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This Month's Tsukkomi Aurica[]

Toukou 01



Happy 1 year anniversary, Ar tonelico!
It makes me think back to this time last year.
Since we'd just put out a new RPG, a lot of people here in the company were really wondering if it would sell and what people would think of it.
And then they were working on recording new Hymmnos for the OVA...
Nobody thought back then it would get as big as it has, though.
The Ar tonelico homepage server would go down due to volume all the time, too. It was especially bad in the first half of February. What a nice memory!

Question Corner[]

Otayori top

兄弟でアルトネリコにハマっているので、ここはひとつ兄弟ふたりでゾッコンのミシャ様にお祓 いをお願いします!!

According to our ages, next year is supposed to be a rough one for me, and this year is supposed to be hard for my younger sister, so we're pretty worried already this year.
We both love Ar tonelico, so we'd really love if it our beloved Lady Misha could perform a purification ritual here for us both!!

Adult Misha4


Wow, it's great to hear you both love Ar tonelico so much.
And you're both fans of me; I guess your tastes are similar since you're siblings.
But, unfortunately, I've never performed a purification ritual before, so I don't know what I can do.
Honestly, though, there's lots of people just like you out in the world, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
I pray this year turns out to be a happy one for the both of you.

まぁ、お年玉があったんで助かったと思ったんですが、店に行ったらソフトが売ってませ んでした(違う意味で終わり)
次ぎ売ってたら当然買うのですがお店は家の地域の近くには無いので車に乗せてもらうし かないのですが家の人が「やだ」(2文字で終の一言で買う時間がかなり延期(もしかして一生無理かも) で、けっきょく本体だけ買って終了しました(ぁぁ、ちなみに、「わ~」って言う挨拶ここで発表されるだいぶ前から私がどっかのチャッ トで使ってる挨拶です(本当の話です)

Happy New Year (late...
Actually, I don't have Ar tonelico
and I was thinking of buying it...
I don't have a PS2, either (it's oveeerrr....
Well, I thought I was in the clear once I got my New Year's money, but when I got to the store they didn't have the game (it's over in a different way)
When they sold it again I thought I'd buy it, obviously, but there aren't any stores near me so I'd have to get a ride but everyone at my house said "No way" (two words that will make it take much more time to buy it (I may never get a chance, ever)
So, in the end I only got a PS2 (by the way, I've been using "Good~" to greet people in chats for a while now (this is a true story)
(Boy #74636519)


ガストショップでも普通に売ってるから、そこで買うのも良いんじゃないかな? それだったら親に車を出してもらわなくても大丈夫だから、チョベリグだね。 そして手に入ったら、居間で家族仲良くアルトネリコをプレイすると尚チョベリグだよ。

It's okay, even if there aren't any stores that have it near you, if you have Internet you can order it pretty easily.
They're always selling it in the Gust Shop, so why not buy it there? Then you don't have to get your parents to drive you, so that's super special perfect. Then, if you get it, your family can all play Ar tonelico together, which would be super special perfect.
A family happily playing Ar tonelico together, ah, what a nice scene.
Make sure you pick my route when you all play it.

インヒロイン3人じゃなくメイメイ3姉妹好きな自分ですが、マイの顔が1回でいいか ら見たかった!!見せてくれぃ!

Personally I like the 3 Meimei sisters more than the 3 main heroines. I always wanted to see Mai's face, just once!! Please let us see her!


それでは、ガストの偉い人に頼んで一日も早くマイの顔が公開されるようにお願いしておくです。 それまではメイメイの顔で我慢してください。

I shall request of someone important at Gust that they publish art of Mai without delay. I hope you can bear with just seeing me in the meantime.
Since we're sisters, our faces are mostly the same...... probably.

年は就職のためにバイトを頑張ってるんですけど、応援してくれる人がなかなかいない ので誰か応援してくれませんかぁ??

I've been working hard at my part-time job to help find a real one, but there aren't many people cheering me on, so maybe someone here could do that??
I even worked over New Year's, but it was with fish, so it really smelled!



Keep at it, seriously, good luck!!
I dunno where you're looking to work, but it really sucks when someone can't cheer you on for something that important.
So, I'm gonna give it all I've got to cheer you on!!
So make sure you get that job and show everyone who supported you that acceptance letter!!
We've been getting lots of posts about jobs and tests lately, so I'm gonna cheer you all on 100%.
Anyway, go for it! Get that job and head into spring with style!!
Cause if you turn into a NEET or something, that's it!!

・・・オレは凶を引いてし まいました。(泣
みたいな乗りなんですが、そういえばホルスやイム・フェーナやプラティナにもおみく じってあるんですか?教えて世界を回ったライナー!!

Happy new year.
When I drew my fortune at my first shrine visit of the year, my big brother got great luck
...but I got bad luck. *sob*
Dammit!! Next year I'll beat him, for sure!!
That's how I've felt since then, but do they even do fortunes like that in Horus, Em Pheyma, and Platina? Tell me, Lyner the world traveler!!



This would get too long if Lyner answered it, so I'm here instead.
On certain special days here they'll sell a special fortune Funbun.
Well, it's just a Funbun with your fortune baked inside it, but it's just a simple little lucky charm.
Since Lyner always eats a few all in one bite, he's never taken out the fortune.

投稿です!というか最近アルトネリコにはまり 1日16時間ぶっ続けでやったコックリです。

This is my first post! I'm Kokkuri, and actually, I just got into Ar tonelico, and even played it for 16 hours straight one day.
Well, anyway...
Miss Mir, you're always naked, aren't you?
Won't you please put on some clothes?
Some very cute clothes. (Ooh
Honestly, Ayatane, you should put some thought into what your mother should wear, too. *g*
I'd like to see a sequel. Lady Shurelia, please make one *g*


それはさておき、とか言っていきなり話題を変えてるけど、私はそこが気になって仕方ないわ。 あなたがどんな立場にあるかはわからないけど、一日中ゲームっていうのは感心しないわね。 少しは外に出るとかしたらどうなの?

16 hours in one day... don't you have school or a job?
I don't know anything about your situation, but playing games all day is nothing to be proud of. Why not try going outside some time?
Well, it doesn't have anything to do with me, so I don't really care.
And there's no way I'm going to wear clothes, it's too constricting.

すこぶる純粋な疑問だそうなのでどうか答えてやってください(*- -)(*_ _)ペコリ

A Suppotail friend wanted to know why humans don't have any tails?
I think this is a super simple question so please respond! (*- -)(*_ _) *bows*

Adult Misha7

あのね、人間って言うのは猿から進化した生物だから、その進化の過程で尻尾が段々と消えていったからよ。 尾てい骨がその名残よ、場所はわかるわよね?

...I never thought we'd get a question like this.
Well, humans evolved from monkeys, and their tails eventually got shorter as their evolution progressed. All that's left of it is the tailbone; you can guess where that is, right?
So it's not that humans never had tails, they just disappeared over time.
Honestly, though, I wonder why this got posted here,


Can Ayatane-san make food that's not Japanese food, too?
If not, could he please speak passionately about Japanese food?


和食が一番好きだね。 それと、熱く語れと言われても僕はライナーみたいなことは出来ないよ。

I can cook most things,
but Japanese food is my favorite. Oh, and I'm not sure what you were expecting, but I can't go on like Lyner did.
Hmm, what could I say... At first it sizzles, then it pops, but don't take off the lid even if the babies cry.
I think I'd probably take the cover off if Lyner cried, though.

親父の制止を振り切ってまでオボンヌ街道一本ではなかった気が…。 世界を救う使命から脱して、一気に素に戻ったのでしょうか??
あんなのがヒーローだなんて、なんかイヤ…。 それにライナーだけでなく、みんな大人げなくなった気が…。 なんか収録終わって楽屋から出てきた役者みたいになってませんか(笑)

Reading the Toukousphere made me wonder...
Was Lyner really like this in the game? *sweatdrop*
I didn't get the feeling he was such a Funbun devotee that his father would cut him off... Now that he's done saving the world, has he gone back to his true nature??
I, I don't know if I want a hero like that... It feels like everyone, not just Lyner, is acting more childish now... It's like an actress coming out of the studio when recording is over *g*



Hey, it's not like we're all childish, it's more like we can finally breathe easy after all that pressure.
It's not like it's normal to be a world-saving hero in the first place, y'know.
If you're always under pressure your whole life, you'll either tire out quickly or turn into someone really dangerous.
Anyway, I know you said you didn't want a hero like that, but
compared to an administrator who lies about her age and always gets lost, and a last boss who's naked year round, I think I'd rather go with that hero.

し前のトウコウスフィアで、ライナーに(ここから)一方的な約束を取り付けられた (ここまで気分的に太字)ので、アルトネリコベスト版は買おうと思います。が。1月末 日〆切の卒業論文をしあげてからでもいいですか?(1月11日現在、半分しか書けてい ない)
そのあとじっくりプレイしてみて、その結果、ライナーが真に残念な子か否かをご報告に あがりたいとおもいます(笑)

In one of the earlier Toukouspheres, Lyner (from here)made a promise with me (to here should be in big letters), so I think I'll buy the Ar tonelico Best Hits version. But. Can I do it after I finish my thesis, which is due at the end of January? (It's now 1/11 and I haven't even finished half of it)
When I'm done I'll play through it all and tell you if I think Lyner really was an unfortunate character or not *g*


ほら、先に買っておけばいつでもプレイできる状態だから、さっさと論文終わらせてゲームしようって気にならないか? だから卒論製作の速度上昇アイテムとしてゲームは先に買っておこうぜ!

I guess it's that time of year; we got a lot of posts about jobs and graduating this time...
Well, it would be awful if people couldn't graduate, after all.
You can always play games, so you should make sure you graduate first!
Besides, I don't wanna see any posts about someone who didn't graduate because they were playing video games. You don't have to wait to buy it, though.
See, if you buy it first, you can play it any time, so you'll want to hurry up and finish your thesis, right? So you should go buy the game now to make your thesis writing go faster!
...then again, you might give in and just play it first.


I hope you'll hurry and release Ar tonelico 2.
Obviously, the main character would be Don Leon! That's a joke, obviously it's Shurelia.



You're quick to ask for a sequel, but are you sure?
If we really made a game with Shurelia as the main character like you said, I think the title would be something like this.
"Ar tonelico 2 ~The girl who got lost at the end of the world~"
Oh, but she's not a girl anymore, is she.


What's your preferred age, Spica? By the way, I'm 16, just like(?) Lady Shurelia!



Well, the younger the better, of course.
After all, the younger they are, the better you can train them into a splendid man.
Yes, the younger they are, the easier it is to teach them whatever you want. They're no good over 20, though, then they just start falling apart from age.
Isn't there a nice boy out there somewhere who will look the same no matter how old he gets
just like Miss Shurelia...

年もついにバレンタインデーの季節。普段内気な子もちょっとだけ勇気を出して気にな るあの人にアタック!・・・そんな日。
しかし非情なるかな。僕の周りにはチョコのチの字も気配がなく、鬱々とした日々を過ご しています。ああ、もらえないと分かっているのになぜここまで意識しなければならない のだろう!!

It's almost time for Valentine's Day again. Even bashful girls will draw up their courage and and go after the person they like! ...it's that kind of day.
But, it's pretty cold. I can't imagine anyone going after me, so it's been pretty depressing. Man, I know I'm not gonna get any chocolate, so why do I have to think about it so much!!
I'm sure the male characters (except Lyner) know how I feel? Right!?
(Tear-flavored Guitarist)


俺はリルラからもらえるぞ。 ……あまり心の底から喜べることじゃないがな。

Well, I got some chocolate from Lyra.
......I can't really be too happy about that, though.



I always get lots of chocolate, but I don't really like sweets.
Oh yeah, if you want chocolate that bad,
why not just ask your mom for some?



......man, you don't even know you're twisting the knife, do you?

Don Leon's Confessional Dojo[]

O don top

んすけ!! 投稿を頭を下げてお願いするなんてなにごとか!! そんなことだから最近のアリカ様は"黒"なのだ!! "心の護"である君がしっかりしないといけない!!分かったか?!

Don Leon!! To think you bowed your head and asked us to post more!! Very well!! Lady Arica has been pretty "dark" lately hasn't she!! You need to step it up as her Mind Guardian!! You got it!?

Don Leon1

貴様ーーーーー!!裏事情も知らないくせに、横柄な口聞くでないわーー! 仕方がないではないか!!
ヒュムノス語講座のせいで投稿のほとんどがそちらに流れてしまい、通常の投稿が激減してしまっていたのだ! しかも上手く答えられそうな投稿も無く、だからああするしか方法は無かったのである。

…と、言いたいところであるが!今回は拙者の願いを聞いて投稿してくれた借りがある故、今回だけは特別に許してやる。 次からは間違えたら即刻斬り捨てであるぞ!

Whyyyy yooouuuuuuuu!! I don't know your background, but I won't tolerate such insolence! Very well, it cannot be helped!!
Most of the posts are going to the Hymmnos Lecture, so there aren't many general posts! And there aren't many posts we can really answer that well, so I had to make that plea.
However! After having so prostrated myself, we received a flood of new posts!
If a little humility is the price for such a thing, it is the way of the warrior to swallow one's pride and act!
You fiiiiieeeennd!!!
How could you mistake Miss Aurica's name like thaaaaaaaaaat!!

Now kneel down! I shall administer your punishment!!
...is what I want to say! However, since you did heed my call and post for us, this time I shall forgive you. But next time I shall strike you down without a second thought!

Hama's Submissions Dojo[]

Tks header 04 hama



I'm so happy we've had so many new posters lately!
And everyone's so good! And I've got lots to say, too!!




This is my first picture post!! I was inspired by everyone's pictures and decided to draw Chibi-Aurica.
If you can tell how happy she was to get Don Leon from Claire, and how much care she takes of him, I"ll be happy.



Wow, it's young Aurica!
This is the Aurica from when she cheated on the popularity contest before and entered "Chibi Aurica".


今回は、「さぽている」の基本の3人娘の1人である”マユル”を 描いてみました。次回は、”マヤ”を予定しております。・・・で、 3人揃った所でPC用壁紙を作ってホームページにて配布する予定です。

真オーゼの小部屋ホームページアドレス http://homepage2.nifty.com/shin-oze/

This time I drew Mayuru, one of the 3 basic Supporteil models. Next time, I'd like to draw Maya. ...and, when I finish all 3 all make a wallpaper out of them and put it on my webpage.
(Shin-Oze) Shin-Oze's Room URL: http://homepage2.nifty.com/shin-oze/



Wow, it's a Mayuru Supporteil!
She's the most popular of the Supporteils!


ども、初投稿になります。今回はシュレリア様描いてみました。一部消失してい るパーツがありますが、それは仕様です。決して描き忘れたわけじゃありませ ん、信じてください。また機会があれば投稿させてもらいますね。

Hello, this is my first post. I decided to draw Lady Shurelia. Some things are missing, but that's on purpose. It's not like I forgot to draw them, believe me. I hope I'll get the chance to post again.



Ooh, it's an SD Lady Shurelia! She's super cute!
But, you know! She's surprisingly happy to be singing Suspend!
It's like she doesn't even know what's going to happen to her!


前回HNつけ忘れた(汗 でも匿名のままでいきます、なんとなくオボンヌTシャツ…欲しいですけど間違いなく着ないと思われるのでなんかもったいない気がして正直買う気も…

I forgot to enter my handle last time...! But, I'll stay anonymous, you know, I... kind of want a Funbun t-shirt but I can't imagine I'd wear it so I don't know if I could really buy one...
...but he'd wear one. Definitely.



Hey, a Funbun t-shirt!
Obviously that idiot has a few! I saw them selling them at a store in Apsaranika in Platina!


初めて投稿させていただきます。よろしくお願いします。 さぽているの思い出を、アルバム日記風に仕上げてみました。

This is my first post. Nice to meet you. I made a picture album out of my memories with my Supporteil.
I hope it comes through how much fun I've had with her.

We've made a lot of memories.

I fell down and was about to cry. But you helped clean me up, so I was okay!

Candied apples, cotton candy, fried octopus, fried squid, Funbuns... I ate so much I got a stomach ache!

I got a Santa outfit! Master and I were both really excited! Does it look good on me?

I'll never forget, so I hope you won't, either, Master...



Eeeeek!! This dairy album is super cuuuuuute!!
It's the Raksha Suppotail type!
Making a diary like this really expresses her feelings very well!
I couldn't help crying when I read the last part...


「ハマが幼稚園児だったら絶対にかわいいはず」というコンセプトのもと 書き上げた一枚なんですが。どんぴしゃでしたね。前回のオボンヌライナー とは比較にならない出来。こんなかわいい子供がいたらライナーは確実に バカ親、じゃなくて親ばかでしょう。いや、もうハマに怒られるのは覚悟の上。 ドンと来い。

I started this by thinking about how cute Hama would be if she was a kindergartener. And I was right on. Last time's Funbun Lyner doesn't even compare. If he really had a girl this cute Lyner would be a dumb dad, I mean a doting father. Well, I'm fully prepared for Hama to get mad at me. Come at me.



I'm not a kindergarteneeeeeerr!
You're meeeaaaaaaaaaan!
That's it, we're kicking you oouuut!
Um, but... it's kind of cute...

Lady Shurelia's Hymmnos Lecture[]

Tks hy syureria3

Chapter 4: Let's Make long Sentences


ヒュムノス語講座も、いよいよ第4回目。英語の授業よりもペースが速いこの講座、着いて来れてますか? 着いて来れなくても、容赦はしませんよ。

Hello, everyone. I'm Miss Shurelia.
We've finally reached the 4th Hymmnos lecture. We're going faster than you would in an English class; are you all keeping up? Even if you're not, I won't go easy on you.

en :~、そして~
an :~と共に~
anw :~を、~
art :~によって~(中央正純律)
der :~によって~(古メタファルス律)
forgandal :~、なぜなら~
yetere :~、そうすれば~
rol :~のように~
sos :~の為に~
tes :~に~
we :~よりも~

これらを、文章と文章の間に挟み込むことで、効率よく2つ以上の文章を1つにまとめることが出来ます。 1つにまとめると、文章の頭に付ける「想音」が1回で済むようになったり、主語や目的語を省略出来たりと、 短時間で詩魔法を詠唱する為に大いに役立つのですよ。

▼Friends of long sentences: "," "en" "an" "forgandal"
What kind of sentences are long sentences?
Many of them are actually just shorter sentences that are linked together.
If you connect 2 or 3 simple sentences like "I am ***" together, you can create a longer sentence.
The most important thing here is the "glue" that connects the sentences together.
The glue in the Hymmnos language would be words like these.
en :and
an :together with
anw :did to (direct obj.)
art :done by (Central Standard Note)
der :done by (Ancient Metafalss Note)
forgandal :because
yetere :if so
rol :like
sos :in order to, for
tes :to
we :more than

By putting words like these between sentences, you can easily combine sentences to create new ones. Once you've done that, you put one emotion sound at the beginning for the whole thing, and you can leave out the subjects and objects, which makes it easier to craft Song Magic that doesn't take long to recite.

「君のその薔薇の花のような美しい笑顔は、僕のハートを虜にするには十分だったよ」と伝えるのでは、 前者の方がより、相手に意図が伝わりやすいですよね。後者を的確に相手に伝え、きゅんとさせるのは意外と難しいですよ? だから、ヒュムノス語も短いに越したことは無いんです。 日本語で「大好きだ!」と言うのは照れくさいかも知れませんが、
ヒュムノス語で「Wee yea ra melenas!!」というのは照れくさくないでしょう?


Was ki ra hartes yor yanyaue yanyaue,van govaz tes yor, van na pitod enerel,van na hartes yorr mea, forgandal, parith en clyncye hymme syec mea boh murfanare !!

[想音]-[動詞]-[目的語],[動詞]-[目的語],[動詞]-[目的語],[動詞]-[目的語],[接続詞],[動詞]-[目的語] カンマが1つ入る事に、動詞+目的語、という形が数珠繋がりになっているのがわかると思います。 1つずつを崩していけば、何のことはない文章なんですよね。
ヒュムノス文に関してのみの、長文のもう一つの利点としては、想音をその度に書く必要がない、という事ですね。 「,」で繋げていくうちは、1つの想いであり1つの文章ですから、想音は頭に1つだけでいいのです。

▼Do you need power for long sentences?
When Hymmnos is used to activate song magic, the length of the Hymmnos used is an important element.
To put it simply, longer sentences need more magic power.
Longer sentences convey much more complicated feelings, so they consume more power.
For example, "I love you!"
and "Your beautiful face, like a rose, was enough to make my heart your prisoner"...
It's easier to understand what the first sentence is trying to say, right? It's harder to say the second one and make someone's heart jump, isn't it? That's why Hymmnos is often short. It may be a little embarrassing to say "I love you!",
but saying the Hymmnos sentence "Wee yea ra melenas!!" isn't embarrassing, is it?
Let's all make concise confessions of our love in Hymmnos to our loved ones. I'm sure something good will happen.

Now, then, it's time for some examples.
Let me introduce you to a wonderful sentence built up from something basic, taken from a certain Hymmnos song.

Was ki ra hartes yor yanyaue yanyaue,van govaz tes yor, van na pitod enerel, van na hartes yorr mea, forgandal, parith en clyncye hymme syec mea boh murfanare !!
Even if you're already engaged to someone else, even if we can't be together for the rest of our lives, I will never stop loving you, no matter what happens to you, I'll always love you, because that is my most honest emotion, my purest feelings!

I think that's not just a long sentence, it's a super sentence...
Its basic structure is as follows.
Emotion sounds - verb - subject, verb - subject, verb subject, verb subject, linker, verb subject The comma makes it easier to recognize that you've come to the end of a verb+subject combination. If you break it down, it's all easy to understand, isn't it?
The one other important thing about long sentences in Hymmnos is that you don't have to write emotion sounds for every part. As long as they're connected with commas, it's just one sentence that has one set of feelings associated with it, so you only need one emotion sound set.



1つ1つの文章は、基本的な文章ですね。 想音は、頭に1つ付ければ大丈夫ですよ。

Hymno ser

This is a simple problem anyone can solve if they think over it calmly.
I hope you'll all give it your best!

"It gives me the greatest happiness to love you,
because I am very happy right now."

Each sentence is very simple on its own. You only need to put one emotion sound set at the beginning.

Hymno ser
▼Last time's homework
Thank you very much for all your responses to last issue's homework!
Here's the question from last time and a model solution♪


『Wee apea ra firle herr grandus mea.』

この子は感じてるだけで、何も行動していませんし、何もしようとしていません。 この場合、どんな動詞にすればいいと思いますか?

"I feel the greatest happiness that he protects me."

Model response
"Wee apea ra firle herr grandus mea."

The key to victory here is "I feel happiness".
The singer is just expressing her feelings, not actually doing anything or trying to do anything. In this case, what verb do you think makes the most sense?
The answer is simple; because she's just thinking, not doing anything, she is "feeling".
That's followed up directly by the simple sentence "He protects me".

W ee ki ra firle yahah yorr khal mea, en grandee yor.
Wee ki ra firle yahah yorr waats mea, en waats yor.
Wee apea erra yart hymmnos.
Wee ki erra melenas hymmnos!

Wee ki ra firle yahah yorr khal mea, en grandee yor.
Wee ki ra firle yaha yorr waats mea, en waats yor.
I think it's probably one of the two... what do you say?
Oh, I have two more sentences.
Wee apea erra yart hymmnos.
Wee ki erra melenas hymmnos!
This is the first Hymmnos homework for the year!
I finished it before my homework for school, so please go along with it *g*
(Nagasame Hibari)


なんだかちょっと嬉しいですけど、ちょっと心配です。学校の課題は終わりましたか? さて、添削ですがyahahは綴り間違いです。

You finished it before your schoolwork?
That makes me happy, but I'm a little worried. Did you finish your schoolwork? Now then, I have a correction. yahah is a mis-spelling.
The correct spelling is yehah (happiness)!
It's wonderful that you used "firle" to describe what you, the singer, are doing.
The rest of the sentence is a little roundabout, but your feelings come through perfectly.
So, I'll just have to give you only 90 points!

Was yea ra melenas herr khal mea.
慣れるのにはまだまだ時間が要りそうです。 それにしてもこの回の例文、 なんだか自分を見てるようで少し心が痛いです【><】 今正に、三角関係なのですよ……ぐすん。

Nice to meet you, hello. This is the answer to Toukousphere 10's problem.
Was yea ra melenas herr khal mea.
Is that right...? I'm not very confident about it ;; I think it will take time for me to get used to this. Oh, and the example this time, it hits a little too close to home 【><】 Since I just got involved in a love triangle... sniff.


「melenas」という単語は、本当に大好きな相手にしか使わないんですよ。 それを使ってるということは、もう結婚してもいい!という位の相手という事です。 それにしても、三角関係なんですか?

Oh my, I think I'm turning red.
Your emotions certainly do come through, and it is a very good response, but!
"melenas" is a word you should only use for someone you really really love. The sort of person you wish you were already married to! But anyway, you're in a love triangle?
I have some experience with those, so I'd be happy to give you advice if you wrote in about it.

was yea ra yehah hes grandus tou mea.

I've just been watching so far, but it looks like fun, so I'll try the Hymmnos lecture homework, too.
was yea ra yehah hes grandus tou mea.
How is that?


文法的には合っているのですが、「彼」に「hes」を使っていますよね? これですと「彼を幸せにすることに喜びを感じている」になってしまいます。

I'm sorry!
It's grammatically correct, but you used "hes" for "him", didn't you? Your sentence means "It makes me feel great happiness to make him happy".
To make it into a subject,
you want to use the subject form of "hes", "herr".
That will make the meaning come through the way you want it to.



Next time we'll get back on track with a somewhat more in-depth lecture on the Binasphere chorus.
Take care, everyone!

Editor's Postscript[]

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