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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

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The rival corner "Ar Ciel Technical Data Compilation Room" will cease its functions next issue. That means this corner should be safe from removal now.


Tyria!? That's saying it too directly!

But well, it's true that I'm happy because that will increase the number of submissions here...



But since the rival corner has disappeared, wouldn't that get us to lose submissions too if we answer the questions too seriously? So I think we must brace ourselves to continue supporting the Ar tonelico technical division residing in this corner.


Getting told that is making me tense...

Well, time to do our best in this issue of the Technical Center!



Is Ar Ru a Modifier or Maintenancer?

And if several of the things in Metafalica are created from Ar Ciel's wave lineage, which it's connected to through the human natures of the IPDs, what would happen to the continent if all the IPDs were replaced with βs?
(Babango Seller)

Ar Ru1


I've become a "Maintenancer" for the time being. It's because I only served to create Antibodies before the Planet was regenerated, but after its regeneration, I decided to begin helping with the restoration of the land.

In other words, I was a Modifier before the regeneration. I was given the role of purging the human race from this world in its entirety and restore its world. Under proper conditions, that would have become the job of a different Will, but the Wills of the Planet were severely understaffed at the time due to the condition Ar Ciel was in.



I've got a question about Frelia's "Visiondance".

Apparently Frelia danced as she sang that Song, but was dancing actually required to sing that Hymmnos, or Frelia did it just because she liked dancing? I think that singing Hymmnos requires an appropriate amount of concentration by nature, not to mention the incomparable level of it a Reyvateil would requires for something like creating a Tower, so I was wondering if it'd be possible for her to move around if she had a surplus of concentration. Actually, I don't remember ever having heard anything about any other Reyvateils singing as they moved around. So which one is it? (Sakuya)


立ち止まっていれば集中できる、というわけでもないと思うんだ。…でもそれは、私だけなのかな? ヒュムノスを謳うっていうのは「集中する」っていう感覚よりも、「トランスする」っていう感覚の方が正しいかな。私の場合、詩と踊りを一緒に表現できた方が、身体の中の音のリズムを全身で感じる事が出来て、寧ろ詩の世界に深く入り込む事が出来るんだよ。

I don't think that standing still is absolutely necessary to concentrate... or I'm the only one who thinks like this? Actually, it'd be more correct to say that singing Hymmnos feels more like entering a "trance state" than "concentrating". In my case, I could express my feelings by singing and dancing at the same time because I could feel the rhythm of the sounds within me through all my body, so we could say I was able to dive deeply inside the Song's world.

Also, it's said that the shamans from long ago sang very passionately whenever they were praying for rain to come, so what I did could be just like what the shamans did.



We know that the Reyvateils are connected to the Tower, but how are they actually connected to it?

Also, the response from the Tower wouldn't actually get worse due to a confusion between their communication lines? (Ruver)



The are connected through waves called H-Waves. However, saying they are "connected" could actually be the wrong way to say it. The H-Waves exist in a separate dimension from the D-Wave space that we know as the tridimensional space, so there are next to no interferences between them and the D-Wave space. In short, the concept of distance we have as common sense exists in an entirely separate space, so we could say that the [Tower's SH Server] that acts as a receiver and the [Reyvateil's Triangular Nuclear Loop] that acts as a transmitter exist in the same, yet completely different places.

This is a technique we call [H-Wave Teleportation], which is the practical application of a H-Wave law that states: [whenever two H-Waves placed in two separate positions in the D-Wave space are made to resonate with each other, they will become mirrors of each other]. So even if they exist in separate points that are very far apart from each other in the D-Wave space, they exist in the same exact place from the H-Wave viewpoint. However, they still have an effective range. The H-Waves also suffer from energy loss over transmitted distance, so once the two points have gone beyond a certain distance, they won't be able to mirror each other any more. That is the cause behind the Towers having an effective range. This might sound strange, as energy absolutely decreases the more the distance increases, but the H-Waves will be completely identical in both points as long as they both are within the energy's effective range. So this already ended becoming a lecture about wave entanglement. I'm very sorry for this explanation becoming so complicated. By the way, on the topic of the Tower's response worsening, that happens as you get close to the effective range's limit: the Reyvateil won't be able to move her body correctly, and ultimately she will turn into water. So theoretically there wouldn't be any sort of confusion between their communication lines.

Hartes Ciel, Melenas Walasye.、leat ptrapicaと瑠珈の歌2つの曲名はヒュムノス語になっていますが


Luca made two songs with titles in the Hymmnos language called "Hartes Ciel, Melenas Walasye." and "leat ptrapica".

Is it a popular trend to give Hymmnos language titles to the songs in the Ar tonelico world? (U-ta)



I don't know if it's a popular trend, but since I've grown to like the Hymmnos language a lot, especially because it lets you express feelings of the type [I really want to express my strong feelings!], I challenged myself to use it in my song titles.

That said, I'm not saying that I can express strong feelings better than in other languages just because I wrote their titles in Hymmnos, but because Hymmnos is the language for conveying emotions, you know? So to borrow a little of that power, I decided to entrust my song names to it.



In the previous issue, Tyria answered a question about the [compatibility of the Hymn Crystals], but is it...

1) Songs that were made for use in the First Tower's Server can't be sung in the Third Tower's Server. 2) The effects of the Song Magic made for the First Tower's Server can't interfere with the Song Magic from the Third Tower's Server. So which one would be?




Hmm, it's actually a bit different from them both. The correct interpretation would be that [Hymmnos made for use in the First Tower's Server aren't compatible with some of the functions from the other Towers, so they can't be executed in full. Therefore, part of their processes will fail to be executed and break with an error message].

So to explain it as an actual phenomenon, it'd be that the Reyvateil can sing them, but they'd just end up fading out without causing any concrete effects.

Editor's Postscript[]

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I was shocked at the tremendous amount of submissions we got about the termination of the "Tsukkomi Aurica" corner. I thought that everyone showed a great renewed love for Aurica, so depending on the votes you all give us, we might even be able to revive her corner! So please, make sure to vote!

We also have planned to terminate the Compilation Data Room next week, so please feel free to make use of the Technical Service Center from now on. (Tsuchiya)

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