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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08



I'm Lyra!
And this is my first time appearing in the Technical Service Center!!
So it means I'm very surprised, but also very happy to be here!!
I'll enthusiastically do my best to answer your questions!!



If you answer this, I'd be very happy.
I want to know more details about the Songstones,
so please, tell me everything you can about them!
(Such as what kind of substance in our world would be comparable to them)
(Songstone Researcher)



And this where I work hard at explaining things!
If we compare it to normal stones, a Songstone ore would something kinda like a sapphire or ruby ore. They're formed by several elements mixed up with "Songstone Crystals". And by separating them through a special method, you can get "Grathnode", "Parameno" and "the part between them". A Songstone Crystal in its original form is like a crystal made from a mix of Parameno and Grathnode, and the Parameno part's always absorbing the feelings (Dynamic H-Waves) of Planet Ar Ciel that float in the atmosphere, and also the feelings of the people and animals living it, and the feelings of the other elements that form the crystal aside of it. And since it's a Parameno-Grathnode Crystal, it can keep a certain amount of Symphonic Power as Dynamic D-Waves inside the Grathnode Crystal part, so the Grathnode part can release as many Dynamic D-Waves (matter waves) as the Parameno part has absorbed feelings.
That's why the humans used to pray to them with strong feelings. When they did that, the Parameno part'd absorb their ridiculous power of their felings (Dynamic H-Waves) all at once. And it'd then release powerful Dynamic D-Waves from the Grathnode part, emitting a Symphonic Power level that can even affect the material world somehow. That's the full picture of the miracles caused by Songstones!
And you can break a Songstone to release lots of power, but that's because when you "break a combination of Grathnode Crystals and Parameno Crystals", the stone feels a strong shock at the time of its breaking, which turns into strong feelings that the Parameno Crystal absorbs. And since it's a combination of both, the Parameno-Grathnode combination wouldn't be able to continue keeping the Dynamic H-Wave energy inside itself due to being broken, so the Grathnode part'd release it as D-Waves all at once.
And if the Grathnode and Parameno parts don't keep this interplay, they won't be able to store Symphonic Power no matter what shape they take, so they wouldn't be able to manifest it as magic power in the end. That's why we could say the Tower of Ar tonelico is like a super-gigantic Songstone Crystal!



This is something I just thought up, but didn't Mimimi have an incomplete "Triangular Nuclear Loop" inside it that was synchronized to Infel?
If it was still intact, would it be possible to use it as the basis for an "IPD" "Pureblooded Beta-type"?
(Babango Seller)



It might not be impossible, but it's doubtful it would even become an actual Reyvateil. I personally don't know how complete the Triangular Nuclear Loop that Grammul put into Mimimi was, but it's because I had no ways to investigate it.
And besides, even if we had the Triangular Nuclear Loop, we would still need other elements like a D-Cellophane and a nurturing tank in order to make it into a Reyvateil, so Mimimi with only that Triangular Nuclear Loop is a kind of being we couldn't call either an IPD or an ATD (Ar tonelico Dependent, or traditional Reyvateil). This is because the D-Cellophane is what actually determines if they will be IPDs or ATDs, while the Triangular Nuclear Loop just controls the life force in the body of the Reyvateil.



Umm, please tell me the reason behind the name of the "Catwalk" in Ar tonelico 1, which is the natural enemy of the people with acrophobia.
(Tsubame Nei)



It's very simple, and maybe you'd do better to search for the definition of "catwalk" in the internet. There are scaffolds in the higher areas of places like building construction sites, correct? These scaffolds are usually called catwalks.



In a previous issue of the Technical it was said that if they left the effective range of the Tower, they wouldn't be able to receive its support, so would they also become unable to understand the Hymmnos language if they didn't consciously learn it? (I remember seeing an article stating they could understand it instinctively because the Tower's server did the translation for them...)

Adult Misha5


They couldn't. Just as you guessed, once they leave the Tower's range, they won't be able to craft words in the Hymmnos language inside their hearts, and they won't be able to feel anything when they look at writing in Hymmnos. Of course, it's a different story if they actually learned it. But anyway, it has never been verified that Pureblooded β-Types and Origins can continue moving outside of the Tower's range. It looks like the Origins would become slower and ultimately stop completely though, and I wonder what'd happen to us Pureblooded β-types. As for the Third Generations, they'd just become normal humans.



In Jakuri's 6th Cosmosphere stratum, Ayatane said that "what Mother does is similar to Dive Therapy...", but didn't Misha make up the first stratum to her Cosmosphere too?
We've got the details on how Jakuri and Luca did it, but we have nothing in special about how Misha remade her Cosmosphere, right?
Does that mean that all Betas can actually do it?

Child Misha5


Hmm, I think it varies from person to person.
You might need some knowledge and also some training to pull that off. About the training, I've heard it's pretty rough, but it wasn't that difficult to me, since it feels like being conscious during a dream and being able to manipulate it. In short, it's similar to when you think "Ah, this is a dream!" while you're asleep and then you can do whatever you want during it, so when you know it's a dream, you can change it entirely to be whatever you want. There are people that can't do that though, so the level of control they can exert may depend a lot on their personality. So that means that not all Pureblooded β-types can do it, and that it isn't necessarily hard for Third Generations to do it.



I've got a question about how the act of Diving can affect the body.
In issue #69, it was said that "the worst outcome would be cerebral death", and in #70 it was said that there were cases of Reyvateils being arrested due to the death of the Diver, but wouldn't it be every bit as dangerous for the Reyvateils too?
In the games, the Soulspaces of the Reyvateils end up having large quakes from the actions of the Divers and end up collapsing, so I was wondering... it's possible that there were any cases where that ended causing emotional instability to the Reyvateil in the real world and even went as far as overdoing it enough to kill off the Reyvateil?
Of course, we were told before that the safety regulations of the Dive Shopkepers that control the entire act are extremely strict for that to not happen, but since I'm not Croix, it'd be terrified from even thinking about taking a step into someone's Soulspace...



Of course it's dangerous for us Reyvateils too. In the case of the Diver, the way the Dive will proceed depends on the relative difference between their mental level and the Reyvateil's consciousness, so the risk won't change much regardless of how high or low the level they've reached is. As for the risk for the Reyvateil, it's comparatively than the one for the Diver, as the higher the level, the deeper inside her mind the Diver goes, so they would be able to intervene her mind at a much greater level. These deep areas... or better said, the deep psyche is also called the very root of the actions of a person, so if it's tampered with in a weird way, there's the risk that the reasons that make that person what they are... their very identity, could end up crumbling away. However, there have been next to no cases of physical death like "bodily death" or "cerebral death" for the Reyvateils, but instead they would get mentally slow, or could suddenly start acting in an uncontrollable violent way... sorta, as that could cause all sorts of mental disorders.
But well, that sort of thing usually never happens to couples that allow their hearts to connect steadily, one level at a time, and 80% of the Reyvateils and Divers never go past Level 6, so the cases in which a Reyvateil ended suffering from mental disorders from someone getting into their deep psyche are very rare, so we could say that almost no Reyvateils have gotten harmed from doing Dives.



Was it interesting? Now I reread it, my answer was the longest one... I put too much spirit into it!
I'll do my best at studying from today on, so I'll be able to show up next issue too!

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06

最近、色々な御意見を頂けるようになりました。毎回のトウコウスフィアでも、コレが面白かった!というものから、コレはまずいだろ!というモノまで、色々な御意見を頂きます。本当に嬉しい事なのですが、それと同時に、本当にトウコウスフィアを毎回楽しみにしてくれていて、真剣に考えてくれているんだなぁと思い、感謝の気持ちで一杯になります。御意見を頂ける方も、毎回楽しみに見に来ていただいている方も、本当にありがとうございます。ついにアルポータルも3年目に突入します。今後とも変わらずのお付き合いをよろしくお願い申し上げます! (土屋)

We have received all sorts of opinions lately. From ones saying that "this issue was the most interesting out of all the Toukousphere ones!" to ones saying "this sucks!", we've really received all kinds of them. It makes me very happy, but at the same time, they make me think that if you truly have enjoyed all the issues of the Cosmosphere, I can only think more seriously about how to improve it and give you all of my gratitude. I'm also very thankful to everyone out there that have sent us their opinions, and to those that look forward so much to seeing the next issue. And so, the Ar Portal Third Anniversary has finally come upon us. I hope we can continue always having fun together from now on!

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