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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08


えー、こほん。 前回の最後に、今回から3人が1回ずつ一人で担当する、という事に決まりました。 今回の第1回目は私です。昔一人でやっていた懐かしい思い出が蘇りますね。

Yes... *cough*
At the end of the previous issue, it was decided that one from us three would be given the duty of answering all questions this issue.
This issue is the first one we'll be doing this, and it's my turn. Since a person I knew from long ago is coming to help too, that's surely going to make a lot of nostalgic memories come up.



Leaving that aside, it would be a good idea to call our only guest. So let me introduce the wonderful guest who will answer the questions with me!









...Don't call me granny.
But that said... it gives me tremendous shivers to get called that by you. So if I'm granny, you'd be...\



I'm just 16 years old, you know?



...You really haven't changed at all, huh? But well, let's leave it at that.
It looks like this is the corner where we seriously answer technical questions about the Ar tonelico world and explain its physical laws.
Interested people, please do make sure to only send one question per person.
And don't call me granny.


For the Technical Service Center.
If Luca actually gave back the D-Cellophane to Lady Frelia, would that actually stop Lady Frelia's weakening? I thought that wouldn't stop her weakening because it was supposed to come from using so much power just to maintain the Tower, but well... And it's only me, or Lady Frelia has started showing off some tsundere traits? Please tell me.



Unfortunately, Frelia isn't here today, so I'll answer your questions in her place.
It seems you have some misunderstandings, so I'll explain to you how things are from the beginning. Returning the D-Cellophane to Frelia has nothing to do with her weakening. In that conversation, Luca was only saying she would be giving the D-Cellophane back from her own volition, not because she was doing it to stop Frelia's weakening. Apparently, the only thing that could alleviate Frelia's weakening right now would be the purging of structures like the Rim. However, it seems they are actually going to carry that out within a few decades.
...By the way, while I might look like I know everything about what I'm saying here, I'm actually only repeating once again what Frelia said in a previous issue.


I know that every individual Reyvateils creates her own Hymmnos Words, but are they completely exclusive to that particular person? They wouldn't show off any effects even if they were sung by other person?
For example, if Lady Shurelia memorized completely the lyrics and melody to Misha's Cinna, would the Song be completely ineffective even if she sang it while putting on it her feelings of healing someone?


よく勘違いされるみたいだけど、ヒュムノスワードの真髄は、聞こえてくる「歌」ではなくて、その謳っている「想い」なの。 要するに、表面に見えている…いえ、聞こえている「歌」を真似ても、その想いは真似ることが出来ないでしょ?それはすなわち「効果を発揮しない」という事なの。 もっと厳密に言えば、「ヒュムノスワードを謳う」ことと「歌を唄う」ことは、表面上は同じに見えてもレーヴァテイルのプロセスとしてみたら全く違う事なのよ。 どういう事かは、もう一つ下の質問に回答しているから、そっちも一緒に参考にして。

You seem to be misunderstanding this greatly, as the true form of the Hymmnos words aren't the "songs" you can hear, but the "feelings" of the person singing it.
In short, even if you imitated the "song" you can see with your eyes... sorry, hear with ears, you wouldn't be able to imitate the feelings forming it, right? Therefore, it "would have no effect".
More strictly speaking, while on the surface "singing a Hymmnos Word" and "singing a song" might seem to be the same, for the Reyvateils they are completely different processes.
Anyway, I've also answered a related question just below, so please make sure to reference it too.


For the Technical Service Center.
Please answer me this honestly: are tone-deaf people even among the Reyvateils?



There are. This might be a continuation of the question I answered just above, but while on the surface "singing a Hymmnos Word" and "singing a song" might seem to be the same, for the Reyvateils they are completely different processes.
More concretely, "singing a song" is exactly the same for them and the humans, so it isn't anything aside of singing when you think you're going to sing. But for "singing Hymmnos Words", from the moment you concentrate to start singing, almost your entire consciousness is taken away by the feelings forming that Hymmnos Word.
This is because a process query is sent over to the amplification tower of Ar tonelico, and that action is incidentally represented as singing a "Song", nothing more. Therefore, we could simplify this by saying that you use completely different internal organs when you're "singing a Hymmnos Word" from when you're "singing a song". Do you understand?
Therefore, there are many Reyvateils that while they can sing marvelously and with unparalleled accuracy when they are singing Hymmnos Words, they would be tone-deaf when singing normally.
As a matter of fact, Shurelia is actually tone-deaf. So I advise you to steer clear from her when she is singing normally.



I-I'm not! What are you saying!?



...If you have time to protest, why don't you work instead too?

回はシュレリア様一人と聞いたので今のうちにどうしても言いたい事があります。シュレリア様! 最近 きゅっ がまったく出てませんよ? きゅっ! が。きゅっのないテクニカルサービスなんて それこそ きゅっ! ですよ。そんなことだからジャクリにやられっぱなしなんですよ。ここらで一発何かしたほうが身のためだと思います! (嫉妬マン)

Since I heard Lady Shurelia would be alone this issue, there's a lot of things I want to say. Lady Shurelia! Aren't you going to say kyuu anymore? Kyuu! To think of the Technical Service without Kyuu!... that's unthinkable. That's why I think you have been getting deceived by Jakuri. Please, say it once more, for you!
(Jealous Man)



I'm sorry, it's because of my own negligence... That's right! If I don't do it here and now, the people that are expecting it will never forgive me! Well then, I'll do it with no more hesitations.
Kyuukyuu! I'm a bunny!!
I want you to eat me! Come, come, eat me, eat me! Kyuukyuu!!
Hmm... it's been so long since I last did this, that it feels embarrassing...


I have a question about Cosmospheres.
In the case of all heroines, the past traumas and childhood memories are reflected in the Cosmospheres as extremely cruel worlds, but in the case of Reyvateils that have had a peaceful normal life and that didn't suffer like the heroines, wouldn't they have much milder Cosmospheres?
Or would the Cosmospheres of all Reyvateil turn into cruel worlds no matter who they were?



You think that a person wouldn't have a dark side even if they didn't have any hardships or restrictions until now?
I have to question if there's even any child who hasn't suffered through any hardships or traumas in the first place. For example, it's impossible for a child who was born in a prosperous family to not have any mental scars or traumas. Not being allowed to leave the house, not having any friends... not having their parents nearby, having a tumor treated... such are events that could create mental scars.
And I concede that they might be able to live happily if they don't have any such happenings in their lives. But they would also have all sorts of thoughts about the rest of the people. Children who look as if they were gentle could be actually being like that because they don't see people as humans, but as pets, and thus treat them like that... though I kind of wonder how that would be bared within a Soulspace.
Theoretically speaking, the Soulspace isn't that simple. Once they have lived for more than a decade, they will have both sadness and happiness, as well as traumas and scars regardless of what environment they have lived in. It's impossible that a child could live without feeling anything. Don't you think so?
And well, it's true there are differences from a Reyvateil to other. But that one will be either crueler or gentler, that will greatly depend on the compatibility she has with the Diver that is Diving into her. Therefore, to ask whether Soulspaces are generally cruel or lenient... is itself nonsensical.



I worked a lot today too!



...Maybe the time has finally come for the Administrator guard change.



Well, next time is Jakuri's turn, correct? I'll be looking forward to seeing who she will bring in as her guest!
Well then, until next issue!


あ…ざやか…に… も…えるみ…ど…り… …

The...plants... spro... ut... vivid... ly... in... to... small...

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06

そんな熱い議論によって採用された熱い投稿は、どれもこれも面白いものがイッパイです。早く皆さんにご披露できる日が来ないかと、今から楽しみにしています。 (土屋)

Thank you very much for all your submissions for the Ar tonelico Fanbook! We got about 1000 submissions total, so all the staff members involved on it were examining it as we had heated discussions the other day (and we actually discussed).
When the tension greatly rose during the discussion we had about "Infel's Pun Dojo", one of the staff members uttered the following words: "We should be thinking about making puns rather that discussing like fools...". We all instantly started laughing and we couldn't stop. (*laughs*) Nah, we actually continue discussing. Though I think it was quite a surrealistic scene to those who saw it from the beginning.
Thanks to these heated arguments, we could pick a lot all the interesting things we could use from your submissions. The day in which we'll show you all which ones were picked can't come soon enough, so please make sure to look forward to it. (Tsuchiya)