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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08



Hi! It's time for the Technical Service Center!
Today's my turn, so I'll call our guest and begin explaining many things.
And our guest is of course...!



...I don't know how much of a help I'll be, but I'll do my best if it's for Frelia's sake.



A lot of very interesting submissions came in today, so let's do our best together!


This is my first submission! So let's get to it: why do Aurica's Purger and Misha's Purger have different melodies? Please tell me!



Hmm, basically it's because there isn't an actual "Song" contained within the crystal, as it actually contains the "feelings" for that particular song. So similarly to how different people would end up making completely different songs from the same base feelings, it's normal for a Song to be different depending on the people who received the Download for it. However, since the feelings composing them are still the same, these Songs will still invoke the same effects.
There's just one exception to this, which is for Songs like Phantasmagoria in which the people who Download it are planned to link together, so a program called a "Synchronizer" is added to them in order for the singers to share the same main feelings. Thanks to this is that while it seems all the singers have made and are singing the same Song, in Phantasmagoria's case each of its three singers are utilizing the Synchronizer that was programmed in the crystal they Downloaded to be able to share only the parts of their minds that have to do with the Song. This is a technology that makes use of the deep psyche that is located even deeper in than the Lv. 9 of the Cosmospheres, so there's almost no one that can program it.
As for the combined Metafalica... I think a Synchronizer is also put in the Hymn Crystal for the METHOD part (the Infelsphere). However, I don't really know much about it.



Well, that might be the case. After all, apparently the Infelsphere has the purpose of somehow chaining the consciousness of two people that are connected to entirely different Song Magic Servers. It has never been said that this is the purpose of the Infelsphere, but it's undeniable that it serves as a very important element to the process.
However, we might never know how it actually works unless we actually try asking the designer herself...

世の中のRT、つまりオリジン、β、第三世代、そしてI.P.Dに区分けされた中の第三世代、I.P.Dについてなんですが、この二種の判別はI.P.D側の発症しかないんですよね? そうなると、第三世代がI.P.Dに変異した瞬間は誰にも(本人ですら)判らないまま潜在的I.P.Dになる、ということですか?そして単純に疑問なんですが、生まれながらのI.P.Dというのは存在しますか?
以上です。 フレリア様、頑張って下さい!

This is for Lady Frelia's Technical Service Center. No matter how much I think about this by myself, I can't get it, so that's why I'm sending it.
Among the Reyvateils in the world, we have them divided in Origins, βs, Third Generations and IPDs, but can IPDs only originate from the Third Generations and IPDs? If that's the case, that means that there are potential IPDs, which are Third Generations no one knows when they'll turn into IPDs (aside of the person herself)? And while this might be a very simple question, are there any IPDs that are that by birth?
That's all. Please tell me, Lady Frelia!



Ehehe, they're rooting for me! Thanks!
Well then, I'll begin by saying that something like "a Third Generation awakening as a Reyvateil" and then "turning into an IPD" never happens. A Reyvateil who awakens as a Third Generation will always be a Third generation, and a Reyvateil who awakens as an IPD will always be an IPD.
The details about this are written in the setting materials collection book, but even if an IPD awakens as a Reyvateil, that doesn't necessarily mean she will have an outbreak right away. It's just that there are very high chances of her having an outbreak as she awakens due to the great fear and anxiety this causes to her, and while everyone says that an IPD outbreak happens when an IPD awakens, there are also many girls who awakened as IPDs without going crazy.
Still, since there is no other way to distinguish a Third Generation from an IPD aside of seeing when they are trying to craft Song Magic, it's impossible to know for sure until they try doing so. And for argument's sake, I'd say that generally their partners are the first ones to notice when they are IPDs, and it isn't unusual for them to turn them over to the Grand Bell. Since non-berserk IPDs act very much like Third Generations, unfortunately it's the norm that the people around them never notice what they are until they have an outbreak. Therefore, since typically "IPD" is considered as a disease, it doesn't seem like the truth about them has been spread to the society.


This is very difficult to ask, but...
Can the Origins have children?



Umm... hmm, I... wonder about that. Do you know, Shunny?


…さあ、僕にはわからないが…。まあ、つくれたら…いい…よな… …とは思うが。

You're making me answer this kind of question!?
...But I don't know either... but if we could have them... it wouldn't be so... bad... I think.



Yeah! If we did, we'd end up having a very cute baby!
But how can we make one?



...Could you let me off the hook with this question, please...?


I've got a question: when used, Hibernation is supposed to detach the minds of the people from their physical bodies and unify them inside Infel Phira's memory, right? But now I think about it, how far would the people transmigrate into spiritual forms once Infel and Nenesha executed Sublimation, which is said to be a higher rank of Hibernation? I personally thought that this was having an effect over the world itself due to how the sky was darkening in the movie.
And first of all, where would the spiritual forms go once they were transmigrated by Sublimation?><
(Geugo Slippers)



It's as you say. While Sublimation is said to be the sublimation of the world, it actually affects this world itself. On the game it was said to carry out a transmigration into a spiritual form, but strictly speaking, "transmigrating into a spiritual form" isn't an accurate way of describing it. In short, the correct way of putting it would be that we would be ascended into the "Fifth Dimension World" that exists two stages above the "Tridimensional World" in which we live, so Sublimation's goal would be making us lose consciousness of our material vessels as bodies because we would stop existing as tridimensional beings. Strictly speaking, we would still have our bodies, but since we would be able to slip through matter in all sorts of ways (avoid it), clashes between two material objects would completely lose their meaning, and since our "eyes" wouldn't be able to make sense of it due to being tridimensional sensors, it wouldn't be inexact to say that in practical terms, we would "lose our material form". Well, we have started touching the topic of theories on the dimensions, and since that isn't something that can be explained fully in a few lines of a Toukousphere issue, I think we should leave it here for now.
By the way, the "Hibernation" that performs an AD conversion on the spiritual forms and lodges them in Infel Phira is actually a falsely similar process to Sublimation. And Sublimation wouldn't actually sublimate the entire planet: naturally, it would only affect the areas covered by the range of Ar tonelico (the Tower), but the world that would be created from its effects wouldn't have limits, according to the Fifth Dimension theories. But since these theories or their effects have never been proven, the actual effects of it are like a black box at this point.



Whoa, Shunny's a walking dictionary!
I feel a little charmed...



And there are many things you know that I don't, Frelia.
That goes for us both.


Synthesis was called Grathmeld in 1, while in 2, it's called just synthesis and thus the Grathmeld name isn't used. Are there two different kinds of synthesis in 1 and 2?



Grathmeld was a system Sis (Shurelia) designed, right? That system only has a range that covers the entire Wings of Horus plus a little of the areas around them, so it isn't used in Metafalss. The concept of Grathmeld is "By mixing in Grathnode Crystals on manufactured items, the Silver Horn can recognize the natural laws of the crystals, making it possible to give them effects corresponding to their materials". Therefore, the Grathnode Crystals work as barcodes, which ask the Silver Horn "Please, give this material this power!"
The synthesis used in Metafalss can't add in special effects from external materials like Grathmeld can, so it's just normal manufacturing and cooking, and that's why it's called "Synthesis". Got it?



It was so fun because you came today, Shunny!



Yes, it feels like a long time since I last talked so much.
Thanks for inviting me.



*sigh*... Getting technical would be so much more fun if Shunny was with me all the time.



I think I heard some venom in these words you said... or was it just my imagination?

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06

次回のトウコウスフィアの頃には、このトウコウスフィアの集大成である「アルトネリコファンブック」が発売されていますね。1回目から読んでみると、すっかり忘れていることばかりでとても楽しいですよ。皆さんも是非お手元に1冊、アルポータルをいかがでしょうか?それではまた次回! (土屋)

This issue's Technical Center was pretty deep. If it ended getting any deeper, I think it could end up sucking out all the fun for the staff members, so that's why I'm always thinking how difficult things can get. After all, I want to make things that everyone can read and enjoy.
By the time the next Toukousphere comes, the "Ar tonelico Fanbook" that serves as the compilation for the Toukousphere itself will be released. If you read it from the first issue, you'll surely have again a lot of fun you've forgotten. How would you like to have a copy of the Ar Portal in your hands? Well then, see you next issue! (Tsuchiya)