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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08
Shurelia5 さて、皆さん、緊急事態です。エマージェンシーですよ。
Okay, everyone... we're in a state of emergency now.


What happened, Sis?

Shurelia5 以下の投稿を見てください!

Please look at the submissions below!



I was very moved by how Sasha continued working to incredibly hard in the previous issue (#54). How would it look if these three worked with her?




At this rate, Sasha would become a regular, but maybe that'd be okay... Damn, I ended sending something non-technical without thinking!



...Wasn't this Sasha's corner now?



This isn't technical, and I think I've sent many submissions for this issue. Wouldn't it be great if Sasha became the main character of the Service Center?



...Well, isn't that valid?
I think we practically answered those already.

Shurelia7 肯定してどうするんですか!こんな事では、私達がこのコーナーから追い出されるのも時間の問題ですよ!?

How can you say that!? Doesn't this mean it's just a question of time before we're driven out of this corner!?



If that happens, we'll work hard at the Question Corner with the others.



You're really selfless, huh...?
But well, it's true that many were charmed by Sasha's endurance. Maybe that means our endurance is going to be tested out this issue.

ふと思った!!録音機とかに歌魔法いれて流したりしたらどうなるの? 後もしシュレリア様がテレビとか出ちゃって歌ったりしたらテレビの前とかで歌 魔法が発動しちゃうの?
(Dendrobates reticulatus)

I just thought this! It is possible for Song Magic to flow out from something like a tape recorder?
And furthermore, if Lady Shurelia appeared on TV singing, would it manifest the effects of her Song Magic outside of the TV?
(Dendrobates reticulatus)


もちろんそんなことはありません。例えば私がテレビの前で歌って、皆さんをメロメロにしてしま うことがあっても、それは決して詩魔法の効果ではありませんよ。

Of course that can't happen. Even if I sang before the TV, and everyone fell in love with me, it would be impossible that the cause were the effects of a Song Magic.
Such a pure love towards me...



Could you stop saying such things!? But in the end, my answer isn't different at all from Shurelia's: it's impossible for that to happen.
Outside of the audible frequency of sound waves that you can hear from the Song Magic, there are also waves of frequencies much higher than these, which carry feelings. And it's a shame, but even the most advanced microphones can't pick up waves of a frequency beyond the 24000 Hz range.
This means that while it can reproduce the sound waves you can hear from the song, it can't reproduce the feeling waves it contains.



And furthermore, though the [Waves of Feelings] that are released by a Song Magic together with the sound of the song can't exert any influences over the environment, they are processed by the Tower, which then manifests these feelings in the real world. However, even if the Tower is able of registering [Waves of Feelings] that surpass the 24000 Hz range, the scale of the effects of any given Song Magic isn't affected by this.
For example, if at some point Sis wanted to invoke a fireball to kill a cockroach that appeared in front of her, even if the Song flowed into the television, since the scale of her feelings was determined to be only "in front of her", the Tower would only invoke the Song Magic where she chose to.



Though we don't know if Shurelia would fail because of a calculation error, huh? And maybe after that, the cockroach would creep up upon her body, and...



Please don't say things as embarrassing and scary as these!!!


Given that there are also weak Pureblooded Beta-types, if one of them was chosen to sing Chronicle Key, and was unfortunately unable to do so because of her own weakness, would a Third Generation Reyvateil with A-Rank abilities be able to do so in her place, given that she would have a abilities comparable to the ones of the Betas, or would a Third Generation be unable of doing so despite her abilities?



If I had to answer, I'd say that some of the Third Generations have powers that even surpass those of the Pureblooded Beta-types. Theoretically speaking, there is no reason for the Third Generations to not be superior to the Betas in power, but according to the probability theory, because the Third Generations have feelings much less concentrated by nature, these powerful Third Generations are a very small percentage among the current living ones.
And in relation to if they were more powerful than the Pureblooded Beta-types, the Betas have an easier time in doing their jobs because they are programmed to have a part of their feelings specialized for the jobs they are assigned to. For example, "whenever a something that goes out of the topic of their work comes up, these feelings are brought up again", and such things.
In short, because of their past traumas, heart scars, and precious people, the Third Generations are after all human, which is the reason why the blur on their feelings is greatly increased, but it's also the reason why they awaken as Reyvateils and begin being able to use their powers that they can also demonstrate a great level of power.


Nice to meet you! It's always fun to be around here. This is my first contribution, so, pleased to be of acquaintance!
(Though I'm somewhat worried that this question might have been asked before...) I have a question about the Life Extending Agents. Does the size of the crystal given to a Reyvateil change according to her age and body?
For example, if a crystal of the same size was given to both a 17 year-old and to a 3 year-old, I thought it would be a terribly painful experience for a 3 year-old...



It doesn't vary, and it's because the size of a Life Extending Agent crystal doesn't change with the age. This because these crystals are closer to being a mental object than a physical one, similarly to the Grathnode Crystals, and because of this, they have the special property of being able to get absorbed by the body. In short, the size of a Life Extending Agent doesn't have any relationship to the intensity of the pain that it inflicts.
Also, this doesn't mean that the crystals are shoved by force into the body of the Reyvateil, piercing her Installer Port. If you are afraid of causing a misunderstanding, the best way of rendering this act in words would be saying that the crystals dissolve when they touch her Installer Port, okay?
Furthermore, while the Reyvateil is young and still growing, these crystals become even more necessary for the stabilization of her H-Waves, making them even more important to them than to the adult Reyvateils. It might be somewhat forceful to say that the crystals of such size must be installed into children, but anyway, no matter how big or small the crystals are, the intensity of the pain caused by their Installation doesn't change in almost anything.

愛なるシュレリアさま、ジャクリさま、フレリアさま、ご機嫌麗しくございますか? オボンターXです。前回(?)のさーしゃの発言の中に気になったことがあったので質問です。

To my most beloved Lady Shurelia, Lady Jakuri, and Lady Frelia, are you all having a nice day? It's Funboon-X. There's a question I had after noticing something that Sasha said in the previous issue, which greatly bothered me.
When Sasha talked about how Ar tonelico invokes Song Magic, she summarized it as "Ar tonelico amasses a great quantity of high levels of energy to attack, which is released from the Grathnode Discs", however, weren't the four Grathnode Discs of Ar tonelico completely destroyed during the Grathnode Inferia?
If this does mean that the Discs weren't completely destroyed, does this mean that some of the 4 Channels, as the Setting Materials Collection said that the way in which the normal people used something like "execution from Channel 4, Track 5, Sector 18403" for invoking magic would be still possible in the current times? Please, tell me.
By the way, this is something private, but I didn't have any other choice because I wanted to show my overflowing love to Lady Shurelia and Lady Jakuri,and it didn't let me study in peace for my tests... So please, give me some words of encouragement...



Waah! Didn't have other choice because he wanted to show his overflowing love... it's so sudden...
Please, do your best in studying for your tests! I'll be always cheering you on from the top of the Tower! I'll be chanting an spell for your to be successful in it....


もちろん、第一紀に行っていたようなすさまじい力は今は出すことは出来ないけど。<br /. 分かったかしら?

And more importantly, here is the answer!
It's true that they shattered, but they are still the main way in which the Song Magic is relayed in the form of energy to the Reyvateils. Even the Song Magic of the Reyvateils, even the extremely powerful wave weapons in the First Era, they were all powered by the same principle of the vibrations emitted by the Grathnode Discs.
In the current times, despite saying that they shattered, there are still some huge fragments of them floating around the higher areas of the Tower. And this also means that within these shards, there are still clusters that haven't suffered any damage and can still be used. However, the undamaged clusters that remained were very few, and are no more than a 30% of the original clusters in the discs. The other 70% was completely damaged and rendered unusable, but the remaining 30% is what still covers the usage of the Song Magic by the Reyvateils in the current times.
Of course, they aren't able of manifesting now the tremendous level of power they could in the First Era.
Do you understand? And I have only one thing to say: now that this is cleared up, you better go back quickly to studying. Otherwise, you'll regret having come here later on.


I have another question about the Hymmnos Viena.
I think that it was said during Ar tonelico 2 that Frelia built it in the past, but now, it was hidden away.
And I think it was said that the effect of Viena is creating the Tower?
In which kind of condition the Tower was, and what is the actual effect of Viena?



Strictly speaking, that Tower was always there. It's just that its materialization was stopped. Since the Second Tower is an structure created through Song Magic, if the Dynamic D-Wave supply that makes up that passage was cut off, that place would disappear.
That was done intentionally, so the Tower of Heavens was always kept vanished. So Viena is the Song for resuming the supply of Symphonic Power back to the parts of the Tower whose supply got interrupted (such as the Tower of Heavens itself). At least that's more or less the idea.



Jakuri has done her best today too, huh?



No matter what she says, Jakuri is the most eager among us.



Th-that's not it!! I'm always the one that does things better.
You two are always too carefree for your own good.



But because of that, you are always so grumpy, and having fun while doing your job is the most important thing.
And let's continue doing our best from now on!

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06


皆さんと一緒に、更に楽しめるトウコウスフィアを創っていきたいと考えています。 (土屋)

I'm thinking that the Toukousphere has gradually been getting... thicker. I wonder, we could go as far as we wanted with its contents or the event projects for it....? If you have any opinions about this, please make sure to send them through the Toukou Form. I'll be really glad if you do so.
The Toukousphere is a place where you all can have fun, so I'm always thinking which things would entertain you more than anyone else. But I don't really mind it, so if you have any thoughts on the matter, please don't be shy and send them over.
I really want to make and even funner Toukousphere alongside you all.

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