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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

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Technical Service Center.
This is where we'll receive all your doubts and questions about our world, and answer them. We'll put all our efforts in our answers, so please enjoy this corner to your heart's content. Hmm, doing this kind of work isn't bad at all once in a while.



Leaving IPDs aside, the second word in the Hymn Codes of the Reyvateils seem to be extremely similar to the spelling for the rune names, so are their meanings similar too?




You are very knowledgeable, and yes: it's just as you said.

ANSUL is a rune that means "God"; while the proper reading for FEHU would be "feyhyuu", and it serves to mark an "ownership" relationship between the two nouns it connects.



The TEIWAZ I modified for my code means "God" as well, but it refers to a God of wars and victory. I created that term because... well, you know how FEHU_EOLIA translates to "property of Eolia"? That's something I just couldn't stand.


Since it's a hacked term, your rank is an abnormality itself.

Ah, and just in case you're all wondering this, I wasn't who programmed in the ANSUL and FEHU ranks. These terms were registered by the manufacturers, who merely based them off the Reyvateil Format that was created in the First Era.



How are the charting of a map of Ar Ciel and the exploration of the surface going now that the planet has been regenerated? Are airships and exploring on foot still the basis for all that?




Hmm, we can't use anything beyond steady measurements and aerial photographs for our exploratory work. I've thought that if we had a little more resources, we could be using more advanced methods like taking satellite photographs though.

In any case, since Tenba is also taking part in these efforts, we're still researching at the moment which would be the most efficient method we could use right now. We also have a lot of people excelling in the airship field, like Krusche participating in this project.



I've got a question about if the Hymn Crystals have compatibilities.

So, I was wondering if it wouldn't be possible to sing the Purger at the Third Tower to cancel Tyria's Tower transformation and let her live longer... Would it be possible, Tyria?




Hmm, I think it's theoretically possible. But in practice, it isn't something that can be done. But since you've got good luck today, I'll explain it in more detail.

The compatibility the Hymn Crystals have in the first place is the "hardware we know as the Hymn Crystal (which would be the media format in your world)" and the "software we know as Hymmnos (which would be the programming language in your world)", so they don't have compatibility with a "Tower (which would be the personal computer itself; the Mac or PC in your world)". As it was said in the Compilation Room: "The simplest way to explain this would be saying that It's like the difference between Windows applications and MAC applications", though I don't think this explanation will be easy to understand to those that aren't versed in programming. Even if they used the same language... right, it's like they were both programs using the C language, but since both Windows and Mac have different functions, they must go through a final process called "compiling" before they can be executed. So programs that were compiled at the First Tower basically won't run. But if they execute processes similar to those of programs compiled at the Third Tower, I think it'd be correct to think they would run halfway through, but since it's only halfway, they wouldn't work as well. For example, you know how the Mac keyboards have a "CD Eject Key" that Windows keyboards don't? And that when you press that key in a Mac, there's a program that goes "Eject the CD When the Eject Key is Pressed", but it doesn't work at all in Windows because it doesn't have the hardware it needs to function? That's more or less the same situation.



1) Most likely either Infel or Dr. Loude could give the details on it, but I'd like to know more about how the matching between the Reyvateils and their Towers is done.

It's possible for a single Third Generation RT to be matched up to two Servers at the same time, like the Ar tonelico Server and Infel Phira, or the Ar tonelico and the Harvestasha Servers? And I'm also thinking that's theoretically possible for them to get matched up to multiple addresses in the same Server, but... well, there's no way of knowing what would happen then.

2) This question is more for the personae from the Planet's Will, but when you sang during the battles in AT3, were you crafting Song Magic through the Tower by using the Hymmnos Language? I was thinking that maybe you'd be using the Planet's Language since that would be the usual for you, but then I realized it'd be pretty easy for you all to start using the Hymmnos language out of nowhere. Was it easier to use the Hymmnos language to express the intentions you were singing through either Z's or Sis Sakia's bodies? Or were you using it to keep your true natures hidden? I was thinking that these could be pretty valid reasons for you all.

(Leave it to the Cat)



Hmm, you have touched a very interesting topic. If memory serves, I remember there was a question either in the previous Compilation Room or in this corner that went: "Can a Reyvateil change her SH Server?", and the answer to it was "It's possible, but it would be very difficult."

The short explanation would be that since the βs have a SH Server (Tower) that acts like a home to each of them, moving away from that Tower would be equally difficult. And naturally, given the Third Generations carry over the Gene Spectrums from their β ancestors, they are generally bound to the Tower that was under the jurisdiction of those βs.

But it's possible that there might be Third Generations with mixed blood from both the First and Third Towers being born in the future. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing which would be the situation for them.



I'll take care of the second question.

I've answered this before somewhere else, but we intervened Finnel's SH Server, and our "feelings" and "Soulspaces" ended coexisting with her. And by establishing contact with the SH Server to which her Soulspace was connected, we could intervene Finnel's Soulspace.

So since we were pretty much borrowing and using Finnel's body, we could sing in Hymmnos language through the Tower.

っこうマジな質問なんですが、テクニカと編纂室、どう棲み分ければいいんでしょうか? 編纂室を覗くと「テクニカでは答えてもらえなかったので」というコメントが結構あります。実際、自分もそういう経験があります。ガチな質問よりもキャラを交えたコメントを楽しむとか、比較的初歩的なものに限るとか、何か基準みたいなのはあるんでしょうか?


This is a very serious question: it's okay to separate submissions between the Technical Service Center and the Compilation Room? Whenever I check the Compilation Room, there are lots of comments saying "because this wasn't answered in the Technical Service Center". And actually, I had such an experience too. Is there some sort of standard in place for the Technical Service Center, like being it more for enjoying comments said by the characters more than the serious questions, or it's for the more rudimentary questions?




I know we've got opinions like these because we've been keeping some of our plans hidden.

But the biggest difference would be the kind of places they are: "a place to have the characters answer seriously" and "a place to have the creator answer seriously". In short, the Toukousphere's "a place to interact with the the characters", so in the end I think it'd be better to have the people who want to talk with the characters to send their questions here. But since the main goal is talking to the characters, naturally there are many questions about the setting they can't answer because they don't know about them, so depending on the person, they might just avoid them. They won't ever lie, but it's doubtful they'll always reply to any question with full energy. As for the Compilation Room, it has nothing to do with the characters themselves, so questions will be handled like part of the world setting there. So it's basically: this section is for "technical questions I want to ask the characters, but that wouldn't fit in the Question Corner", while the Compilation Room is for "those who want to seriously know the truth about the world".

Editor's Postscript[]

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So Sasha's Corner ended up becoming a relaxing, healing Corner unlike any of the others we made before. If you can find it to be a breath of fresh air in the middle of the so-energetic Toukousphere, I'll be very happy. On the other hand, it looks like the Tsukkomi Aurica sudden death is about to spark a very hated battle.

I'll be waiting for your aid in the next issues! (Tsuchiya)

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