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もう、言っていいこと悪いこと入り乱れ! いろんな意味でキワドイ内容を、アルトネキャラが答えちゃう!大ボリュームの回答をじっくりご覧アレ〜。

Time to celebrate! The Toukousphere has been launched!
So in other words, the Toukousphere starts now that we've launched the first issue, and will continue going on from that.
And well, say every single bit of good and nasty things you want, as the most risky ones (in several ways) will get answered by the AT characters! Make sure to check out the large volume of responses we got~

This Episode's Tsukkomi Aurica[]



Hey, I know this is kind of sudden, but the admin has a confession! He forgot to let you enter names in the Q&A column! Hahaha!
The admin must be starting to get old. His head's getting all soft, I guess?
Still, I think I could forgive him for it,
so I hope you all will, too. I feel sorry for him, so don't forget to add a pen name when you submit questions now!

Question Corner[]

Otayori top


Here's where we'll answer everyone's letters! What sorts of talk matters will come up here!?


Nice to meet you! Umm, so. I was thinking about abbreviations for "Ar Tonelico". Isn't "Aruriko" easier to say than "Arutone"? I've heard people calle it "Aruneko" too, though. *g* If we can agree on an abbreviation here, it'll be all the more effective! Please clear this up for us!



The official abbreviation of "Ar Tonelico" is obviously "Arutone"!
And it's too late for you to be complaining about it! You know, the staff was really worried about this before the launch, nobody could agree on it.
By the way, just between us, it seems the director used to call it "Aruneri" back in 2000. But nobody else on the staff would call it that, and so even he started calling it "Arutone" eventually. Honestly, nNobody around here is good for anything! If you're a man, you should stick to what you decided in the beginning!
So, even though the official abbreviation is "Arutone",
you should spend the rest of your life calling it "Aruriko"!

最近、友達と一緒に買い物へ出かけた時の事なんですけどね、その時音楽をかけたワケなんですよ、「星詠 ヒュノスコンサート サイド 蒼」の5曲目をかけたんですよ、そいで聞き終わって友達が「お前何教徒よ?」と言われましたので「アルトネリコ教徒略してアル教だ」と冗談で答えてみました、返事は「聞いた事もないなぁソレ」で終わりましたが次の日、メールにて「アル教でネット検索したけど、結局わからなかったからアル教について教えてくだされ」という文で送られてきました。

Well, congratulations on opening the site.
Lately, when I've been out shopping with friends, I'll often be listening to "Hoshiyomi Hymnos Concert Side Blue" track 5, and my friend heard it, and he's all, "Are you in some kind of religion?", so I said "Yeah, it's called the Church of Ar Tonelico" as a joke, and he just said, "Huh, I've never heard of it", but the next day he sent me an SMS that said "I looked around on the net, but I didn't get it, so tell me about the Ar Church."
Incidentally, when you try searching for Ar Church in the net, it feels as if you were doing something like a true Ar sword practice.


高給優遇委細面談。まずはその気持ちが大切だ、他のものはいくらでも後から付いてくる!そう、やる気だ!全てはやる気なのだ!はっはっは! …何が言いたいかというとだな…頼む、騎士になってくれ…。いや、騎士志願者が少なくてね。

Thanks for your support! But, you know, the Ar Church might be nice, but I think the Church of El Elemia is even better. After all, the knight to Reyvateil ratio is about 1 to 1.6.
It's sheer heaven for any man! Ha ha ha!
The pay's good and you're treated well; we can talk more later. But, you know, if you feel like it, go for it, and the rest will follow! Yeah, motivation! It's all about motivation! Ha ha ha! ... Well, you know, I guess what I'm trying to say is ... Please, become a knight ... You know, we don't have a lot of applicants.
Well, I don't mind if you go with the Ar Church, but make sure you spread the good news of the Hymmnos Concerts. The Hymmnos Musicals, too.


There's one thing I'm thinking about...
Why does Shurelia have so few costumes!? Why can't I use the others from her Cosmosphere! Please tell me.


それは現実世界には具現化しないの。 そもそもシュレリアが自分で服を紡げるとは思えないけど。

Fufufu, that? I made those outfits to embarrass Shurelia. They weren't crafted from Shurelia's own mind.
Furthermore, that world was not a Cosmosphere, but the Binary Field. Had Shurelia crafted by her own will, it still wouldn't have manifested in the real world. Shurelia isn't likely to craft her own outfits to begin with. Even if she did make something, I expect it'd be terribly distasteful. Well, that's how it is. There were some adult circumstances in the way too, but from a setting viewpoint it's impossible anyway.
Okay? Do you understand? You understand, right??
If you think about it, what costume do you think was the most appropriate? I can confidently say that it was the "Deep Blue Swimsuit". It looked good, and was perfectly suited to her mental age.

ンチワ♪書き込み第一号ですか?(何 やったww(謎 ってことでアルトネリコに関係あること話します。直球でいってしまいますと・・・「アルトネリコの最新作ってでるんですか?」ってことなんですけど^^:あ、わからないと思うので(ナラ,シツモンスルナ わからない場合は答えなくても結構ですー。できれば出て欲しいですけどw 100%中120%の確率で買いますんで(ぇwでゎー♪

Heya~♪ Is this the first time we can write in? (Huh?) Guess I did it, lol (mystery!) Well, let's start talking about Ar Tonelico. I guess I'll just ask right out ... "Are you going to make another Ar Tonelico?" ^^; I guess you probably don't know yet ... (Then don't ask!!) So I guess it's okay if you don't answer. I'd love it if you make one, though, lol. I'd say I'd have about a 120% chance of buying it if you did (huh!?) See ya~♪

Adult Misha 1


This question got asked an awful lot. We'll answer this one, though, since it was the most enthusiastic one. A new chapter ... well ... ahhh ... I guess I get asked to do all the impossible stuff. I think Lyner should answer this question, really. Well, I guess since people think of me as adult-like, I'll give it a shot? Ehehe.
It'd be nice to have another AT, wouldn't it? If you'll 120% certainly buy it, you'll buy 1.2 copies, right? Thanks. But, since buying 0.2 copies from a store would be a crime, make sure you buy 2 copies and loan the extra out to 5 friends. Right now, I don't know. Well, it looks like a lot is going on, but I don't have any idea what. Absolutely no idea. Lyner and everyone else, they don't have any idea, either.


Please don't just leave the site as just a Suppotail site.
I think there's a lot of people who just couldn't use it then.


そしたら私の立場ってものが… …べ、別に私の影が薄くなるとか、そういう事を気にしている訳じゃありませんからね!管理者として、皆さんに公平にサービス分配をですね…

That's right. I don't think the Suppotails are fair, either. This is my opinion as an administrator, but aren't the site admins here spoiling their supporters? As an admin, it's very important to provide services all your users can take advantage of equally.
But, Suppotails are just no fair! If everyone had their own Reyvateil, then obviously everyone would like theirs the best!
And then, my position would be ... .. I-it's not like I'm worried about my own influence getting weaker or anything! I'm just concerned about how to distribute services fairly to everyone ...
... mmmmm! Whatever! I'll say my part to the admins, too! You'd better figure out another plan before next week! That won't be an issue, right?


The life-sized Artone towel.
The Aurica and Misha towel is going to be "super" high resolution, but is it really "super"~?

Child Misha7


Of course it was!! It wasn't anything like any of the other towels!
Honestly, the artist who did the line art is no slouch, and you can see all kinsd of details ... and the ... s-skin ...
You can even get a nice glimpse of skin on it!
Anyway, if you're that interested, why not buy it yourself and see?
... but, you know, it's not fair for you not to tell us anything after I've told you so much.
... w-what are you going to use it for? Don't do anything too weird with it, okay? I-I mean, it's not like I'm imagining anything really weird, but you know, it IS a picture of me, so I'm kind of worried!


It seems like Lyner could use that powered armor he wears as a weapon, right? How powerful would it be?



Ah! Yeah, doesn't it? I was really wondering about that myself, too! But, lately it all became clear: that half-arm shield of his is actually a rocket punch!
Just when I noticed Lyner turning to the enemy and making a fist, it flew off and hit them in a shower of flames! Really! Really!!
... oh, I bet you think I'm lying. But, I know the truth. People were talking about doing that back in the early design phase! One of the developers was saying, "His left arm will be a rocket punch that can re-attach." It's even written right here in the game specs! ... the rest of the staff put the kibosh on it right away after that, though.


This is my first submission, so I'm nervous.
Hello! I'm always so excited to see new updates on the Ar Portal.
It looks like there'll be lots of fun Ar Tonelico products coming out now.
Wait, the Claire CD is already ... ! The C-c-c-c-c-laire CD will be so awesome ... (((◎Д◎))))
I'll be so happy to hear that godly song that gave me goosebumps when I heard it!! I guess I'll become a Gust stalker now *g* I'll be chasing after AT stuff, so I'll see you around!



Ohoho, a first timer, I see. Hello there. The first time for anything is always unnerving. I was ... really nervous my first time, too. I was so nervous that before I knew it, I was holding on so tight that ...
... oh my, just what was I talking about? Ah, let's see, my CD, right? You can hear stories about my past that we couldn't talk about in the game, so I'm sure a lot of my secrets will be revealed. Well, I don't think there's anything too embarrassing, but ... Oh yes, you'll be able to hear the story behind the "Melody of the Breeze".
Aaand ... no matter how much you love something, it's not good to become a stalker. The girls won't like you anymore. Ohoho. Well, see you around.

Don Leon's Confession Corner[]

O don top

ええい!貴様等!学生はちゃんと学業を全うし、官民は上官に栄誉賞を授与されるような仕事をせんか! そういうわけで、今回選抜された勇者はこの者である!

In this corner, I will judge and punish all those uncertain fellows who sent in foolish submissions.
There were so many idiotic submissions tonight, that it's gotten to the point where I don't think I'll be capable of finishing my job!!
Hyaah! You scoundrels! If you're students, you should complete your schoolwork, and if you're employed in public institutions, you should be doing work worthy of your superiors' praise! Well then, the brave one that was selected for this time is this one!


Is Aurica actually wearing panties? That's worried me so much that I haven't been able to sleep at night, so please tell me! (I'm just joking around though. Good luck with the Toukousphere!)

Don Leon1

オオオオオオリカさんんの…ぱ……で、でえいっ!!そ、そのような破廉恥な事を拙者が答えられるとでも思っているのかあぁぁぁっっっ! しかも!そのような真剣かつ重大な論議、更にはオリカさんにとって人生を左右するような話を「冗談のつもり」とは、何事かーーーーっっ!!! オリカさんはなぁ!オリカさんはなぁぁぁっっっ!貴様の様な輩に見せるためにパンツをはいているわけではなーーいっっ!それをだな!! …。

You scooooundreeel!! Sit down there! Kneel down! I will administer your punishment now!
Asking about Miss A-A-A-A-Aurica's... no! Do you think I'm going to answer such a shameless question like that oneeeeee! And moreover! What do you think you are doing by saying "I'm just joking around" when it comes to talking to such a seriously important, life-defiing matter for Miss Auricaaaaaaa!!! Miss Auricaa! Miss Auricaaaaaaaaa! She doesn't wear her panties to flash them to such a seedy fellow like yourseeeeelf! That's all!! ...
Gyaaaaas!! I just answered that, didn't I!?
Asking leading questions is something only a filthy coward would do! Sit there! I will punish you now!!

Hama's Submission Dojo[]

Toukou 04


We got this letter this time.

ルトネリコ関連のイラストを描いてみたのですが、文章ネタのみしか受け付けていないのかな?? 右のバナー(どんすけ)の説明文には、イラストも投稿できるような事が書いてあるのですが・・・

I wanted to draw some Ar tonelico-related pictures, but it doesn't seem like you'll be accepting anything aside of written submissions you can play off, right? But it says right there on the right banner (the one with the Don Leon picture) that we can also send in illustrations...


というわけで、急遽私のコーナーが出来たのよ。でも、なんで私が担当なのかはぜんっぜん謎なのよ…。 何にしても、これからはイラストなども受け付けるのよ。私や他の子たちがコメントもするから、腕に自信がある人は送ってくるのよ。 送り方は、以下のいずれかにするのよ。


2.メールタイトルを『[TOUKOU] SphereMes.』という名前にして、画像を添付してメールするのよ。


And so they rushed in to make a corner for me. But it's still a mystery why they decided to leave me in charge of this place... Anyway, we'll be accepting illustrations from now on. Me and the others will also make comments on them, so if you're confident in your skills, send your works away. You can send your works in any of these ways:

1. Put it up in your own homepage and send the URL for the picture on the URL field of the submission form at the bottom.

2. Attach it to an e-mail that has the [TOUKOU SphereMes.] subject and send it.

But a warning to the people who use the second method: if you forget to add a comment and a nickname, we won't post it.
Well then, make sure to participate~!

Feature! Helpful Supporters[]

このコーナーでは、毎回アルトネリコファンの皆様が楽しめる、ユーザーさんのサイトを紹介するよ! 第一回目はこのページ!!


In this corner, we will introduce every issue a website our users have created, so all the Ar tonelico fans may enjoy them! For our first issue, we have this page!!

■Hymmnos Language Unofficial Small Dictionary


Bnr hymdic

Bnr hymdic
Administrator: ethno-srn(SP01637)
Did you know there was a Hymmnos Language website that was kinder and more thorough than the official Hymmnoserver?
For our first issue, we decided to show off a page that covers anything Hymmnos-related! We decided to also show the exchange of messages with ethno_srn that made us decide to introduce this site to you all!

アルトネリコプレイ中の台詞やCD収録のヒュムノスと対訳を眺めていて、言語 イメージとして「波紋」を連想しました。しばらくして図形及び言語として何となく 法則性が感じられたので「これを解読して辞書が作れたら面白いかも・・・」と 考えたのがきっかけです。 解読を始めたら、言葉のパズルを解く間に漂う奥深さにトリコになってしまいま した。
ヒュムノスというソースは同じでも、本家ヒュムノサーバに「ない」内容を盛り込む ことにこだわっています。痒いところに手が届く補助辞典を目指しています。 管理人のイチオシは「種々雑多」です。おそらくどこにも書いていないアルトネ リコ・ フォント情報がありますから! でもここで土屋さんに話してしまったので、アルポータルでフォント関連の記事が 追加されたりして・・・?
そんなとき重宝しています。いや、変な話ですけど、こういうのも開発とファンとの助け合いと言っていいのだろうか…(笑) 他のページも、歌手音域から流派比率まで、すごい統計ですね。全部ご自身で調べられたのですか?また、何故そこまで?
すべて自らの手によるものです。歌詞をテキスト入力して資料作成・調査したりCDと格闘して音を拾って調べています。 かなり地味で根気が必要な裏方作業です。
もうアルトネリコをクリアされている方も多いと思いますが、クリア後も充分楽しめる宝の山です! このHPをきっかけに、アルトネリコやヒュムノスを様々な側面から楽しんでいただけたら幸いです。
アルトネリコの世界が続く限り、この辞典は未完成のままです。皆で盛り上げていきましょう! アルトネリコ未プレイの方に。このゲームは練りこまれた音楽・惹きつける心理描写(ちょっと気になる台詞もサービス!)・かなり奥深い設定、魅力的なキャラクタと、 気になる要素が満載、各々の要素も魅力的ですが、とりまぜて味わうと楽しさn倍です。

I was shocked when I first saw the size of the site's volume. It really isn't lacking on anything! It actually some things that even I, being creator, could use from it.
What drove you to create this site?
When I looked at the lines in the game as I played Ar tonelico and looked at the lyrics for the Hymmnos songs recorded in the CDs accompanied by their translations, their appearance reminded me of [ripple patterns]. After a short while, I somehow managed to grasp the patterns together with a feel for how the language worked, and I just ended having the idea that [Maybe it'd be fun to decipher these things and make a dictionary for them...] And when I started deciphering them, I ended uo falling prisoner to the depeth of solving these word puzzles.

Now you mention it, I think that being so serious about creating something makes you great as a designer.
Were there any points you obsessed about, or is there anything you'd like to recommend?
While they both depart from the same basis, I was very particular about including everything that [wasn't] on the original Hymmnoserver. After all, I wanted to make a supplementary dictionary that was a complete as possible. As for what admin's recommendations I could give, I'd say the [Miscellaneous Section]. I mean, we've also got an Ar tonelico-related Fonts section that I don't think exists anywhere else! But now I'm talking to you, Tsuchiya-san, would you mind it if I added information about the Ar Portal fonts...?
The font information section was a real surprise. But well, since I choose the fonts at the time I'm making something, there are times when I can't find one I used previously no matter how much I search for it.
I'm sure this will be very useful at these points. No, it might be strange for me to say this, but it'd be great if we both the development staff and fans could help each other out like this... (*laughs*)
And the other pages also contain some amazing statistics, going from the singers's vocal registers to the rate each Note shows up in the songs. Did you research all of that yourself? And again, why did you go so far?
I made all of that myself. As for the lyrics, I input them as text from materials I had assembled and researched, and also from grappling over and over with the CDs to pick up their sounds.
It was very simple task that required a lot of perserverance and behind-the-scenes work to be done.
As for what served as my driving force for this, it was solely because of the deep interest I have for Ar tonelico and Hymmnos, and wanting to know more and more about them.
I see... And the possibility of mishearing also makes things harder. But you actually so spot on in so many points that you surprised and even scared me. (^^
As for the Hymmnos Language itself, I've got several setting pieces I haven't revealed yet to the public, so there are many more deep conversations about the wave levels waiting.
Ah right, one of them is on the soon-to-be-released Claire CD, as a new method of singing Hymmnos will make its debut there.
I can't talk about it for now, but please make sure to check it out and try to decipher it once it comes out. (*laughs*)
If you're telling me that, Tsuchiya-san, then it means it's going to be very hard. Please don't be too hard on me (*laughs*)
By the way, having the new words registered on the Hymmnoserver prior to the CD's release really makes things feel different.
Especially for the Emotion Sound II apea (powaa in happiness), as I could only think [powaa?] when I first saw it.
I even got confused thinking that it could have been a typo. Anyway, I'll be excitedly waiting for the CD's release to see what else you have developed.
There aren't any words in Japanese equivalent to what [powaa] expresses, so while it worried me a little to have done it like this, I ended up describing it that way.
Given that the [Emotion Sounds] are words that describe emotions, this happens sometimes because there are parts in which they express emotion that no word can accurately describe.
No, maybe it's just that I personally think that it's natural to think of them this way.
And well, to finish, is there anything you'd like to tell any users that will visit your website (when they learn of it from this column)?
I think most of us have already played Ar tonelico to completion, but we still have a treasure trove of things to enjoy after finishing it! I'll be very glad if my website allows you all to appreciate Ar tonelico and the Hymmnos from all sorts of new angles.
As long as the Ar tonelico world continues existing, this dictionary will remain incomplete. So let's all make it an exciting work together! And to everyone who still hasn't played Ar tonelico: this game is a fusion of woven music, charming psychological descriptions (the problematic lines are just a bonus here!), a very deep world setting, charming characters, and it's fully loaded with interesting elements, each of which are very charming on their own, but which become doubly fun when experienced together.
Please try stepping into this world at least once.

逆に土屋さんに質問させていただきます(笑)。 ヒュムノスコンサートやOVAで、バックコーラスのヒュムノスの聴き取りが難し いです!(特にEXEC_PAJA_M/.#Misya extracting)
HPに遊びにきて下さる方もいろいろ空耳を考えて下さいますが、そろそろお手上 げ状態です。カラオケで謳いたくてもその部分の歌詞が分からず、困っている方もかなり・・・。 私もその一人です。

現在、残念なことにヒュムノスのカラオケ配信はありませんよね。 拙HPがご縁で、ヒュムノスカラオケ企画に同席させていただく機会がありましたが、 すごい工夫をされている方がいらっしゃいました。 なんとカラオケボックスにノートPCを持込み、部屋のモニタに歌詞を映し出して ヒュムノスを謳ってしまうのです。非常に驚きました!

またソーシャルネットワーキングサイトのmixiでは、以下のコミュニティも 立ち上がっています。ヒュムノスを謳いたい方の集まりのようですよ。》 ヒュムノス謳い(mixi)

このようにヒュムノスはただ聴くだけではなく、謳って楽しむほどにファンの皆 さんの関心は高まっています。 今後歌詞中の「隠されたヒュムノス」が明らかになる企画等のご予定はございま すか?
おおっ、濃い質問だー。確かに、いろんな所で「掲載されていないヒュムノス語」部分についての掲載希望は聞いていますね。 まだ確定はできませんが、その部分について掲載できるように頑張ってみますね。

■Off-Record: ethno_srn's Piercing Question!
On the other hand, there's something I'd like to ask you, Tsuchiya-san (*laughs*). Getting the backup choruses from the Hymmnos songs on the Hymmnos Concerts and the OVA is extremely hard! (Especially the ones from EXEC_PAJA/.#Misya extracting)
Everyone who's come to the website has been given ideas about what they think these choruses soung like, so I think we're making good progress on that front. But since we don't have the official lyrics for these parts, some people are worried that they won't be able even though they really want to sing it for karaoke... And I'm one of them too.

It's also very unfortunate there hasn't been any sort of release for karaoke versions of the songs. Thanks to my website, I've seen some people who demonstrated they have good singing abilities when they had the chance to participate on a Hymmnos Karaoke project they were making. They brought their own laptops to a karaoke box place, and made the lyrics display on the monitor while they sang the Hymmnos songs. It was a real surprise!

We've also made our own community on the mixi social network. It's a place where anyone who wants to sing Hymmnos can come to. >>Sing Hymmnos (mixi)

I'm sure that it'd really increase the interest everyone has for the series if they could not just listen to the Hymmnos songs, but also enjoy singing them themselves. Can we expect a project like unveiling the [hidden Hymmnos] down the line?
Oh, a very deep question. It's true we've had many requests for us to publish the [unpublished Hymmnos language] lines.
There's nothing definite yet, but we'll do our best so we can get these unknown lines published someday.
As for bringing your own PC to the karaoke... That's real passion!! That's great!
There are a few karaoke tracks on the Hymmnos Concert [Mori] album that came enclosed with the OVA, and I'd be very moved if you sang using them.
And if it'll help everyone, I'll try to move a little more on that direction in the future.
Thank you for this interview, ethno_srn!
Please continue making such a wonderful page in the future!


トウコウスフィア。 正直私は三日坊主です。そんな私が長く続けていられるのは、皆さんの熱い想いであり、反応だったりします。 「ほたる横丁」もそれで半年続けられたようなものです。
ですから、このコーナーがハンパなものにならないためにも、皆さん熱い投稿をドシドシご応募くださいね! 皆さんが調子に乗れば乗るほど、私も調子に乗りまくります。ええ、そりゃもうロージングヘッドですから。 それでは、また再来週〜。(土屋)

Somehow, we got a pretty amazing number of submisisons right from the beginning.
The Toukousphere. I'm honestly a very inconstant person, so continuing to work on something over a long time is pretty much the opposite of the passionate feelings everyone else has. After all, I didn't continue making the [Firefly Alley] for beyond half a year.
Therefore, to make sure these corners don't end up being half-assed, please continue sending your passionate submissions! That way, I'll get as excited as much as you all are. I'm getting old after all. Well then, see you again next week~ (Tsuchiya)