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This Week's Tsukkomi Aurica[]


最近気づいたんだけどね、最後の編集後記にアンケートがあるよね。 あの合計数が、最近凄く落ちてるんだよね。


Rahoooi! Aurica here!!
Lately I've noticed that there's a survey at the end of the Editor's Postscript. The number of responses has really fallen off lately.
Does that ...
Does that mean we're stuck in a rut?

Hey, you'll be honest with us, right?
... right?

Are we in a serious rut?{| border="1"
[ オリカかわいいよ!]
You're so cute, Aurica!
[ そんなことない!]
Of course not!
[ マンネリかもね!]


Question Corner[]

Otayori top
回の投稿で、ボルドが「誰か一人を血祭りにあげるてやるぜ!」と息巻いていました が、血祭りにされるのは、ボルド本人だと思っています。 てか、そうなると信じています! と言うかそうなって!! 面白いから!!!
Last time's posts had Bourd raging around shouting "I'll turn someone into a smear on the wall!", but I think Bourd himself is the one that's going to get it. Actually, I'm sure it will happen! Actually, make it happen!! It'll be interesting!!!


I was thinking that would happen too, but unfortunately it won't.
See, Bourd isn't around this time, so he won't be showing up in the Toukousphere.
I guess after last time he figured he'd show how evil he was by attacking Meimei from behind, but since Mir was with Meimei, he got creamed with a bunch of direct hits by her magic blasts.


Even though nobody got turned into a smear on the wall, he ran away real fast after that.
It sounds like no-one's seen him since then.
Still, as you might expect for someone who calls himself evil, he's pretty tough to be able to run away on his own power after eating an attack like that, so he's probably still alive.
He probably can't move too much so I don't think we'll see him for a while, but you get what you deserve.


……最近微妙に人気上がってきてて、血祭り発言に関する投稿もかなり来てたのに、残念だ。 ... ... that's too bad; it looks like he's gotten pretty popular lately, and we got lots of posts about that smear on the wall comment.

シャの新コーナー!題して「夢の詩魔法」!! みんなからオリジナルの詩魔法を投稿してもらい、ミシャがその詩魔法をどのような時に 唄うべきかゲストを招きながら答えていく! どうですか?
I have an idea for a new Misha corner! It's called "Song Magic of your Dreams"!! Everyone could write in with original song magic ideas, and Misha and her guests would talk about what kinds of situations you'd use them in! What do you think?

Adult Misha 1

でも、トウコウスフィアでの私ってほとんど突っ込み担当だから、場合によっては凄く疲れちゃう時もあるのよ。 特に、オリカなんかは誰も突っ込まなかったりするととんでもないことになるし……。
I'm happy to hear you'd like to see me get my own column.
People have been writing in about that almost every time lately.
I usually get stuck playing the straight man in the Toukousphere, though, and sometimes it's really tiring. Especially when Aurica or someone won't set someone else straight on something, and it gets really out of hand ... ...
It's pretty mentally exhausting to deal with that sort of thing all the time, so I get the feeling I wouldn't be able to handle running my own column, too.
So, for now I'll work from the shadows without my own column to watch over everyone's actions.
Still, if it was something like Misha's Problematic Statement Censorship Bureau ... ... well, we can't really run a column that just has censored statements in it.

ヤタネが言っていたミウちゃんとメイメイの用事って もしかしなくても例の「聖地」に行ったんですね? あの暑さは二人とも大丈夫だったんですか!? (特にミウちゃんが心配;)
少しナメてた私は死ぬかと思いました・・・ ところでお二人は何を購入されたんですか? ちなみに私は、アルトネ「歌姫」でもある方達 それぞれの音楽CD&グッズが手に入れられたので大満足ですw
The sudden business Ayatane said Miu and Meimei went on last time was going to that one "holy ground", right? It was really hot, were you two okay!? (I'm especially worried about Miu!)
I didn't take it seriously before, but I thought I was gonna die ... So, what did you two manage to get your hands on? I managed to get a bunch of CDs and other goods related to the AT "song princesses", so I'm pretty satisfied, lol


だから普段どおり、髪の毛で軽く隠して行ったわ。 それにしてもあなた達、何か勘違いしてるんじゃないの?
Oh, so you were there too, good work.
I kept the area just around me cool with magic, so I was perfectly fine.
We got an awful lot of posts about us being out last time.
However, they were almost all things like "Did you buy anything?" "How were your spoils of war?" "Did Mir wear any clothes?"
I guess I'll start with the last question. Girls that wear really cute clothing tend to attract a lot of attention, but most people don't notice any of the other girls there.
So I went in my normal outfit, lightly covered by my hair. Anyway, I think you all got something wrong.
I don't go there to buy stuff, but to sell, okay?
So, I didn't do any shopping at all.




We didn't go there to have fun; we had a very important mission to fulfill.
In order to perform our important duty of bringing foreign money to Sol Ciel, we joined the fray as Sellers.

I'll do my best for the next event, too!


……そんな役目は与えてないわよ? ... ... did I give you that mission?

ろそろ就職活動が本格的になってきたんですが、どうもやりたいことが見つかりませ ん。ソル・シエールにいい就職先ないですかね?というかソル・シエールにはどんな仕事 があるんですか?大きな会社は天覇くらいしかないんですか?
Lately I've been looking pretty hard for work, but I can't find anything I want to do. Are there any good jobs in Sol Ciel these days? What kind of jobs are there in Sol Ciel, anyway? Is Tenpa the only big company?


一応うちは大企業だからな、入社には学力試験、実技試験、その後でちゃんと面接を合格しなくてはならないんだ。 その後三ヶ月の研修期間を経て、初めて天覇の人間となれる。
We can hire Reyvateils pretty easily, but humans, not so much.
Since we're a pretty big enterprise, you need to pass academic and skill exams and get through an interview to get in. Then, after a three month trial period, you're a full-fledged member of Tenpa.
We have some pretty good positions, but they're not that easy to get into.


At my place, we'll put anyone to work who wants a job.
It's only 3 leaf a day, though.
We'll give you 10 pieces of Kitty Candy as a bonus, though, and you get to sell Kitty Candy by my side, so don't you think it'd be a wonderful place to work?
... ... it looks like anyone who says no will need a little punishment.

日暑い‥と送ったら 急に涼しくなりました。 誰かが涼しくなるよう 謳ってくれたんでしょーか。 ありがとうございます。
It was hot yesterday ... or, that's what they forecast, so it suddenly got cooler. Did someone sing a song to make it cooler? Thank you very much.


とりあえず振り向いちゃダメよ。 何があっても、絶対にね。
... ... even I don't want to answer this one.
You're thinking someone did it for you, right?
I think the sudden cool weather probably has less to do with someone singing song magic, and more to do with the blood-stained lady standing right behind you ...
Oh my, I went and said it, I'm so sorry.
Anyway, don't turn around and look. Never, no matter what happens.

日夏風邪をひきまして、熱が39度後半から下がらなくなってしまったんですよ。も らった薬をもらっても下がらないからおかしい!ってことでもう一回病院に行ったら肺炎 だったんですよね。俺の苦しみ抜いた二日間を返してくれ!という気分です。今は咳との 闘いです。ここは是非早く治るようにシュレリア様!きゅっきゅしてください!!
The other day I came down with a summer cold, and my fever wouldn't go down below 39. I thought it was funny that it still wouldn't go down after I took the medicine they gave me, so I went back and it turned out it was pneumonia. I really want those two days of agony back. I'm now in a deadly battle against my cough. So, please, Lady Shurelia! Please go kyuu kyuu so I'll get better faster!!



ていうのは下手をすれば命に関わる、危険な病気の一つに違いは無いんだからな。 とりあえず、俺が代わりにきゅっきゅしてやるよ。

A summer cold that turned into pneumonia? Man, that's unlucky.
You really better watch out, though.
Pneumonia can kill you if you don't treat it right, you know? Anyway, I'll go kyuu kyuu for you.
So, I just have to grab your throat with both hands and choke you until you go kyuu kyuu ... huh, that's not what you meant?

こんにちは。第24回のトウコウスフィアの人気投票を見ていて思ったんですが、カナデや ポチョマー先生のようにまだ1度も見たことがない人が数名いますけどトウコウスフィア で出番はあるのでしょうか?いたら返事してください。
Good hello. I thought of this when I saw the Toukousphere popularity contest from issue 24; there were a few people like Kanade and Professor Pochoma who I've never seen in the Toukousphere even once. Have they or will they ever show up? If you're there, please answer.


そういう時はあたしにお任せだよ。 そんなわけで本人のところに言って聞いてきたんだけど、二人とも出ることは出来ないからって手紙を渡してくれたよ。 まずはポチョマー先生だけど『老兵は死なず、ただ去るのみ』だって。 あはは、何言ってるのか全然わからないや!
I'll take care of this one. I know you asked for them both by name, but they couldn't make it so they sent letters instead. Pochoma-sensei said "Old soldiers don't die, they just fade away". Ahahaha, what are you saying! I don't get it at all!
Next up, Kanade-chan said "Please come visit me some time".
Ahaha, that's right, there's nothing out there so I bet you're pretty bored.
I guess I'll go visit you some time and bring some BBQ Soda.


……それはカナデが壊れちゃうからやめてください。 ... ... please don't, that will break Kanade.

リカとミシャに質問です。もし、サポテイルの衣装「マミー」と「メルティクス」を着 せられたら、ライナーとの会話イベントはどんな感じになるんでしょうか?
I have a question for Aurica and Misha. How do you think you would feel if you wore the "Mummy" or "Meltix" Suppotail costumes during a conversation with Lyner?


う〜ん……でも、とりあえず重要な部分が見えないようなものをつけてるなら、平気だと思うよ? だって、普段から全裸で生活してるミウちゃんを見てるから、慣れてきたっていうのかな? Mmmm ... well, as long as the important parts are covered, I'd probably be fine, you know? Maybe I'm used to it since I see Miu walking around naked all the time.

Adult Misha3

確かに、ゲーム中でバブルパッションやYを話題にした時の会話イベントみたいなのとは全然違ったものになるわね。 ライナーだって多分慣れてきてるだろうから、涼しそうだな、とかしか言ってこないと思うし。
I think it would definitely be different from the conversations about Bubble Passion and Y we had in game. Since Lyner's probably used to it too, he'd probably just say, "That looks like it's nice and cool" or something.
... ... suddenly I get the scary feeling I've lost something important as a person.

最近アルトネを再プレイしていて思ったんですが、みんなが普通に倒しているバードユー ザーとかビーストユーザーとかって人間じゃないんですか? あんまりぼこぼこにすると捕まるような…。 それ以上にボルドを吹っ飛ばしたミシャはお咎めなしなんですか?
I have a question for Mecha Green Jack.
Lately I've been replaying AT, and there are all these bird user and beast user enemies; aren't they human? You'd probably get arrested if you beat up on them too much ... And then there's Misha, who totally blew away Bourd; didn't she get a stern talking to or anything?


だから、そういう敵には俺の愛をたっぷりと込めた攻撃で戦闘不能にしてるんだ。 ゲーム画面じゃわからないだろうが、俺はあいつらに攻撃をする時は銃の他にも、熱い眼差し、流し目、ウインク、などの向けられたやつにしかわからない行動をとって、あいつらの胸の鼓動を高めさせてすぐに戦闘不能に出来るようにしてたのさ。
Man, why did you ask me to answer a question like this?
Whatever, anyway, here's what I think.
Yes, the bird users and beast users are definitely humans - and, on top of that, weak girls.
Still, since they're attacking us, they'll beat us up if we don't fight back, you know?
That's why I have to attack them with my love-filled onslaught until they can't fight anymore. You can't tell from the game screens, but when I attacked that kind of enemy, not only was I using my guns, but passionate glances, flirting gazes, winks, and other things only that enemy would notice to raise their heart rates and make it so they can't fight anymore.
After all, it's a man's duty to be nice to the ladies.


……俺の後ろでそんなことしてたのかよ。 ... ... so that's what you were doing behind my back.

し自分に息子ができたら、どんな名前をつけますか? 女性陣に聞くとややこしそうなので男性陣お答えください。
If you had a son, what would you name him? It'd probably be a pain to ask the ladies, so I'd like to hear what the men would do.


オボンヌ!! Funbun!!


それは問題になるからやめておけ。 That would be bad, so please don't.


ジャックJrだな。 I'd go with Jack Jr.


ジャックって偽名なのに、息子にそのままJrとかつけちゃって良いの? But Jack is a fake name. Would you be okay sticking Jr. to the end of a fake name for your son?

イナーに質問です。日常生活において、アヤタネはどんな風に怒るんですか?他の人に ついては、ライナーは熱血的に、ミシャさんはちょっとキツ目に、オリカさんは黒化する ・・・てな感じに怒りそうな気がするんですが、アヤタネはなかなか想像がつきません。 やっぱりどっかのマンガみたく、「口は笑ってるのに目は笑ってない」モードになるんで しょうか。教えてくださいっ!
I have a question for Lyner. What kind of guy is Ayatane when he gets mad about everyday things? I think Lyner would probably be pretty hot-blooded, Misha would be strict, Aurica would turn dark ... but I just can't imagine Ayatane getting mad. Would he go into "My mouth is smiling but my eyes are not" mode like in a certain comic? Please tell me!


……ああ、何かエプロンつけたお母さんが小さい子供を優しく叱る、みたいな感じだな。 けど、普通に怒鳴られるよりもそっちの方が精神的にこたえるんだよな……。
Ayatane doesn't really get mad, he just scolds you.
Whenever I do something bad, he'll keep saying things like, you really shouldn't do that ...
... ... yeah, it's kind of like a mother in an apron gently scolding her little kid. Still, it's more like him than yelling at someone ...



いって相手に思わせるのが大事なんだよ。 その場限りで怒鳴るのは一番やっちゃダメだからね。

It's more important to gently tell someone what they did wrong and tell them they should never do it again than to yell at them. The last thing you should do in a situation like that is yell at someone.

Adult Misha5

……言ってることは正しいから突っ込みを入れられないわ。 ... ... well, that's true, so there's really nothing I can say to that.

イナーは一人暮らししてたんですね!・・・しらなかった! 僕も、今年高校を卒業したら一人暮らしをしたいと思っています。一人暮らしをするにあ たって何かアドバイスをください!
So Lyner lives alone! ... ... I didn't know that! I've been thinking I'd better move out after I graduate this year, too. Since you have some experience, please give me some advice!


Hmm, advice, huh ...
I know, make absolutely sure you have a reliable friend that lives close by, how about that?


ライナー、自立って言葉知ってる? Lyner, do you know what "independence" means?

うすぐ8月が終わりそうなので更新日ギリギリの23:59を狙って投稿しようとパソ コン前で待ち構えていたのですが……更新日は第1、3金曜日で次回の更新日は来週!、 更新日を間違えてしまってショックです……。
でもせっかく待ったので23・59に投稿したいと思います。 ああ、そういえば今日は(第4だけど)金曜日……。
Soon August will be over, so lately I've been hanging around in front of my computer all the time waiting for 23:59 on the day before the update so I can post at the last minute, but ... Since it only updates on the 1st and 3rd Friday, one time I was shocked to realize, they won't update until next week! ... ...
Still, I waited all that time, so I may as well post at 23:59. Oh yeah, today's (the 4th) Friday ... ...


送信日時 : 2007年8月31日 23:59:59
8月に来た最後の投稿ってことで、あたしの特権で記念に載せてあげたよ。 それと、第4じゃなくて第5金曜日だよ。
せっかく狙ったとおりの時間で投稿できたのに最後の最後で間違っちゃうなんて、もしかしておっちょこちょいだったりする? あたしみたいにしっかりとした人にならないとダメだよ。
You were shooting for a post at 23:59?
Well, let's see when this mail got in.
Post time: 2007-08-31 23:59:59
Wow, you just made it! Good job!!
Since this was the last post in August, I decided to run it in honor of your accomplishment. Besides, today isn't the 4th Friday, it's the 5th Friday of the month.
I can't believe you managed to post at the last minute just like you wanted but messed up on the last detail. You must be pretty scatterbrained, huh? You'd better get your act together, like me.

Adult Misha5

おっちょこちょいとは微妙に違うから、突っ込みを入れられないのが悔しいわ……。 That's not really what scatterbrained means, so it's too bad I have nothing to say here ...

Don Leon's Confessional[]

O don top


It seems the time has finally come for me to go on a journey as well.
So, this will be the last day this column runs.
Who will be the lucky fellow that receives my final punishment? Simply look below to find out.
You've all been such wonderful sports. I've been very happy to be able to run this column.
Hey!! It's time to stop!!
I said I'd go, so I'd better get going!
更ですが、どうしても言いたいので投稿します。 トウコウスフィアに来て投稿しないと
I know it's kind of late to say this, but I couldn't held back, so I'm posting it. I know Don Leon
said what's the point of coming to the Toukousphere if you're not going to post, but if you don't have anything to say then
what's the point?
(Directionally Tone Deaf)

Don Leon1



成敗…… …



So there's no point in posting if you don't have anything to poooooooooost!?
Get your head screwed on straaaight!!!
Bow down!!! Bow down and beg for your life!
It's time for me to punish yooooooooouuu!!!

The will to post!! The will to post!!
It isn't something you just get!!!!
It's something you have to create and draw out of yourself!!
Do you know how rude that is to the 150,000,000 posters in the world? I'll carve it into your flesh!!!!
I'll punish you good! Punish!! Puniiiiish!!!

... ...
Punish...... ...

Gkh ...

When I think ... that this is my final punishment ... I ...
Nay! It is only sweat that falls from my eyes!!!
Let me leave a little something with all you scoundrels!!
Even if I'm not around,
you must live purely and honestly with no depravity!!
And so ...

Hama's Dojo[]

Lady Shurelia's Technical Service Center[]

Hy syureria2




Hello, everyone!
Lady Shurelia here, and I'm all alone again.
There were a lot of questions worth answering this time, so I might have gotten a little carried away.
There's a lot of technical terms flying around like kyuu kyuu, but please do your best to follow it!

アカシクレコード、フォトン発振子、D2細胞はグラスメルク以外にどのような使い道があるのでしょうか? これらはグラスメルクで造れないのでシュレリア様の解説を聞くことができません。是非教えてください。
Attn: Technical Service Center.
How would you use things like the Akashic Record, Photon Oscillator, and D2 Cell outside of Grathmelding? You can't make them by Grathmelding, so I didn't get to hear Lady Shurelia explanation that way. Please tell me.


これは、第一紀と言われる大昔の超文明の際に作られた、ロストテクノロジーの残骸です。 ですから、そもそもグラスメルクで使えることがイレギュラーで、実際はグラスメルクの為の材料ではないのですよ。
アカシクレコードは、大容量記憶装置といわれるもので、三次元ホログラム処理のされた円盤の中に立体的に 情報を格納できる媒体です。中身を知るには専用の機器が必要ですが、それは今は無くなってしまっています。
フォトン発振子は、物理エネルギーに加速力をつけるエネルギー粒子を発生させているもので、これを使うと 物理エネルギー(D波)のエネルギーが増大し、より強い音エネルギーを出力する事が出来るようになります。
To start with, you can't make items like the Akashic Record through Grathmelding.
These are examples of lost technology that were made long, long ago during the First Era. Therefore, they aren't actually ingredients that should be used for Grathmelding: rather, using them that way is an irregularity.
The Akashic Record is said to be a very high capacity holographic storage device that arranges information in three dimensions in the round disc in its center. You need a special device to access its contents, but all such devices are believed to be lost.
So, using it in Grathmelding would be a lot like using a CD as a frisbee.
The Photon Oscillator emits energy particles that cause energy in matter to accelerate, so using it causes material energy (D-Waves) to increase, resulting in stronger sound energy.
The D2 Cell is said to be an imperfect artificial human body cell that isn't quite as powerful as an actual human cell.
Further research enabled the development of the D3 Cell, but that's too embarrassing so I'm not going to talk about it.




Shurelia-sama's Technical Service Center! Kyu kyu!
>Whether rain made with song magic uses actual rain or not depends on the singer who made it. (etc.)

An unregistered singer that the Tower doesn't know about could use song magic to call forth her own image of rain.
It would be hard for the Tower to interpret the word "papana" lots of different ways for each individual singer, though.
So, if you assume there are other ways, besides Hymmnos, for a singer to convey various nuances to the Tower, I figure they're probably uploaded from the Cosmosphere, but if not, how does the Tower understand what the singer means by rain?
If there's another method of contact I suppose it involves unconscious transfer of information, but if that's possible, why did they bother with emotion sounds when they were constructing the Tower?
Did emotion sounds have some sort of special meaning back then?


すなわち、声を出すという行為は詩魔法のごく一部に過ぎず、実はレーヴァテイルは、精神体と塔が内部結線されていて 歌っているときに声が発する情報量の数千倍以上の情報量を、直結で伝達しているのです。
耳で聞こえる詩は、専門的には「搬送波」と呼ばれていて、この聞こえる詩が芯となり、想いの力が束になって塔に伝達されます。 ちょっと難しいお話ですけど、だいたいニュアンスはわかりましたか?
There's a fundamental problem with your approach: the Reyvateils' "minds" exist inside of the Tower to begin with.
Of course, their bodies exist wherever they happen to be, but the spiritual part of them called the Cosmosphere is stored inside the Tower's server.
In other words, actually saying words is only one part of Song Magic; in fact, when Reyvateils sing, the mental part of them residing in the Tower directly transfers information to the Tower thousands of times more efficiently than their voice transfers information.
The Song that you hear would technically be called a carrier wave; the Song you hear is the carrier, which the singers' feelings modulate to transmit information to the Tower. I know it's a hard concept to follow, but did you at least understand the general concept?
Even if you don't, saying Kyuu! Kyuu! will fix everything, right?
... i-it's not like I'm just running away because my explanation wasn't good enough!?

「テ クニカルサービスセンター宛」 設定資料集に、タスティエーラが詩を唄うエピソードが載っていました。あと、人間も合唱したりすることで詩魔法が使えるみたいなことも言われてますよね。 レーヴァテイルも普通に詩魔法を使えます。それで思ったんですけど、竜族、つまりスレイプニルやガルツベルンも詩魔法が使えたりするのでしょうか?
"Attn: Technical Service Center" The setting encyclopedia has a portion where Tastiella sings a Song. It also seems like it says that humans can use Song Magic too by singing in chorus. Reyvateils also use Song Magic normally. Does that mean that dragons, like Sleipnir and Gartzbern, can use Song Magic, too?


詩魔法の「力」は、科学的に言えば「導体D波」「導体H波」という2つの波動エネルギーによって構成されているのですが、 どうやらテル族の魔法は、これらの波動とは違う、第一紀のテクノロジーでも解明できなかった未知の導体波を使っていると言われています。
Strictly speaking, the special powers the Teru use aren't Song Magic or Sound Science.
Speaking in physics terms, the "power" in Song Magic is composed of two types of energy: Dynamic D-Waves and Dynamic H-Waves. However, the magic of the Teru is said to use unknown waveforms that even the technology of the First Age couldn't explain.
So, there are still a lot of mysteries regarding the magic of the Teru, so I can't explain it entirely.
... well, you know.
If there weren't any mysteries left, the world wouldn't be an interesting place, so it's better to leave some things to be explained later, right?
Kyu kyu!

Attn: Technical Service Center
If Ayatane is made of song magic, he'll never age, right?




Exactly! He won't age. He's an Eternal Nineteen ...
But, if Mir's feelings about him change, his appearance could change instantly, too.
After all, a high-level Song Magic like Ayatane has no need to follow the normal rules of time and aging.


So, that's the end of this Technical Service Center.
I used a lot of technical terms this time, but were you able to follow it?
Well, make sure to post lots of questions for next time!

Editor's Postscript[]

いよいよアルトネリコ2が店頭で展開され始めました。お店によっては、特設コーナーを作っていただいているところもあり、 制作者としてはこれほど嬉しいことはありません。そして、いよいよガストショップでも予約開始!
私達も、皆さんに少しでもイイモノをお届けできるように、開発に、広報に、オマケに(笑)と、日夜知恵を絞りながら 頑張っています!あと少し、待ちきれない方もいるかと思いますが、楽しみに待っていてくださいね!
The storefront development for Ar tonelico 2 will begin soon. And depending on the store, there might even be special displays; there's nothing that could make a producer happier. Pre-orders will open on the Gust Shop soon, too!
There's lots of talk on the Net, as well, so it really feels like the start of a festival!
We'll also be working as hard as we can day in and day out on release, marketing, and extras *g* to make sure you all have something to enjoy! I'm sure some of you will have trouble waiting even a little while longer, but please look forward to it!
Well, see you around!