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Question Corner[]

Otayori top


To Misha:
I want to buy an Ar tonelico-specific music player but I can't decide what to imprint on it..
I'm afraid of wasting my money if I let Aurica or the self-proclaimed 16 year old decide, so could I ask you to decide for me?
(Grog White)

Adult Misha4


『HYMMNO HARMONIZER(ヒュムノハーモナイザー)』とか
『HYMMNO WALKER(ヒュムノウォーカー)』とか。
『HYMMNOLIS POD(ヒュムノリスポッド)』

Thank you for choosing me. Probably the right choice, huh?
I'm a bit delighted so I'll do my best to come up with a good name.
...that's right, an Ar tonelico-specific music player...
Something like Hymmno Harmonizer or
Hymmno Walker.
For something like an Ipod, a simple rectangular item,
Hymmnolis Pod
Well, how is it? Although it shows I combined the words Hymmnos and Monolis together.
I'll be very happy if it was of help to you.

Lady Shurelia's Technical Service Center[]

Hy syureria2

前回、これからどんなコーナーを開催して欲しいか…ということで、皆さんに提案しました。 色々なご提案を頂きまして、ありがとうございます!
私も色々考えたのですが、うさこ関係以外に取り柄もありませんので、 当面は「テクニカルサービス」というコーナーをやってみようかな、と思っています。

どんなコーナーかと言いますと、アルトネリコの世界「ソル・シエール」の世界の法則や、 ヒュムノスのこと、詩や設定に関するお話を、真面目に取り上げて、真面目に回答するコーナーです!
トウコウスフィアも最初の頃は、投稿コーナーでやっていたのですが、 「マジなのかネタなのかわからない!」という皆様の声を頂きまして、しばらく公式見解は控えていたわけです。
「本気で知りたい!マジに回答してくれ!」という質問が有る方は、是非私のコーナー宛てに投稿してくださいね。 その時は、本文に「テクニカルサービスセンター宛」と書いて送ってください。

最初に言っておきますが、諸般の事情により回答できない事もありますので、その際はボツになってしまいます。 更に、投稿数が少なければ最終回を迎えます。

さて、今回はテクニカルサービスセンター向けと思われる投稿をピックアップして、頂いてきました。 こんな感じの記事で、こんな感じの回答になるんだ、という事が判ってもらえたら嬉しいです。

Hello, everyone.
The previous issue, I proposed everyone to... tell me about what kind of corner you would like this one to be from now on. So thank you very much for the many proposals you have sent in!
I have been thinking quite bit too, but since I couldn't really come up with anything that wasn't related to bunnies, I've decided to try making this corner a "Technical Service Room" for now.

As for what kind of corner it is, it'll be a corner where I'll honestly receive and answer all sorts of questions about the world, laws, Hymmnos, Songs and setting-related questions pertaining to the world of Ar tonelico, "Sol Ciel"!
I wanted to try a corner like this from the time the Toukousphere began, but since we got several complaints from everyone out there about "we won't know if you're serious or if you're just joking!", we from the official side decided to refrain ourselves from doing it.
And now, as a show of our clear "goodwill", I've been able to make this corner a reality!
So if there are any questions of the "I really want to know it! Please answer it seriously!" kind, please send them addressed to this corner. In other words, when you send them, make sure to include in their text "Addressed to the Technical Service Center".

I might have said this already, but if there are several questions I might be not able to answer due to several circumstances, I'll have to discard them. Furthermore, if the volume of submissions decreases, that will be the last time this corner will appear.
Now, having said these points, I hope you all send me a lot of fun questions!

Well then, for this time, I've picked up a few of questions of the kind that I think should be addressed to the Technical Service Center. I'll be very happy if you understand well enough the answers to the questions you send in.

んすけのおかげで過去の記事が読めました!ありがとう、どんすけ! ところで今回のヒュムノス語講座を読んでいて思ったんですけど、ヒュムノス語っていろいろ方言がありますよね。 ミュールは古メタファルス律が大好きだと読んだことがるんですけど、オリカやミシャやシュレリア様は好きな「律」や気に入っている「律」ってあるのでしょうか?

Thanks to Don Leon, I could read the previous issues! Thanks a lot! By the way, while I was reading the Hymmnos Lecture for this issue, I noticed that the Hymmnos language has several dialects. I remember reading that Mir really likes the Ancient Metafalss Note, but what about Aurica, Misha and Lady Shurelia? Do they have any particular "Note" they are really fond of or that they really like?
Please tell me!


そうすると、ミシャの詩は多くの単語が古メタファルス律、オリカは中央正純律であることがわかると思いますよ。 ちなみに私が好きな律は「アルファ律」です。

Aurica seems the kind of girl that would make a Note all on her own, but apparently it looks like she favors the Central Standard Note.
As for Misha, apparently, she's the same as Mir: she favors the Ancient Metafalss Note.
...Huh, how do I know that? If you listen to them, you should be able to understand.
Next time, try listening very carefully to the Hymmnos that Aurica and Misha sing.
If you do so, you should be able to notice that Misha's Songs employ mostly words from the Ancient Metafalss Note, while Aurica mainly employs the Central Standard Note. Incidentally, the Note I prefer to use the most is the "Alpha Note".


I've been doing my best to learn Hymmnos, but I haven't been able to progress much, so wouldn't you happen to be going to publish a grammar book or something for it soon?



If you're looking for a simple explanation on the grammar, you can find one over at the Hymmnoserver.
If you don't know where it is, please go and give this a link a look!
■Hymmnoserver Grammar Explanation Page

シュレリア様は自分は16歳だと言って譲りませんが、シュレリア様はどういう育ち方をしたのですか? というのは、生まれたときから今のままの姿かたちだったのか、それとも第三世代のように生まれたときは赤ん坊で、成長して16歳程度になったところで成長がストップしたのか。 これの返答によって全国の数十万人のシュレリア様ファンの方々も納得できるんではないでしょうか!

This is a question that I came up with suddenly, and so I decided to ask it.
While Lady Shurelia doesn't seem to stop saying that she's 16 years old, what would she say about her own growth? I mean, did she have her current shape since she was born until now, or was she born as baby, and grew like Third Generations do until she turned around 16 and her growth ended stopping? I'm sure that all thousands of fans of Lady Shurelia throughout the country would like to know the answer to this, too!


私達オリジンと呼ばれるレーヴァテイルは、人工的に創られた「中核三角環」という、人間で言うなら1つの細胞から生まれます。 最初の1年は培養槽(知る人ぞ知る、三極式のアレです)で育ちますが、この時の成長がとても早く、1年で6歳程度にまで成長しますね。 ですから、オリジンの場合、2歳の時に既に6歳相当の外見を持っているのです。
それは事故であったり、作為的なものであったりと様々ですが、そんな感じです。 これでだいたいお話の方を終えましたが、納得いただけましたか?

The Reyvateils who are called Origins like myself were all artificially created from a "Triangular Nuclear Loop", which is similarly to how humans are born from a single cell. We are initially raised for one year inside a nurturing tank (for the ones that know it, the Tripolar Resonance Incubator is THAT nurturing tank), but we actually grow rather fast inside it, so we end up having the same age as a human six year old child in just that one year. Therefore, we Origins would have the same appearance as a six year old by the time we are two years old.
After that, we grow similarly to how humans do, but once we reach a physical age of around 18 years our growth is halted.
Since it's around this physical age that our functions as Reyvateils are optimized the best for the work we do, that limit is programmed into the limiter located in the "Triangular Nuclear Loop", which is the one controlling all of our growth.
And as Origins were Reyvateils created as extremely experimental models, we weren't able to be made grow until we were 18 years old, unlike the Pureblooded Beta-types that were mass-produced later on.
In other words, all of the Origins including myself got their growth halted at entirely different ages.
That is because all sorts of incidents, although there were a few that were intentionally caused by others. I have to finish up this discussion after just scratching the surface on it, but do you understand it now?

それで気になったのですが、アルトネリコのヒュムノスコンサートをDVD-Audioで販売するって計画はないのでしょうか? 5.1CHサラウンドで聴く大迫力のヒュムノスコンサート、是非とも体験したいです。

I like Ar tonelico so much that I bought the Hymmnos Concerts, but since I can't listen to them at a loud volume in my own house, I have no choice but to listen to them in my car...
So I could listen to them while driving and I wasn't really satisfied with the sound quality of the car's default equipment, I decided to increase the quality by boldly changing its speakers. Now I'm more than satisfied with the sound quality, but I thought I could increase it even further if I installed a 5.1ch sound equipment on it.
I'm really interested on it, but I want to ask first if there are any plans to sell the Ar tonelico Hymmnos Concerts as DVD-Audios. I'd really want to experience the great force of the Hymmnos Concerts with 5.1ch sound.


実は、「OVA版アルトネリコ」のオマケに「5.1ch Tiny Hymmnos Concert」というオマケがついています。 これは、ゲーム中のヒュムノス数曲と、OVAヒュムノス「LIFE_A:W:S」が5.1ch収録されたものです。

Having a 5.1ch system as car equipment sounds great!
I'd really like to try it myself.
By the way, there's a secret episode about the maker of Ar tonelico, who was so obsessed with his car's equipment at a certain point that he wanted to change it, but ended having to sadly give up on it when he was told that the budget he would need to do so went up to around 1.800.000 yen.
Now then, if there's enough demand for it, it might be possible to release a DVD-Audio with the songs recorded on it as 5.1ch audio.
However, since the current 5.1ch environment isn't very welcoming at the moment, it's very possible that we won't be able to do so.
And actually, the "Ar tonelico OVA-edition" also included a "5.1ch Tiny Hymmnos Concert" as an extra, which has several of the Hymmnos songs from the games as well as the OVA Hymmnos "LIFE_A:W:S" (sic) recorded as 5.1ch sound.
It might be a DVD-Video, but if you're interested, please make sure to check it!



Next time, I might call some guests such as Misha or Aurica depending on if I end up needing their help.
Well then, see you next issue!

Editor's Postscript[]

今トウコウスフィアを見て頂いている方は、一体何を一番期待してくれているのだろう?などという考えが脳裏をよぎりました。 もちろん「トウコウ」ですから、自分の投稿がアップされたり、投稿に対してのキャラのツッコミを楽しんだり…という事だと思いますが、 果たして「欲しい答え」は届けられているのかな?という事を、ちょっと考えてみたわけです。 真面目な質問にネタで回答したりしてもガッカリさせてしまうかも知れませんし、その逆もまた白けますからね。 そんなわけで、今回試しに「テクニカルサービスセンター」というコーナーを創ってみました。
トウコウの方ではキャラと楽しく、テクニカルサービスセンターではアルトネの世界をより深く!そんなコンセプトで行けたら より楽しくなるかな、と思ってみたわけです。

To everyone who read the current Toukousphere, what did you expect the most? Such were the questions I had on my mind the most lately. Of course, since this is the "Toukou(Submission)sphere", it'd be getting your submissions used and the characters playing the straight man to them... that's what I used to think, but what about if you send them expecting them "to get answered?" That's what I tried thinking this time. Since you all might get disappointed if you got serious questions answered as if they were jokes, it would end up becoming the opposite of what we wanted and would end up dampening the atmosphere of the Toukousphere itself. Therefore, I decided to make the "Technical Service Center" corner, which entered began being tried out on this issue.
So for those that send submissions, you can enjoy being alongside the characters and make the world of AT even deeper at the Technical Service Center! I though that if we put these concepts into execution, it would allow us to have even more fun together.
And as a piece more of our trial and error attempts, I hope it allows to casually become closer to each other.
At least I think that this should allows us to offer you all a more fun Toukousphere for the next issue.