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Toukou tb 001

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Five most recently translated Toukouspheres:

This is the section of the Ar Portal where you can talk to the characters and also see their interrelationships with each other.

The site is here: http://ar-tonelico.jp/ap_contents02.htm (though it only shows the most recent issue, you can get to back issues using the menu on the right).

The issues are organized by the sections that make up the Toukousphere. There are some special ones once in a while, but the standard ones are these:

Toukou 02

From Enthusiasts Corner - for general and random questions, and also statements.

Toukou 03

Adult Misha's Consultation Room for Worries - Misha, Targana and Chroah/Croix help resolve personal worries

Toukou 04

Hama's Dojo - fanarts and fanworks. This section is moderated by Hama and Cocona, but other characters join in occasionally, especially when they are related to the submitted work in some way or other.

Toukou 08

Technical Service Center - this section deals with any technical questions about the world of Ar Ciel. Shurelia, Jakuri, and Frelia are primarily in charge of this section (though some other characters also join in once in a while)