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Question Corner[]

Otayori top

ち 、ちくしょう開発者め・・・

G-goddamned developers...
Making us go to the very end to get greeted with such a painful choice...
Crying from the pain Misha's heart sustained from being told to sing and about the Funbuns... Crying from the ending song...
And at the very last moment, we get this! Misha or Lady Shurelia, which should I choose...? Agh! And this happens too in Aurica's route?



It doesn't, right?
Generally speaking, there shouldn't be any splits and I should be the only heroine on my own route, right?
For some reason, it seems that recently there have been lot of people trying to upset me, huh?
But it's fine. My heart is large enough to forgive you all.



Yes... my heart is as wide and vast as the Sea of Death itself...



Once you've finished this playthrough, you should try playing it again and going through my route.
Incidentally, if you don't want to have that choice at the end, you can just Dive once into Lady Shurelia after she has joined the party.
This way the choice disappears and problem solved.



I-If you Dive into me at least once, I'll be very grateful...

Lady Shurelia's Technical Service Center[]

Hy syureria2

ヒュムノスのこと、詩や設定に関するお話を、真面目に取り上げて、真面目に回答するコーナーです! 「本気で知りたい!マジに回答してくれ!」という質問が有る方は、是非私のコーナー宛てに投稿してくださいね。 その時は、本文に「テクニカルサービスセンター宛」と書いて送ってください。

最初に言っておきますが、諸般の事情により回答できない事もありますので、その際はボツになってしまいます。 その点ご了承いただいて、みんなで楽しく盛り上げていきましょうね!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Technical Service Center!
This is the corner where we seriously pick up all the questions related to the Songs, setting, Hymmnos and laws of the world of Ar tonelico, "Sol Ciel", to then seriously answer them! If you have any question of the type "I really want to know it! Please answer it seriously!", please make sure to send it over to my corner. And remember to write a line saying "Addressed to the Technical Service Center" when you send it.

And I might have said this at the beginning, but if there are any questions that I can't answer due to several reasons, I'll be forced to discard them. Now you all have this clear, let's have some fun by stirring these questions up!

ュレリア様、今晩は。いつもおつかれさまです。 本日は2点ほど教えていただきたいことがあり参りました。

1つめは「ヒュムノスエクストラクト」についてです。 リンカ・サスペンド・リネイションは、塔を制御するという点においてわかりやすい役割を担っており、またクロニクルキーについても塔に直接アクセスして制御を行う必要のある詩ですのでヒュムノスエクストラクトであるのはわかるのですが、パージャやハーモニウスについては「塔を制御」するものなのかどうかが正直よくわかりません。これらがヒュムノスエクストラクトである根拠について、お教えいただければ幸いです(余力があればリグヴェーダなども・・・)。 また、ヒュムノス・エクストラクトはオリジンやβ純血種では紡ぐことが出来ないとおっしゃっていますが、それではハーモニウスやファンタスマゴリアはどうなるのでしょうか。それとも、前回の回答では、オリジン・β純血種と第三世代で詩の名前が異なるわけではない、ということが言いたかっただけなのでしょうか。

2つめは「月」についてです。 月奏という、月という単語を冠する職業が存在するにもかかわらず、アルトネリコで月に関する記述はあまり見た事がありません。クレアCDにおいて、月が2つあるということも初めて知りました。この2つの月について、月奏との関係も含めて教えていただけないでしょうか。

Good evening, Lady Shurelia. Thanks for all your hard work. There are two points I wanted you to explain me.

The first one is about the "Hymmnos Extracts". For Linker, Suspend and Re-Nation I understand they all have roles for controlling the Tower, and also for Chronicle Key, which is a Song that requires direct access and control of the Tower to work and thus is a Hymmnos Extract, but in the case of Harmonious and Purger, I honestly don't understand how they "control the Tower". As this is the basis for the Hymmnos Extracts, I'd be really glad if you could explain it to me (and if you have enough time to do so, I'd like to also know what's the case for songs like Rig-Veda...). And while you said that neither Origins nor Pureblooded β-types can craft Hymmnos Extracts, but then what happened in the case of Harmonious and Phantasmagoria? Or it's just because you meant that the names of the Songs don't differ at all between Origins, Pureblooded β-types and Third Generations in your reply from the previous issue?

The second point is about the "Moon". Although I know that the Moon Chanters have that word as the main part of their title, I have never seen anything related to the moon itself in Ar tonelico. In fact, the Claire CD was the first time I ever heard about there being two moons. Could you just explain me about the two moons and the relationship they have to the Moon Chanters? (Straying)


まず、パージャですが、パージャは詩魔法の根っこを切断し、強制的に詩魔法の発動を停止するエクストラクトです。 要するに、パージャは「そこにいる物理的な敵」に炎や氷をぶつけるのではなく、「そこにいる物理的な敵を物体化させているプログラム」を中断しているのです。
簡単に言えば、該当者のコスモスフィアと、塔アルトネリコを繋ぐ回線を切断することにより、詩魔法を停止させているのですね。 クロニクルキーはもっと簡単です。彼女を封印するためには、塔のバイナリ野に直接HALT(凍結)プログラムを流し込む必要があります。
また、エクストラクトは確かにコスモスフィアでは紡げません。実際、ファンタスマゴリアは私が「然るべき工程」を経てヒュムネクリスタルにしたものを、オリカさんとミシャに渡したものですし、 ハーモニウスはネタバレになりますが、例えばリグ・ヴェーダは、直接バイナリ野にアクセスして製造したと思われます(そこが彼女の高性能さのたまものです)。 どうでしょうか? 2つめですが、月については、月奏とはあまり関係有りませんよ。

Okay, I'll answer them.
First, about the Hymmnos Extracts.
To begin with, the Purger is an Extract that has the function of severing the root of Song Magic: in other words, it forcibly interrupts the execution of a Song Magic. The point is that the Purger has the function of interrupting the "program that materializes the physical enemy over there", which couldn't be hit by things like fire or ice.
To put it in simpler terms, this interrupts the Song Magic by cutting off the circuits that connect the Cosmosphere of the singer with the Tower of Ar tonelico. Chronicle Key is even simpler, as to keep her sealed, we need to pour in a program that directly halts (freezes) her in the Tower's Binary Field.
And Chronicle Key is that halting program. So in conclusion, you should be able to understand with this that both make use of the Tower.
However, it's true that Extracts can't be crafted on the Cosmosphere. Actually, I made Phantasmagoria into a Hymn Crystal by "using the proper manufacturing processes", and then gave it to Aurica and Misha. Discussing Harmonious here would lead to spoilers, but in the case of Rig-Veda, it seems that it was created by directly accessing the Binary Field (which happened as a result of her great efficiency). So are you satisfied?
As for your question about the Moon, it doesn't really have any relationship to the Moon Chanters.
And yes, we do have two moons: the large and purple "Cello Moon", and the small and golden "Viola Moon".


ヒュムノスコンサートに記載されている「効能キー」とその効果、とは具体的にどのような意味なのでしょうか。そよかぜのうたにも記載されてるのでヒュムノスエクストラクトのみ、というわけではなさそうだというのは分かったのですけれども… 是非ヒュムノスワードを自作するのに参考にしたいので宜しくお願いします!

Good afternoon, good evening and good morning. A corner like this, which answers serious questions about the Songs and setting is something about which I was greatly overjoyed to the point I even held my hands aloft upon noticing it, as i'm pretty much a prisoner of Ar tonelico's world setting. But after all, while I should have a lot of questions I wanted to ask and send, I couldn't write as much as I thought... so here's something I sent once I could calm down enough.

Do the "Effect Key" and Effects of the songs mentioned in the Hymmnos Concerts have any concrete meaning? Even Song of the Breeze had one although only Hymmnos Extracts should have them, as far as I know but... I really want this to be a reference for when I create my own Hymmnos Words, so please help me!


ありがとうございます!そう言ってもらえると、やり甲斐があるというものですね。 「効能キー」とはそんなに難しいものではなく、そのヒュムネクリスタルの効果を一言で言い表す語句、という感じでしょうか。キーワードという感じですね。

Thank you very much! Upon hearing these words, I feel that there actually is worth in doing this kind of work. As for the "Effect Key", it isn't anything complicated: it's just a way of expressing the effect of the Hymn Crystals in a single word. Think of it as keyword of sorts.
Basically, the Effect Keys are what build up the Song Magic database inside the Tower.

ュレリア様!月奏~ツキカナデ~と星詠~ホシヨミ~を聞いてて思ったのですが、「was yea ra chs hymmnos mea」というヒュムノス語がよく出てくるのですがなにかあるのでしょうか?

Lady Shurelia! I might just have imagined it while I listened to Chanting the Moon ~Tsukikanade~ and Singing the Stars ~Hoshiyomi~, but don't these songs have the Hymmnos language phrase "was yea ra chs hymmnos mea" repeated a lot on them? (Sora)


簡単に言ってしまえば、「おまじない」という感じでしょうか。「詩魔法が成功しますように…」と捉えてもらって結構だと思います。 「was yea ra chs hymmnos mea」とは、「私は詩になる」という意味です。
これは、直訳すると確かに「私は詩になる」というまんまですが、「詩」とはすなわち詩魔法のことです。 自分自身が詩魔法その者になったかのように、詩魔法に集中します、という意味と捉えてみてください。

To explain it in a simple way, it's uttered as if it was "a good luck charm". You can also understand it as being a prayer "for this Song Magic to be successful...". "Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea" itself means "I will become a song".
While directly translating it does give you the phrase "I will become a song", "Song" here refers to Song Magic; so try grasping it as concentrating yourself so much into the Song Magic to the point in which you become the Song Magic itself.
That is, it's to make sure that the Song Magic doesn't end up failing, which is why it has the implication of being a good luck charm.


Here I'm submitting something I've been a little curious for some time. The Terus seems to have some sort of middle names, but do these names have any sort of special meanings? I think it was said on the setting materials collection that they are related to the Teru school to which each person belongs.



The middle name of the Teru is decided depending on the "school" to which they belong.
Tastiella is "De", and Flute and Lyra are "Ross", of which "De" indicates belonging to the "Alca" school and "Ross" indicates belonging to the "Jemina" school.
These are several other schools, all of which are called the "Twelve Teru Schools".

それで思ったんですけど、「世界中でもある特定の人物にのみ効果がある詩魔法」が紡がれることってあるんでしょうか? 例えば【シュレリア様の『むーむーむー!』 や『きゅきゅっ!』のようなかわいらしいセリフがライナーの心に響く】みたいな詩魔法があったらとてもロマンチックだと思うのですけど、こんな魔法は存在するのでしょうか?

Looks like Song Magic has all sorts of effects, right?
That's what I thought, but would it be possible to craft a "Song Magic that only has effect on specific people around the world?" For example, I though it'd be quite romantic if there was a Song Magic that made "Lady Shurelia's cute lines like "muumuumuu" and "kyuukyuu!" resound in Lyner's heart", but would it be possible for such a magic to exist?


ライナーの心に響くというか…どうせ創るなら、ライナーの心を洗脳する歌の方がいいかもしれませんね…。 でも無理ですね。ライナーは人間ですから、レーヴァテイルのようにコスモスフィアを改造出来ませんし。 出来れば、洗脳なんて簡単なんですけど。

...Unfortunately, they never resounded in Lyner's heart.
I would be okay with creating Song Magic, but since I feel it'd be a waste of my time, I'm not really in the mood to do it.
As for if it would resound in Lyner's heart... if I had to make it, I'd make as a song to brainwash him... but it's impossible. As Lyner is a human, he doesn't have anything like a Reyvateil's Cosmosphere that can be modified. If it could modified, brainwashing him would be pretty easy.
...Of course, all of this is just hypothetical. There is no way I would ever be able to do something like that.


Hello, I have a question about the Star Singers! How frequently are the successor Star Singers made? Are they made when their predecessor dies, or do the creators keep on mind the life span of the predecessor and make them while the predecessor is still alive?
It might be a very small detail, but if it was the former, there would be times in which there was no Star Singer (for around 10 years?), right? (but Lady Granny would be okay despite this!?) If it's the latter I think it'd be pretty interesting to have a chance to meet with another of Lune's relatives, but...
And after that, I'm pretty interested about what kind of people were the Star Singers that existed before Misha... well, this would be a question that I'd like to ask more Lady Granny than to Lady Shurelia (*sweatdrops*), but please! Tell me!!


基本的に星詠は、次の星詠みに色々なことを教えて引退します。ですから、ミシャの先輩は沢山いるんですよ。 もちろん、不慮の事故で既に亡くなっている方もいらっしゃいますが。
そして、皆さんかなり誤解されて居るみたいですが、星詠の任期は、長くて30年程度です。任期の長さはその時期の事情にも依りますが、 星詠自身の能力によっても決まってきます。星詠は、その仕事が終われば後はプラティナが全面的に生活扶助を行いますので、 任期中は過酷ですが、任期完了後は自由です。
ミシャが「一生」とか「ずっと」みたいな事を言うから、まるで私が悪者みたいに思われてるみたいですけど、実際はこんな感じなんです。 まあそれでも、30年という任期はかなり長くて過酷だとは思いますが…。

Basically, the Star Singers have to teach several things to their successors, and then they retire. Therefore, Misha has several seniors, although naturally, there were a few cases where they died due to unforeseen circumstances.
And while it looks like you all have gotten a large misunderstanding about this topic, the Star Singers have at most a period of work lasting around 30 years. The exact length of their period of work is decided depending on the conditions at time and the abilities of the Star Singer herself. And once their period of work comes to an end, they are sent back to Platina, where they receive full livelihood assistance from the government, so while their period of work is very cruel, once said period ends, they are free to do as they plase.
Looks like Misha said things like "forever" and "all my life", which made everyone think of me as if I was a villain or something, but the actual way the Star Singer system works is as I have just told. However, I still can't help thinking that this system is very cruel due to how long their period of work lasts...



Looks like I let a few things slip during this issue of the Technical Service Center.
Please, look forward to what kind of questions will be bursting forth next time!

Editor's Postscript[]

投稿スクエアも、テクニカルサービスセンターも、今回は色んな意味で出血大サービスさせていただきました。 (人によると思いますが)。
ああ、もう4月。春ですね。なのに長野は何故こんなに寒いのか…。 次に書くときは、なんか大きな話題が有るといいなぁと思いつつ、今回はこの辺で!

So, did you enjoy this week's Toukousphere?
This time, I made both the submissions square and the Technical Service Center bleed with all sorts of extra service for your all (at least according to a certain person).
Ah, and April has finally come. It's spring. But why is Nagoya still so cold...? I hope you all have all sorts of great questions for when we write the next issue. Well then, this is all for this issue!