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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

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Adult Misha4


It's time for the Technical Service Center!
It's been a long time since I last could do the title call for this corner.
Looks like the Submission Dojo got a lot of submissions this issue too, but we've also gotten a similar number of questions for the Technical Service Center. We've picked the questions you'd enjoy the most from them, so please enjoy this issue to the end!



What difference there is between the "souls" and "wills" from a Wave Scientific viewpoint?
During 3, there is a scene where Tyria is called (by one of the Wills of the Planet that appeared in the game) the "Will of the Tower", while there's also an event where a human (Aoto) calls her a "Will", so from that I've gotten the impression that while "Wills" and "Souls" seem to be similar, they aren't exactly the same thing. Is that right?
Also, even if the Wills of the Planet that give form to the planets (might it be Ar Ciel or any other) are seen as spiritual existences, or as beings similar to souls, I'm having the feeling that calling the "Wills of the Planet" as "Souls of the Planet" would be a faulty expression....
Of course, maybe "Souls" and "Wills" aren't supposed to be the same concept, but I'd still be very happy to hear a short explanation on them.



There isn't much of a difference between Wills and Souls in our world. Still, it is mostly the case that the word Soul is used with the concrete interpretation of a "mass of feelings, or Static H-Waves". I can't really explain it well, but Wills are beings that don't have a physical form by nature, and when they gain a physical form, they are called Souls.
As for the times in which the word Will is used, it is mostly the case that it is used to refer to beings that have a spiritual, "waveform-like" image to them by nature.
I'm a bit worried that you won't get it just from the way I'm saying it, so I'll put it more simply... it might be a faulty expression to say it this way, but since Wills are beings that are hard to understand because of not being visible to the eye, they are called Souls when they take "physical form". In other words, I think the best way to explain each of them in way that doesn't go too far away from their actual nature would be that Wills are mere waves, while Souls are attached to a physical object.



Hello! I'm always looking forward to each new issue.
Since this is such a low-level question, I don't know if it's okay to send it to the Technical Service Center, but here I'm sending it anyway.
Is there any reason for so many names like Misha, Sasha, Reisha, Nenesha and Harvestasha to end in "sha (the kanji 紗?)"?
Is it anything similar to the "XXko" used in Japan?
Since it's such an insignificant fact, I'm a bit mindful of sending this question...

Adult Misha 1


It's just as you think.
"Sha" is a very common name ending for girls in our world, similarly to "ko" in yours. Misha, Reisha, Nenesha, Sasha, Raksha, Illusha... there are many other names that use it too.



I have a question about the XP Shell and the Heart of the Land.
When Ar Ciel accepts the Heart of the Land, it's said that the XP Shell's Dome "will become a replacement for the multiple shells around the Heart", but isn't the XP Shell too small compared to the actual Planetary Core (or at least the solid part of it)...? I don't really know how large Ar Ciel is, but if it's as large as Earth, I'm thinking that its solid core must have a radius of several hundred Stons (several hundred Km), like it's the case for our planet's core... or was there any other meaning to the phrase "using the XP Shell as a replacement for the shells"?
Maybe actually the Heart of the Land would grow to be several Stons in radius in the end after the Wills of the Planet had taken hold of it, but in that case, wouldn't the XP Shell be destroyed before that process was completed? (*cries*)

Harvestasha XP1


When I said the Heart of the Land would become the Planetary Core, I wasn't referring to a physical core. Rather, the correct interpretation of that expression was that it would become the source of life force for the Planet itself. Therefore, it won't be a replacement for the physical core... or in other words, to the molten metal mass that serves as the inner core.
The multiple shells should actually be the "soul's armor", as they exist to block any sort of interference from other souls existing around the Heart. And since there wouldn't be any interference there, the shells are no longer necessary. To be more concrete, the reason the shells were necessary for the Heart of the Land prior to its transformation into the Planetary Core was because, prior to the XP Shell's launch, it would lose its purity and the flat line form of its waves due to interference from other wills, particularly those of the humans. And after we entered the Core, it would be necessary for the Heart to be protected from being destroyed by the attacks from the Wills of the Planet. Therefore, once the Wills of the Planet had accepted the Heart, it would be removed from its shell and only its main part would remain.
At that stage, the Wills of the Planet would begin fusing with the Heart of the Land, and from that point on, it would be protected by the natural shell the Wills themselves had from the start.
Therefore, the Heart of the Land wouldn't change its size. Unfortunately, the XP Shell's Dome will be destroyed during this process, but it was designed and built to end this way from the beginning.



Why was Frelia the only Origin that didn't have anything like a guardian(?) that served as a parent to her?
(Platina Citizen)



Of course I had one. I didn't have a "dad", but I did have a "mom". She was called Jaza, and she was my guardian.
She was a very strict but very gentle woman, and a wonderful person. As the person who became the first Pope of the Grand Bell, she's said to be like the mirror of Metafalss' spiritual ideologies, and even now she continues to be revered by the people of Metafalss.
She also was like a mother and a teacher to Shunny. That's why she was such a wonderful person. Just like Sis and Tyri each love their respective fathers a lot, I love Jaza a lot too. I'm fact, I'm very proud to have been raised by her.



I think I heard before that Hymn Crystals were formed by a program used in the Tower and some kind of feelings, but would it be possible to put "only feelings" inside a Hymn Crystal? And assuming it's possible, would it be possible to put later on the program used in the Tower inside a "Hymn Crystal that only contains feelings"? And sorry for asking so many questions, but it's necessary to use the facilities inside the Tower to create Hymn Crystals? Or can they also be created outside the Tower without having to use any sort of special equipment?



It's possible. If you just put feelings on it and Download it later, you would be able to transmit feelings more accurately than you would in a normal conversation.
Still, while that was a non-issue in the First Era, creating Hymn Crystals isn't so simple in the current Third Era. That is why cases of using them just to transmit feelings are so rare.
And it seems there were only two or three places that had crystal purification facilities during the First Era.



This is my first submission, so while I'm a bit nervous about it not being picked, I'll still send it in.
I've got some doubts about the languages in Ar Ciel.
For example, Jakuri could talk normally to the characters from 2 when she was in Metafalss, and Sol Cielans Jack and Krusche, as well as Metafalssians Cocona and Sasha could talk to the locals (like Aoto and his friends) when they were in Sol Cluster, but should that be possible?
I've got a couple theories about it:
Theory #1. All the Towers use the same common language.
Theory #2. The people that came from other Towers all mastered the common language of that place.
So which one of these would be?
If it's #1, I'm thinking that each Tower should have its own accents (like the differences between American and British English), while if it's #2, I was thinking that it'd be enough for them to understand each other "if they were communicating through the Binary Field, as the languages would be translated automatically". I'm a bit interested on how this would work...
(Villager A)



Well, of course there are dialects. But Ar Ciel actually never had language barriers as thick as the ones in your world. That's because everyone could converse easily with the people from other regions from the First Era on.
Unexpectedly, this is especially true for the First and Third Towers, which had next to no language differences. I might be stating the obvious, but it's because the Third Tower was a facility built by Sol Ciel people, so it's normal they used their own language.
Of course, this also means that Metafalss was the place with the lowest language compatibility with the other regions.
Well, there's a reason why none of this was ever shown in the games, so I don't think I have to say why it was... but it was actually for the sake of you all.

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06

お陰様でアルトネリコ5歳の誕生PARTY!も、沢山の方に楽しんでいただけてうれしく思っております。さぽているアンケートなどは既に2000名以上の方にご回答いただいている他、特に「ハーヴェスターシャ陛下の有り難いお言葉缶バッチ」の応募人数が、過去のプレゼント企画で最多の応募数となっている事に驚いています(とはいえ、個数が多い為倍率はそれ程高くありませんので、諦めずに毎日応募してくださいね)。まだまだ皆さんのアルトネリコ熱が冷め止まぬ状態であることを窺い知ることが出来、私の方もモリモリ士気が上がってきています! これからも皆さんと共に盛り上がっていけるよう頑張りますので、どうぞよろしくお願いします!

Thanks to everyone, we could have a fifth birthday party for Ar tonelico! And I'm pretty happy so many of you could enjoy it. We've already gotten over 2000 people answering the Supporteil Questionnaire, and for the other events, we got an especially large number of applicants for the "her Highness Harvestasha Gratitude Words Tin Badge", so I was very surprised to see this was the presents project in which we got the largest number of participants (but since there's so many entries, the win rate isn't so high, so please make sure to not give up and participate every day). With this, I could understand that your passion for Ar tonelico hasn't frozen yet, which also has increased my morale more and more! I'll continue doing my best so we can make this place even more lively together, so please, lend me your help! (Tsuchiya)

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