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Lady Shurelia and Jakuri's Technical Service Center[]

Toukou 08



We have great news for everyone!!
It's the great revival of the Technical Center!



Somehow, we ended getting ten times the submissions we had from the previous one! It's thanks to you all that the Technical Service Center can keep going!



It's because we got several submissions and opinions stating "I want the Technical Service Center to keep going." Or rather, they'd like to destroy the Compilation Roo....



Don't involve any external contents in this!



Well then, by putting in all our feelings of gratitude as we work in this issue, let's answer many more questions than usual!



Is EXEC_HYMME/. (and also METHOD_HYMME/.) structured to output Dynamic D-Waves (Song Magic power) depending on the amount of Dynamic H-Waves that were accumulated during the singing of a Hymmnos?
Or is it some kind of limit that comes from the programming architecture of the Song Magic Server, from the maximum amount of calculations the Server itself is physically designed to execute, or is it an inherent limit to the principle of the H-Wave into D-Wave conversion process used by the Songstones..?
Please tell me what kind of layers make possible the Song Magic execution process.



Song Magic accumulates because it's formed by a system in which the Dynamic H-Waves that compose the power of feelings are added into it as Dynamic D-Waves. Therefore, the feelings can accumulate instantly.
However, this doesn't mean that the H-Waves themselves are accumulated: they are first converted into D-Wave energy. Due to this, it can grow faster if the power of the feelings becomes stronger, and it won't grow much if said power diminishes.



This is just a supposition, but did Lady XP see Her Majesty Vista as working normally when she was still in her Cleansing spree?
Were there any points where she wanted to scold her?
I'd also like to know more details on it, especially about the parts that made the Planet Regeneration Project impossible.

Harvestasha XP7


Hmm, this is a pretty difficult topic to discuss, but since we're in the Technical Service Center, we may as well do it anyway, right? Leaving my emotions on it aside, I acknowledged her as operating normally, and there weren't any anomalous functions being executed.
By anomalous functions I mean self-destructive behavior like executing a process that could cause severe damage to the Server itself, or the appearance of contradictory behavior that went against the "Goal Algorithms" given to her via skins and basic logic, all of which are problems that can't be troubleshooted automatically. However, I never saw Subframey having anything like that.
As for the Planet Regeneration Project, there is no mistake about it being one of the "Goal Algorithms", but since the skin itself that was installed into her included a process to nullify it, it doesn't count as contradictory behavior.

Harvestasha Vista3


You see now!? I haven't done anything bad! It seems you need a good dose of Cleansing, insolent interrogator bug!

Harvestasha XP3


But the Cleasing, as well as the base logic and behavior algorithms of that skin are all worthy of a "shame on you"!!

Harvestasha Vista


My personality was completely rejected by XP...



What happened to the Cleansed humans that were in the Slave District? Don't tell me they were left like that...



We gave shelter to all of them. But well, I think it was never said during the game itself.
Cleansing's an extreme brainwashing state, so while it varies from a person to other, there were some few guys that could recover from it. And sadly, there's also some that don't look like they're gonna be able to have a normal life again... But still, we gradually give them rehabilitation and treatment so they can recover, and we've made rehabilitation institutions with some doctors in the Great Fang for them, so we just gotta be patient. I won't give up until everybody's back to normal.



How large is the memory space for the Origins?
As far as I see from Lady Shurelia, I'm very worried she won't be able to remember things from at least a thousand years ago in the distant future?
Or it's possible to delete unnecessary memories too?



It's unfathomably large.



Though it's almost entirely ROM, isn't it...?



Did you say something?



But seriously speaking, Shurelia is programmed just like a garbage collection program (eliminates unnecessary memories to optimize memory use), so everything that isn't past memories or historical events gets deleted.
In short, things like emotional memories and sensations have the shortest refresh time, followed by study information memorized from traumas and lessons, and they are longest lasting memories among all the ones that form her memory database from her personal experiences.
So while there are several other reasons, emotional memories are the kind that eats up the most space. Of course the garbage collection program just deletes the emotional data from her memories, so since things like "this was so sad" end up turning into a more compact form inside the event database, she won't forget the events themselves. Still, it'll be to her as if these events had happened to someone else.






For some reason, I'm beginning to feel a lot of pity for Shurelia.
Maybe I should treat her a little better.



The Church of El Elemia and Tenba in the First Tower, and the Grand Bell and the Sacred Army in the Second Tower, give Diquility to the Reyvateils in exchange for joining their ranks, or at least I think that's how it was. But then, how do Reyvateils get Diquility in the Third Tower?
Especially because I don't think there's any organizations that can employ and protect a large number of Third Generations...

Hikari Gojo10


The Archia Think Tank sells Diquility. It isn't sold at an absurd price, but since it causes large expenses to the Reyvateil comparable to the hospital visits anyone with an incurable disease would have, it's quite a heavy load to shoulder.
We were unable to buy my little sister the Diquility due to economic problems, so that's why she decided to receive the "Blocking Operation"... Since these operations completely suppress Reyvateil qualities, they serve as a method to not continue depending on Diquility doses, so while the method itself is quite wonderful, there's the problem that Archia fused them with their atrocious and inhumane experiments.
We got a little out of the topic at hand, but basically, while maybe it's easier to get the Diquility in the Third Tower in comparison to the First Tower, it isn't given for free like it's done at the Second Tower, so it's neither favorable or unfavorable for the Reyvateils.



When I heard the Technical Service Center was in risk of being taken down for good, I ended up saying a lot of submissions saying "You think I'm gonna let you do that!?"
What's the Visiodance that's said to be Frelia's hobby? Does it have any kind of image that would leave quite an imprint on others?



Ehehe, thanks for the encouragement!
As for Visiondance, it's formally known as a Hymmnos Extract called EXEC_VISIONDANCE_SOCKET/., and to put it simply, that's what I sang as I danced to create the Second Tower.
Visiondance Socket is an Extract that only I can use, similarly to how Tyri's Rebirthia Protocol works.
It seems that everyone gave the "Heavenly Fairy's Dance" name to the work I did to create the Second Tower, and while it's a pretty cool name, it's also a little embarrassing.



If normal Reyvateils trained to their limits, which Tower would have the fastest Song Magic users? Or how many seconds would it take the fastest singer to sing a Song?


他のヒュムノスだと「Wee yea ra hymme」とかが最短構文になるから、2秒程度はかかるわね。その間に「しぇぜ」を5回は言えるわよね。

If we simply took in account the "shortest execution time" without factoring power into the equation, the IPDs would have the decisive lead. For example, they can invoke some kind of Song Magic by just saying "cEzE (sheze)", and that generally takes about a second to pronounce, correct?
The shortest sentence for other kinds of Hymmnos would be something like "Wee yea ra hymme", which takes about two seconds to pronounce, and you can pronounce "sheze" about five times in that same span of time.
Of course that if we factor power in, it won't become so simple, so we'll leave this here for now. But if we only take account the "speed", it'd be just as I explained.



Congratulations for reviving Ar Ciel!!
I was so excited upon seeing the revived blue planet that I got a question: when the continent was created through Metafalica, did it have any kind of potential water sources?
(Sumisaku Suiso)



To Metafalica, the sky, wind and water are all constructed by the activity of life we call "cycles", so they are also parts of Metafalica's body itself.
So the rain itself could be equated to fluids like the gastric juice secretions the humans have, so it only falls when it's required. That's what makes Metafalica so amazing.
By the way, we have the mentality of seeing Ar Ciel as a "life" like we humans are. Therefore, it's common sense for us to see normal rain as just one of the metabolic processes in Ar Ciel's body.
It seems like the land, skies and rain are perceived like completely different entities in your world, but to us it's common sense to think they are all controlled by the actions of a single will. That's why I said that "Metafalica isn't technology that creates a mere lump of dirt".

謳う丘~Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor~」を聞いての質問なのです。「Afezeria HARVESTASYA」という曲の中でサラパトゥールという名の神が人間に介入していましたが、あれはアルトネリコ3に登場するサラパトゥール本人が人間界に降りて来た実話を基にしていると思っていいのでしょうか? また、神話の時代から、神として星の意志が人間に直接介入することはしばしばあったことなのでしょうか?


I've got a question after I finished listening to "Singing Hill -Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor-". In the song "Afezeria Harvestasya", it was said that a Goddess called Salapator intervened in the affairs of the humans, but would it be okay to think that she's the same person as the character Sarapatra that appeared in Ar tonelico 3, and that the legend was based on a true story of a time in which she descended to the human world? Also, did the Wills of the Planet, which were considered as Gods back during the mythological era, get their hands in the affairs of the humans a lot?



I was young and naive back then. I was only a few millennia old back then, so I was a child who didn't know what was right or what was wrong. But now these have turned into very fond memories.
By the way, it seems it was the case for the other Wills of the Planet too, but a long time ago we used to establish contact with the humans much more frequently than we do now. That's why the myths are almost entirely based off events that actually took place, but they ended mostly becoming weird stories because they were dramatized and distorted to varying degrees.

Editor's Postscript[]

Tks header 06


We're doing our best in working on the Hymmnos Musical right now. I think I'll be giving a few details on it for the next issue of the Compilation Data Room, but this time around I got especially fixated on the "combination of songs and story". I directed personally the timing for the lines and the flow of the songs based on the know-how I got from the time I spent working in AT2, so they should end up being similar to the games themselves.
Since they should be like the Hymmnos from the games, I think it'd be great if they manage to reach your heart to the point of moving you a lot more. Well then, see you next issue!

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