Cosmospheres, without any other characteristics, and on the contrary, there are many possible profitable jobs for the Reyvateils in Metafalss. But their aptitudes for doing so... in which a case could be profitable both for a Vanguard and a Reyvateil, if she can't craft any magic for it, it won't be profitable at all. Such are the kind of cases that could be seen while working as a mercenary or healer. In short, the abilities of a Reyvateil are similar to the ones of a personal computer, but how these abilities are used differ greatly from a kind of job to other.



For some reason, and no matter how much we tried searching for one, none of the responders got Tsukkomi this time around.



But still, there are some people out there who can't help being Tsukkomi, which is why they adorn their submissions with some smart gags.

Oh, well then. Have a nice day.

Editor's Postscript[]

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皆さんも身体に十分気をつけて、勉強に、仕事に励んでください! (土屋)

And it's finally October. Sometimes, I wish I could just disappear while leaving behind only a note saying "Don't search for me, please" or something like that.
Everyone, please make sure to continue taking care of your health, and strive to do well in your work and studies!

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