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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08
Sasha(10yrs)5 さ、さーしゃです!


S-sasha here!
Somehow, I was asked to tend this corner today by myself... I don't really know anything, so is it really okay for me to be here...!?
And looks like there's no one who can help me. Maybe if I answer anything wrong, they'll just let it slip...
But anyway, I'm gonna do my best to answer the questions! Pleased to work with you all!



As the Omnipotent Screw isn't omnipotent, even though I thought it was made from the fusion of several advanced scientific techniques, how omnipotent it is?



That's a very amazing screw. As for how omnipotent it is, it's used both to build houses and make wristwatches.
And it can adapt easily to all possible hole sizes, so it fits all φs. So if you have one, you won't need to use many different kinds of "screws". And that's not all: apparently using them strengthens the familial bonds. And if put them on your head, they apparently tense up your brain! They're very very amazing screws.
But they're very expensive, so I can't stock them at the General Store... If I could stock them, I'd have to research their structure and special characteristics... but all this information was gotten from rumors and hearsay, so it doesn't have much credibility.
I'm sorry...



There are many Clusterian female names that end in the "紗 (sha)" kanji like Misha, but is there an equivalent kanji that sees the same frequency of use in male names?



My name is also one that has the "紗" kanji!
I haven't heard anything about names that are frequent in these names... and in the first place, Clusterian names for men are very rare.
Statistically though, it's said that the most common kanji in their names is "凱 (gai)".



I have a question about acquiring Song Magic from the First Tower.
Both Misha and Aurica become able to use an "Ar tonelico"-type Song Magic on their Lv. 9s, but could a Reyvateil that doesn't have a Hymn Code use that same type of Song Magic if she and her partner managed to reach her Lv. 9?
Given that reaching Lv. 9 is so rare, I was thinking it'd be very dangerous if any Reyvateil could fire off that powerful weapon...



The answer'd be Yes. This is because you don't need a "Hymn Code" or to perform a "Download" to use Song Magic (Hymmnos Words), right?
To put it simply, because the deepest area of their subconscious self is the place where the power of their feelings manifests the strongest, manipulating that class of energy is completely different in structure from the Hymmnos Extracts, so they don't need to control the Tower in the first place for that.
It's true that there's a movie of the Tower firing it off when it's used, but that's just a representation. What actually happens is that the Grathnode Discs release energy similar to how the movie shows, but they don't do so in a beam form: they simply emit it as a simple clump of powerful energy.
Since the Song Magic Ar tonelico embodies the usage of Ar tonelico's resources as they are, it means they use its Dynamic D-Wave flows in their normal state on the enemies.
Dynamic D-Waves are colorless and transparent, so they are completely invisible, but since that could cause problems, they are given some powerful extra effects to make them visible.
And it'd be a great problem if any Reyvateil could use this Song Magic kind, but fortunately not many manage to reach that level. So please, don't worry! Everything'll be okay!



Hello, you look as humorous as always!
And here's a quick question! I thought of this question when I saw my younger brother playing Ar tonelico 2 a little while ago: after Luca and Cloche escaped from their execution, Lady Frelia began singing Hibernation at the Hill of Metafalica, right?
But as they escaped, there was a scene where Luca said "This song... is Hibernation", which made me go all "huh?" And it's true that Hymn Crystals don't contain any lyrics or melody, but the feelings of the song, so the melodies and lyrics for the same song would be completely different depending on the Reyvateil singing it... but then, Lady Frelia's Hibernation and the Hibernation Luca Downloaded should be completely different, so how did Luca know that Lady Frelia's Song was Hibernation? And we didn't see anyone else's reactions to this because only Cloche was at her side at the time...



When a Hymmnos Extract is sung, the Reyvateil can receive the feelings for that Extract in a fragmented way. But since normally they haven't Downloaded that particular Hymn Crystal, they wouldn't know what that Song is.
However, Sis Luca had already Downloaded Hibernation at that time, so that's why part of the feelings of the Hibernation she downloaded synchronized with the song when she heard it, and she intuitively knew it was Hibernation.
So normally the Reyvateils wouldn't know at all, but if they have Downloaded that same Hymn Crystal, they'll know which Hymmnos it is.



Why are you so smart, Sasha?
You'll be really amazing when you grow up...



Whooooa! I'm not smart at all! If I was so smart, the General Store'd be thriving!
But once I grow up, I'll study more and more, and try inventing all sorts of things! That way, I'll help Metafalss become a greater place!



When I heard Sasha would be coming, I flew at full speed here! So, since I'm so stubborn, I'm going to ask my last (favorite) question.
Who was your first love, Sasha? I hesitated sending this question to the Question Corner, but this is your big moment. So it's the moment I've waited for so long to send this submission.


でも、たくさん発明する事が出来て普通に生活できるようになったら… …それでも、一人で頑張っていくです!さーしゃはずっと独りぼっちだったから、一人でいることにはなれているですから!

Whoaa...!! I didn't have... any first loves yet!! The only regulars I've got at the store are Bro Cro and his friends, and while I really admire him a lot, he has Sis Luca, and our ages are so far apart that we can't do that!
But since I'm so poor, even if I fell in love with someone, I wouldn't be able to tell them. I'd only bring trouble to others, so that's why I'll continue hard by myself!
But if I could invent many things and become able to live normally... even then I'd continue working hard by myself! I've always been alone, so I'm already used to being by myself!



I'm sorry for the last question, as I answered something that wasn't really technical... I really don't fit in this corner, so I'll give back this corner to Miss Jakuri and the others next time.
Even if it was only for this issue, thanks for having read my answers! I'll continue working hard at the General Store, so please count with me if you need anything!

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06

アルポータル2周年祭からもそれなりに月日が経ち、現在は少し落ち着いているアルポータルですが、皆さんのお陰でここの所の投稿数は倍増中です。現在の目玉商品の「む茶ぶりカレンダー」も、本日新しい写真が掲載されますので是非見に行ってみてくださいね。この後続くクリスマスキャンペーンも含め、年末ギリギリまで「あっ」と言わせ続けるアルトネリコで頑張っていきます。どうぞよろしくお願いします! (土屋)

It's been quite some time since we had the Ar Portal Second Anniversary Festival, so while the Ar Portal is quieting down a bit, thanks to you all the number of submissions we've gotten here has doubled. Our most eye-catching product right now would be the "Muchaburi Calendar", so make sure to check out the new pictures we published for it today. And also including the Christmas Campaign that will continue after this issue, I'll continue doing my best to make an Ar tonelico that keeps you all saying "Ah!" until the very last second of the year. Hope to see you again!

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