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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08



Ar Ciel Technical Service Center.



Hey, you! Are you seriously intending to do it!? You ought to say it in a louder voice.

And we have taken up the duty of attending this corner during this issue in order to fulfill the earnest wishes of our readers.



Even so, it seems like a large coincidence that most of the questions we got this time were related to the Wills of the Planet.


This Technical Service Center might be a bit eccentric, but I hope you'll still enjoy it to the end.


It seems that Shela and Saki made Syestine into a deep green land, so, have the other personalities of the heroines, which are Gods and Wills of the Planet, ever made any lands like it?

I'd be especially interested in learning if Filament ever made a deep green land, as she's the heroine I liked the most from 3! (I Love Cats)



...I see. A deep green land, huh...? Unfortunately, I've never made anything like that. I'm a Will that was born in a relatively recent era compared to the others, so I almost never appeared before the humans before the current Era of Demise. That's because my job is working behind the scenes of this world. I have a "Maintenancer" role, which is the role in charge of maintaining the world that the "Modifiers" like Saki and the others designed. It's just like how in your world there are famous creators and designers, but it's rare for someone who works doing maintenance or administrative work to become famous.

Plus, I already had my hands full with covering for whatever Saki did, so I didn't really have many chances to go out.



Were Aoto and his friends the very first humans to establish direct contact with the Consensus of the Planet's Wills?




Yeah, they were. Aoto and his friends were the very first humans to ever make contact with the consciousness Consensus of the Planet's Wills. So far all the meetings that had taken place were chance encounters in the surface, but there's never been a time in which all the Wills had descended to the surface. It was thought it was impossible to break into the Planetary Core, so it looks like the Consensus was pretty surprised when they appeared.


Suzunomia is the "Will that rules over the Songs" of Ar Ciel, but aren't all the Wills of the Planet supposed to be each constantly singing to accomplish their roles and cause and effect in Ar Ciel, not just her?

Also, is there any difference between the Songs Suzunomia sings and those sung by the other Wills of the Planet? (Raicia)



Hmm, the meaning is slightly different from what you stated.

Being the "Will that rules over the songs" is just a superficial way of describing my role. Anyway, you know how you feel "this song's so cool!" whenever you are listen to one? Such happenings are my actual role; keeping the feelings through H-Waves in constant flow, so they may serve as the life force that preserves our mother body... or in other words, that keeps Planet Ar Ciel alive. The most apt comparison to the aforementioned flow would be equating it to the heart, blood vessels and blood flow you all have in your bodies. However, I had been long forgotten by the 3700 AD era during which Ar tonelico is set. That I fell in oblivion would be equivalent to all the blood in your body coming to a sudden halt, so the Planet was left in a state close to death.



Each of the vowels in the Planet's Language (Ar Ciela) each have meanings like "Scalar" and "Pray", but I'm troubled because I can't find any meanings for "Ikspiari" aside of a certain shopping mall.

So please, tell me what each of them mean! (Lint)



"A: Scalar" means "Power", "I: Pray" means "Prayer", "U: Ikspiari" means "Dreams, Hopes, Inspiration", "E: Neighbor" means "Neighbor, Love", "O: Karma" means "Karma, Sin", and "N: Mandala" means "Eternity, Infinity".


Is it possible for Reyvateils to look as if they had lost their voice if they undergo some kind of extreme shock, like humans do? And if it does happen, would she lose the ability to sing Hymmnos until she regained her voice?




Of course. We're normal humans after all.

That they can't say anything has a mental cause, so I think they generally wouldn't be in the mental state they'd need for singing their Songs. Since she wouldn't be able to speak until her mind had healed and gotten over whatever happened, it'd be very hard to gather her feelings and use them to sing. And of course, to talk and sing she needs to have a lot of courage and confidence in herself. So when that happens, the best'd be to have a trustworthy partner she can ask to Dive into her and help her heal.



I've got a question that's mainly about the world setting.

What kind of political system was established by the nations of Sol Cluster after 3 ended? Especially taking in account Richa's marriage leave, as she was the only remaining member of the group of war criminals spearheaded by the Neo Atlas Faction at Archia. I'm really very curious about it. (Nyo? from Hachijo Island)



Who are you saying got a marriage leave? Don't decide on my behalf that I'm going to take one, if you please.

I've been in charge of Archia for quite some time... but even after saying that, I have to admit that it's honestly a very exhausting job, and since I've never done this kind of work before, it was quite problematic. Even though I tried to keep appearances, I inevitably ended up confessing to everything in the end, but I guess that means I wasn't good enough at this. There were a few other incidents, but I wasn't able to do anything. But maybe it was thanks to the [Doctor], who served as my coach, that I could take the decision to stand up firm. And this is as much as I'm willing to disclose to the public. I might have exposed a very embarrassing side of me, so I'd be very happy if that didn't end up becoming something others will hate me over.

Editor's Postscript[]

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I just noticed it today, but this is the last Toukousphere for this year, right? A lot of thanks of everyone for having shared this year with us! It was at the beginning of this year that Ar tonelico 3 was released, so soon it'll be a year since its release. I might always be saying and thinking this, but I'm really happy that we could keep such a rich communication in place between you all and us for such a long time. Please, continue supporting us like always next year too!


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