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Lady Shurelia's Technical Service Center[]

Hy syureria2



Okay, hello everyone!
I've finally recovered the title call from Misha's hands,
so from now on, I'm back to the leadership of this corner just as you all wished for so eagerly.
There are lots of things you wouldn't know without me, right? But that's to be expected.
Well then, let's begin answering questions at once! Kyuu kyuu!

Adult Misha 1

毎回交代で…って事にしただけよ。皆さん、勘違いしないでね。 というか、早速インフォメーション抜けてるし…。
というわけで、やっぱり今回も、私が初めての方への説明をするわ。 ここではアルトネリコの世界観などの技術的な質問に、徹底的に真面目に答えるコーナーです。
「本気で知りたい!マジに回答してくれ!」という質問が有る方は、このコーナー宛てへの投稿をお勧めするわ。 その時は、

But that doesn't mean I planned to give up the title call to her.
We're just alternating on each issue... more or less. Everyone, please don't be mistaken. But information does get warped quickly, huh...?
Well then, I think I'll give the introduction for those that come here for the first time, like always. In this corner, we answer thoroughly and earnestly all technical questions you might have about the world setting of Ar tonelico.
If there are any questions that get you all "I really wanna know! Please answer them seriously!", then please send them to this corner.
When you do, make sure to put the sentence "For the Technical Service Center" in any place of your message when you send it.
Be careful about it, as if you don't write that, we might end up overlooking your question.

設定資料集を読んでレーヴァテイルの構成物質は解ったのですが、 ではアヤタネ、ELMA、ELMA・DSの波動科学の生命体の構成物質は何なのでしょうか?

Hi, Lady Shurelia. Thank you for all your hard work!
I understood the structural composition of the Reyvvateils from reading the setting materials collection, but what would be the structural composition for wave science life forms like Ayatane, ELMA and ELMA-DS?
Since they aren't created by proteins, would they be like a Pureblooded β-type Reyvateil except for lacking a Triangular Nuclear Loop?
Lady Shurelia, please give us more details on this!


アヤタネ、ELMAちゃんなどの構成物質は、詩魔法キャラのそれと同じでです。塔から照射される定常D波が、規則性を持ってそこにエネルギーを収束させることで、 形づくられる事が出来るのです。もちろん、人間の身体も定常D波で構成されています。

Hehe, I knew it. Looks like this corner is nonviable if I'm not here, huh?
The structural composition for Ayatane, little ELMA and such other creatures is exactly the same the Song Magic characters have. They are created by exposing Static D-Waves to the Tower, which gives them the energy to assume these particular shapes. Of course, human bodies are also composed of Static D-Waves.
It's just that in the case of humans, their own bodies manage their D-Wave composition and thus can continue existing on their own, while Ayatane and little ELMA can't continue existing without the Tower's power.
To put it in a simple way, they are pretty much like tangible programs.
If we try getting deeper into this topic, it'll be too deep and long for the corner, so we'll leave it at this point for today.


The rain and such other things for the Wings of Horus is controlled by the Musical Corridor, but where does the water for the rain come from? It looks like the seas were destroyed long ago, and I don't think it's possible to use rivers or lakes for this purpose...


雨自体を詩魔法で創ってしまうと、その雨は自然界の水としての成分を持っていませんので、植物にも役立ちませんし、飲み水にも鳴りません。 ですが、雲を作るための力場を創ってあげることが出来れば、その雲が本物の雨を降らせますので、結果的にリアルの雨が降るというわけです。

It's very similar to the setting described above, but the Musical Corridor also has systems that allow the creation of Static D-Waves over a specific field.
As rain and similar climatological phenomena is produced by the water vapor and such other elements found in the atmosphere, that's precisely what we create using the Musical Corridor.
Of course we could produce the rainwater itself through Song Magic, but since that rain wouldn't have the same composition as natural water, it would be useless to make plants grow or for drinking. However, since it can be created as a power center for producing rain, the clouds produced from it would create actual rain water, so in the end real rain is what falls from them.
Did you understand?

Adult Misha7

ちょ、ちょっと…シュレリア様だいじょうぶですか? そんなに真面目に答えるなんて…一体…

W-wait... are you okay, Lady Shurelia?
You were answering so seriously... what happened?



Please don't say that! It makes me sound like I'm not serious!

Ma num ra 0x vvi.
1x AAs ixi.
といった、想音の保証定義文の読み方を知りたいです。 あと、どうしてこのような記述法になるのかも知りたいです。 0と1が入ってるから二進法に関係があるんでしょうか…? (はや)

Ma num ra 0x vvi.
1x AAs ixi.
I'd really like to know how the components of the Emotion Keeper Syntax are pronounced. And I'd also like to know how these descriptors work. Are they related to the binary number system because they have that 0 and 1...?


上の文章は「ま なむ ら おぐ ヴィヴィ」と読みます。下の文章は「いぐ あーす いくし」です。
上の文章は「ここから始まります」という文章です。前3語「ま なむ ら」の感情をこれからずっと保ち続けるという事を定義する訳です。 その「定義します」というのが「おぐ ヴィヴィ」です。これは簡単に言えば「ここからスタート」という意味を持っています。 逆に終わりは「いぐ あーす いくし」で「感情をここで止めます」という意味になります。

The upper line is read "ma namu ra ogu vivi", and the lower one is read "igu aasu ikushi".
The upper line translates to "Begin from here". It basically has the meaning of defining that the three emotion descriptor words "Ma num ra" will be kept from the point on. The words that "define" this mechanism are the "0x vvi" ones. We could also give them the simple translation "Start here". On the other hand, the "1x AAs ixi" at the end means "the emotions stop here".
And naturally, the 0 and the 1 do have binary definitions here: strictly speaking, the 0 means opening while the 1 means closure.
That's what they mean in general terms. Did you understand?

Adult Misha 1

今回は私の出番が殆ど無かったわね。 でも、時間は私が主体になるから、みんなよろしくね。

I hardly had any lines this time. Well, time is in my hands, so I'll see you around.


むーむー…それにしても、今回は質問が少なかったですね。 これも前回の、オリカさんの影響でしょうか?

Hmmhmm... but anyway, we didn't get many questions today. Could this also be an effect of what Aurica did last issue?

Adult Misha4

確かに、それはあるかもしれませんね。 でも…少なくともオリカは、シュレリア様よりは真面目に答えていた気がするけど…

True, that could be. But... at least I felt that Aurica was more serious about answering questions than you, Lady Shurelia...



P-please don't make it look as if I wasn't working seriously at all!

Adult Misha3





A-ah, right! I just noticed something!
A lot of people aren't writing "Addressed to Lady Shurelia's Technical Service Center" in their submissions!
If you don't write that, this corner won't recognize your submissions and they will fall through, so please be careful!

Adult Misha13


We never had a rule saying the submissions had to say the "Lady Shurelia's" part, did we...?

Editor's Postscript[]

今回のトウコウスフィアは、実はいつもより投稿が多めでしたが…何故か、ハマの投稿道場やテクニカルサービスセンターへの記事が 妙に少なかったのです。これは、いよいよネタが尽きたのか、それとも…オリカの影響!?とか、本当に思ってしまったりします(笑)。 次回はこれらのコーナーにも沢山おたよりが来ると良いなぁとおもいつつ、今回の投稿を終了しましょう。 また次回!

We actually had more submissions than usual this issue... but for some reason, we really didn't get many for either Hama's Submission Dojo or the Technical Service Center. Maybe it's because we're running out of material or... it was because of Aurica's influence!? Well, I actually did think that (*laughs*). It'd be great if we could get many more submissions than usual on these corners too, but submissions for this issue are closed off already. See you next time!