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Question Corner[]

Otayori top


Aurica's given nicknames to many people right? Well, then, how about... how about doing it for yourself?
What kind of name would you give to yourself? I'm pretty interested on the answer, so please tell me.



Give myself a nickname?
Hmm...How about [Miss Sol Ciel]?
Come to think of it, there's been people who have called me Dokarin☆, but from
now on I think it would be perfect to call me [Miss Sol Ciel]!



But since you lost against Misha in the popularity contest, that'd be kinda mislea-

Lady Shurelia's Technical Service Center[]

Hy syureria2

ヒュムノスのこと、詩や設定に関するお話を、真面目に取り上げて、真面目に回答するコーナーです! 「本気で知りたい!マジに回答してくれ!」という質問が有る方は、是非私のコーナー宛てに投稿してくださいね。 その時は、本文に「テクニカルサービスセンター宛」と書いて送ってください。

最初に言っておきますが、諸般の事情により回答できない事もありますので、その際はボツになってしまいます。 その点ご了承いただいて、みんなで楽しく盛り上げていきましょうね!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Technical Service Center!
This is the corner where we seriously pick up all the questions related to the Songs, setting, Hymmnos and laws of the world of Ar tonelico, "Sol Ciel", to then seriously answer them! If you have any question of the type "I really want to know it! Please answer it seriously!", please make sure to send it over to my corner. And remember to write a line saying "Addressed to the Technical Service Center" when you send it.

And I might have said this at the beginning, but if there are any questions that I can't answer due to several reasons, I'll be forced to discard them. Now you all have this clear, let's have some fun by stirring these questions up!

どこかで既出だったら土下座連発切腹御免なのですが(大汗)ちょこっと質問です。 ヒュムノスコンサートやミュージカルを聞いてて気になったので。
シュレリア様(オリジン)やミシャ他β世代が紡いだ詩名称は"EXEC_(任意)/."ですが オリカ達第3世代が紡いだものは何故"EXEC_【HYMME_】(任意)/."という名称になるんでしょうか。 社な…じゃなかった塔内機密(あるのか)に差し障らぬ程度でいいですので是非教えてくださいー!!

Pleased to meet you, Lady Shurelia.
I have a question, but if it has been answered before, I offer myself to kneel down before you to then commit seppuku (*sweats*). I've noticed something while listening to the Hymmnos Concerts and Musicals.
While the Songs you (an Origin) and Misha, and other β-Generations have crafted have titles like "EXEC_(name)/.", the songs crafted by Third Generations like Aurica have titles like "EXEC_[HYMME]_(name)/." for some reason. Why is this? If it... isn't a corporate secret, I'd like it if you please told me to the extent it doesn't compromise the secrecy (does it even have such a thing?) of the Tower's internal information!!


また、私もミシャもEXEC系といわれている「ヒュムノス・エクストラクト」は自分で紡げません。 EXEC_系のエクストラクトは、ヒュムネクリスタルというメモリーカードからダウンロードします。
EXEC_HYMME系は、「ヒュムノス・ワード」と言って、いわゆる「詩魔法」と言われているものは全部こっちになります。 こちらは、ダイブなどを行うことで、自分で紡ぎ出す詩です。 ちなみに、ヒュムノス・エクストラクトは「塔を制御する詩」です。
良く思いだしてみましょう。EXEC_SUSPEND/.は塔を停止する、EXEC_LINCA/.は塔と接続する、という感じですが、 EXEC_HYMME_LIFE_W:R:S/.は回復魔法、EXEC_HYMME_MEGAREALICS/.は攻撃魔法、という風になっていますよ。

That doesn't imply at all that the names are decided by them being Third Generations or Betas.
Still, the EXEC-type Songs that both Misha and me are said to sing are actually "Hymmnos Extracts", and they aren't songs we crafted ourselves. The EXEC-type Extracts are actually Songs Downloaded from the memory cards we know as Hymn Crystals.
As for the EXEC_HYMME-type Songs, they are "Hymmnos Words", which is the formal name for what everyone knows as "Song Magic". In other words, these are the Songs we craft by ourselves as the result of conducting a Dive and such actions.
By the way, the Hymmnos Extracts are the "Songs for Controlling the Tower"
Let's try recapping a few of the Songs we know: EXEC_SUSPEND/. is for suspending the Tower, EXEC_LINCA/. is for connecting with the Tower, EXEC_HYMME_LIFE_W:R:S/. is a healing Song Magic and EXEC_HYMME_MEGAREALICS/. is an attack Song Magic. That's the gist of it.

んにちは!初めて投稿します。よろしくお願いします! 思い切って「さぽている」導入したんですが、今までここ「トウコウスフィア」の存在も知りませんでした、ごめんなさい!! バックナンバーを見たいんですが、最近の過去5回以前のものは、もう見られないのでしょうか?是非みたいです。 勝手なお願いですが、どうぞよろしくお願いします!!

Hello! This is my first submission, so I'm glad to make your acquaintance! I really wanted to introduce my "Supporteil", but I didn't even know about the existence of the "Toukousphere" until now, so I'm very sorry!! I wanted to give a look at the previous issues, but it looks like I can't read anything beyond the latest five ones. I really want to read them. Sorry for asking something like this so abruptly, and thanks in advance for your help!!
(Sokuten Taiseitei)

Don Leon1

前々回の懺悔道場でも取り上げたが、カコログリストの右上の所に「page:1 2 3 4 5」という項目がある。

¡Sí! This is an official tour of scolding!!
I might have said this on my confessional a few issues ago, but you can see a "page:1 2 3 4 5" above and to the right of the previous issues list.
If you click there, you'll be able to read even older issues!
If you don't want to get punished, then make sure to read well!

になっていた事があるので投稿しました。 レーヴァテイルは、生まれてからどのくらいで 詩を紡ぐことができるのですか?
個人差があるんでしょうか?気になります。 ぜひ教えてください!

I'm submitting something I noticed recently: can Reyvateils craft Songs from the time they are born?
Or do they do it a their own rhythm? I'm pretty interested on the answer, so please tell me!
(Motomiya Sayo)


ダイブを行わなくても、衝撃的な事や感動的な事があると自然と詩を紡ぎますが、そういったことは一生に数回有るか無いかです。 最近は、ダイブを行わないレーヴァテイルは殆どいませんので、殆どが10歳前後には詩を紡いでいる、という事になりますね。

Reyvateils, in the case of Third Generations, are normal humans until the time in which their Reyvateil qualities awaken.
Said awakening occurs in average after reaching nine years in age, and it's after this point that they can begin Diving and creating Song Magic through it.
And even if they don't Dive, they will be able to create Song Magic on their own if a shocking or extremely emotional event happens, although such events only happen very few times during the course of their lives. In the current times, there are very few Reyvateils who don't Dive, and almost all of them crafted Songs mostly around their tenth birthday.

「ヒュムネコードはレーヴァテイル製造時に塔から割り振られるIDのようなもので造られた存在ではない第三世代はヒュムネコードを持たない」 ってことだと思うんですがそれならなんでオリカはヒュムネコードを持ってるんでしょう?しかもこのコードミュールと同じ!? 以前のトウコウスフィアでオリカとミュールは波長がとてもよく似ている、って話も出てたけどそれと関係あるのかな・・・。 気になって夜も眠れません!おしえてシュレリア様!

There's something I noticed while reading the setting materials collection...
"Hymn Codes are like IDs assigned by the Tower to the Reyvateils during the time of their creation, so Third Generations don't have them by nature of not being non-artifical beings", that's what I remember reading, but then why does Aurica have a Hymn Code? And furthermore, isn't that the same Code Mir has!? It was said in a previous Toukousphere that Aurica's and Mir's wavelengths were very similar, so is this related to that...? It worries me so much that I can't even sleep at night! Please tell me, Lady Shurelia!


ですから、オリカさんは実際にヒュムネコードを登録しているわけでなく、ミュールとダブった、という言い方が正しいかも知れません。 オリカさんがもっと頭が良かったら、逆ハッキングをしてミュールの力を使っていたかも知れませんね。

I said in the game that Aurica had a "hole" in her mind, which was actually a reference to her Hymn Code, or to put it in simpler terms, that she had wavelengths of great resemblance to Mir's.
While a Hymn Code ends becoming a character string like my own Code shows: EOLIA_ANSUL_ARTONELICO, they are actually made by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the waves in the body to then assign a name to it under a specific format.
These "waves in the body" are so similar between Aurica and Mir that the Tower ended up recognizing Aurica as if she was Mir.
Therefore, it might be more appropriate to say Aurica never actually got her own Hymn Code registered into the Tower and that she merely got a duplicate of Mir's. And if Aurica was smarter, she could be able to use Mir's power through some sort of reverse-hacking.


In the first Supporters' Center, I understood that Lady Shurelia is 16 years old (even if she seems to look even younger), so that means that her cells are quite amazing to let her keep the same appearance even during 700 years, right?
By the way, I've heard somewhere else that the human brain has only capacity for storing around 300 years of rough memories, so how many years could the Mercury Element store inside itself?


マーキュリー素子は、基本的に劣化が起こりません。記憶とは、とある形のパターン情報であり、そのパターン情報は永久に保存されます。 ちなみに私の身体は、正確には細胞によって構成されていませんよ。

The Mercury Element is basically a material that won't deteriorate. Memories are basically information patterns with a specific shape, so the Element's particular quality is that it can maintain these patterns' shape eternally. And by the way, it would be more accurate to say that my body isn't structured by cells.
It might look like as if it was structured by cells, but it's actually a body "crafted and continuously maintained by something that sings".
If you're wondering who that singer is... we have drawn it on the setting materials collection, so if you're interested make sure to give it a read, please.


Hello, Lady Shurelia. I understand that the Third Generations have Ranks, and while they face a lot of discrimination at Tenba due to that system, would this also make the Reyvateils have power tiers depending on which Rank they have?
For example, if an A Rank reached her Lv. 3 Cosmosphere and a D Rank reached her Lv. 8, which one would be stronger?


何が違うのかといえば、レーヴァテイル質濃度が高い子ほどより集中して謳うことが出来たり ダイブがスムーズだったり、とにかくレーヴァテイルとしての機能がスムーズに働いているということです。 結果、低レベルコスモスフィアでも詩魔法を紡ぐ可能性が高く、更に詩魔法を唱えるときにも集中力が持続するため、 非常に効率の良いレーヴァテイルであると見られるわけです。
実際、天覇の人達は、高レベルのコスモスフィアまでレーヴァテイルを開発する事はありませんから、 オリカさんのようなランクDは、低レベルでは殆ど魔法を紡げない、使えない娘として認識されてしまいます。
ただ、ランクAのレーヴァテイルにも短所があります。ランクD以上に延命剤の重要度が高いという事です。 レーヴァテイル質が強ければ強いほど、延命剤が切れたときに重症になりますから、致死率が高くなるのです。

Actually, what we call "Rank" was just something made up by Tenba, so it isn't something that can be used to formally measure the abilities of a Reyvateil.
Strictly speaking, the "Rank" has no relationship whatsoever to the "Strength of Song Magic", as it is assigned to a Reyvateil depending on the concentration of pure Reyvateils qualities she had.
So in other words, a girl with a high concentration of Reyvateil qualities would be a Rank A while one with a low concentration of these qualities would be a Rank D.
As for which differences they would have, the girl with the higher concentration of Reyvateil qualities would be able to focus more intensely on her songs and her Dives would be smoother when it comes to progress, so her abilities as a Reyvateil would allow her to work smoothly. As a result, she would have great abilities for crafting Song Magic even at low level Cosmospheres, and since she would have an even greater concentration whenever she sang Song Magic, she would be perceived as an efficient Reyvateil.
Actually, since the people of Tenba never saw a Reyvateil develop until the point in which reached her higher level Cosmospheres, D Rank Reyvateils such as Aurica were seen as useless girls who couldn't craft almost any Song Magic at the lower level Cosmospheres.
Still, A Rank Reyvateils have a great flaw: it's that they have a greater priority for the Life Extending Agent than the D Ranks, as the stronger their Reyvateil qualities, the faster the Agent will run out and the sooner they will fall ill, making them have a rather high mortality rate.
Well, everything has its advantages and shortcomings, I guess.

ずかしい事でも答えてくれるトウコウスフィア、 ねむい時でも頑張って読んでます。 ところで、サスペンドやリ・ネイションって中央正純律ですよね? コレって、他の塔にもサスペンド等があるってことですか ? あ、一行目縦読みしても特に意味はないですよ。では

I read the Toukousphere when I'm sleepy, even when you're answering complex questions. By the way, Suspend and Re-Nation are both in the Central Standard Note? Does that mean that the other Towers would have their own set of Suspend and such Songs? Ah, there's no special meaning in reading horizontally-written text vertically. Well then...


他の塔にサスペンドが有るかどうかわかりませんが、とにかくEXEC_SUSPEND/.はアルトネリコの機能を休止状態にする詩です。 他の塔にも、まだ塔が生きていれば、制御詩は有るかと思います。
その場合、他の塔のサスペンドは、EXEC_SUSPEND/.とは違う詩になります。 ところで、一行目縦読みって何かあるんですか?

While I don't really know if Suspend exists in the other Towers, EXEC_SUSPEND/. itself only suspends Ar tonelico's functions. As for the Towers, supposing they are still alive, I think they would have their own control Songs.
In this case, the Suspend for the other Towers wouldn't be EXEC_SUSPEND/., but an entirely different Song. By the way, what did you mean by reading horizontally-written text vertically?
I would really like to reply to this right now, but I don't really understand what you said.



I has gotten quite longer, so sorry for having made this harder to read.
However, it would be pointless if I tried to answer the questions in a simpler way.
Anyway, I'm very happy and surprised to see that this corner got such a large following.
So even those who didn't get their questions answered today, please don't be angry, and try sending them again next time!

Editor's Postscript[]

え?もう3月中旬!?と言っているウチに下旬ですね。 下旬と言えば、次回はFLASHコスモスフィアミシャ後編がアップされますので、ドウゾお楽しみに!
いやはや、3月は怒濤のように過ぎていくなぁ。私の誕生日は瞬間的に過ぎ去り、淋しい思いをする間もありませんでしたが。 テクニカルサービスセンターも大盛況で、本当に皆さんの力づけに大感謝です。

Huh? It's already the middle of March!? It's quite surprising to notice it, right? Around this time, we'll be uploading Misha's chapter of the Flash Cosmosphere, so I hope you'll be looking forward to it!
Oh dear, March passed like surging waves! My own birthday passed in a flash, so quickly that I didn't even have time to have sad thoughts. The Technical Service Center was a great success, so I'm truly grateful that it has reinvigorated all of your interest.
Please continue doing your best, but remember that spam submissions are forbidden here.
I'll be looking forward to interacting with you all again in the next issue! (Tsuchiya)