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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

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Garzburn's great...



Fwahahaha! I can't believe I was able to make the title call in this corner! Living so long allows you to do so many things.
And I owe being able to carry out such an important task to all of your submissions! Thanks a lot!



Well then, everyone better enjoy these questions and answers as much as they can!!


I have a question about the Hymn Codes, I know that they are divided into either three or four parts, such as "MIR_TEIWAZ_ARTONELICO" and "MISHA_FEHU_EOLIA_ARTONELICO". The first part is the name, and the last part is the name of either the Server or the Relay Station. The one I don't understand is the middle one. It's automatically written when the Reyvateil is created, or are there any special rules to it? Please tell me, it has worried me a lot.


例えばフレリアなんかですと「FRELIA_ANSUL_SOL=MARTA」ですから、ソルマルタサーバーの統率者、という事になりますね。ちなみに第一紀では、β純血種は更に多岐にわたっており、「FEHU_EOLIA」以外にも沢山ありました。ジェネリックβと言われていた私依存ではない種も沢山ありましたよ。その場合や例えば「NANAMI_FEHU_RX0018J_ARTONELICO」なんて感じになります。また、孫も出回りました。例えば「SELLA_FEHU_NANAMI_RX0018J_ARTONELICO」などになります。このように、孫になっていくほど名前は長くなっていきますので、最終的には寿限無寿限無…のようになってしまっていたレーヴァテイルもあっ たようですよ。

Of course there are special rules to it.
As a general rule, Hymn Codes are divided in three parts for the Origins and in four or more for the Pureblooded β-types. For example, my Hymn Code is "EOLIA_ANSUL_ARTONELICO", and the meaning of each part is more or less "Individual Identifier Name_Rank Name_Connected Terminal Name". We won't discuss here the Individual Identifier Name, so we will begin explaining with the Rank Name. As it says, the Rank Name indicates the place to where a Reyvateil belongs in the Reyvateil hierarchy. ANSUL means "highest level", and also "leader". And for example, in Misha's case, her Code is "MISHA_FEHU_EOLIA_ARTONELICO", which means that her Rank would be "FEHU_EOLIA", which would mean "Subordinate to Eoria". Namely, that she is a direct clone of me, created using my D-Cellophane as her base. The final part, the "Connected Terminal", it's only the name of the Server that administrates the personal information of the Reyvateil, in which currently we have only two Servers working through the inner part of the First Tower: "ARTONELICO" and "SOL=MARTA". And also, since these Servers are naturally separated by a very long distance, my administrative jurisdiction only reaches the "ARTONELICO" Server.
For example, since Frelia's Code is "FRELIA_ANSUL_SOL=MARTA", this means that she is the leader of the Sol Marta Server. By the way, since the Pureblooded β-types used to be much more numerous during the First Era, there were also many more Ranks besides the "FEHU_EOLIA" one, because there was a numerous kind of Betas called "Generic Betas", which didn't have any kind of relation to me. I remember that the Hymn Code of one of them was something like "NANAMI_FEHU_RX0018J_ARTONELICO". And they also had descendants. For example, the Code of one of her descendants was something like "SELLA_FEHU_NANAMI_RX0018J_ARTONELICO". And since the Codes became longer the more descendants they had, I think that in the end these Reyvateils... would end up having infinitely long Codes.



By the way, this is just to complement what was said above, but my name, "MIR_TEIWAZ_ARTONELICO" is actually a hacked Code. My true Hymn Code was "MIR_FEHU_EOLIA_ARTONELICO", but I changed it because it made me feel angry. However, I just made it as a redirect, so it's still as valid as any other normal Code. Isn't it convenient?

ころ語りやHartes ciel,melenas walasye.のような普通の『歌』に近い詩も根幹にちゃんとした想いがあれば、ヒュムネクリスタルに想いを残しておくことは可能なのですか?

If normal "songs" like The Heart Speaks or Hartes ciel, melenas walasye had feelings similar to those that form the core of proper Songs, would it be possible to leave them recorded into Hymn Crystals?



I'll be answering this, as I'm currently a novice in studying the principles behind the creations of Hymn Crystals! Let's study them together!
While your question seems to make a lot of sense, Harmony, I'm sorry, but the theory works in a completely different way.
Hymn Crystals don't just "seal away songs", the process it's actually "creating a program for controlling the Tower", and then "placing feelings for it later on". To make it easier to understand, it's like adding a strawberry flavor to a very bitter medicine. If we just added the program, the Downloading Reyvateils wouldn't know what kind of feelings they should have when they sing the Song that would put that program into execution. And if they don't know that, they wouldn't know how to express their feelings, thus reducing their emotional power, or the energy that becomes the strength of Song Magic, which could end up being lethal to them. So taking this in consideration, a story is added after the program so they are able to express these feelings the best they can. Given all of this, since they aren't recording equipment for songs, Hymn Crystals can't be used for storing songs such as The Heart Speaks. I'm sorry...


Garzburn is fine and dandy even inside of the Blastline, but how he'd fare in the Sea of Death?



Sorry, but that's impossible!
The Sea of Death and the Blastline are made up of entirely different things, and not I'm immortal or invulnerable!
But the world's quite a wide place! I've even heard that are creatures that can even live in the Sea of Death!


I've got a question about the Costumes of the Reyvateils.
In a previous Technical, it was said that "A Costume Change performed over yourself is a straight extension of the process that configures your own body". So, does this mean that if you grew from the time you got a costume, would that costume get restructured for its size to fit your current body?
And it might be a slightly different situation, but would that allow Adult Misha to wear her Child Misha costumes?

Adult Misha11


Well, it isn't really impossible, but...
Honestly, don't you think it'd be a crime for me to wear that magical girl and pajama outfits in my adult form?
And besides, to make these outfits fit my adult body like that I'd need to clearly and definitely imagine how I'd look wearing them
So, whenever I tried putting them on, I'd get so embarrassed by thinking "aren't they...?" that I'd be unable to craft them...


Recently, we've been under a lot of rain and strong winds because of the hurricane.
It's possible in Metafalss to control the weather, similarly to how it's possible in Sol Ciel?



Of course it's possible! Below Pastalia, and above the 'Scope, we have a round lithography for doing so called the "Wings of Hynemos".
I think we could call it the Metafalssian version of the Musical Corridor. Although its size is much smaller than the Musical Corridor, making its effective range much smaller, it still can perfectly control the weather.



Well then, with this, the Technical Service Center of this issue comes to an end. Now... can I finish up by introducing me friends through a Telemo call...?



N-no! This isn't your house,
and you can't do here as you please!



I see!! That's okay then!
(Although she got so ornery from saying I was going to call them... That was too close...)

Editor's Postscript[]

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It's been really hot lately, huh? However, it's that same heat what makes me want to put far more spirit into my work (in my dreams). Everyone out there, make sure to watch out over your physical condition, and put all your efforts into everything you do, no matter if it's love, work or studying! Everyone here at the Ar Portal will always be cheering you on as you work hard out there!

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