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Hama's Submission Dojo[]

Toukou 04



The art Luca has of giving brief glimpses is getting me all excited... Her Standard Costume doesn't seem to be covering more than Bath Girl one, because it doesn't seem to be more than trousers! Trousers! How is that she doesn't have any problems with receiving a blow while wearing such clothes!? I have been always been troubled about the timing for protecting her while she wears these clothes.
"I will try to protect you, with all my power! (If Luca's there, anyways)"



Luca's Bath Girl has always gotten me worried a lot during battles. Like when she activates her Song Magic, she gets all "Ah! You saw it just now!? Didn't you see it!?". Cro's eyes must be fluttering here and there every so often. That feels so boo. I'd be so glad if I could get Cro's attention to by undressing in battle.

Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08


Good day. This time, we four will be your hosts for the Technical Service Center again, just like last time.



This time'll be the last one we do it, though.



I was a regular here for a short time, but it felt like it was for a long time. I still have to go back to the store.



I think it would more correct to think it felt it was for short time because it actually was short, though.



For Krusche, who's seeking to break through:
When you head to the top of the Tower in an airship, it seems you need to make a lot of preparations and go through some dangerous experiences to go beyond the Blastline
but wouldn't be possible to go through it in a less dangerous way and with a normal airship if you took a large detour to go around the Blastline by
drawing a "<" mark as you fly instead of flying straight on into it?



Sadly, I can't do that. As far as we know, the Blastline runs parallel to the planet's surface all the way to the horizon. Maybe there's a point where it has something like a hole, but there's no one who's ever seen that.
Maybe the Blastline covers the entire world like some sorta sheet, so maybe there's no holes on it after all.


The Blastline is in the space between Sol Marta and the Second Tower of Ar tonelico, correct?
If that's the case shouldn't the Dynamic H-Wave connections that link the Reyvateils from the Second Tower with the First via Sol Marta get disturbed because of the Blastline's plasma?
Or the Dynamic Waves can penetrate even spaces with high amounts of energy as if nothing happened?



About this, you don't have to worry about anything. As the H-Waves that propagate emotions and the D-Waves that make up the main portion of the Blastline both are waveforms that exist in different dimensions. That's why even if the D-Waves "go sightseeing around", there would be almost no practical effect on the H-Waves.
By the way, while the D-Waves seem to interfere with each other as it is, in the First Tower, in the area where the Blastline is located, the First and Fourth of its four Grathnode Discs allow each to transmit them to the space and the surface without any interference thanks to being very close to the Second and Third Discs.
The Second and Third Discs are more or less required for error correction, but they can also be given many other kinds of practical use.


I was wondering how virus get their forms decided.
On top of that, why is it that viruses of different forms or colors have different strengths?



It's because they are basically programs. It's ability and form will obviously become one of many possibilities according to the algorithms, usage, engineer's skills, and tastes.
Of course the viruses that Mir creates will all follow these same rules. It's highly possible that the many ELMA-DS class viruses she created are enough, but they have high cost, difficulty to control, and a lot of other weaknesses.
So basically, mass-producing small-fry type code that won't cause losses even if it begins acting on its own or disappearing is something that hasn't really changed since long ago.


In the Technical Service of Issue #29, it was said that the airships couldn't be used to explore the Sea of Death because the toxic vapors would filter into the airship and kill off the pilot, but that continues being impossible right now, even with other methods?
For example, using an small airproof probe-like vehicle hung by ropes, like the ones used for undersea study, and its occupants wearing sealed suits similar to the spacesuits instead of using airships. Or would that be impossible as well?




Oh, how nostalgic. When I was still an active researcher, I tried many times to do research on the Sea of Death. As you suggested, we thought that by using airlocked containers sustained through chains we would be able to do so.
However, all ended in failure. Before the pod was even completely submerged into the Sea of Death, it had already vanished entirely. Only the chains that sustained it remained, and in the end we were never able to grasp the reason behind that. Could it be because the poison from the Sea of Death dissolves everything? Or is something else could be the cause of the dissolution? Or... something attacked the pods? Which reminds me that there it seems to be some life forms in the Sea of Death called the Fishes of the Cloud Sea, but supposedly, these are brutal and carnivorous creatures.
Still, while we watched the pods vanishing away from high above, we couldn't understand why this happened, since they didn't shake or show any sign of them being attacked. Because of that, the "dissolving" ended becoming the most common outlook on the situation. And well, although the stone structures don't seem to be affected by this phenomenon, even if we ourselves lower them down to these clouds, it might be dissolving things through a very high temperature,  which would make the cause something else, as I thought. However, there's still no concrete explanation for this.

Tastiella0 というわけで、短い間だったけどつき合ってくれてありがと。

And well, while it was for a very short time, thank you for having been with us.

Krusche2 次回からは一旦、シュレリア様たちに戻すことにするよ。

Shurelia and the others're coming back next issue anyway.

Sasha(10yrs)1 でも、とっても楽しかったです!もっともっと勉強して、ここのレギュラーを目指すです!!

But it was very fun! I'll study more and more, and try to become a regular for this corner!

Infel1 あらあら、随分気合いが入ってるわね。


Oh my, looks like you are getting a lot of spirit into it.
I should also take some time off and dedicate myself to come up with some nice gags.

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06

それではまた、次回! (土屋)

It's been pretty warm lately. But is it just me, or it looks like there's more and more people suffering from hay fever?
This March 28th Shikata-san will have her "Harmonia" live concert, and we're going to set up a Gust Shop branch stand in there. Even if you couldn't get tickets for the concert, you can still buy things there, so please try dropping by! Several of the Toukousphere editors will also be there attending the stand, so if you see us, please make sure to whisper in your mind things like "Ah, Yamagishi-san!" and "It's the smiley Satou-san!" (*laughs*)
Well then, see you next issue!

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