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はじめまして、バンプレソフト河内です。 土屋さんに続き、第2回会報ということで、私からはバンプレスト&ガストの2社共同開発のきっかけとプロジェクト発足について、少し書かせて頂きたいと思います。


Greetings, I'm Kawachi from Banpresto. Continuing where Mr. Tsuchiya left off, I thought that I would make use of this chance to write a little about how this project came to be developed in conjunction by Gust and Banpresto.

This story began on 2003 with the publishing by part of Banpresto of the Game Boy Advance game [Atelier Marie, Elie & Anise ~Rumors of the Gentle Breeze~].

Gba marie




This game was developed mostly by Gust while Banpresto did the publishing, but during the meetings we had with the people appointed with the development, I thought we had a very high affinity when we were discussing how to make a more original title, and how to add more charming characters, and since we thought it would be great to share everything we knew, we also raised the topic of being able to develop more interesting things. However, after that, we began the preparations for a secret project.

The developers from Gust were the ones that made the world setting that makes up this game, and they also developed the Girl Synthesis ideas and concepts one by one at their core, while the talks with Banpresto were the ones that helped to add elements to the characters that set them apart, even if it was only a little, from the character trends we have seen so far. This project then was expanded even further thanks to the organized cooperation with the media, and was made a reality, as a completely new world, characters, and game, we offer to everyone.

Now, thanks to various experts on music, comics, anime and all other things involved in this project, the world of [Ar tonelico] has now become a great project that has expanded horizontally. With the time, I think I'll be talking about the game, similarly to how Tsuchiya-san will be adding little by little more of his comments on his thoughts about the project, and until it gets released, while you read all of these reports and the chapters of the Arpeggio comic, please, look forward to tasting the fruits of our efforts.