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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08



Happy New Year!!









For yet another year, we, the Technical Center, will be answering all your question in all of our good faith!


早速タイトル間違ってるわよ。 さい先悪いわね。

You made quite a mistake when you said the title. You're really the worst of the worst.



This year we'll have many more Technical things here!!
So then, let's get started with the first Technical of the year right now!


The Reyvateil Origins Lady Shurelia and Lady Frelia both have digital life forms as their personal guardians (ELMA and Shuny), but what was the specific rationale behind choosing to model them after quadruped beasts (dog? wolf? lion?)?



That's very simple. It's because these are the forms with the best mobility.
And it isn't like that in your world, too? As we all know, bipedal robots have very lousy mobility, which is why they can only move on the ground's surface through wheels or caterpillars. While on the other hand, the quadruped ones have excellent stability, and have jumping and stopping suddenly as their forte. Because of that, there's no better form than them.



As for Shuny, I wasn't the one that turned him into a doggy, but I remember that Raki told that same thing to Jakuri.



Just as a reminder... I'm a wolf.


Given that the Third Generations are Reyvateils with both human and Reyvateil natures, would it be possible for them to Dive into themselves?



Firstly, the current Dive Machines have their interfaces separated into Diver Side and Reyvateil Side, so that isn't possible.
Now if we suppose that there was a Dive Machine that had interfaces capable of accomplishing both functions at the same time, it would be possible, but there would also be the risk of falling into an inescapable self-loop.
Because they have both human and Reyvateil natures, the part that controls both of them is the brain... not, it would be better to call the H-Wave Server of the human nature, which is the common point shared between both natures.
Because of that, supposing the Diver had a perfectly stable thought pattern and performed a Dive, the goals of performing it would cause [Emotional Impulses], which are very rare. On the other hand, the person performing this Dive would be able too to craft many Song Magics in a very short period of time.
But as I said previously, the biggest problem would be the thoughts causing a complete and inescapable loop. If that happened, the Dive Shop clerk would have to conduct an emergency suspension.
In the end, this would be very beneficial but very dangerous at the same time, so I think that people would do better to refrain themselves from performing Selfdives.

さっそくですが、ずっと気になっていたことを質問させてください。それはデフラグメントについてです。 思いっきりネタバレになりますが、メタファリカの際、某設計者は消える必要があったのでしょうか。いくらデフラグメントで最適化といっても、上書きでもされない限りはデータは基本的に消えません(こちらの世界では)。大陸すら用意できるインフェル・ピラが人間一人のデータを抱えられないというのもおかしな話です。
熱くなってしまいました。ごめんなさい。彼女には、夢が叶った後の世界を歩いてほしかったもので。 もしかしたら、全部知った上で逃げなかったのかもしれませんね。
(infel yor)

Hello, and nice to meet you three, members of the Technical Service Center.
It's a bit sudden, but I've been very curious about something for a long time and been wanting to ask this. It's about defragmenting. Of course this is going to be filled to the brim with spoilers but even so, when Metafalica was created, was there any need for its designer to disappear? As far as I know, no matter how many times the data is optimized through defragmentation, it isn't fundamentally supposed to vanish unless it has been overwritten (at the least in the case of our world). I mean, it sounds quite weird that Infel Phira, which was prepared for creating something of the size of a continent, couldn't even preserve the data of a single person.
Is this because the information that was recognized as proper data (such as the consciousnesses of the IPDs) would be rearranged as normal, but Infel's data wasn't recognized as proper and thus was overwritten? Or does the server just rearrange the data it deems important to then perform a full reformat of its memory? If that was the case, wouldn't it become something similar to the situation prior to the Singing of Implanta...? Still, and regardless of which of those options this is, I think it should have been pretty easy for her to execute a full migration of her data to the First Tower if she had actually wanted to do it.
Looks like I got a little too hot-blooded. I'm sorry. It's just that I wanted her to be able to walk in a world where her dream was realized. By any chance, did she know that this was a fate from which she wouldn't be able to escape, even with all the knowledge she had?
(infel yor)



Unfortunately, I didn't really understand everything about it very well either, so I decided it'd be better to ask the person herself and bring her along.



Huh? A question about Infel Phira? Even suddenly giving you the cold shoulder would make me feel troubled, so I don't think there's anything I can do to avoid this topic.
Well... Leaving aside my personal feelings on the matter, if we were to begin with giving maximum priority to the theoretical reasons, unfortunately transferring from a Song Magic Server to another is not possible to me, even with all the power I have. For example, upon watching what either Mir or me did, it might give the impression that it's unexpectedly easy to move through the Binary Field to go to all sorts of places, but realistically speaking, we're not [going] anywhere. We're just [browsing] these places.
There can be some sort of manifestation of our Wills in there, but that isn't anything beyond using Song Magic in these places. In other words, while you might have seen that we were moving freely, it actually is impossible to bring to the outside even a single bit from a specific address region of the SH-RAM (Song Magic Server) called β-6D, which is the core of Mir and me: namely, our spiritual regions.
This is because my address is not mine alone. It actually belongs to β-6D, and I'm merely borrowing it. Seeing it from the point of view of β-6D, the act of me going to an external server would influence all the other Reyvateils registered in it except for myself, which is something that shouldn't happen by nature. Speaking in the crudest way possible, it wouldn't be weird at all if at least other ten IPDs fell dead because I moved to another Song Magic Server. It might sound like a ridiculous explanation, however, the connection between us, the Reyvateils, runs that deep. Of course, I also think that you humans should have similar connections too.
Well, because of that reason, while it seemed that I could simply have increased my life span by escaping the defragmentation, it is actually far more complicated than that. Though of course, if I tried thinking more about it, I might have found a solution to that.
However, I already had decided I was okay with it.


This is my first contribution, and I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.
The Pureblooded Beta-types are basically clones of the Origins, right?
Well, it's possible to modify their appearances and such when they are created?
I ask because I have seen how the Origin, Lady Shurelia, and the Beta, Jakurin, are so different from each other.
(Babango Seller)



Rather than thinking they can change their appearances, it would be more correct to think that their appearances have to be predefined when they are created.
This is because in the first place, there is no more than a single β that was made as a clone of me. And while it would be more correct to call her an Origin too, in the current times she would be categorized too under the definition of [Pureblooded β-Type].
The amount of inherited data they receive from her is extremely limited, and the parts that constitute an [Individual], such as the appearance and personality, are all programmed when a new β is registered.
According to that programming, their address is then linked to a Triangular Nuclear Loop, which then creates their shape, which means that it [Sings a Song].
Basically, the information for the appearance is programmed into the ROM, which cannot be changed by the Triangular Nuclear Loop or the own conscious self of the Reyvateil.
Also, there is the LPM (the Life Preservation Mechanism of the Reyvateils) acting as an important external factor, whose Scheduler causes many abnormalities during the development process of the Reyvateil, thanks to the generation of a substantial number of alterations in the time axis. A very concrete example is Misha, whose appearance was so heavily affected by said alterations that she doesn't resemble me in looks or personality at all.
Of course, since the ROM was created artificially, it doesn't mean that the appearance of the Reyvateil cannot be altered by somehow modifying it. However, in the current times, these technologies and the data formats that define appearance have been lost, so simply put, that is impossible to accomplish in the current times.


About the Hymmnos of Harmonious, Mir told me in one of the previous issues that she crafted it from how she imagined that the [Project Metafalica] that was being executed in the First Era was. Well, how is it possible that she received information about the faraway land of Metafalss while she was still confined in the Silver Horn?
Or maybe, at that time, [Project Metafalica] wasn't just a thing of Metafalss anymore, and it had already begun spreading throughout the whole region of Sol Ciel?



Firstly, and even though this is a pretty elemental fact, do you really think that I was confined in the Silver Horn since my birth? During a time, I actually lived in what we could call house arrest, and I spent several years like that, being raised with utmost caution and care. During that time, I was taught about many things, but there was something that really caught my interest, and I learned a lot of things about how the world was before the Grathnode Inferia thanks to the library of the Tower. And in there, I also learned about the history of the Metafalss of the First Era, and about its existence. That's all there's to it.
Later on, during the time I spent sealed away, I had so much time to spare that I continued spending all of it in learning more things. Since I was able to enter into the Shared Consciousness Fields of the SH_RAM of the βs, I was able to gain much more knowledge. In there, I learned about the information of the many Pureblooded β-types that went to Metafalss, and while it was a very little amount of information, it also let me know that Metafalss continued existing during the Second Era.
And it may be redundant to say this, but this is a feat that Shurelia can't accomplish. That is because Shurelia is different from the Pureblooded β-types, but it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that we're similar.
So it's natural that Shurelia didn't know at all about the existence of Metafalss from the Second Era onwards, and also, that she didn't know about the world outside of Sol Ciel. Well, this doesn't mean that she's slow... at least while I'm there to do the follow-up for her.



And today everyone did a really great job!



Yes, we did, though it seems we spent a lot of time in it.
And thanks to that, I was able to lose 3 Kg.



Well, it might just be something for the start of the year, but how about if the Service Center became like this for the rest of the year? We still don't know how many people will be arriving from now on here. Well, that only means...



I'm looking forward to working with you all the next year too!



It will be a pleasure for me too!!

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06


それでは、また次回! (土屋)

What did you think about the Celebration Toukousphere from last week? It's just something I lately felt like doing for some reason, and I was thinking that maybe we'll make it a regular thing if it ends up being popular, but what kind of impressions did you have about it? Regardless of whether you wish for us to "Please, make it a regular thing!", for us to make another kind of corner or any other kind of opinion, please send them over. They will make me really happy.
Well then, see you next issue!

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