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Question Corner[]

Toukou 02


As it was said that this issue of the Toukousphere would only have the characters from 2, or something to that effect, there's a question I want Luca to answer.
Be honest, how do you see Aurica?
Aren't you afraid? It's as if words were immediately absorbed into a surge of unseen darkness or something.



Th, That's not true at all.
Aurica's the appropriate heroine to be our senior, after all!
It's all thanks to her appearance that Ar tonelico was so successful that the game where we appear, Ar tonelico 2, could be made and sold.
It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say she's called a legendary heroine among us characters from 2!



Oh... that's because you're so good at flattery, Luca.
However it's true that 2 could be released because of 1's popularity, right?
If you try your best too, it'll become possible to create an OVA like us, so it's best to try even harder.



Eheheh, that's true.
Then I shouldn't bring up that I got a figure released before you, right?



F-for some reason, it feels like the atmosphere got a lot more tense...

Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08



Lady Frelia's!



...And Jakuri's...



Technical Service Center!
Technical Service Center...



I don't know why, but it feels a bit embarrassing to call myself "Lady", huh?



Right, huh? I think that's normal though...



This is the corner where we thoroughly and seriously answer questions about technical aspects of the Ar tonelico world.
If there's anyone out there that has questions of the type "I really wanna know! Please answer seriously!", then send them here.
When you do send them, make sure to write somewhere "For the Technical Service Center".
If you don't do that, we'll ignore your question.

-テ クニカルサービスセンター宛-

For the Technical Service Center.
I've got a question about Dives.
I think that the Reyvateil side of the Dive Machines is only limited to the Reyvateils, but given the Diver's side isn't limited just to humans, would it be okay for Reyvateil to enter on it?
And if a Reyvateil Dived into another Reyvateil, would the Diver be able to craft Song Magic during it?


レーヴァテイル側はレーヴァテイル質をスキャニングするように作られていて、ダイバー側は、人間の意識部分を 抽出するように作られている。すなわち、2つは外観は同じでも、中身は全然違うマシンだってこと。
だから、レーヴァテイルがダイバー側に入ったときは、レーヴァテイルの人間質の方だけが認識されるというわけ。 わかってもらえたかしら?

Of course they can enter the Diver's side of the machine, though they would be recognized and logged in as humans when they did that.
However, if a Reyvateil enters the Dive Machine as a Diver, she won't be able to craft Song Magic for the duration of that Dive.
Strictly speaking, it is still possible for them to craft Song Magic, but it would be about the same probability as them crafting it anywhere else on the real world, so it'd be very rare for that to happen.
This happens because the Diver's side and the Reyvateil's side of the Dive Machines have completely different scanning interfaces.
The Reyvateil's side is made specifically for scanning the Reyvateil nature, while the Diver's side is made to abstract the consciousness of the humans. In other words, while both kinds of pods have the same appearance from the outside, on the inside they're completely different machines.
So if a Reyvateil enters the Diver's side, the machine will only recognize her human nature. Did you get it?


This is for the Technical Service Center.
This is my first contribution. Pleased to be of acquaintance.
Both Lady Frelia and Lady Shurelia are called the [Origins], the very first generation of Reyvateils created to be the Tower Administrators, but does this mean that both of them can continue living as long as Ar tonelico exists?
This means that they are immortal beings, huh? Though I think that would be a little too cruel to them...
And also, it's impossible for the Administrators to be replaced?
If right now someone got her nervous connections linked to the Tower, could her be an Administrator for a certain period of time?


管理者の交代は今でも技術的には可能だよ。ただし私の場合、第一塔に戻らなくちゃいけないけどね。 管理者交代が出来る場所はリンカーネイションしか無いから、エオリアちゃん(シュレリア様)も私も同じで、リンカーネイションに行くしかないんだ。

This is somewhat of a big question, huh?
Honestly, I think this job it's a little boring sometimes, but I have yet to think of it as cruel or hard.
The change of Administrators is still possible now, but in my case, I must go back to the First Tower to do so.
Given that the only place where the Administrator Change is possible is the Rinkernator, Eolia (Lady Shurelia) would be under the same situation as me: she would need to go there to perform the change.
By the way, while I don't really mind replacing her, I don't really think I'm fit to be an Administrator. But unless there was another Origin to replace her... the Administrator change would be impossible to do.
Still, I'll have to continue doing the best I can for the people of Metafalss!


This is for the Technical Service Center.
In the FMV ending we can see Jakuri gazing at the Heart of the Land of Infel Phira, which was what created the greenness that sprouted from Metafalica.
After the credits, we can see how she explained the Heart of the Land of Infel Phira as she took it out from its shell. However, would Metafalss be okay even if that Heart of the Land was taken away?
As far as we saw in the events related to the Mikry Forest, taking away the Heart would cause the land it created to disappear, but like it was said in that conversation, supposedly as long as the Heart would continue singing its song, they would be able to recreate that land under a new land and sky. According to this, the land and the greenness wouldn't disappear from Metafalss?
If that was the case, then I think Jakuri would have done a very cruel thing by ruining such a happy end, and that she had planned this all along by becoming an ally of Croix, Luca, Cloche and the others... but I really love Mother being as brutish asthat.
I'm very sorry if this is a wrong impression, given I haven't read yet the setting materials collection book, but this really worries me.
By the way, I really like how Mother has her bangs cut.
(Person with Bangs Cut)




So you had the nerve of naming yourself like that, huh? ...Oh, well.
While you have a correct interpretation of this, in that scene I didn't take away the Heart of the Land on its entirety, as given the enormous size it had, it would have been impossible to take out all of it.
When I conversed with it, I simply separated one part of its feelings. And yes, it would be as if I took away only around 5 cm of an sphere that has 3m of diameter.
Because of this, it isn't likely that anything will happen to the continent, no matter how far away that piece of the Heart is taken.
And while it's true that I took away all of the Heart of the Land that created the faulty continent, that wasn't something that could be avoided.
It was so small that it'd been impractical to take even an smaller part of it.
Well, you could think that it was a necessary evil.


For the Technical Service Center.
I've got a question about the IPDs.
The IPDs have their consciousnesses connected, but does that mean that fellow IPDs will never fight against each other? (outside of the time they're having an outbreak?) (As I think that attacking each other would be considered as a sort of self-injurious behavior...)
Also, their consensus of feelings how much influence does it have over their individual selves? Could they share their own individual knowledge, experiences, memories and sensations?
And I'm also interested in knowing about how much interference Lady Cloche can hold over them, given she's their leader.



It's true that the consciousnesses of the IPDs are connected, but that doesn't mean they can normally continue peeking into each other's consciousness. As you might expect, neither me nor Cloche would like that.
There's a gate called the the "IPD Boundary Gate" between the IPDs up to their Lv. 7 Cosmospheres, which under normal conditions keep that link between them closed.
And the only moment in which that opens up, as you might know by now, is when "Metafalica Mode" is activated.
And besides, their consciousness only links up during the time they are singing, so they shouldn't be able to peek into the minds of others because they are too concentrated in singing.
Additionally, when Metafalica Mode is active, the only thing they would be able to see if they focused on the consciousness of a specific person would be the "feelings" that person has.
In short, they wouldn't be able to see anything aside of what that person is thinking, sensing or feeling at that precise instant, and looking into their memories is also impossible.
But well, I've heard there also was a Mode among the completely forgotten ones that made a connection like the one you're thinking of, but... it's better that it was buried away by history...

メタファリカで大陸を紡ぐ際に、インフェル・ピラから 木などが生えてきているようですが、世界の原子の量は変わることがありません。

For the Technical Service Center.
When the Metafalica Continent was made, we saw how some trees and other things sprouted from Infel Phira, but the atomic mass forming the world didn't change in quantity.
Where these atoms gathered from the ones in the world, or were they made on the spot?
I don't really get it, so please explain to me what happened.


その、1点に対して無限個存在する波動について、どの周波数でどの方向を向いた波の振幅がどれくらいの振幅量か、 それを全周波数分定義すると、そこにある物質が何なのかが決定されるんだよ?
その波動の名称は定常D波というの。原子というものは、その波動の周波数分布とベクトル、そして振幅量によって決定される 最小の粒子って事になるかな。だから、世界全体の質量はめまぐるしくかわるかもしれないけど、世界を流れる大原則である 波動荷の保存は成り立っているというわけ。

Um... did you fall asleep during Miss Enta's wave science lectures? Your teacher is so disappointed...
In every place of this world, there are energy waves that have uniform vectors that go in infinite directions with an equivalent density.
And for every time one of these infinite waves touches a point, no matter what frequency it has, in which direction the amplitude of the wave goes or how much is the extent of its amplitude, that defines all the frequencies in that point, and it also defines the matter that exists in it.
If the energy amount (the amplitude of the wave) is small, then it will define gases, while if the energy is great it will define dense solids.
The name given to this kind of waves is Static D-Waves. I think we could say that atoms are the smallest particles that can be defined by the frequency distribution, vectors and amplitudes of these waves. So maybe the matter that forms this entire world changes in a crazy way, but its wave loads still keep existing the way they do thanks to the great principles that flow through it.
Did you get it?
(※This explanation is just one part of the world setting that makes up the worldview of Ar tonelico, and thus isn't grounded on the scientific theories that are considered as valid on current Earth science).



This corner is so interesting!
I wanna participate in it again!
I'm so envious of Eolia having a corner like this all to herself!



No matter how much I think it over, you're far more competent than her...

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06

今回は何と!オリカ(=トウコウスフィアの裏の女王!?)以外のアルトネリコ1キャラが全員休暇!という これまた前代未聞の企画をやってみました。どうでしたか?確かにアルトネリコ1のキャラは、ずっと 1のキャラだけでいましたが、2のキャラ単体というのはこういう企画でも無ければありませんからね。 もし反響が良ければ、また2オンリー、そして1オンリー復刻版(?)もやってみたいと思います。 それでは、また次回!

This time was so " what!?", as aside of Aurica (the Queen of the Underworld in the Toukousphere!?), all the Ar tonelico 1 characters had a day off! So I wanted to try carrying out an unprecedented project. How did you like it? It's true that the Ar tonelico 1 characters were always here, so I wanted to see how the characters for 2 would fare by themselves, as they wouldn't have gotten a chance to otherwise. If it gets a good reception, I'd like to try making a 2-only edition again or making a 1-only reprint edition (?). Well then, see you next time!