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さて、ほたる横丁町民会報「ゲームでは語られることのない、設定思惑裏の裏!」 第6回目です。今回は「PHASE.2アンケの結果レポートVol.2」をお送りします。 内容は、グラスメルクとお薦め度の2点。今回もまた、興味深い結果が出てきました。

Hello everyone, Tsuchiya here. Summer is steadily coming closer to us. As the temperature in Nagoya lately made it feel like in some days it's going to be summer and in others that it's going to be winter, I feel as if I was about to catch a cold....
Well then, this is the sixth issue of the Firefly Alley Citizen BBS special "we won't be talking about the game, but about the secrets of the secret setting intentions!". This time around, I'll be showing you all the "Phase 2 Enquete Results Report Vol. 2", its contents being about Grathmelding and about if the players would recommend the game to others. Once again we've gotten some interesting results here.

PHASE1アンケート(壁紙がもらえる方)で、グラスメルクの評価がとても高く、 アンケート項目「もし次回作が有れば入れて欲しいシステム」でも大変高い値で採用希望がありました。そこで、「一口にグラスメルクと言っても、何が面白かったのか?」を伺ってみようと思い、そしてこのアンケート項目が出来ました。

▼Opinions on Grathmelding
During the Phase 1 Enquete (those who received the wallpaper), we noticed that Grathmelding was one of best valued systems by the players, so much that even in the question "If there was another game in the franchise, which system would you want to implement on it?", pretty much everyone wanted to reuse it. And since I thought it'd be interesting to ask "Everyone says they like Grathmeld, but what was so interesting about it?", we made this question for the current Enquete.

結果は、といえば…ある意味分かりやすい形でまとまっていた様に思います。 以下の事について、90%程の方が「良かった」と記入していました。 ・調合後のヒロインとの会話 ・ネーミングセンス

The results were, well... I've collected them in a shape that would allow to understand their meaning in an easier way.
About 90% of the users says they "were glad" with the items written below:
・Post-synthesis conversations with the heroines.
・Naming Sense


And now let's try giving these results a more in-depth look:
・Post-synthesis conversations with the heroines.
   >They show well the personalities of the characters.
   >They gave a fresh feeling to the synthesis systems that have become so    generic nowadays.
・Naming Sense
   >I liked the characteristic names that each heroine made.
   >Aurica's naming sense made me laugh.
Such were the opinions we received, although we got a particularly large number of comments for these two topics.


On the other hand, we received the following opinions from those who were dissatisfied with it.
・Synthesis has a very narrow range and very shallow contents
   >It would be great if the effects and the items themselves changed        depending on their quality.
   >I'd have liked to be able to synthesize without recipes.
・The names of the items couldn't be changed afterwards
However, looking at the overall picture, such opinions were rather low in number.

グラスメルクというシステムは、アトリエシリーズ伝統の「錬金術調合」をベースに、如何に「アルトネリコ」らしさを出すか、という部分に焦点を当てたシステムです。私は過去作では、リリーのアトリエとイリスのアトリエ1の調合システムを担当させていただいておりました。その時の皆さんからの反応をベースに、何を引き立て、何を簡略化したらいいのか…を検討した結果として、今回のグラ スメルクが生まれています。

The Grathmelding System is actually based of the traditional "Alchemic Synthesis" system from the Atelier series, but it's also a system that is focused on bringing out the "Ar tonelico"-ness out of the game. From our previous works, I was tasked with the creation of the synthesis systems for both Atelier Lilie and Atelier Iris 1. And based on the feedback we got from you all back then, searching on how we should improve and how we simplify these systems... as a result, the current Grathmelding System was born.
In conclusion, its trends are:
・Allowing even those who are synthesizing for the first time to do it with ease
・Having fresh surprises every time the player synthesizes
The synthesis system in Lilie also made use of a type of synthesis called "Rough Synthesis", which allowed to create different items by substituting the ingredients in the recipes. While this made synthesis much more deep, it also tended to increase excessively the difficulty of synthesizing, so it was quite inaccessible to beginners. That's why we decided against using the "Rough Synthesis" in Ar tonelico. On the other hand, since the "Result Events" were so positively received in Iris 1, we decided to try making them more deep and use them in this game as we made it. While Ar tonelico isn't a game where "synthesis is the central part of the gameplay", that doesn't mean we slacked while working on this system, which is why we sincerely made it as "a game system that is seriously interesting".
The next game in the Atelier series, Grand Phantasm, will indeed use an evolved version of the Rough Synthesis system, so those who enjoy synthesis itself can look forward to it. I personally think that all of the games made by our company are based on the choices of "How we could make synthesis more enjoyable?", and this is why we're always trying to come up with ways to make it more fun.


▼Would you recommend Ar tonelico?

[ 貴方にとってアルトネリコというソフトは、友人、知人にお薦めできるソフトですか? ]
It's Ar tonelico a game you would recommend to your friends and acquaintances?
[ 薦められる ]
I'd recommend it.
499 (83.0%)
[ 薦められない ]
I wouldn't recommend it.
102 (17.0%)


These results make me very happy as a developer. Really, thanks for the large support you're giving the game. When I looked at the actual comments, it seemed that it would be the characteristic norm to recommend it but with conditions attached. For example, the most numerous of the comments was "Since it has anime-styled art, I'll recommend it to those that like galge-like games". But on the other hand, there were also many that said they would feel confident recommending it when it came to the "music", so in other words, that was a reason for many wanting to recommend the game. About recommending or not recommending, it's usually made up of the feeling of "Wanting to recommend" and the anxiety of "Will that person (the one getting the recommendation) get satisfied with it?". As the graph shows, there were many people who valued the game positively enough to recommend it to others, and from looking at the comments, I could feel that, as it befits its directionality, it left a strong impression in you.

長くなってしまいましたが、今回は上記2点について紹介させていただきました。 さて次回ですが、第7回目は今回の続き「PHASE.2アンケの結果レポートVol.3」 をお届けします。アンケート結果レポートは、恐らく次回で最後になると思います。さてさて、どのような集計結果が得られるか、楽しみです!

I might have gotten quite long, but these are the two points I wanted to show you all. For the next time, and the seventh issue of the special, I'll be publishing the continuation to this: the "Phase 2 Enquete Results Report Vol. 3". Most likely, this next issue will also be the last one of the Enquete Result Reports, so make sure to look forward to the total results!
Well then, see you later!