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This Week's Tsukkomi Aurica[]

Toukou 01



Rahooi, Aurica here! Like always, we've got lots of submissions here: more than in all other corners excepting the "Question Corner". But don't worry, okay? As I'm not thinking about increasing the number of submissions I'll be running here.

I want to keep this place's reputation of being an extremely rare corner, so please help me out there.
Okay, time to give a quick look at the submissions you sent us!



I tried drawing Aurica!



ありがとう!! とっても可愛く描いてもらえて、あたし嬉しいよ!
安心して! 姿形は違えども、中身はいつものあたしだから!

Thanks!! I'm so glad you made such a cute drawing of me!

Okay, I've decided it! I'll continue having this form for a little longer since Chief drew such a cute picture of me!
But don't worry! Even if my appearance is different, I'm still the same little ol' me in the inside!



Aurica has said "Raho~i" only twice.
Which is one is correct? "Rahooi" or "Raho~i"?



You don't know, right? Both are correct and I use both of them.

The difference between the "oo" and the "~" is due to the feelings they each have.
You use the "oo" when you're feeling "meowbally..." and the "~" when you're feeling all "mimeow!"
Everyone, please make sure to use them properly according to how you're feeling, okay?



I want a Tsukkomi Misha.



That could be a good grounder!

But I think this isn't really the best to time to get it "on".
Of course it'd be glad if I could play the straight man with Misha, but if we did that, we'd become the strongest straight man combination in the entire Toukousphere, and we'd end up being the Toukousphere's police! Or something like that. And that'd make things very hard for everyone else, right?

Adult Misha5


I'm relieved that didn't happen.

If me and Aurica combined strengths, we would each counterbalance the other so much that we would just neutralize each other.
And anyway, go back to your normal form already!



Okay, and this ends this corner.

As I thought, I'm better off with my own body. Having a smaller chest size also made it hard for me to keep my balance!

Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08



So I was allowed to manage this place again after such a long time.

So then, Technical Service Center.
This is the place where any submissions sans Technical ones are centrejected.
Pffttt *chuckles*...

I don't get it
A surprise attack!
A toast to Infel's individuality.
Ba-dump tish!
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About the answer that was given to Tomor in the previous issue, it was said in it that everything's gone to be fine as long as Infel Phira continues working, but is that going to be true even if Infel Phira doesn't get repaired? And do they even have the technology to do that in the first place?

I've endlessly thought that since it was half destroyed, it would someday stop functioning, and the continent would disappear as soon as that happened, so I'm worried about it.



After Infel Phira was changed to Mode Metafalica, all of its functions were restructured and formatted, so we could say it's as if it had been completely restored.

It might be somewhat hard to understand, but Infel Phira is made up by a large number of incredibly small blocks, which take form according to their position similarly to shape memory alloys, and they structure the circuits running through the server depending on their positioning as well.
So whenever it changes shapes, its circuit lines change as well, which also changes its effects. When it changes to Metafalica Mode, only the currently used parts undergo the restructuring, so it's as if it currently had no damaged parts.
But well, these blocks ended being about a 10% smaller than I had originally hypothesized.



I was thinking that if a Third Generation Reyvateil moved to a place where the Tower to which she is addressed (mapped) isn't located, and thus the Reyvateil qualities that control her awakening didn't activate like cases in 2 and 3, she wouldn't need any Installs. But is that the case?




They actually have that choice. If they leave the active range of the Reyvateil qualities that are included in their genes, they could live the remainder of their lives as normal humans.

However, it's very possible that as the relationships between the people of each region improve, the Reyvateils qualities of all the known Reyvateils types, like those from the Tower of Eoria and the Tower of Tyria, and the IPDs; will all end mixing up, which in time would make it quite hard to discern to which Tower their genes are connected.
Of course, I think a way of finding that out should be established already by the time that happens.


(Art one lico)

I've got a question about the Inter-Tower Network. I'm thinking that in the future, after a few decades or centuries, people will have built several cities on the surface, and while many of them will be inside the range of the relay satellites, I'm also thinking that many other of them will be out of the effective range of each Tower. In that case, how would new Third Generation Reyvateils awaken or Song Magic be used in these places?

They are outside the effective range of the Towers, so there wouldn't be any Song Magic or awakenings in there, right? I'm also worried about the effective range for the relay satellites, especially about what could happen if a certain Administrator got lost in an area near the limit for that range... in fact, I can't stop worrying about several things.
(Art one lico)



Of course: Reyvateil genes can't activate if the people carrying them are outside the range, and Reyvateils outside them can't use their Song Magic either.

But I'm sure that new relay satellites will be made in the future, and we might end up having some ones that can cover the entirety of Ar Ciel.



While we live mostly moving through the x horizontal axis, I think the people of the Towers mostly move through the y vertical axis. Given the difference in environments, I'm thinking it would be natural for them to have developed different feelings from us, right?

I just came up with this question because I didn't have experiences like ascending or descending gently until I boarded a hot air balloon and headed for the skies.



You're right. As for having a fear of heights, it's not uncommon. However, since you're always seeing the sky below the place where you live here, it's natural to get desensitized to it after some time.

However, I think there are several aspects in which we're weaker in comparison to the people from your world. A good example of this is being unable to settle down about "the ground not trembling". And this wasn't just limited to Firefly Alley: it's foundation trembled of course, but other places in our world like the Wings of Horus and the Tower itself all tremble too. That's why being on the surface makes us feel uncomfortable. If this get any more serious, we might get people feeling sick just because the ground doesn't move at all.



In the previous Technical Service Center it was said that "only Third Tower Reyvateils will be born in Sol Cluster" and "only First Tower Reyvateils will be born in Sol Ciel", but how is it for the IPDs? I was thinking that unlike the ATDs, the could awaken as IPDs no matter how close they were to the Third Tower, or would they become ATDs if they were at the Third Tower?

I haven't been able to really understand it, so sorry for asking a repeated question.
(Shin Nanbu)



The support given to us IPDs by the Inter-Tower Network is special. Since a number of systems are very different between the ATDs and us, it's impossible to lump us together.

Now for the answer to your question, those that have IPD genes won't be able to awaken at the Third Tower. IPDs and ATDs are as different as the Windows and Mac computers existing in your world. There is no compatibility between them, so there is no linkage or connection between the awakenings of both types.

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06


The Toukousphere is having an excellent run, but we have recently gotten an amazing number of submissions for the Tsukkomi Aurica corner. Is the corner actually popular, or are they sending submissions there because they began thinking something weird about it, or are they just trying their luck? (*laughs*) Since we haven't really raised the cap for the number of submissions each corner will be taking, it was a very interesting phenomenon to observe.

Well then, I hope you'll continue supporting us next issue too! (Tsuchiya)

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