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Question Corner[]

Toukou 02


Krusche, aren't you interested in the Jakuri-Robo?
It's packed with pieces of very advanced technology... Or at least that's the feel it gives me...



That's true... I'm really interested in its interior, at least.
I think it's packed with all sorts of things that could help me with the creation of new airships.



I perfectly know how you're feeling!!
I remember I've disassembled all sorts of things to try to understand how they work since long ago.
I have the feeling that by analyzing these parts, I could come up with something new for me to use in the CynCro Brands!


二号機まで作ったのだが、いつも残念なやられ役のような結果に終わってしまったんだ。 その名誉を挽回するためにも、ジャクリロボを我が社で徹底的に調べ上げて最強のイカルガ三号を作りたいとも考えている。

Yes, I'm also slightly interested on it.
I don't think there are many who remember it, but Tenba had a robot called te Ikaruga.
We even went as far as making Mk.2 version of it, but given they unfortunately always got thrashed in battle, in the end we cancelled their production.
I think that to restore their honor, we would want to create the strongest Ikaruga Mk. 3 by thoroughly studying the Jakuri Robo over at our company.



...maybe it'd be better if I kept it hidden somewhere for a while.

Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08

Shurelia2 シュレリア様主催の、テクニカルセンター!!
The Lady Shurelia-sponsored Technical Center!!


That's horribly shameful, so just stop it. And you can't still learn the proper name for it? Isn't it supposed to be the Technical Service Center?



From this issue, it'll be a Technical Service Center where anyone can participate. We quickly gathered a large variety of questions, so the atmosphere's going to change a lot from how it was before.

Jakuri1 それじゃ早速、行ってみましょうか。


The reborn Technical Service Center!



I've got a question about the Syrupy Arousal.
As far as I've seen from the Dualstall status screens, I think the order of effectiveness for it was "Luca > Cloche > Teacher Jakuri", but does this mean that the older (the more aged) their bodies are, the greater the effects?
This means that if she were to go in, Skycat wouldn't get any effects from it due to being such an adult cat, but she'd still get all meowy-meowy... but in that case that means it wouldn't have any effect on Cocona?
(Kimura Shuuichi @ Walking Electromagnetic Wave Tower Gathering)



Whaaa!? But it isn't like that! Jakuri is far older than me and Lady Cloche!



That's true... and I have no intention of denying it. However, let's try coming up with a different guess for that.
And if we do that... maybe it's more effective depending on how often you think of indecent things.

Luca(adult)6 それじゃあ私がいつも変なことばっか考えてるみたいじゃないですかー!!

That's making me look like I'm always thinking about dirty stuff!!

Cloche10 胸の大きさ順ではない事だけは確かね。

There is certainly the possibility of it being more effective depending on chest size.

Luca(adult)6 なにこれ…私いじめ?

What now...? Are you trying to tease me?



Well, all this was just us joking around, but it looks like there's an affinity for the Syrupy Arousal too. Since it basically is a drug that seems to make one's lust to stir and leak, I've got the feeling that it would more effective if the other people in the bath with the user are willing to let go themselves to each other.
So it'd mean that the effects on Luca and Cloche were so large because that's how much they trust each other, to the point they have a good relationship; while I didn't get very affected because I'm pretty indifferent about others.
So it could have a strong effect on Cocona.



I wanted to ask this to Cocona: when Metafalica was sung at the end of the story, did you sing too like all the other IPDs did with Lady Cloche?



Of course I sang! But that doesn't mean I was part of the best-of-the-best IPDs that were in Lady Cloche's Fan Club.
Still, since my power is the same as the power of all other IPDs, I don't really know how much it helped Lady Cloche. It gave me warm and fuzzy feelings, but I didn't feel anything special, like the IPDs peeking into my mind or something.
Maybe it's just because my IPD powers haven't manifested yet. But if that happened... maybe... I could defeat Croix... Ehehe...

Croix(knight)3 ちょ、ちょっと待て!

H-hold it there!
Why are you saying something so scary!?



It's been said before that current Dive Machines can't let someone who doesn't have human qualities to Dive, but haven't Mir and Misha Dived too? Or it was okay in their case because it was done through the Binary Field? Or is it because the Dive System Mei Mei has is different from the one used currently everywhere else?
Also, Miu (Mir) appeared in Misha's Cosmosphere during the Flash Cosmosphere, but would this be okay because it wasn't a direct Dive and because she was lurking in the Binary Field as a virus back then? (Ark)



The Cosmospheres and the Binary Field are clearly different environments. Therefore, the way for accessing them is different too.
To Dive into a Cosmosphere, the H-Waves (waves of feelings) are basically made to clash with each other, while the Binary Field is like entering something like a virtual reality in which sensations are extremely similar to the ones would have in the real world, so their logic differs greatly.
Diving is the act of interfering with a Reyvateil's Soulspace, while the Binary Field is a virtual world, so the techniques used in it are the same ones used for a virtual reality game.
Since Mir was inside of the Tower at the time, it seems invading the Binary Field and rewriting data on it was extremely easy for her. And while it seems she was able to interfere with the Cosmospheres, the Cosmospheres are also protected by the Boundary Gate and are located very far away from the Binary Field, so she would be severely limited to the actions she would be able to take in them.



This question is a continuation for one from the previous issue.
According to Mother Jakuri's guesses, the Sea of Death is being used by the Will of the Planet to not let anything come down to the surface, but if someone made a probe that was made by the same materials as the Towers the Planet is "allowing" to exist, would it be possible to "deceive" It?
(Rare Animal)



Well, in the end it's no more than a guess, so the hypothesis itself of "not being able to reach the surface because the Planet doesn't allow it" is no more than conjecture. However, I'll revise it to emphasize something.
If we did what you're suggesting, there is the possibility we could reach the surface thanks to the materials used for the probe, assuming we could use any materials about which Planet Ar Ciel cares about too much... something like that.
But if you think that theory over, you would see that humans wouldn't be able to reach the lower world no matter what they did. This is because even if the probe ship was made from these materials, the people on board would surely die.
From the way in which the hypothesis ended becoming "things the feelings of the planet are using", it's obvious a probe ship would be physically nonsensical, as to a Will that states it doesn't want anyone to get close to the planet, it makes make no difference if one is inside or outside the probe ship.



For the Technical Service Center.
Metafalica managed to create a continent, but would it be possible to create a planet using Hymmnos?
I was thinking that if the number of Reyvateils singing it was increased, it would be possible to get the wave frequency and flow rate necessary to create a planet, but it isn't so simple, right?
Or maybe would it be possible to overwrite the current Ar Ciel with a new ecosystem, and revive its environments through that?



It's theoretically possible. It would depend on the greatness or smallness of the hopes for it though. Metafalica was born as a floating continent, and thus it also became a land that can stay hovering on the sky, but the form for the entire land is decided by its Heart of the Land, or if we go to the core of the matter, it is decided by the feelings that were breathed into the Heart.
However, it's impossible to create a planet with the same wave level that was used to create the Metafalica continent. This is because a planet must be equipped with systems that allow it live within the universe, while the Metafalica continent only keeps existing because of the atmosphere of Planet Ar Ciel.
To Ar Ciel, the Metafalica Continent is a foreign object, but it still accepts it and protects it by enshrouding the continent with its atmosphere.
Therefore, the amount of feelings that would be necessary to lodge within a Heart of the Land to create a planet would be immeasurable. And besides, reaching that level of emotional height (high frequencies) required for this would be extremely difficult, to the level in which I think it would be impossible to give birth to a "planet" without a "Will of the Planet".
As for the energy amount, maybe even humans would be able to provide enough for this, but I digress.



This place was very lively today!
It was pretty fun just watching it!



Well, since we're trying to make this place into a much more frank and interesting corner that feels fun, to the point where users that hesitated asking questions before also send their inquiries, I'd like to get many more submissions.



We'll be waiting for many more submissions from you all!

Editor's Postscript[]

トウコウスフィアの内容や体勢に関する御意見ご感想をいただける方は、こちらの方へ書いていただけますと嬉しいです。より沢山の方が楽しめるトウコウスフィアにしたいと思いますので、今後ともよろしくお願い申し上げます! (土屋)

I'm feeling that activity has slowed down in the Toukousphere lately. Maybe it could say that it feels like "It's the opposite! There's not enough motivation for the users!" At least that's what I feel from the results in the polls you're all filling in. As I must break down these results further, I've also added an entry to the Toukou Form from this issue onwards titled "Please send in your opinions (they won't be posted)".
To everyone that wants to send over your impressions and opinions about the Toukousphere's contents and status, please do so. Receiving them will make me very happy. I think I want to make a Toukousphere you all can enjoy a lot more, so from now, I entrust this task to you all!

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