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This Episode's Tsukkomi Aurica[]



This week's!
Totally some kind of underground program?

Question Corner[]

Otayori top


Starting in this episode, we have a new weapon!
Its name is "Touhyoon!" What a splendid name I've come up with!
This system will make our communication with you all even more exciting!!

りあえず人気投票とかやらないんすか?自分はミシャに一票 ♪(*^ 3^)ノ⌒☆

Anyway, aren't you gonna have a popularity poll? I vote for Misha ♪(*^ 3^)ノ⌒☆

Adult Misha4

ふふ、ありがと。なんだかちょっと嬉しいわね。でも、その…大きい方と小さい方、どっちが好きなのかしら?んー…ちょっと贅沢な悩みね。 そういえば、みんな人気投票とかって、やりたいのかな?もしやりたいなら、何か考えてみるのも悪くないかも…。と、いうわけで、ちょっとアンケートしちゃいましょうか。それでは、EXEC_ENQUETE/.!

Haha, thanks. That makes me feel pretty nice. But, um ... Which one do you prefer, little Misha or big Misha? Mmm ... I guess I'm pretty well off if that's all I'm worried about. By the way, do you all want to have a popularity contest? If you want to, we could probably come up with something ... so, why not run a little survey? EXEC_ENQUETE/.!
I haven't crafted a new song in a while, so I hope you all enjoy it.

Would you be interested in a popularity contest?
[ 興味ある ]
290 (97%)
[ 興味ない ]
8 (3%)


I hope my first submission gets accepted! Sorry for asking something like this all of a sudden, but isn't Mir-chan always totally naked whenever she shows up in the game? (I actually said it!) She's wearing a school uniform in the drama CD ... Doesn't she have a standard costume like Misha or Shurelia? I love Mir-chan, so please tell me! (Uh ...
(Nanoka Kirie)


あなた、私をバカにしてるの?まあいいわ、人間なんて所詮はそんなものだから…気にするだけ時間の無駄ね。それで?基本コスチューム?…面倒くさいわね。服を着ると窮屈で拘束されているみたいでいやなのよ。貴方もそう思わない…?まあ…思わないから人間はみんな服を来ているんでしょうけど。そうね、確かに社会的生活に片足でも入り込もうとするなら、服の一つや二つ必要かもしれないわね。 …何か考えておくわ。

Are you trying to make fun of me? Well, whatever, that's all you could expect from a human, after all ... it's a waste of time thinking about it. Well? A standard costume? ... what a pain. Wearing clothes is so constraining, like you're being tied up, so I don't like it. Don't you think so, too ... ? Well ... I suppose humans don't, since they're wearing clothes all the time. That's right, maybe you have to wear a stitch or two of clothing to set foot out into society. ... maybe I'll come up with something.


Hello, I'm Fuuru from the Movement to Petition for a Male Reyvateil in Ar tonelico 2 (lol) Maybe if one showed up as a mutation ... actually, it would be cooler if he was man-made and escaped from the laboratory or something, so let's go with that please♪ (Uh ...


今の回答で頭の良い諸君は気づいたと思われるが、レーヴァテイル質を持っているか否かでいえば、男性でもレーヴァテイル質は持っている。即ちYesだ。ライナーにもレーヴァテイル質があることは分かっている。だがしかし、男性であるが故、そのレーヴァテイル質が波動子にシンクロし、身体を形成する一部として構成されるには至らない。最後に蛇足ではあるが、ソル・シエールでは顕在レーヴァテイル率は0.16ppr(person per revatail)である。これは、100人中16人がレーヴァテイル、という意味である。この数値に男女区別は無いため、この12人は全員女性となる。言い換えれば、女性50人に16人がレーヴァテイルである、という事になる。更に、潜在レーヴァテイル率では0.54pppr(person per potential revatail)となる。これは、男性でレーヴァテイル質を持っている者や、女性でもレーヴァテイル質が発症しなかった者も含まれているからだ。

ま、結論から言えば、男であるライナーにもレーヴァテイル質が含まれていることが確認されているが、単純に発生していないだけ…ということだ。もっとも、あいつに発生したところでろくな魔法も紡げはせんと思うが…。いや、まてよ…それだけで済めば御の字か…。オボンヌでも紡がれた日には… うーむ…侮れんな、ライナー。


A male Reyvateil ...?
That can't happen. However, they do normally exist. Allow me to explain. The Reyvateil qualities are passed down from parents to children. These qualities are activated by wavelets (*1) which cause it to have an effect on the subject's body. The synchronicity of these wavelets varies between men and women - they don't resonate with men. In other words, they don't cause any effects to manifest in men.
I believe the clever readers will have realized by now, but if you put it in terms of whether they have the Reyvateil nature or not, men do carry those qualities in a dormant state. I know even Lyner carries the Reyvateil qualities. However, since he's male, those genes won't synchronise with the wavelets and have any effect on his body. I don't know how interesting this may be, but the current Reyvateil to human ratio in Sol Ciel is 0.16ppr (person per reyvateil). That means that 16 people out of every 100 is a Reyvateil. The number doesn't distinguish between men and women, so twelve of those would be women. To put it another way, 16 out of every 50 women are Reyvateils. Furthermore, the ratio for potential Reyvateils is 0.54 pppr (person per potential reyvateil). That includes the number of men with the Reyvateil qualities and the number of women whose Reyvateil qualities are recessive.

Well, in the end, even Lyner has the Reyvateil qualities but they simply doesn't manifest themselves. I don't think he could use very strong magic even if it did, though... Er, wait... That would probably be for the best... The day he managed to craft a Funbun... Mmm... I shouldn't underestimate Lyner.

(*1: wavelets: wave assemblies that have effects on DNA. They're said to be the basis of all life and matter.)
Warning: this material is all relevant only to the game Ar tonelico. The explanations of DNA configurations and such aren't generally factual science, and only apply to the game setting. Please keep this in mind.

ッグガーデン発行のコミックブレイドに掲載されていたもうひとつのアルトネリコ、「Ar Tonelico -arpeggio-」が今号でついに完結してしまった!感動しました!そこでお願いです。作中でソネットが謳っていた詩を、次のヒュムノスコンサートかヒュムノスミュージカルかで入れてもらえないでしょうか?ていうか影薄すぎです、マンガの方。もうひとつのアルトネリコなのに。ゲームだけじゃないよ、アルトネリコは!というわけで、ソネットの詩、お願いしますね。

The reinterpretation of Ar tonelico, "Ar tonelico ~arpeggio~" has finally come out in this month's Comicblade by Mag Garden! And so, I have a request. Would you please put the song Sonnet sings in the comic in the next Hymmnos Musical or Hymmnos Concert? You know, the comic doesn't have that strong an impression on me. Even though it's another Ar tonelico. Ar tonelico isn't just a game anymore! So, please, I'd love to hear Sonnet's song.



Sonnet is a very good girl. She's slim and very pretty, a very slender, very good girl. My clothes would probably be much too big for her. If you haven't bought it yet, please buy Ar Tonelico Arpeggio. It's your duty as a Knight of Elemia. And it's an order. After all, I'll be in the last volume.
Sonnet's song is very nice, too. I'd like to hear it as well. So, why don't I run a little poll?
If a thousand people say Yes, something interesting might happen. But if not, don't worry. I'll make Lyner take responsibility.

Would you like to hear Sonnet's song?

[ 聴きたい! ]
I want!
319 (99%)
[ 興味ない ]
4 (1%)


Do the three heroines, Aurica & Misha & Shurelia, get along together? They don't talk much in the game, so I was curious ...


シュレリア様は恐がりだから、ずっと怖がってて…って、コレは言うなって言われてたことだったっけ…? …まあいいや。シュレリア様、「言うな」って言うことが多すぎるんだもの。情報規制は独裁政権の始まりだよ!


Well, of course we do! We all just went to see a movie together. "The near-future occult fantasy, The Great Tokimeki Robot Ghost Parade!" It was really interesting! But it looks like it wasn't really Misha's thing. She was kind of spacing out. Well, she hasn't spent much time out in the world, so she doesn't really know what makes things interesting. I guess I have a lot to teach her. Ehehe.
Shurelia-sama gets scared easily, so she was scared the whole time ... hmm, did she tell me not to say that ... ? Oh, well. Shurelia-sama says not to tell people things too much! Information control is the first step towards dictatorship!

But, you know, we've only really gotten to know each other recently ... ehehe. What happened? That's a secret. If you want to know, it's all laid bare in drama CD 4 ... so have a listen. It's a little embarrassing, though.


I know this is kind of sudden, but I have to say it. Radolf-san, I've had a thing for you since the moment I first laid eyes on you. Please, let me be your bride!!! Would't you mind becoming my dearest husband?



Oh! I'm moved! I've definitely caught on tight to your feelings. However! Unfortunately, as a minister with the Church ... Well, just between the two of us, it's too easy for romantic scandals to break out, so it would be an extremely dangerous situation. So, I'm sorry, but I'll just have to accept your feelings with gratitude.
Mm, however, Kokoa-kun ... Not to change the subject too fast, but why don't you try joining the El Elemia church? Just ask about our wonderful salary and benefits! The Church is looking for people like you with lots of youthful energy! And then, we could experience the sweat of service together! Service is a wonderful thing! It'll open your eyes about the world. Yes, that's the spirit! My ideal woman is a woman moved by the virtue of service to others! Yes! I'm expecting a lot from you! I hope we meet again. I'll see you at the Church! Ha ha ha!


Good evening~
Um, I just realized this when I was finishing up dinner. What's the source of or meaning behind the Aruriko characters' names? Also, how do you read "洛紗" (from Suppotail type 洛紗)? Please tell me, Tastiella!!
(Rainy Skylark)



…そうそう。それと、私たちテル族の名前だけは語源があるわ。アルモニカはハーモニカ、フラウトはフルート、タスティエーラは…キーボードね。全て楽器の名前よ。…リルラ?そういえば彼女は例外ね。あの子の名前は「ラ」行だけで構成しようとして無理を生じて今の名前になった、というエピソードがあるわ。最初は、リルラ・ロル・レーラなんてのも考えたんだけど…こっちの方がよかったかもね。 …安心して。今日は本当。



We'll start with the second question. It's pronounced "Raksha". Just like in Misha's name, "-sha" is commonly used as a name ending for Cluster girls(*2). It's like the "-ko" in "Yuuko" or the "-mi" in "Akemi" in your world, a lot of people's names end in "-sha".

Now, the origin of the characters' names ... That's right. It depends on the character, but like in other RPGs, words from real life, real people's names, and so on ... aren't used as the basis for their names. But, it looks like they fussed a lot over how the names sounded. And a lot of characters are references to other things. For example, "Shurelia" was the name of another world's god, "Lyner Barsett" was the name of the main character in a scrapped PS2 game that came before Ar Tonelico, and so on. And ... there was going to be another character in another game from the same company called Meimei, but they ended up not using her, and Gartzbern was originally named "Leizard", but it was too close to "Leard", so they changed it.
... ah, yes. There is a pattern between the names of we Teru. For example, Harmonica is the harmonica, Flute is the flute, and Tastiella is ... the keyboard. They're all instrument names. ... Lyra? Well, she's a bit of an exception. At one point they were going to try to make her name only out of syllables that start with "l" or "r", but it was too much. Originally, it was going to be Lyra Roll Leyra, but ... I think it probably turned out better this way ... don't worry. I was telling the truth this time.

Except for one thing.

(*2 - Cluster-type: the inhabitants of Sol Cluster, who write their name using kanji)


I changed my name ... yoroshiku ... desu ... na no da- (break down



Just a minute, you!!
I still haven't gotten any payment! You'll pay up, right? It's 7500 leaf all together. That's about 75,000 Japanese yen! Come on!


Aurica gives nicknames to a few of the characters in the game (Mechamidori, Bald-head, etc.), but I'm reaaaaally curious what she might call Lyner, Shurelia, Ayatane, or maybe Claire, Spica, Lyra, Mir, or Bourd.



Wow, I'm really busy this week. I never thought this day would come for me. Ehehe. If people are happy seeing my nicknames, then i'll have to work hard to come up with something exciting! But, that might be a few too many ... Just like I said before, this could turn into a business for me, so that might be too many for a first-time freebie. So, I'll come up with nicknames for just the two people you want to see the most. I'll make sure to do my best!

Whose nickname do you want to see?
[ シュレリア ]
129 (45%)
[ スピカ ]
17 (6%)
[ リルラ ]
8 (3%)
[ ミュール ]
29 (10%)
[ ライナー ]
34 (12%)
[ クレア ]
6 (2%)
[ ボルド ]
11 (4%)
[ アヤタネ ]
51 (18%)

日、ヒュムノスミュージカルの素晴らしさにヤられてしまった者ですが、特にクレアさんのPLUTONIUSの歌詞とヒュムノスが激しく攻撃的でシビれてしまいました。 前にOVAのコメントで詩魔法はRTの100%の純粋な想いだけで紡がれているとありましたが、同じく攻撃的な状況で紡がれた赤魔法―例えば頑固親父など―も激しい詩なのでしょうか? 是非とも歌詞かヒュムノスだけでも見てみたいものです。

I was recently listening to the Hymmnos Musicals and thought that, especially, Clair's PLUTONIUS was intense. And before the OVA's comment that song magic is created from 100% of a RTs feelings, and that Red Magic, Stubborn Father as an example, would be the same. Is it a violent song? I just wanted to see the Hymn's lyrics, please.
(Mother, Please Put On Some Clothes)

Adult Misha11



Was yea ra! Was yea ra! Was yea ra hymme O/YA/JI!じゃん
Was yea ra! Was yea ra! Was yea ra chsee O/YA/JI!じゃん
その~(YE---E--)いかつ~い~まな~ざ~し~わぁぁ~ぁあ~(WAS KI GA! WAS KI GA!)
(Rrha guwo gagis chsee fayra!)
(Rrha guwo gagis chsee fayra!)



Eh? Hear "Stubborn Father"!?
...We-Well... I guess there's no helping it...special for today?


dondondododon pakasu ka bokobon do pakasu ka bon YE-----E-E---EEYE-----
dondondododon pakasu ka bokobon do pakasu ka bon YE-----E-E---EEYE-----
I'm filled with happiness! I'm filled with happiness to sing OL-D-MAN!
I'm filled with happiness! I'm filled with happiness to transform into the OL-D-MAN!
dondon pakasuko dokodokojyan BII dondon pakasuko dokodoko bababan!
This~ (YE---E--) grin still~ (With great concentration I want to end soon! With great concentration I want to end soon!)
Heal~ing~of~the~hea~rt (YAYA!YA!YAYA!)
Be enraged! Blow away! Four-legged animals on platters! dodokan!
(In a trance of anger I transform into fire!)
Be enraged! Blow away! Crush my thirst! dodokan!
(In a trance of anger I transform into fire!)
Tha~t ho~~rrible de~mon like fa~ce
(Be~Set~Ablaze. I hea~rd you forgo~t your homewo~rk!?)
Lu~rks through the u~nderwo~rld
(Bo~w do~wn be~fo~re me~)
And e~yes clouded with li~quor
(No~w be~g fo~r)
kankakan kankan PII dodopakasu kokonshyan shyashyan dodon
dondondododon pakasu kabokobon don pakasuka bon YE-----E-E---EEYE-----
dondondododon pakasu kabokobon don pakasuka bon YE-----E-E---EEYE-----

To~ni~ght's the~ be~st!

...What did I just say!
I'm...so embarrassed!

Don Leon's Confession Corner[]

Hama's Dojo[]

Super Suppotailer[]

Feature! Helpful Supporters[]



So, we finally went along with things and made a polling system; I think people will really enjoy this. It should be easy to have fun without having to do too much myself ... I hope you don't think I'm slacking off, though. It's important not to have to spend too much time on things these days, you know? Especially for someone like me who has trouble sticking to one task for a long time. I think everyone will be happier, not just me, if it's easy. We'll be able to keep it up that way. And in return, we can see what people think about things without having to worry about prizes. But, doesn't it make you feel connected to have a system were everyone, not just the webpage staff, can see the effect of people's contributions? (Tsuchiya)