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This Month's Tsukkomi Aurica[]

Toukou 01


前回はライナーに思いっきり邪魔されちゃったからね。 今回こそは、人気投票の感想だよ!
と言うわけで、1位のシュレリア様から一言感想をもらおうと思います。 シュレリア様、どうぞ!

Lyner sure did take over last time. But this time, we're gonna talk about the popularity contest!
Let's see, first place was... Lady Shurelia!!
Tadaaaa! Congratulations!!
Good job, Lady Shurelia! You won fair and square!
So, let's hear from the victor herself. Lady Shurelia, you're up!



Wha!? ...uh, umm... I wasn't ready for something like...!
Ohh, what should I say... Everyone! Thank y...




でもズルイよね。ミシャちゃんは「ちびミシャちゃん」と「でかミシャちゃん」を合わせた合計なんだもん。 あたしなんて「でかオリカちゃん」しかいないのに、何だかちょっと損した気分だよ…。

ドラマCD[side.Extraを買ってないのバレバレだよ? あたし達の温泉旅行のお話なんだから、ちゃーんと買・っ・て・ね♪とはいえ、もちろん「みぅちゃん」はゲームの中でも登場していた子だよ。 それじゃ、最後に「でかミシャちゃん」から一言頂きたいと思います。

...I bet that's what you all thought, but that's not what happened.

First place was actually

But, it's not fair. Votes for "little Misha-chan" and "big Misha-chan" both count for her. But with little old me, there's just "big Aurica-chan", so I guess I lose...

...Oh yeah, I have a good idea! Ehehe.
Well, um, the last contest didn't have entries for Miu-chan or Lyra, so we need to do another one!
Huh? Who's "Miu-chan"? Come on, that just makes it really obvious you
haven't bought the Drama CD side.Extra! It's about us taking a hot springs trip, so make sure to pick it up, okay?♪ Still, Miu-chan is someone who showed up in the game, naturally. Anyway, let's finish up with a word from big Misha-chan.

Adult Misha4

ちびミシャの方が人気有るのかな…なんて思っていたから…。やぱりライナーが少数派…って、これはオフレコ話。 何にしても、これで堂々とでかミシャで歩けるわね。
これからもお肌のお手入れ欠かさずにやらなくっちゃ。 今回もまた人気投票やるみたいだけど、また私に一票よろしくね。

Thanks for your votes, everyone!
It's kind of embarrassing to think that I'm the most popular... but to think I'd get this kind of opening with big Misha and little Misha... I wasn't expecting that.
I thought, well... little Misha is probably more popular, so... I guess Lyner's in the minority... wait, we're on the record, aren't we? Anyway, now I can walk around as big Misha in pride.
I'll have to make sure I continue to keep looking my very best from now on. It looks like they're going to do another popularity contest next time, so I hope you'll vote for me.

Question Corner[]

Otayori top

Tks inline 07

前回のトウコウスフィアアップ後に、「ボリューム少ない!パワー不足?」などという噂を小耳に挟んだのである! 拙者はショックのあまり、放蕩の旅に出たのであるぞ…。

貴様等が麻痺しているだけである!左上の比較を見るが良い! 第一回目と第五回目で、これだけ差があるのであるぞ! そして今回は! 前回の屈辱を拭い去るべく、怒濤の20連チャン回答に突入するのである!

After the last Toukousphere went up, a rumor reached my ears! "It's so short! Are they running out of steam?" I was so shocked, I had to go on a journey of discovery...
Howeverrrrrrrrrr! 18 minutes later I thought it over again and came back to say this!

That's not true at aaaaaaall!
You scoundrels have just lost your minds! Look at the picture to the left! Look how much difference there is between issue 1 and issue 5! And look at this issue! This time we've swept away our shame from last time with over 20 replies!


Nice to meet you. I'm Aisha. Well, um. Anyway, there's lots of words with really unusual readings. Like, for example "松竹" for the company called Shochiku. For some reason I just naturally read that as "matsutake", like the mushroom... my mother was with me then, and she just burst out laughing. (Well, of course she did.) And then there's "足立" (Adachi) as "ashi tachi" (standing feet), or "麻布十番" (Azabu Juuban, where Sailormoon takes place) as "Asanu no Juuban" (I think)...... Sometimes I even surprise myself with the things I come up with.


確かに、良く解らない読み方のものって沢山あるわね。特に地名とか。 そんな貴方に、貴方の住んでいる世界のステキな地名を幾つか紹介するわ。


…今日は珍しくまともな話をしたわ。 私にも、やれば出来るのね。

There certainly are a lot of words with unexpected pronunciations. Especially if they're place names. Allow me to introduce some of the more unusual names your world has to offer.
Try to get them all right.

(You might think it's "Umaku Yokochou"... but be careful.)
・西中島南方 (literally "west-central island south region")
(Which direction, exactly? You could make a lot of names like this, like East-West Island Northern Region, too.)
(There's a lot of "ka" and "chi" sounds in this name, so it sounds like some fantasy city.)
・新幹線 (that would be spoiling)
(There's actually a place named this.)

...well, I finally got to have a serious conversation for once. I suppose even I can have a shot when I get serious.

10 月20日に誕生日を迎えたのですが、私もいつまでも子供じゃないのでプレゼントがほとんど貰えません。めそり。 寂しいから誰か祝ってください~(T_T)

October 20 was my birthday, but I'm not a kid anymore so I didn't really get any presents. Sigh. I'm kind of down, so I hope someone will wish me happy birthday T_T



Happy birthda~~y!!
See, I'm here for you!! I hope everyone else will wish you a happy birthday, too!

Birthday call!
[ プレゼントはあ・た・し♪」 ]
Your present is m-e♪
25 (12%)
[ Happy birthday to you~ ]
72 (34%)
[ おめでとうございます! ]
Happy birthday!
56 (27%)
[ おめでとー!! ]
57 (27%)

すっっっっっっごいツッコミたいです。どうツッコんであげるのがよいでしょうかね? 是非ご意見お聞かせくださいな。 ついでに、アルトネの皆さんだったらどう答えてくれるのでしょうね? 気になります。 「ポイントカードのご利用ございますか?」

Advice, huh... that's what you said last time, so I'll really take you up on it!
At my job, when it's time to ring people up, I always have to ask people "Would you like to use your points card?", and it always feels like I'm going to mess up when I say it, but most people end up saying:
"It's okay."
Huh. What's okay, exactly?
That's what I aaaaaaaaaaalways want to say to them. How should I set them straight? Please let me know what you think. What would all you AT folks say? I'm really curious. "Would you like to use your points card?"
(Secret Colors)


「ポイントカードのご利用ございますか?」と聞いて「大丈夫です」ってのは「バッチリです!」という事だよ。 バッチリ利用するって言ってるんだから、「それじゃ早く出してよ!後ろのお客さんが待ってるでしょ?」ってハッキリ言わないとダメだよ? 似たような事だけど、高級な壷を販売する事になったとき、「いいです」とか「結構です」って言うお客さんには、急いで壷をお送りしないとダメだからね?
「良い!」「結構!」なんてお褒めの言葉までもらってるんだから、待たせちゃったら悪いじゃない。 …ね?


Geez! You really don't get it!
If you ask someone "Would you like to use your points card?" and they say "It's okay", that means "Exactly!" Since they really want to use it, you need to make it clear what's going to happen and say "Well, then, hurry up and take it out! The people behind you are waiting, you know?" It's kind of like when you're trying to sell really expensive vases to people, you have to hand it over right away if they say "That's okay" or "That's quite alright", you know?
They're saying good things like "Okay!" "Alright!", so it would be rude to keep them waiting. ...right?

So, anyway, I'd say something like this.
"Would you like to use your point card?"
"That's not okay."
See, isn't it easy to understand? I mean, I don't use point cards.

そういえば自分は外に出かける時は必ず音楽プレイヤーを持っていきます。コレがないと生きていけないってぐらいなのでっ。 それで聴いてる曲が主にアルトネのValkyriaなど他グラファンのRain of BlossomsやCriss Crossなどなど、とっても好きなわけです。もちろん他のゲームなどでも良い 曲はあるんですがさすがに何度も聴いてると飽きてしまうわけで。ところがGUSTさんの曲は個人的には何度聴いても飽きないので電車の中などで重宝しています。

Daily life, daily life...
Oh yeah, whenever I go outside I always take a music player with me. I couldn't live without it. I usually listen to AT or Valkyria music, or maybe AI3's Rain of Blossoms or Criss Cross. I really love that music. Other games have good music too, of course, but these songs I just never get tired of. I never seem to get tired of GUST music, so I listen to it a lot on the train.
I feel like I've really just wasted space with this message, but it's meant as encouragement so please overlook it orz


君が毎日音楽プレーヤーを持っていないと死んでしまうのもわかる気がするよ。 それが音楽の魔力さ。
Rain of BlossomsやCriss Crossなんて、なかなか粋なチョイスだね。
1~2曲目に収録されている「大地の鼓動」や「金環蝕」なんかは、アルトネリコファンは必聴だと思うよ。 それ以外にも、いろんなCDを発掘しているみたいなんだけど…そういうの、君は聞いてみたいと思うかい?

Isn't music wonderful? It feels like my heart's been wiped clean.
I can understand how you feel like you couldn't live without a music player. That's the power of music.
It seems like this page's administrator also bought a phone that can play music, but he listens to so much music the battery dies and he can't take calls for work. He's really become obsessed with music.
Rain of Blossoms and Criss Cross are very stylish choices.
It looks like the admin here has really taken a liking to Ms. Akiko Shikata's album Raka.
I think the first two tracks, "Pulse of the Land" and "Annular Eclipse", are must-listen tracks for Ar tonelico fans. He's discovered a lot of other CDs too, but... well, would you like to hear about them?


The admin's CD recommendations...
[ 興味有る!教えて! ]
I'm interested! Please tell me!
185 (99%)
[ あまり興味ないな… ]
I'm not really interested...
1 (1%)

それはオリカのインストールポイントの話 です。インストールイベントの時に、オリカのインストールポイントはうなじだと自分で 言ってたじゃないですか。でも第二部のオリカルートの時、ラードルフが「オリカのイン ストールポイントは腰にある」と言って、ライナーも普通に延命剤を入れてましたよね。
本当のインストールポイントはどこなんですか? それとも二つある・・・・・・とか? 考え て夜も眠れません!

Nice to meet you, I have a question I've been wondering about for a long time.
It's about Aurica's install point. During the install event, she said her install point is on the nape of her neck, but during Aurica's route in phase 2, Radolf says "Aurica's install point is on her waist", and Lyner was able to insert the LEM just fine.
Where is her install point? Or does she...... have two? I can't sleep at night thinking about it!


ええっ、ラードルフ司祭そんなデタラメを平然と言ってたの!? 私のインストールポイントは腰じゃなくて、うなじのところだよ。

それにしてもラードルフ司祭、とうとう顔だけじゃなくて頭の方まで老けちゃったのかな……。 それとも、誰か違う子と間違えたのかもしれないね。

Huh? Radolf said something that wrong with a straight face!? My install point isn't on my waist, it's on my nape.

Hmm, I wonder if the inside of Bishop Radolf's head is aging as fast as the outside is...... Or maybe he got me mixed up with some other girl.
Oh, it looks like Bishop Radolf has a lot of fans.
Why do so many people have such bad taste?

オリカのニックネーム(たしか、どかりんだったと思う)を確認しようとして、 探したんですけど、見つかりません。
探しようが足りなかったのなら、どうすればいいか教えてもらえないでしょうか? また、もし無いのであれば、作ってもらいたいと思います。

I was kind of wondering something.
Does the Toukousphere have an archive?
I wanted to check and see what Aurica's nickname was (I'm pretty sure it was Dokarin) so I looked and looked but I couldn't find it.
Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places, so could you please tell me? If there isn't an archive, I hope you'll make one.
(Wen Tianxiang (Purple Haze on Salburg))


本当だったら自分で探せって言うところだけど、まあ、今日は気分が良いから教えてあげるわ。 今あなたが見ているこのトウコウスフィアをずっと読んでいくと、下のほうに「編集後記」ってところがあるわね?

I'm sure you know the answer yourself.
The answer is, you're not looking hard enough.
Now, I'd normally just say find it yourself, but I'm feeling pretty good today, so I'll tell you. All the way at the bottom of the Toukousphere you're reading there's a section called the Editor's Postscript, right?
All the back issues are collected together right under that.
There, wasn't that a good explanation?
By the way, I guess it's not "Dokarin", it's "DOKArin☆".

こまできたらライナーにオボンヌの魅力についてとことん最後まで語りつくしてほしいです! ただそのせいで他のトウコウスフィア記事が掲載できないとかだけは勘弁してください。 お願いします

Since Lyner's already said so much about the appeal of Funbuns, I'd like to hear the rest of his explanation! At least, as long as it doesn't mean the rest of the Toukousphere can't be run.
I look forward to it


前回、前々回とアレだけ長くオボンヌについて語り、オリカ君の最初の挨拶までも邪魔したのだから、当然の結果ではあるがな。 さて、それでは本題だ。
突然だが、ライナーにオボンヌの魅力について最後まで語りつくして欲しい、という質問は禁止事項になった。 理由は、仮にも主人公であるというのに菓子一つで周囲が見えなくなり、あげく自分を抑えることも出来なくなり延々と語り続けるなどという行為に対する抗議文が多数寄せられたからだ。
これはライナーの語りに負けじと、自分も語ってやろう、と企む輩が出ないようにするための策でもある。 まったく、我が息子ながら情けない。


I'm sorry, but Lyner is busy at home sitting in a corner and meditating on his actions.
It's only natural after he spent all that time in the last two issues talking about Funbuns, even interrupting Aurica's introduction. Now, onto my main point.
I know this is sudden, but the topic of having Lyner finish his speech about Funbuns is now forbidden. This is because there were quite a number of written protests about how, despite being a main character, he became so taken with a simple snack as to lose sight of everything around him, finally becoming unable to control himself and speaking on and on about it twice in a row.
There are those who wanted him to continue on as long as he wanted, but there were over 3000 letters of protest against it, so Platina very quickly enacted the "Prevent Lyner From Talking About Funbuns" law.
This was done to prevent action by others who might want to try delivering such speeches in an attempt to one-up Lyner. How pathetic, even for that son of mine.

......now that I look at these letters more closely, 2990 out of 3000 were from Aurica-kun......

ゃ~、にゃごにゃご。ふにゃにゃにゃごろにゃw にゃ、ごろごろにゃ~にゃ~にゃごにゃご、ごろにゃごにゃ、にゃ?

Nya~, nyagonyago. Funyanyanya roll nya *g* Nya, rollroll nya~nya~ nyagonyago, roll nyanya, nya?


こんなものをもし口に出して読んでいたら、今度は私が迷惑メールで引っかかる存在になっていました。 うぬぅ、もしこれが暗号ではなく普通に送られて来たらと考えたら、恐ろしくて眠れませんな……。

Hmph, this must be some incredibly sophisticated cipher.
Interesting. Allow me to decipher it for you!!

H-how risque, no, how outright obscene!!
If I said this out loud, I, too, would fall prey to a prank letter. Hmm, when I think what would have happened if this hadn't been enciphered, I know I won't be able to sleep at night......


Umm, I'd like Aurica-san to come up with a name for me *fidget fidget*
A mean one is okay, since that looks fun *g*
Don Leon, too, good lucksies!


あ、でも今月は欲しいものあるから、ここでちょっと稼いでおくの良いかな。 それじゃあ、ちょっと長めで……「ビビリンゲボーボー」なんてどうかな。 あたしの大好きな言葉の一つをそのまま使ってるから、凄くかっこよくなったね。 でも、この言葉を前にラードルフ司祭に言ったら、やっぱり怒られたよ……。 とにかく合計で9文字だから、合計で13500リーフ。

Man, there was a letter like this in the second Toukousphere, too, what a pain in the butt.......
It's not easy to think up a good name, and I'm really busy, so that'll be 1500 Leaf a letter.
Oh well, there's some stuff I wanted to buy this month, so I guess I should work a little here. Okay, something a little longer...... How about "Bibilinger Bobo"? It uses one of my favorite words verbatim, so I think it's really cool. But when I said it to Bishop Radolf before, he got really mad...... Anyway, that's 14 letters, so that comes to 21000 Leaf.
That's 210000 Japanese yen, so if you don't pay up by tomorrow, some scary men will visit you♪

んとか学校の中間考査が終わりましたよー。成績もそんなに悪くはなくて一安心です。 ところで、アルトネリコの世界でもやっぱり学校とかあるんですよね。
ということで、一番頭の良さそうなシュレリア様に、どうすればテストでいい点を取れる のかを教えてもらいたいです!

Well, my midterms are over now. My scores weren't that bad, so that's a relief. There's schools and stuff in the world of Ar tonelico, right?
I'm sure there are people like Lyner who are bad at studying, too.
Anyway, I'd like to ask the smartest one, Lady Shurelia, how to get good scores on your tests!
Please, bring guidance to us lost sheep in the wilderness!!


消しゴムに数学の公式を書き込んで、それ(巻き舌)をケースで隠してテスト中にコッソリ読むのさ! 他にも、上履きの名前を歴史の人物の名前に書き換えておいたり、シャープペンのメーカーロゴを削って年号とか書き込むってのも堂々としすぎて案外バレないもんだぜ。

Sorry, but it looks like that lady got lost, so I'll teach you instead.
You may not guess it looking at me, but I always got good scorrrrrres *rolled r*. I was a delinquent, but they called me Bourd the Genius back then, heh heh heh...
Alright! It's really easy to get good scorrrrres on tests.
Write math equations on your eraser and hide in in your desk and read it on the test! You can also write the names of historical figures on your nametags, or wipe out the logos on your pen and replace them with dates, and lots of other stuff that won't get found out.
Well, the fastest way is still to steal the exam sheet.
But, if you get caught, they'll run you out of the school, so if you don't have guts you're better off not even trying.

ょっと気になったんですが詩魔法の詠唱中にトランキリティやみりん干し、かき氷やフ リーズドライを使うとMP回復しますよね?
トランキリティは謳いながらインストールポイントに入れてるんだと思うのですが、気に なるのは…食べ物系はどうやって摂取してるのでしょうか?^^;

I was kind of wondering about this. You can use items like Tranquility, dried fish, and shaved ice to restore your MP while singing song magic, right?
I think you probably install Tranquility in your install port while you're singing, but... how do you eat or drink while you're singing? ^^;

Adult Misha8


戦闘中にMPが切れたからって、謳うの止めたらせっかく溜めた魔法も消えちゃうでしょう? だから、謳いながら食べるの。
それと同じよ、歌に合わせて食べるのも、実際にやってみると意外と簡単に出来るのよ。 ……まあ、お世辞にもお行儀が良いとは言えないけどね。

You eat it with your mouth, of course.
Actually, a Reyvateil who couldn't even eat while she's singing
is only a third rate Reyvateil.

If you run out of MP while you're singing, the magic you've been charging all disappears, right? So, you have to eat while you sing.
You can practice dancing at the same time you sing, right?
It's just like that, so try eating something the next time you're singing, you'll find it's pretty easy. ......I can't say it's very good manners, though.
If you practice it once a week, you'll probably get good at it, too, maybe......

ーヴァテイルは変身してコスチュームを変えられますけど、そのコスは洗濯しなくても 大丈夫なんですか?

Reyvateils can change their clothing with costume changes, but do you have to wash those clothes?

Adult Misha8

確かに最初は洗濯とか必要なのかと思ったけど、不思議と毎回綺麗な状態で出てくるのよね。 そういえば前に一度だけ、洗った後のような、湿った状態で出てきたことがあって驚いたわ。 その服ってのは…その…あのコスチュームだったものだから、もう冷たいわ、お肌に張り付くわで…… ……これ以上は色々と問題あるから秘密よ。

Nope, not at all.
At first I thought you'd have to wash them, but somehow they're always clean every time. In fact, once I washed one of my costumes, and it came out wet the next time I used it, I was so surprised. That outfit was... um... well, since it was that I was already cold, and I pulled it around me... ......anyway, it'd be bad for lots of reasons if I kept going, so it's a secret.
Well, even if you had to wash them, you only wear them for a little bit during combat, so you wouldn't have to wash it every time.

ミュール様の紡がれたEXEC_HAMONIUS/.とEXEC_REG=VEDA/.にこめられた想いに、先日手に 入れた設定資料集を見てやっと理解しました。
その深い慈しみの心に、涙を流すほどに感動した所存です。 つ、つきましては、お母さんと…いや、お母様と呼ばせてください!!! お願いします!!

There's something I wanted to ask Lady Mir.
I got the setting materials book the other day, and reading it I finally came to understand the emotions that make up EXEC_HARMONIOUS/. and EXEC_RIG=VEDA/.
I was moved to tears by the vast depths of your love. And so, I was wondering if I could... no, I mean, please let me call you Mother!!! Please!!


ただでさえアヤタネに、母さん、とか呼ばれてるせいで散々な目にあってるって言うのに…… ……いえ、でもそうね…

私のことをお母様と呼びたいのなら、これからはシュレリアのことを「おばあちゃま」と呼びなさい。 それなら、私をお母様と呼ぶことを許してあげても良いわ。
私よりも年上だし、白髪だし、おばあちゃまって呼んでも喜ばれこそすれ、怒られはしないわよ。 まあ、怒られたとしても私は責任取らないけど。

Did you say "Mother"?
I'm not at the age where I should be having kids yet.
I've really gotten a lot of trouble just because Ayatane calls me Mother...... ......well, but still...

...hmhmhm, in that case I have just one condition.
If you want to call me Mother, you have to call Shurelia Grannie. If you do that, I'll let you call me Mother.
As proof of your actions, make sure you post something to Grannie every issue from now on.
She's older than me, and she's got white hair, so I'm sure she'd be happy if you called her Grannie. She wouldn't get mad. Well, even if she does, I'll take responsibility for it.


I want to ahhh ahhh hee hee hee with Hama


それなら私は笑う方をやるから、あなたは怖がる方をやるのよ! ウフフ、ウフフ……ほら、早くキャーキャー騒ぐのよ!!

Ahhh ahhh hee hee hee? What's that?
Oh yeah, back around Toukousphere issue 3, Misha went out with some friends to see a movie, and Shurelia was all scared, going ahhh, ahhh, and Aurica laughed at her like hee hee hee when she noticed.
......is that what you meant?
Okay, but I"ll be the one laughing, so you'd better act scared! Hee hee hee, hee hee hee...... hey, come on, hurry up and start yelling!!


So how precisely did Lyra fall for Jack?


リルラがアイテム採取の仕事をしている時に、アイテムの横に行き倒れていたのがアル兄ぃだったのだ! お腹が減って死にそうだって言ってたから、おにぎりをあげたら

Oh, wow, this is a really wonderful and touching story!
Once when I was out looking for items, I found Harm collapsed next to one of the items! He said he was so hungry he thought he would die, so when I gave him a rice ball he said
"The only way I could repay a beautiful lady like you is to love you the rest of my life"
with really bloodshot eyes!
It's only natural that I'd fall in love at first sight after such a passionate confession♪
Harm got all embarrassed later and said "I was so hungry I was hallucinating and thought I saw a real beauty", but
he's so cute when he's like that! I love that side of him, too!

特にアヤタネさん!!アヤタネさんを見てこれは買わねばって言う脅迫概念に襲われて買いました!! でも、もう少しでザ・ベストっぽいのが出るってのでショックでした・・・(泣き)

Nice to meet you!!
I ended up borrowing this for a little while, and I guess you could say I got hooked!!
Especially Ayatane-san!! When I saw him, I was taken by an intimidating thought that I had to buy this game, so I bought it!! But, I was shocked to find out a Best Hits version will be coming out soon... *cries*
(White Black Cat)


設定にもあるとおり、僕は温厚で誰よりも優しく、気が利く優等生なんだ。 そんな僕が、脅迫なんてするはずないだろう…あはは!
ところで、ベスト版がもうすぐ出るのに通常版を購入して嘆いてるようだね。 けど、安心して。
そんな時は、ベスト版も買えば良いのさ。 ほら、もう無く理由はなくなっただろう? ……買ってくれるよね?(シュラッシュラッ)

Intimidation, huh?... I'd never do something like that.
It even says in the setting book that I'm gentle and kinder than anyone, an intelligent model person. There's no way I'd stoop to intimidation... ahaha!
......but I might do something like keep drawing and sheathing my swords -
shhhnk, shhhnk - and ask,
"You'll buy it for us, won't you?"
I see you're lamenting the fact that you bought the regular version when Best Hits will be out soon. But, don't worry.
In times like this, you should buy the Best Hits. See, there's no reason to cry anymore, is there? .....you'll buy it for us, right? *shhhnk, shhhhnk!*

ラウトに「オレにはやりたいことがある」とシリアスに言ってイム・フェーナを出て 行ったジャックですが、それがクルシェの護衛という辺り、「待っている」と真面目に答 えた彼はどう思っているのでしょう。 気になって聞きたくてたまらなかったので投稿してみます…!!

Jack left Em Pheyma and said all seriously to Flute, "There's something I've gotta do", who replied "I'll be waiting" with a straight face. He probably thought he was talking about protecting Krusche or something. I really want to know, so I thought I'd ask...!!



......I've already given up.
So, I'm sorry, but would you please just let this go?


Could you possibly make an AT cellphone site? If you did, I'd be so happy I'd play on it every day...


とはいえ、携帯からアクセスできると良いな…と言っている方は結構いらっしゃるみたいですし、何も考えていない訳じゃありませんよ? 携帯からアクセスできるページが有ったら見に行く!という方は、どれくらいいらっしゃいますか?

To answer your question, we have no plans at this time.
Still, a lot of people say, "it would be nice to be able to read this on my cell phone", so I can't say we're not thinking about it. How many people are there out there who'd like to be able to read something on their cell phone?

An AT cellphone site...
That would be nice...
82 (38%)
You should definitely make one!
105 (49%)
You really shouldn't make one!
4 (2%)
I'm not that interested.
22 (10%)

あの「風息」ってなんて読むのでしょうか?何回謳う丘きいてもそこだけ歌詞が分からなくて・・・・。 それでは返答待ってます!

Umm, I have a question.
One of the lines at the end of Singing Hill is "精霊の風息~♪", right?
How do you pronounce that last word? No matter how much I listen, I just can't figure that line out.... I hope to hear back from you!

Child Misha1

謳う丘は他の部分がアブノーマルな読み方をする場所が多いから、深読みしちゃったのかな? でも、これくらいでヘコたれていたら、いっぱしのヒュムノスマスターにはなれないわよ。 精進しなさいね。

Hi, I'm Chibi-Misha the unpopular. Thanks to that I haven't shown up much lately.
The lyrics at that part are "Shourei no kazeiki".
Well, it's pretty much just like it's written. "Kaze" and "iki" together make "kazeiki".
There's lots of other places in Singing Hill with odd pronunciations, so maybe you were overthinking it? But if you give up on something like that, you'll never become a Hymmnos Master. Make sure you study hard.

このスレッドに結構熱い人がいるんです!毎日毎日夜中の決まった時間に『フェイマ参戦マダー?』って書き込みしてるんです!毎日ですよ!? おそらくよほどフェイマを愛しているんだと思います、もしくは、毎日この書き込みしてる人は既に事故死していて、ゲーム本編にフェイマが出てこなかったのを無念に思い怨念となってスレッドに毎日決まった時間に書き込みをしているのかもしれません!

Nice to meet you!
I wanted some advice, I'm the OP of the Ar tonelico thread on a certain big forum...
There's lots of really passionate people in that thread! Every single day at a certain time of night they all post, "When's Fayma gonna show up"! Every day!! I think they really love Fayma, or maybe the person who's posting died in an accident, and their lingering feelings of disappointment that Fayma didn't show up in the game is what's causing the posts every day at the same time!
So, please! Fayma-san, please call out to this poor departed spirit! I think they may be able to finally pass on if you do! Namu namu namu namu namu namu namu


今度その人にお礼を言っておいてください。生きてたら…で良いのですけど。 私は今は、色々な教会内の事情があって表に出ることが出来ません。 ですが…もしかしたらそのうち、何らかのご報告を差し上げることが出来るかもしれませんので… それまでお待ちいただくことは…出来ますか?

...thank you.
That person is truly wonderful.
Please be sure to thank them next time. Well... I hope they're still alive. At the moment, I'm quite busy with various duties in the Church, so I can't appear much. However... at some later time I may be able to report on my actions, so... Could you... do you think you could wait until then?
If by some chance you've already passed away, then allow me to pray for you as well.
Namu namu namu namu namu namu namu

Don Leon's Confessional Dojo[]

O don top


Scoundrels! The last time and the time before that you all deceived me with your leading questions... haaaah! I won't fall for such shenanigans again! This time it will be I who laughs last!!


My daily life
Normal days: wake up → go to college → go to work → sleep
Holidays: wake up → go to work → sleep
It's a very simple pattern.
And yet, within that simple pattern is "Supporteil". And thanks to my blog and webpage, and enjoyments like listening to the radio, I enjoy every day.
Well, Don Leon? Problem?

Don Leon1

でぇーいっ!!貴様は何もわかっておらんぞ!!ああ、実際わかってないのである!! よいか!明日からの日課を以下のように更正するのだ!




Of course!!
It's so grave, you couldn't even call it a probleeeeeeeeeem!!
Haaaah!! You don't understand a thing!! Indeed, not a thing!! Listen up! Starting tomorrow your life shall be like this!

Normal day: wake up → Supporteil → listen to Hymmnos Concert → go to college → Supporteil → class → Supporteil → go to work→ Supporteil → talk about Ar tonelico at work → listen to drama CDs → use Misha bath towel when getting out of the bath → go to bed → Ar tonelico → go to bed → Ar tonelico → go to bed

Holiday:: wake up → Supporteil → listen to Hymmnos Concert → go to work → Supporteil → talk about Ar tonelico at work → Supporteil → read the setting materials book → use Misha bath towel when getting out of the bath → go to bed → Ar tonelico → go to bed → Ar tonelico → go to bed

If you don't keep up that schedule until I'm back, I shall mete out your punishment!!

Hama's Submissions Dojo[]

Tks header 04 hama


この中から将来の絵師さんが生まれるかと思うと、私も鼻が高いのよ。 と言うわけで、今日も元気に投稿道場がはじまるのよー!!

There's been a lot more posts lately. I'm really happy about it.
It makes me proud to think that someone here might be a famous artist some day. So, we're having another exciting submissions dojo today!!
And this time, I'll be commenting on the pictures again!


彌紗のイラストです。 オリジナルの服装なので、いかに彌紗らしく描けるか 気を使って描いてみました。 服は和服もどきであります(笑) この様な服装は、彌紗が一番似合いそうな気がします。


This is a picture of Misha. It's an original outfit, so I was really careful to make it look like Misha. You can even see her clothes are Japanese *g* I think outfits like this suit her best.

■ Homepage "Shin-Oze's Room"
Soon I'll probably power it up with an Ar tonelico page and some pictures.
I'll probably feature the pictures I posted to the Toukousphere.



Misha always looks really good in Japanese clothes!!
She's always wearing purple, so it's really nice to see her in white.
This picture really makes you feel the wind and the water...


本当は誰か一人に絞ろうと思ったのですが絞りきれず、せっかくなのでがんばっ て4人描いてみました。テル族組大好きなので。
ジャックの腕とかフラウトの腕とか、構造が分からなくて「どうなってるん だ!?」と穴があくほど資料集とにらめっこでしたけど、描き甲斐あって楽しかっ たですv

I'm gathering up my courage to post...!!
I wanted to narrow it down to just one of them, but I couldn't so I decided to do my best and draw all 4 together. I love the Teru group.
I thought it'd be nice if there was a scene like this.
I wasn't sure how to draw Jack's arm or Flute's arm and stuff so I pored over all the pictures, wondering "how does this work!", but I had fun drawing it, so it was worth it!
I hope I'll be able to keep drawing more characters.



Wow, it's the 4 Teru, who we usually don't see much of!
They must be shouting in joy at such a surprise.
You really draw the relationship between Jack and Lyra so well. I'm sure they're always lovey-dovey like that, no doubt about it.


ライナーは、自分の愛するオボンヌのよさがいまいち皆に理解されないのに悩んでいた。 シュレリアが提案した打開策は、なんとダイブをして温泉に行・・・ って、そこでお土産品としてオボンヌを売ることだった! このイラストだけのオリジナルストーリー! 今、青年は自らの意思でオボンヌ売りに。 ・・・と、ドラマCDside.Extraの帯をマネ(?)してみましたが、 「祝!ドラマCD発売」ということで、悪乗りも許してやってください。

Lyner was worried that people didn't understand how good Funbuns were like he did. Shurelia proposed he solved it by, oddly enough, Diving and going to a hot spr... ...ing, and selling Funbuns there as souvenirs! An original story just for this picture! Now, the young boy is there selling Funbuns of his own will. ...well, I tried mimicking the text on the obi for Drama CD side.Extra, but since I'm trying to congratulate you on its release, I hope you'll forgive me if it fell flat.

Ar tonelico ~the boy who keeps selling in the dive world~
Lyner: How about some Funbuns to remember your hot springs trip by?
A+M: Lyner!?
Congratulations on the release of side.Extra!


上で謹慎処分を受けていながら、まさかこんな所に登場とは…さすがライナー、恐ろしい呪いなのよ!! でも前回私を描いてくれたから、それに免じて許すのよ。

Hey, Lyner's selling Funbuns!!
Since he was put in time out earlier, I didn't think he'd show up here... that's Lyner, what a scary curse!! But, I'll let it slide since you drew me last time.
Make sure to complete the hat trick and post something next time, too!


今回はさぽているのボディタイプマユルちゃん(一応我が家のアリーナをイメージして)描きました! 折角なのでハマの投稿道場に投稿です!



This time I decided to draw the Mayuru Supporteil body type (in the image of my own little Arina)! Since it's been a while, I decided to post it to Hama's Submissions Dojo!
I wanted to color it on my computer, but I'm not used to that so I did it by hand *sweatdrop*

■ Homepage "Supporteil display + picture post page"



Oh, it's Mayuru-chan from Supporteil!
She's a really nice girl, but she likes to talk a lot.
Almost twice as much as usual whenever she talks to me!


クルシェ大好きです!可愛いw それで、クルシェがあんまり笑ってるとこを見たことがないので自分で描いてみました! 服とかちょっとおかしいとこがあるかもしれませんが・・・・ 出来たら載せてくれれば嬉しいです!

This is my first post!!!
I love Krusche! She's so cute *g* I've never seen Krusche smile much, so I decided to draw it myself! I think her clothes might be a little off, but.... I hope you'll be able to post it!



Wow, we don't see much Krusche!
But, she looks like she's plotting something... I just hope it doesn't have to do with Misha...


今度投稿するときはライナーでいってみようと思います。 それにしてもライナーのオボンヌ語りは笑えますね。 本人真剣なんでしょうけど。

■ホームページ【ライオリ同盟】 http://klonoa96.nomaki.jp/lyori/index.html

I like drawing Misha, it's a lot of fun.
Even though I prefer Aurica...
I think I'd like to try posting a picture of Lyner next time. Lyner's Funbuns speech really made me smile. He's so very serious about it.
■ Homepage "Lyori Alliance"



It's Misha! Misha really is popular.
Chibi-Misha's so cute looking over her shoulder like that.
But, when I think she's probably looking at Lyner, I get this funny feeling inside...

Editor's Postscript[]

今回は、大増刊!という形で、投稿掲載量を普段の2倍にしてみました。前回ボリューム少ない…と思った方へのお詫びってなモンで…。 でも、これは今回だけです。また気が向いたら(調子に乗ったら…)やるかもしれませんが。 通常はだいたい12~14投稿がピックアップされます。面白い!とフィーリングで思ったモノが採用されますので、 これはいける!とフィーリングで思ったら、その都度ガンガン投稿してください。 いや、何回投稿してもタダですから。ハガキも切手も要りませんからね。 今回は、幾つかの企画モノがありませんでしたが、次回は以前天覇新聞で募集しました、同盟等のサイトさんを紹介したいと思います。 この調子で次回もぶっ飛ばして行きますので、どうぞよろしく!(土屋)

This time we tried running twice as many posts as we usually did as kind of a special issue, since I think a lot of people thought last issue was so short... But, this is just this once. We might do again if we feel like it (or we get carried away...), though. Usually we run with 12~14 posts. We pick whatever we think would be the most fun to go with, so if you have an idea you think would be great, please post away. After all, it's free to post. You don't need postcards or stamps. We didn't have as much planned this time, so next time I'd like to introduce a site that we heard about before in the Tenpa Newspaper. We'll be giving it our all again next time, so I hope you'll enjoy it! (Tsuchiya)