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何か今日は急に暑くなりましたね。コートを持って出張中ですが、完全にお荷物 になってしまいました。さて、今回の引鉄では、前回少しだけお話しさせていた だいた、ファン感謝祭イベントについての詳細をお話ししたいと思います。

Hello everyone, it's Tsuchiya.
It got very warm out of nowhere today. I had brought my coat with me because I was in the middle of an official visit, but it ended just becoming excess luggage. Well then, for this issue of "Pulling the Trigger", I want to talk to you all about the Fan Thanksgiving Festival event I had commented about briefly on the previous issue.

本日、アルポータルなどで告知致しましたが、3月21日(日) に、アルトネリコファン感謝祭イベントを行うことになりました!イベントとい えば、エンタまつりのファン感謝祭(という名のアルトネリコ3お披露目会)が 記憶に新しいですよね。ですので、同じような話をしてもつまらないですから、 今回は特に、普段紙面上やWEBなどではお話ししない(出来ない!?)ここだけ話 も交えた、とっても濃いアルトネリコ3、そしてシリーズ全体の感謝祭をやって みようかと考えております。もちろん前提としてはアルトネリコシリーズをプレ イされている方で、今まで秘密にしていた話や、普段はあまりすることがない R.A.H.制作にまつわる話、キャラクター制作にまつわる話など、一般向けイベン トよりは少しだけ濃い会を目指しています。
ゲスト様も、普段はあまり前に出ることのない開発スタッフを中心にお招きし、これまたあま り出ることのない開発秘話てんこ盛りの会に出来ればと考えております。コンセ プトは、「アルトネリコをプレイしてくれてありがとう!感謝還元パーティー」 です。
またこのイベントは後にニコニコ動画での配信も予定していますが、一部抜粋と いう形での配信となります。現場の息吹を感じ取れるという意味でも、是非是非、 実際に参加して欲しいと思っております。
当イベントは事前応募制になっておりますので、 もし興味がお有りでしたら、イベント特設サイトより是非お申し込み下さい!

As we announced today in the Ar Portal and in other places, the Ar tonelico Fan Thanksgiving Festival will be held this March 21th (Sunday). As for events, the memories of the Entamatsuri Fan Gratitude Festival (the name of the event where Ar tonelico 3 was initially announced) are still fresh in your minds, right? I considered that just repeating the same thing would make for a boring event, so we'll make something special: we'll talk about things that we haven't mentioned (because we couldn't!?) either in normal printed books and magazines or in the web, which will allow us to make a deeper gratitude festival for Ar tonelico 3, and for the entirety of the Ar tonelico series. Of course, all of this is an excuse to take a step into making a slightly deeper festival than those that are aimd at the normal public, one aimed at those who have played the Ar tonelico series where we'll discuss things that have been kept a secret until now in a way that would be impossible otherwise, like stories related to the RAH's creation, to the characters' creation, and like those, many others.
That also extends to the guests, as we'll be mainly calling over the development staff that wouldn't normally appear in events, which I think will allow us to bring into the light several development secrets that have never been discussed outside the company. After all, the concept for this event is [Thanks for playing Ar tonelico! Gratitude Party].
We also have plans to broadcast the most important excerpts of what happens during this event in NicoNico Douga afterwards. However, since we also made this event with the meaning of taking a breather in the location where it'll take place, please, please, make sure to come if possible.
We'll be putting out a registration form for the event, so if you're interested, please make sure to grab the application from the site we especially set up for it!


Well then, we'll stop here for the time being.
See you all next issue!