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天覇新聞3回目…前回ネタを使いすぎた為に、さすがに今回は短くなるかな…な どと弱気なスタートを切っておきますデス。といいますか、前回がボリュームあ りすぎ!だったのですよ…。

Hello everyone, it's Tsuchiya.
This is the third issue of Tenba News... But since I used up too much of the material I had last time, this one is going to be a lot shorter... Well, let's get this weak-willed introduction out of the way. But last issue's volume was really far too long! Even if say so myself...
This issue, I want to talk about the Drama CD, side Shurelia that will get released next month.

■ドラマCD sideシュレリア
先日ドラマCD第3巻「sideシュレリア」の収録に立ち会ってきました!第3巻は シュレリア様のお話ですが、今回もまたかなり飛ばして大冒険です。ザックリと した内容としては、仮想世界でのお話です。そしてなんと、今回はシュレリアとやりあった「あのキャラ」もキャストとして登場!一体どうなるのか…!?と、最後まで息をつくことが出来ない 作りに仕上がっています。実際収録時、音響チェックそっちのけで物語に聴き入っ てしまったくらいで…。アルトネリコをクリアした方、特に「シンガーエンジェ ル」をご存知の方には、とっても楽しい作品に仕上がっています。是非ともお楽 しみにー! 今回のドラマCD、前作以上の自信作!なのですが、それは内容だけではありませ ん。先日凪良さんからジャケのデータが上がってきたのですが、これがまた超絶 美麗!皆さんにもちょっとだけお見せしましょう。

■Drama CD side Shurelia
The other day, I was present at the recordings for the third Drama CD volume [side Shurelia]! The third volume is a story featuring Lady Shurelia, but we leapt off into a great adventure this time again. A loose way of describing what happens on it would be that it's a virtual world story. And that's not all: [that character] that competed with Lady Shurelia is also making an appearance as part of the cast! What's going to happen...!? And that's the sort of story we made without even taking a time to rest until we finished it. During the recording, I also ended up getting so much into listening to the story that I forgot about carrying out the sound check... In any case, we've made a product that those who cleared Ar tonelico, especially those that are famliar with [The Singer Angel] are sure to enjoy a lot. Please make sure to look forward to it! I'm even more confident on this Drama CD than on the previous ones! But even so, the contents aren't the only point of pride I have for it. I also got the data for the CD Jacket from Nagi Ryou-san, and it's as beauty-transcending as always! Here I'll put it up so you all can see it.


今回も、メインキャストの他に、ドラマCD定番となりつつある「新キャラ」が 登場します。はてさてこの新キャラ、今度は一体どんな関係なのでしょう?
また、 シュレリア編とは銘打っておりますが、しっかりオリカとミシャもメインキャストとして登場します。オリカ&ミシャファンにとっても、期待を裏切らない出来になっ ているのです。相変わらずオリカははじけ飛びまくり、ミシャは迫真の演技で皆さん を飽きさせません。特に「オリカが劇中に見る映画」は、更にパワーアップ!?

And again this time, like it has become a tradition for the Drama CDs, we'll introduce a [new character] that will be taking part on it alongside the main cast. So what relationship could that new character have with them? Make sure to check it out.
And while the CD is labeled as "Shurelia's Story", both Aurica and Misha will also be appearing as part of the main cast, and we've made them both show up in a way that won't betray the expectations of the Aurica and Misha fans out there. Aurica will be popping out like always, while Misha's acting will be so sincere that you won't lose interest on them. Especially when it comes to the name of the [movie Aurica went to watch], which actually was a power-up for her naming sense!?

ドラマCDまであと1ヶ月少々あります。まだ少し先ですが、買って損はない!超 お買い得なのは他のCDと変わりません。ドラマCDも、音のサンプル(試聴)が出 来るといいのですが、その辺りは楽曲と違って難しいですよね。ネタバレに直結 しますから。それでも出来る限り皆さんが納得する情報を出せればと思いますの で、「こんな情報が欲しい!」などの御意見は常時受け付けています。御意見は、 下の「さぽている」も受け取ってくれますので、是非是非お気軽に話しかけてやっ てください。

The Drama CD will be out next month. It'll be a little more time before it's available, but don't miss out on buying it! The budget we put into it is also the same we put for the other CDs. I think it'd be good if we could put out sound samples (trial listens) for the Drama CDs too, but doing that would be harder than doing it for songs, as it could lead to spoiling the events on them. But even so, I want to send you all the information on them I can, so for now, I'll be waiting for your opinions, especially the ones that are like "I want this info!" You can also send your opinions using the [Supporteil] below, so please tell me anything you want without holding back.

前回は置いただけですが、今回は天覇新聞オリジナルバージョンに会話を変更し ました。ヒュムノスミュージカルの宣伝が終わってメニューが出たら、一番上の 「TALK」アイコンをクリックしてみてください。色々なアンケートを用意させて いただきました。お気軽にお話ください。 交友値によって、かなりセリフが変わるようになっています。是非何度か話しか け、アンケートに回答してみてくださいね。裏アンケもありますよ。

Supporteil Corner
While I had left her alone last time, for this time I've changed her conversation lines to an original version for the Tenba News. Once the announcement for the Hymmnos Musical is done and the menu pops out, please try clicking on the [Talk] icon that pops up as the first option. I've prepared all sorts of questionnaires in there. And depending on the friendship level you get with her, you'll see how the lines she says change. Please make sure to talk to her many times and to answer the questionnaires as much as you like. There are also some hidden ones.

一番どうでも良さそうな記事、「近況」です。アルトネとは関係ない記事ですの で、興味ない方は飛ばしてください。
先日社内の模様替えをしました。部屋が少し(物理的に)広くなったのです。そ してついに、フロア内にスタジオがやってきました!今までガストのサウンドスタッ フは、普段ヘッドホンで作曲していました。スピーカーチェックをするにはみん なが帰った真夜中の3時にスピーカーを出して…などとやっていましたから、こ れはとても嬉しい事です!
もちろんスタジオは5.1chドルビーデジタル対応。更に、大きな楽器もラク に録れてしまうサイズなのです。そんなわけで、最近土屋は寝る時間を(更に)削って、 スタジオに入り浸っています。あはは…。
今後のガストのサウンドは、更に更に生音充実、音場もグレードアップしていき ますよ!是非ともご期待ください!!

■Current Status
The [Current Status] news will be about the best things that have happened lately. They won't be related to Ar tonelico, so if you aren't interested, please carry on.
We've been doing remodelations in the company. We enlarged our (physically) small rooms and we could finally set up a studio inside our floor! Until now, we the Gust Sound Staff had to compose our songs using normal headphones. And we had to go back home at 3 AM and get out the speakers we had at home to do the speaker check... And such other things, so I'm really glad about this!
Of course, the studio is also compatible with the 5.1 Dolby Digital technologies. Furthermore, it's also of a size large enough for us to comfortably record playing enormous instruments. Thanks to that, lately I've reduced my sleep time (even more than usual) and spent the days hanging around the studio. Ahaha...
From now on, Gust's sound will be even more alive and thorough than ever before, and our sound field will also undergo a large upgrade! Please look forward to the results of this!


Well then, we'll stop here!
See you all next issue~