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最近は暑くなったり寒くなったりと激しく気候が代わり、ちょっとヘトヘト 気味です。そもそも体力が落ちているのが一番の問題だとは思うのですが。 そんな中でも様々な関連商品やDLCなど、日々制作しております。1つずつ皆 さんのお手元へお届けしていきますので、どうか今しばらくお待ち下さいませ。

Hello everyone, it's Tsuchiya.
The weather has been changing too harshly lately: it gets too hot or too cold out of a sudden, and that's causing me to feel exhausted. I think that getting my vitality dropping down from that would be the greatest problem though. But even despite these circumstances, I've still been working every single day on the many related products to the game as well as the DLC. They will be reaching every single one of you out there at some point, so please wait patiently.

毎回アルトネリコの定番アイテムになっている設定資料集ですが、今回もも ちろん発売されます。前作と同様、とても濃い資料本になりつつあります… といいますか、3部作の3本目ということもあり、3の舞台設定や3のみの 歴史だけでなく、2や1なども大きく巻き込んだ世界設定も幾つかあり、資 料が膨大すぎてまとめても纏まりきらない状態…。それでも今、色んな資料 を発掘し、まとめて1冊の本にする作業を行っている真っ最中です。
今回も設定資料集は、イラスト編、キャラ編、歴史編、設定編、濃い設定編 という感じで構成される予定です。特に歴史編については、第一紀からの歴 史をソル・クラスタ視点で解説していくのですが、そもそも第三塔を語るに はソル・シエールからのスタートになりますので、1の設定資料集の裏側か ら見たようなお話もあったりします。また、第三塔は同じ時期に建てられた 第二塔や、同じ時期に作られたオリジン達との関係もあり、それらも色々と 明かされますので、1や2をプレイされた方なら、かなり楽しめるモノになっ ているのではないかと思っております。
また、今回はなんと、特典として映像資料が付いてきます!サキ、フィンネ ルによる解説がついた、キャラモデルの仕組みの解説や、グラビアムービー、 そして未公開映像(!?)なども入りますので、かなり楽しめるのではない かと思っております。
まだ発売まで少し間がありますが、前作に負けじと劣らずの本になるよう日 々頑張っておりますので、よろしくお願い申し上げます!

Well then, today we'll talk about the Setting Encyclopedia.
The setting encyclopedias have become a standard part of the item line-up for Ar tonelico, and this game is not going to be an exception to that. It's going to be a very deep setting book like the previous games... But despite saying that, the third book which corresponds to the third part of the series is not going to cover only the world setting and history for 3, as because the world settings from both 1 and 2 are so deeply involved with it, the number of materials are so extensive that we wouldn't be able to put them together properly into a single volume... But despite that, we're right now in the middle of digging out the larger part of these materials and compiling them all in a book.
The plan for this setting encyclopedia is for it to contain an illustrations section, a characters section, a history section, a setting section and a deep setting section, like it's customary for these books. The history section has special dedication put into it from us, as it will contain explanations of the history that took place from the First Era onward from Sol Cluster's viewpoint, and since the history of the Third Tower actually started in Sol Ciel, these stories will become something like the hidden side to the telling of events everyone read in the setting encyclopedia for 1. Additionally, since this will unveil several other things like the relationship between the Third and Second Towers, which were built at around the same period of time, and the relationship between the Origins, which also were created around the same time, I think it'll become a very fun reading to those who also played through 1 and 2.
Additionally, this encyclopedia will also come with audiovisual material attached to it! It'll include things like explanations from Saki and Finnel about the way the character models were put together, gravure movies, and even unreleased movies (!?), so I think you'll really enjoy it.
The release date for it is still a ways off, but we're working every day to make sure the quality of the book has nothing to envy that of the previous encyclopedias, so I really hope you all will enjoy it!
Well then, we'll stop here for the time being.
See you all next issue!