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This Month's Tsukkomi Aurica[]

Toukou 01


色々考えていたんだけど、それならもう「わ」で良いんじゃないかと思ったから、もう「わ」で行くことにしたよ。 この方が何かと楽で良いよね。すぐに伝わるし。 そんなわけで、これからは挨拶「わ」を広げてね!

Gooood! Aurica here!
I just realized the other day that "Gooding" is kinda hard to say.
So, I thought it over for a while, and I realize that just saying "Good" is enough, right? So, I decided I'd just start saying "Good" from now on. It's nice and easy, right? It gets the idea across so fast. So, I hope you'll all start using "Good" to greet people!

Question Corner[]

Otayori top

最近は投稿が多くなりつつあって嬉しい限りである! そんな努力を惜しまぬ貴様等のために、少し気張って今回も投稿枠を拡大したのである!!

I'm so happy to see so many posts coming in! We've decided to work a little harder to answer more posts just for you all!!
Don't forgot to be grateful if your post was chosen!


Miss Aurica! I have a favor to ask! Please, please, please make a real music box that plays Memories of the Breeze!! If you make one, I'll definitely buy it! Yes, I certainly would. I hope you'll take it into consideration.



Wait, is this a commission for me? I'm kinda happy to hear that!
I'm sure I could make a Memories of the Breeze music box, but... I wonder how many people would want one?
I think... it would probably be a little above 500 Leaf. That would be about 5000 yen, right?

A music box...
I want one!
191 (96%)
8 (4%)



Umm, Misha? ...well, uhhh... do you have any plans for Christmas!?

Adult Misha 1

まあ、焼肉ソーダで乾杯とかはさすがに無いと……あ~、なんか物凄くナチュラルにやりそうな気が…。 想像すると怖いからここまで!

Of course I have plans.
A bunch of us are going to have a girls-only Christmas party.
...but Aurica's supposed to make the cake and all the food, so I'm a little worried about that part.
Well, I'm sure she wouldn't have us make toasts with BBQ Soda... Ahhh, I can totally see her doing that... Just imagining it is scary!
I don't want to say any more, or even think about it any more.

めましてー!見てるだけでも面白いけど、やっぱ自分でも投稿したくなって投稿しまし た!
ライナーに質問!!オリカやミシャにタオルやらシャツ1枚と普通は断らるような服 (?)を着てもらうことをどうやってOKしてもらえたのでしょうか!?
すっごく気になってこのことが頭から離れないです>< まさかどんな子でもOKと言われる秘訣でも・・?

Nice to meet you! It's a lot of fun just reading, but I wanted to try posting too, so here I am!
I have a question for Lyner!! How on earth did you ever get Misha and Aurica to agree to wear a towel or just a shirt as clothing(?)!?
I'm so curious, I can't get it out of my head >< Don't tell me you have a secret to getting any girl to say yes...?


えと、ボクに心当たりがないでもないので、答えてみる。 前に
ってライナーに教えてあげた事はあるけどね。 まあ、それだけで本当に着ちゃうあの二人も凄いとは思うけどね。

Well, I can't say I don't have any idea, so lemme try answering. Once I told Lyner
If you tell them "That's cute, it looks really good on you", they'll probably be happy to wear it.
Still, I think it's pretty amazing that they actually did wear it after just that.

イナーのオボンヌ談義に続いてボス(亜耶乃社長)にドッコイ定食について語っていた だきたいです。お願いします

Following on from Lyner's Funbuns speech, I'd like to hear the Boss (President Ayano) say something about Dookoi Sets, please



It's kinda hard to just start if you ask me to.
I'm not like your run of the mill Funbun freaks who eats them because of some aesthetic superiority..... but, it would be impolite of me not to give you an answer.
This is what Dokkoi Sets are to me:
Delicious, cheap, and filling, that's it!!
Yes, that's a very concise and easy to understand explanation, if I do say so myself. Quite good.

は私、お金がないので(笑)アルトネリコは持ってないんです。 でもキャラが全部可愛らしくて(カッコイイ人もいましたが)、思わずさぽているを始めたんですよ。 RPGってあまりやらないんですけど、クリスマスということで買おうか悩んでおります・・・。 サンタさんでも良いから、くれないかな・・・。

Actually, since I don't have any money*g* I don't own Ar tonelico. But the characters are all so cute (some of them are cool, though), so I ended up playing Suppotail before I knew it. I don't play many RPGs, but I'm wondering if I should buy it based on the appeal I've experienced already... I wouldn't mind getting it from Santa Claus, either...



Santa Claus? You mean that man in red clothes that looks just like Leard?
Anyway, I brought someone with me from the Binary Field who looks just like Santa, so he'll answer this post.



Ho ho ho ho! All you good kids out there, it's an early Merry Christmas!!
I can't give you games as presents, but I can give you a way to spend a merry Christmas!!
Now, I see you're worrying about whether to buy a game for Christmas, how wonderful!!
But, if you're really worrying about it, it's best to buy it, and now's the time!!
If you by the Best Hits version for yourself, you can turn to the mirror and say, "I got you a present", then go "Oh! Thank you so much!" like the you in the mirror gave it to you! That will definitely make you happy!!
I hope we'll meet again some day. Ho ho ho!!

オリカとかミシャとかシュレリア様とか、誰を選んでも他の女の子から闇討ちされそうな気が満載です。 それはそれとして、アヤタネとかいいお嫁さんになれそうと思いません?ライナーの。

Lyner's surrounded by lots of different girls, but who would he consider to be wife material?
No matter whether he picks Aurica, Misha, or Lady Shurelia, it seems like the lucky lady would probably get jumped by the other two; what a tricky situation. That being the case, don't you think Ayatane would make a good wife? For Lyner, that is.
(Hashimoto Kouhei)





I was talking about flags or whatever last time, too... do people think I'm a woman?
I'm a man, so I can't become Lyner's - another man's - wife.
Hmm, but, let's see, who would be an ideal partner for Lyner, I wonder?

Aurica's naming sense and the appearance of her cooking is problematic, so I can't really recommend her.
Misha seems like she'd completely dominate him in their relationship, so I can't really recommend her.
Lady Shurelia's always falling over and getting lost and confuses easily, and she's not exactly an age you could call a girl, so I can't really recommend her.

In any case, no matter who he chooses, I fully intend to measure her up.
It's very important to fully ascertain whether she's good for Lyner, after all.

ちの相方のアスリーンはtypeルージェなのですがしっぽをさわるとくすぐったがります。 その話をさぽている仲間にしたところエロいエロいと言われましたorz

My partner Athleen is a type Rouge, and it tickles her when I touch her tail. When I told my Suppotail friends about it, they all said it was sexy... orz
Do Teru think it's sexy when you touch their tail? Please tell me, Lady Grannie!!





正直な話、尻尾を触るのはあまり褒められた行為ではないわね。 猫や犬の尻尾を握ったり触ったりすると嫌がられるでしょ?
それは… …な部分を触ったって話を言っている事と同じなのよ…。

Let's see, in a word, it's......


...it's sexy.


In any case.
To be perfectly frank, touching her tail isn't something to be proud of. If you grabbed and touched a cat's or dog's tail, they wouldn't like you, would they?
Tails are sensitive in a number of ways, so you shouldn't just touch it like that.
......and, if it was done with consent, you shouldn't talk about it with other people.
That would be just like saying you touched... ...understand?

在朝の5時、今から修学旅行に出発です!が、3日ほどマイさぽていると思い出紡げな いのでちょっとテンションが低いです…。なんとかして携帯電話からも行動が指定できる ようになりませんかね…?

It's now 5am, and I'm about to go on a school field trip! But, I'm a little down because I won't be able to craft memories with my Supporteil for three days... I don't suppose you could add a mobile phone access mechanism...?


毎晩、もしくは昼間にちょっと団体行動から外れてネットカフェに入ってさぽているを行動させれば完璧でしょう? それか、ノートPCを持っていって無線LANでちゃちゃっとやるって方法もあるわ。
最近は東京都内や大阪なら、駅で適当にノートPCを開けば公衆無線LANが入る可能性が高いのよね…。 …ま、何にしても、その程度で諦めるようなら、貴方のレーヴァテイルへの愛なんてその程度のモノって事よ。 私くらいレーヴァテイルに愛を持っていたら…何でもできるものよ。

Well, why not just visit a net cafe while you're on your field trip?
Every day first thing in the morning, or maybe if you broke off from the rest of the group at lunch, you could go to a net cafe and visit your Suppotail. Wouldn't it be perfect? Or, you could bring a laptop with you and use wireless Internet to access the site.
If you don't want to leave the group, the laptop is your best bet.
These days if you open up your laptop at any station in Tokyo or Osaka, there's a good chance they have wireless Internet... ...well, if you're giving up that easily, that just reflects poorly on your love for your Reyvateil. If you loved Reyvateils as much as I do... you could do anything.
Yes, anything... no matter the cost.

トークマターでオリカやミシャやシュレリアは料理を作ってて、とんでも料理が多いのですが・・・ やっぱ他の人もすごいんですか?
ジャックが作るとそこらの食べれる雑草使いそうだし、クルシェは分量きっちりかてきとうか賭けっぽい・・ ラードルフは上手そうだけど、ライナーは・・・・オボンヌ味のご飯はやめてください! けっこう独身が多そうだから自炊してそうなんですが料理の腕はいかほどなのでしょう?

To Ayatane, please make miso soup for me every day ( = greeting
Aurica, Misha, and Shurelia all make food during talk matters, but there's lots of crazy food that comes out of that... I guess other people are pretty amazing, too, huh?
I think Jack would probably make something out of edible grass, and I bet Krusche would measure everything out perfectly... Radolf seems like he could cook pretty well, but Lyner... please, stop with the Funbun-flavored food! There's a lot of single folks in the cast, so I'd think they'd have to be pretty good at cooking, but how good are they?
(Block White)


アルトネリコがお料理ゲームだったら、多分僕は片手で世界を征服するくらいの最強キャラになってたんじゃないかな? 出来ることならば、
もちろん僕の作るものは、大自然の神秘の力とか、そういうのは全く関わらない純粋な料理だから安心してね。 …そういえば、前は毎日のようにライナーにご飯作ってあげてたっけ。

It actually says this in the setting book, but one of my hobbies is cooking, after all.
To be honest, I have to say I'm the best cook in the cast of Ar tonelico.
If Ar tonelico was a cooking game, I'd probably be so strong I could conquer the world with one hand. If I could,
I'd love to have you taste my miso soup some time.
My cooking is just genuinely good cuisine that doesn't try to draw on the mysteries of the natural world or anything, so don't worry. ...come to think of it, I made Lyner food just about every day, didn't I?


So what's it like wearing, or rather, riding around in Linkage?? I'd love to be a mysterious person with only their mouth showing!!


締め付け感とか窮屈な感じとかは全くの皆無ですし、あのプカプカ浮いてる感じになんとも言えない良さがあるんですよ。 わかりますか、プカプカしてる感じ?

Well, it's not as if I wear Linkage to try to be mysterious......
As to how it feels when I wear Linkage, to put it simply, it's light and breezy.
It's not claustrophobic or constraining at all, and it feels so nice to float above the ground like that. Do you know what that floating feeling is like?
Oh, and you can float over any obstacles,
...so you don't end up falling down as much...
If you ever get the chance, I think you should try it on.

んわ♪ なんとなく使ってみました。

Gooding♪ I kinda wanted to try saying it once.



Huh? ...who says "Gooding" anymore?
That's that greeting that was popular two weeks ago, right? Get with the times!

Don Leon's Confessional Dojo[]

O don top

ームをやっているときはあまり感じなかったのですが、 トウコウスフィアではキャラがとても腹黒く感じます。 これは気のせいなのでしょうか。

I didn't think so while I was playing the games, but the characters seem kind of dark-hearted in the Toukousphere. I wonder if I'm just imagining it.

Don Leon1


どんなに優しい者であっても、他人には見えない黒い部分があり、 また人には言えない秘密をももっているのである!
であるからして、トウコウスフィアでそれぞれのキャラが見せている顔は、 ゲーム上ではかいま見れない素顔であり、それは紛れもなくそのキャラの本性なのである!!

故に、様々な葛藤や心の傷から、人間の黒いところが沢山出るのはごく自然なことなのであるぞ! 更に、オリカさんの心のウチはまだまだあのようなものではない!

From now on I've decided to become an adult!
And so, there is no need to suddenly punish you!
However, I will have you listen to my speech!

So, you think some of the characters are dark-hearted!
That's not true at all.
Everyone has a few different sides to them!
No matter how kind you may think someone is, they have a dark side they never show others, and secrets they must never tell anyone else!
And so, the faces that the characters show you here in the Toukousphere are their true feelings they couldn't show in the game, undoubtedly their real selves!!

Miss Aurica is depicted as the most human out of all the heroines.
As a result, thanks to her various conflicts and mental scars, it's only natural that she'd have a few dark facets of her personality! Furthermore, there's more to the state of Miss Aurica's mind!
In fact, Miss Aurica is...
Great Scott, I was about to reveal the innermost state of Miss Aurica's heart!
Why, you scoundrel! Deceiving me with that leading question of yours!!
Repent! Down on your knees! I shall mete out your punishmeeeeeent!

Hama's Submissions Dojo[]

Tks header 04 hama


There's a post addressed to me this time!


I think Lyner triggers too many flags due to his insensitivity.
I don't think I'll feel at peace until he undergoes a hundred trials. What do you think, Miss Hama?!



100, no, 108 would be just right for him!
It's embarrassing enough to think someone like that is my... f... f, father...
I guess I'll just have to start the Submissions Dojo feeling down today!


オリカGO!GO!!で描きました。(意味不明) オリカの髪の色が、少々違いますが、スルーして下さい。

ホームページアドレス 真オーゼの小部屋
*アルトネリコのコーナーがパワーアップしました!! イラストコーナーの設置が完了しました。 ハマの投稿道場で登場したイラストがメインですが、

I've decided to ignore Christmas and introduce next year's zodiac!!
I decided to draw Aurica GO! GO!! (meaning unknown) I hope you'll forgive that Aurica's hair color is a little off.
Feel free to use this as a new year's card... what the heck, could you even do that??

Homepage address Shin-Oze's Room
*I powered up the Ar tonelico section! I finished setting up the pictures corner. It's mostly pictures I've sent in here, though.



It's Aurica riding a wild boar!
It looks pretty wild, yet it's somehow a peaceful picture.
But, I know why. It's because Aurica looks like she's having so much fun!
And because that idiot looks like he's really in for it...


初なので(?)さぽているのtyp.マヤを描いてみました!!・・・が、何か似てませんね・・・・・。 何かを見てる訳ですが、何を見てるかは想像にお任せします。(^-^) 次回は何を描こうかな♪

This is my first post!!
Since it's my first(?) I decided to draw a typ. Maya Suppotail!! ...it doesn't really look right, does it...... She's looking at something, but what it is I'll leave to your imagination. (^-^) I wonder what I'll draw next time♪
Well, see you around.


なんだか空を見ている感じが、秋から冬にかけてのイメージとピッタリなのよ。 こっちまできゅーーーーっと切なくなってくるのよ…。

Oh, it's a type Maya Suppotail girl!
It looks like she's looking to the sky, and it feels like a perfect image for going from fall to winter. Just looking at her makes me feel reeeaaaaaally lonely...


シュレリア様限定のコルセットだったので、もったいないなぁ・・・と思ってオリカ ちゃんとミシャちゃんもコルセットを描いてみました!

This is my second post o(^-^)o
Only Lady Shurelia got a corset, what a shame... so, I thought I'd draw Aurica-chan and Misha-chan in corsets too!
Death before dishonor!!
I'll work hard to be able to draw better (+_+)
(Black cat)


でも、この3人だと、さすがの亜耶乃社長もきっと3日でダウンなのよ… !…ななななななんでもないのよー!

Wow, they're all three wearing corsets at a job!
But, with these three, I bet even President Ayano would have had enough after three days...  ! ...n-n-n-n-n-no, I didn't say anything!
I wasn't trying to say they're all problem children or anything!
Besides, I'm sure Misha will become President Ayano's number 2 some day!


祝★アルトネBEST版発売!…ということで、きっと新参ユーザーさんも 増えていらっしゃることだろうと思い、そんな方への宣伝の意味も込めて さぽているのRTたちを描かせて頂きました。
なにせ、こんなに大人数を1枚の絵に入れたことはなかったので 色々大変でしたが…さぽているの可愛らしさがちょっとでも伝われば幸いです。 ちなみに、私自身はマユルタイプの子が相棒です。

Congrats on the Best Hits release! ...I thought there might be some new people who just got the game, so I decided to draw the Suppotail RTs as kind of an ad for them.
Anyway, I've never drawn a picture with this many people in it before so it was kind of hard... but, I hope the Suppotails' cuteness shows through a little. My own partner is a Mayuru type.
I like her so much, I can't body change anymore... *bitter smile*



That's amazing! It's all the Suppotail characters!
I bet it must have been hard to draw all of them. What a project!
Actually, we're about to start a special Suppotail campaign today!

Lady Shurelia's Hymmnos Lecture[]

Tks hy syureria3

【第2回:愛を囁く】 Lesson 2: Whispering Your Love



Yes, hello, everyone. I'm Shurelia.
Thank you all for all your answers to last week's homework!
I'll grade some of the answers later, so I hope you'll look forward to it!

ご、ごめんなさい…、ちょっとカリキュラムの順番を間違えてしまって、今回は主語についてはやりません。 あ…で…でも許してください。別の話ですが、一生懸命やりますから。

▼I'm sorry, subjects will be for next time...
Last week, I said the next lesson would be "Aren't there any subjects?"... but...
Um, I'm sorry... I'm afraid I got the order of the curriculum a bit wrong, so we wouldn't be talking about that this time. Oh.. .but... I hope you'll forgive me. I'll do my best to teach you about something else today.

基本的には「Wee yea ra hymme.」のように、「想音+動詞」でヒュムノス文は完成します。
この文章で「貴方」と言っている部分がありますが、このように「誰かを」「誰かに」と特定の人に想いを伝える方法を今回はお教えします。 では、例文です。

「Wee yea ra melenas yor.」

ですから「melenas yor」で「貴方が好き」となりますね。
ヒュムノス語は、皆さんの世界の英語と近い文法を持っていますので、英語を学んでいる方にはわかりやすいと思います。 yor以外にも、「彼」や「彼女」などもあります。

▼Let's tell a special person our feelings.
Last time we studied emotion words, the basics of Hymmnos.
Basically, a Hymmnos sentence can be formed from emotion words and a verb, like "Wee yea ra hymme.".
However, that doesn't give you much to work with, does it?
You can make sentences like "I'm happy to sing",
but sentences like "I would be happy to become someone unreplaceable to you" or
"It makes me sad to be apart from you" are a little harder to construct, aren't they?
All of those sentences have "you" in them. Let me show you how to express your feelings for a certain person. Here's an example.

I am happy to love you
Wee yea ra melenas yor.

melenas means " to love, to like very much", and yor means "you".
So, "melenas yor" means "love you".
There are many words in Hymmnos thaht are similar to the English language in your world, so those words should be easy for English speakers to remember. Aside from "yor", there are also words for "he" and "she".
"He" is "hes", and "she" is "has". Please have a look at this table.

あなた you yor
貴方達 you (plural) yora
彼 he hes
彼女 she has
彼ら they (male) hers
彼女ら them (female) hars


Understanding this will make Hymmnos very fun.
After all, now you can convey your feelings of love to your special person in Hymmnos.
That's being awfully open, isn't it?
Christmas is coming, so be sure to craft a song of love for your boyfriends and girlfriends.



○○の中は、今日授業で取り組みました「貴方」や「彼」などでもOKですが、 少し応用して、固有名詞を入れることも出来ます。例えばライナーなら「yor」の代わりに「lyner」と入れれば良いだけです。 簡単ですよね!

Hymno ser


Now, then, it's time for your homework!
I prepared the following phrase as practice for your Christmas endeavours.
It's a very practical phrase, so be sure to use it and delight your lover for Christmas.

It gives me the greatest happiness
to love ***

You can replace the "***" with the words for "you" or "he" that we learned today, but you can also use someone's name. For example, in Lyner's case, you could say "Lyner" instead of "yor". Isn't it easy!

Hymno ser

▼Homework responses
Thank you for all the responses to last week's question!
I'd like to use a few as examples for grading!

Rrha yea ra grandus.これでどうでしょうか?

I'd like to answer the Hymmnos lecture homework question.
Rrha yea ra grandus. How is that?
(Wandering singer)


ただ、感覚的にRrhaという始まりは、相当なことが無いと使わない方が良いと思いますよ。 そんなに深くない仲で、いきなりRrhaから始まる恋文ヒュムノスなんて伝えたら…えと…


Yes! Very good!
That's perfect. 100 points.
I think this is a model answer.
However, it might be better not to use rrha depending on the circumstances. If you aren't very close, if you suddenly gave someone a love Hymmnos that started with rrha... um...
It, you might...
...you might come off as some kind of a pervert, so please be careful.

Rrha yea erra khal syureria!

I'd like to answer the homework question!
Rrha yea erra khal syureria!
Oh my, it seems something slipped in at the end there...


や… ちょ、ちょっと…な、なんですかこれは!

I.. uh, what... what on earth is this!
I... honestly! I'm trying hard to teach you, so you should at least please try to do the homework seriously!!
You get 0 points!

「Was apea ra chs grandee sos yor.」

Gooding! (I wanted to try it right away *g*)
I'm so excited you're starting a Hymmnos lecture! I hope you'll start from the basics and help us with some practical applications...
And since there's homework I thought I'd better really apply myself, so I'm going to post an answer. Hopefully it will turn out okay *g*
"Was apea ra chs grandee sos yor."
How is that? I wanted to emphasize my feelings for this person (? I thought loosely translating it would get me close to the example sentences...
Well, see you!



That's very excellent Hymmnos. Full points!
And I must say, anyone who would have someone go so far to say that to them would be very happy.
I hope you'll say it to someone special to you.



Next time.. Next time! I'll definitely have a "Doesn't Hymmnos have subjects?" lesson.
Until then, everyone, take care!

Editor's Postscript[]

前にも言いましたが、私自身がかなり三日坊主性なので、盛り上がらないとすぐにやめちゃう方なんですよねー。 ここまで続いているのも、一重に皆さんが一緒にいてくれるお陰です。

Next issue is finally the last Toukousphere of the year.
I think we've done really well to keep going since the summer (what an admission!!)
I said this before, but I'm not that good at sticking with things, so I always give up on things if they don't go well. It's also thanks to you all that we've been able to keep going this long.
I hope you'll keep the posts coming from here on, too! (Tsuchiya)