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さて、今週は志方さんのアルバム『Raka』と『ドラマCDside.extra』が発 売されて、ちょっとお祭り状態ですね!(自分だけか?)
ドラマCDに関しては、1つ前の天覇新聞に私のレビューがありますし、サポー ターの皆さんのレビューもありますので、そちらをご覧下さいませ。

It's me, Tsuchiya. Today has gotten cold to the point I even wanted to cry this morning...
This week, Shikata-san's album [RAKA] and the [Ar tonelico Drama CD side Extra] were released, so don't you think it's like we're in a festival!? (Or am I the only person who thinks so?)<br ? About the matters regarding drama CD, I've already written a review about them on an issue of the Tenba News and there are also Supporter's Reviews for it, so please go take a look at them.

今回は、志方さんのアルバム『Raka』に収録されている「謳う丘」について。 ヒュムノスには必ず「その詩の想い」が込められています。EXECを関する今回の謳う丘にも、それはしっかり込められています。
「その詩の想い」を知って曲を聴けば、更に感動倍増!という事で、今回はCD ジャケットには掲載できなかった、謳う丘に秘められた想いを掲載します。

■The Story Hidden in Singing Hill
This time we'll talk about the [Singing Hill] that was recorded in Shikata-san's [Raka] album. All Hymmnos contain their corresponding [feelings contained in this song]. As this Singing Hill is also related to the EXEC ones, that also applies to it. If you listen to the song while knowing what the [feelings it contains], you'll be doubly moved! Or so I think it'd be, so we'll now publish here the feelings hidden in Singing Hill that we couldn't include in the CD's booklet insert</nowiki>
To put it simply, these feelings are actually a [story carried by this song].

ちなみに蛇足ですが、謳う丘〜EXEC_HARVESTASYA/.の場合、下記「詩の想い」 は日本語歌詞の分のみで、ヒュムノス語文の想い(ヒュムノス文の意味に対する 物語)は入っていません。これが今回の謳う丘の狙いといいましょうか、新 しい試みの1つです。
今回の謳う丘の場合、独自言語である「ヒュムノス言語」で書かれた部分は「ハー ヴェスターシャの心の内」を表しています。それは、日本語歌詞を歌っていると ころの裏で歌っているヒュムノス歌詞が、対応する形になっています。例えば 『♪少女は少年と出会った〜』という歌詞の裏でコーラスが『Was yea ra hartes yor.(貴方を愛することにとても喜びを感じている)』と歌っ ていた場合、このシチューエーションで少女は、心の中で「キャー!少年大好き!」 と思っているということです。
これが上記のように想像に違わないものであれば、あまり心の内を書く必要もな いのですが…今回はそこがとても重要で、このヒュムノス語をしっかりと捉えな がら聞いていると、何故少年ミュウが病に伏したのかがわかるかと思います。

■Don't the Hymmnos Lyrics Contain a Story Too!?
It might be redundant to say this, but the [feelings contained in this song] written below correspond only to the Japanese lyric parts, so the feelings of the Hymmnos sentences (the story that deals with the meanings of the Hymmnos sentences) isn't included here. I wondered why I could do to make this Singing Hill as good as I could, and so I tried a new experiment.
In this Singing Hill's case, the parts that were written using the original [Hymmnos language] express [the feelings inside Harvestasya's heart]. In other words, the Hymmnos lyrics that are being sung on the background while the Japanese lyrics are being sung interact with it each other. So for example, if we have a line singing [♪ The girl met a boy~] and there is a [Was yea ra hartes yor (I feel very glad about loving you)] as the background chorus section, in this situation the girl would be thinking to herself [Kya! I love the boy!].
As there are many situations that can be easily imagined without misunderstanding the meanings like the one written above, I thought there was no need to write the feelings inside the heart... But they are very important this time around, as if you actually listen to these phrases while having a firm grasp of the Hymmnos Language, I think you should understand with the boy Myu ended falling sick during the story.

まだ発売されたばかりですから、ここで「心の内の答え」を出してしまうのもア レですので、是非皆さんで解読してみてください。ヒュムノス言語が初めての方 は、こちらに「ヒュムノス語辞書サイト」がありますので、ご活用下さいませ。

As the album just got released, we'll omit breaking down the [replies from inside the heart] for now, so please try to decipher them on your own, everyone. And if anyone reading this is still a beginner at the Hymmnos language, please make good use of the [Hymmnos Dictionary Site] that can be accessed from the link below.

【ヒュムノス語翻訳サーバー『HYMMNOSERVER』】/ [Hymmnos Translation Server [Hymmnoserver]]













■Feelings Contained in the Song: [Singing Hill -EXEC_HARVESTASYA/.]

This is a story that happened in a little village hidden in a mountain.

There once was a singing Priestess who could call forth rain and bring abundant crops.
She was a girl called Harvestasya.
One day, the girl fell in love with a boy.
He was the son of the village elder, his name was Myu.
The two of them spent their afternoons on the hills, singing and playing songs together under the sunlight.

As the village elder's son, Myu had a fiancee.
The girl knew so, and this made her very sad.
However, they both acted as if this didn't concern them at all and continued their relationship.
Day after day, they sang and played songs together under the sunlight.

But a certain day, an event as upsetting as a whirlwind happened.
The boy had fallen sick.
It was a completely inexplicable illness with no symptoms nor cure.
The girl was greatly saddened, and she spent many days unable to see his eyes.

The girl's mother then said.
There is said to be a place called the [Singing Hill] far to the west.
It is said that the Goddess of Songs descends there.
Surely, the Goddess would know of a [Song] that could save Myu.
So the girl decided
That she would reach the "Singing Hill"
She sang a Song, and clad in two wings,
She took flight to the lofty skies while keeping the boy in her thoughts.

Her journey was extremely harsh.
Meadows without water, people living in unknown lands.
At times she lost her way and didn't know how to reach her destination.
At times she was chased by beasts and had to escape them by climbing a cliff.
Song of Flame, Song of Ice, Song of Storm, Song of Tornado.
Using the Songs she knew from being a priestess as her guideposts, she continued her journey.

And a certain day, she finally arrived at the [Singing Hill]
It was a stone pillar that pierced the heavens through countless layers of clouds.
And in the middle stood a stairway that led to the Heaven.
She climbed that stairway, and focused only on continuing her climb
She reached an altar.

Oh Goddess, please teach me the Song to save the boy.
The Goddess smiled and taught her
The magical Song that would save Myu.

"I love you, I'll always love you... I want to be with you eternally..."

The boy woke up.
His eyes were as they had been all his life.
His body was the very picture of health once again.
The girl jumped into his chest and wept all night long, until her tears dried.

The Priestess' power has caused a series of miraculous events.
If you had a person that was truly important to you,
What things would you be willing to do
To cause miraculous events like these for their sake...?

目にしたことがある方もいらっしゃるかもしれませんが、「さぽている」という ブログパーツがあります。このアルポータルで無料ゲット出来て、ヒュムノス詩 も謳えてしまう可愛いヤツです。
現在、キャンペーン期間中で「謳う丘〜EXEC_HARVESTASYA/.」のダイジェスト版 も謳います。ホームページで他の人に謳う丘を聞いて欲しい!自分のサイトで流 したい!という方は、是非是非貼り付けて遊んでやってください。
「謳う丘〜EXEC_HARVESTASYA/.」は後半月ほどで終了しますが、このブログパー ツ内蔵の育成ゲームをプレイすれば、ゲーム版の「謳う丘」を永久にフルで謳え たり、ゲーム内のヒュムノスを2分ほど謳ってくれたりします。

というわけで、今回は謳う丘についてのお話でした。 サイトを回って皆さんの声を聴いていると、結構喜んでいただいているみたいで、 3週間かけた甲斐があったなぁ…とつくづく思います。そしてその声を糧に、次 のヒュムノス作曲に挑むわけですが…今回が「壮大なる多重コーラス」だったの で、次は「繊細なる織り交ぜ美学」というテーマで挑もうかなと…また無謀なこ とを考えております(笑)。 では!

■Incidentally, About the [Supporteils]
You might have seen the blog part we call a [Supporteil] welcoming you to some websites.
You can obtain one for free here in the Ar Portal, and they are lovely girls you can ask to sing.
So well, currently and for the the duration of this campaign, you can make your Supporteil sing a digest version of [Singing Hill -EXEC_HARVESTASYA/.-]. "I want to make other people listen to this version of Singing Hill in my homepage! I want to hear it flowing in my own sites!", these are the things you might want to say, so please, put her into you website or blog and enjoy yourself.
Even if this campaign will only last until the second half of the month, you can also play a little game of raising your Supporteil with the blog part, and if you play it you can get her to sing the full version of the game's [Singing Hill] for all the time you wish, and you can also get 2-minute long version of the Hymmnos from the game.

And we have planned to expand their functions even more, so please, go and register you own Supporteil for you site!

And so ends the chat we had today about Singing Hill. Going around the site and listening to the voices of everyone seems to make me really happy, and it has been very effective these last three weeks, aaah... that's what I've been intensely thinking all this time. So I'll use these words as my source of encouragement and challenge myself to make the next Hymmnos song... This time I made a [magnificent multi-choral] piece,so maybe next time I should challenge a song with the theme of [aesthetics that delicately join and interweave with each other"... But I also think it could be be too reckless *laughs*. See you all later!