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Question Corner[]

Toukou 02


I saw the following article on a certain site. "Yahoi!! Aurica here! It's all thanks to me, the heroine, that Ar tonelico had such good sales!! Cool protagonist, girl who can change bodies, mecha-obsessed girl, gunner with a machine gun arm, a gentle mannered church's holy soldier, or a Tower Administrator who gets lost as she sings. It's the best RPG brimming with individuality!! But well, just as the game cover shows, the main character is ME♪"
What does everyone think of this?



Mmmm... As far as I can see, the most important explanatory note is still missing there.
In other words, a heroine that's naturally foul-mouthed and is also a horrible cook.



Hmmm... And who are we talking about here?



Eek! I never said anything, you know!

Adult Misha 1


Given how similar they are, I thought they would turn out to be basically good friends, so how did this conversation turn out like this?

Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08



Lady Shurelia's...!



By the way Frelia, how is it you're aware of several things?
It's true you should have been asleep for a long time...
So did you get loaded with some special function libraries that weren't given to Shurelia?



Huh? I wasn't given any special libraries or anything.
It's just that there was a time in which I had nothing to do around 700 years ago, and Raki taught me lots of things during it.



W-wait there! Don't just ignore me, please!
This is so embarrassing to me!



Ah, so you did have an embarrassment "function", huh?



I'm a 16-year-old that makes even flowers pale before her beauty! Of course I'd be filled with embarrassment!



...Your behavior is what's embarrassing here.



This is the corner where we thoroughly and seriously answer questions about technical aspects of the Ar tonelico world.
If there's anyone out there that has questions of the type "I really wanna know! Please answer seriously!", then send them here.
When you do send them, make sure to write somewhere "For the Technical Service Center".
If you don't do that, we'll ignore your question.


For the Technical Service Center.
I've got a question about Metafalss' geography. It looks like there are a wharf and a sea at the Clouds Wharf, but was it unexpectedly formed by collecting the rainwater that falls on some of the lower areas of the Rim? Or was there a unit established there for some purpose back when the Tower was being designed?
(Kimura Shuuichi)



Ah, the "Clouds Wharf", huh? That's just the name the people that moved to the Rim began calling it, so it isn't anything like a famous place that existed from long ago.
Back when the Tower was being designed that name didn't even exist, as it was no more than a junction bridge that connected the "B-Dri" and "B-Fef" areas.
Apparently, the Clouds Wharf name comes from the fact there were several dead ends in the bridge between B-Dri and B-Fef, and what could be under the bridge wasn't water but a group of clouds amassing themselves.
In short, there never was a sea on it, so a ship could have never landed on it. However, it was given the "Clouds Wharf" name merely because it had the same atmosphere as a sea wharf due to it floating over a sea of clouds.
By the way, if what you called a "sea" is the water that accumulates on the surrounding areas of the Conductor Activator, it's actually formed by the accumulation of rainwater. It might look like there's an abundance of water there, but as the land is unable to absorb the water, it will completely dry up if no rain falls in ten or more days. So it's no more than the pool located at the lowest place of all the ones were water accumulates.
It might look abundant, but unexpectedly there's a lot of water problems there.


For the Technical Service Center. In 1 and 2 it looks like the higher the level into which a partner Dives, the more dangerous it is for them and their RT, but what is the actual probability of a severely damaging event (like getting stuck in the Soulspace, causing a complete mental collapse to the RT, dying and so forth) happening during a high-level Dive?
Especially in the case of places like Platina, as I guess the government would have taken appropriate measures if such accidents happened frequently.



Such events almost never happen in reality, because that's the job the Dive Operators have.
The Dive Operators must always observe the FFT Spectra during a Dive, and if they change in a strikingly abnormal way, they will be forced to conduct a forced suspension.
Of course, they're humans and can commit mistakes, so there are also times in which an abnormality happens suddenly, without giving them time to react to the situation.
As many such cases could end up causing the people involved in the Dive severe mental damage, they must let them rest for a while once they have salvaged them.
In that state, if anything happened, and it was impossible to salvage them, their minds would crumble away in a few minute, andd they would die if they were left alone.
That's the degree of how many actual mortal accidents might have taken place during a year.
While Lyner was venturing into Soulspaces that were so cruel, we can also think they were equally safe for him to go into, as there never was an abnormality that could have killed him in the real world.
However, we mustn't forget either the great contribution the Dive Operators made with their technical skills.


For the Technical Service Center.
Luca once said that she didn't understand at all the Hymmnos in Lady Cloche's "METHOD_REPLEKIA/.", but why was that? Is it something like RTs can understand it as they're singing but can't read the letters as they're Singing?
(Tower Administrator)



Wouldn't that be because they have different Song Magic Servers? Let me explain it this way to make it easier to understand.
Let's act as if you always had an English dictionary on hand. If you did, you'd be able to look up the words in the English sentences and would be able to understand them, right? But what would happen if you tried to do that with a French sentence?
To summarize, Aurica, Misha and Luca only have an "English dictionary", while Cloche has an "English dictionary" and a "French dictionary".
That is because the Song Magic Server "Ar tonelico" to which Luca and the others are connected doesn't have the translation functions for the "New Testament of Pastalie" Song Magic language that Cloche uses.
That's why they aren't able to translate the Hymmnos language used by the METHOD songs (New Testament of Pastalie), and can't deploy either the feelings contained in it.
On the other hand, Cloche can emulate all the language dictionaries used by Ar tonelico aside from the New Testament of Pastalie, so that's why she can translate completely the Hymmnos Luca Sings.
It wouldn't be a mistake to remember that the "New Testament of Pastalie" and the Song Magic Server that supports it, "Infel Phira", are both special.


For the Technical Service Center.
I've got a question about Proxy Dives (Proxies?). There's an A Reyvateil that's dangerous to Dive into and has a B technician (Reyvateil) do a Proxy, so in this kind of Dive, B has such a strong authority that she can make A white no matter how black she might be due to having a higher (forced?) priority, but does the one doing the Proxy have the power to interfere so much?
As for the receiving A Reyvateil that is using the Proxy, I've noticed a few points I also want to ask about:

  • Would it be possible to forcefully cause a Paradigm Shift on her?
  • Would it be possible to abruptly go to a deeper stratum of the Cosmosphere?
  • Would it be possible to fully rewrite the Cosmosphere world?

I'm thinking it's possible to do all sorts of things, but that would also make it a dangerous technique due to how it's done.



It's true that Proxy Dives can do a variety of things depending on how they are done.
But if I had to give an accurate response, I have to say that they can't directly cause Paradigm Shifts. However, they can meddle in a variety of ways in order to make triggering them easier.
As a concrete example, we have the very first Dive that could be seen in the game, with Luca serving as an obstruction that stopped Cloche's intervention. That might not be pressing directly for the triggering of a Paradigm Shift, but it ultimately served as a shortcut to one.
Similarly, they can't be used to suddenly go to a deeper stratum (or in other words, to change the Dive Address). Rather, the Dive Operators would be able to do that rather easily, but since doing that would be treating the lives of the Diver and Reyvateil disrespectfully, they never do it.
As for altering the Cosmosphere world, it can be done depending on the situation. However, that will encounter great resistance from the one on the receiving end of the Proxy, as it was in the Luca vs Cloche case.
As a result, the alteration will be stopped, and the conflict will result in the creation of a spiritual scar.
So yeah, "Proxy Dives" are as dangerous a technique as you're saying. It's more or less on the level of a medic wielding a scalpel.
That's why it's necessary to have meticulous attention during a Proxy, as when one is being conducted, even Dive Operators will consider FFT Spectrum anomalies that would be normally ignored as ones that they can't leave alone and where an emergency suspension is necessary.
Also, the one doing the Proxy has to make the people receiving it Dive with a Dive Machine program that was inserted in a part of her mind while she is inside the real-world Dive Machine. That's why they can keep in constant contact with the Dive Operator. On the other hand, this also means that the Reyvateil doing the Proxy is also being constantly monitored by the Dive Operator. Most Therapists really hate doing this, and they currently oppose carrying out Proxy Dives, but even having said this, they can still make use of this technique as long as they can guarantee a certain safety rate for them. That's more or less the gist of it.


I saw in the book that "High-density Grathnode Wave Packets are essential for high-level Dives", but it was said that getting them so high could also be used for brainwashing or causing Critical Downs, so in short, if high-density Grathnode Waves are sent in, it'd be possible to hypothetically Dive into a high-level Cosmosphere like a Lv. 9 one?
And I've also got another question: would it be possible to craft Song Magic inside someone else's Cosmosphere? (Such as Cloche firing off Fire Blaster inside Luca's Cosmosphere, and using it to attack the Luca inside the Cosmosphere).



I'll hypothetically say it's not impossible... but it'd be a sinful thing to do, as it's as dangerous as a physician administering a lethal dose of medicine to someone. If we look at it from the viewpoint of the person themselves doing it, it's like they didn't have any experience with Diving, which would instantly cause anomalies as soon as the Dive started.
To put it in concrete terms, the Diver would get instantly crushed by the Dynamic H-Waves of the Reyvateil they are trying to Dive in. That's how much of an energy difference there would be between them.
As for your other question on if a Reyvateil Diving into another would be able to craft Song Magic in the Cosmosphere, the answer is they can.
However, since they aren't actually wielding the contents of their minds and it's exactly the same as when they craft a Song normally in the real world, the probability of them crafting it would be the same as the one for a Reyvateil crafting a sSng on the real world. So it's something almost never happens.



By the way, do you have a bad relationship? Sis Shurelia and Jakuri?
You know being angry all the time isn't healthy, right? Let's get along.



T-that doesn't mean I like getting angry! It's because Shurelia is terrible at learning things and so self-centered.



What are you saying!? The one who's terrible at learning things is you!



Hey! Cut it out already! Okay, join your hands! Now you're both close friends!



W...what the...?



Y-you know we won't become close friends just because you did that...!?

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06


This issue had an amazing amount of text. Did you find it a worthwhile reading?
I'm especially happy today because of how much the number of submissions increased for Hama's Submission Dojo and Misha's Problem Consultation Room.
And since it's been so long awaited for you all, we're going to increase the number of regular characters from AT2! So we've tried recruiting some of them.
Please, make sure to vote for the character you like the most.
Ok then, see you next issue!