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皆さんこんにちは。ずるずると続く「ほたる町内会報」の時間がやって参りました。発売前は、開発者の声が聴ける企画ページとして創られたほたる町内会報ですが、皆さんへお話ししたい事があるときにとても便利な場所ですので、今後も不定期に更 新していくかもしれません。よろしくお願いします。

Hello everyone. Finally, the time for continuing with the [Firefly Citizen's BBS] has come. Although it was originally created as a project for us developers to voice our thoughts during the months prior to the game's release, I noticed it also was a very convenient place for whenever we wanted to announce something for you all, so we will continue updating it whenever we have the chance. I'll be looking forward to continuing working in it.


Well then, we'll have quite a big wave of Ar tonelico goods released this March. Right now, we even have readied the Gust Shop to begin taking preorders for them from March 1st. However, if you bought all of them at once, you would end up expending quite a sum of money... enough to leave you in great problems, so wouldn't it be better if you were more careful with your purchases? You're interested in them... expectant of them... Well, for those that are confused about what they should buy, this time we'll be giving you all an introduction to each one of these items so you "can decide by yourself"!

オリカとライナーとの絆と成長を描いた作品。本編はもちろんのこと、特典もかなり充実しています。本編の中身に触れてしまうとネタバレになってしまいますので、今回はこの「特典」について紹介しますね。OVAの特典は、新たに描き起こしたヒュムノス曲3曲(霜月はるか2曲、石橋優子1曲)のマキシシングルCD 「護~Ar tonelico hymmnos concert」です。そう、このOVAには、OVA用に新たに3曲のヒュムノスが描き下ろされていて、それがCDとなって同梱されているのです。そして更に、DVDvideo側にも特典があります。それは「5.1chヒュムノスコンサート」。ゲーム中のヒュムノスの幾つかは5.1chでミックスされています。しかしPS2のハード制約もあり、やむなくステレオで再生していた楽曲も多数ありました。その中で特に、音が前へ後ろへと飛ぶ、グルグル回る曲として『EXEC_SUSPEND/.』『EXEC_PAJA/.#Orica extracting.』を、ドルビーデジタル 5.1chで収録しています。プラス今回の3曲からも1曲、5.1chミックスして、3曲を5.1chフルスペックでお楽しみ頂ける特典となっています。

■Ar tonelico OVA
This item is an anime OVA that depicts the growth of the bonds between Aurica and Lyner. Of course, its packaging will also include a bonus. Since talking about the contents of the OVA itself would be spoilers, we'll just talk about the "bonus" for now. That will be a maxi single CD called [Mori ~Ar tonelico Hymmnos Concert~], which will contain 3 new Hymmnos Songs (2 by Haruka Shimotsuki and 1 by Yuko Ishibashi). Yes, we made 3 new Hymmnos Songs especially for the OVA, and the CD including them will be packaged together with it. And furthermore, the DVD itself will also include a bonus. That is the [5.1 ch Hymmnos Concert], which will be a 5.1 ch mix of a few Hymmnos Songs from the game. However, because of the limits of the PS2 hardware, we were forced to make many of the Songs play back in standard stereo mode. Among them, the ones that got their sounds affected the most by this were [EXEC_SUSPEND/.] and [EXEC_PURGER/.#Aurica extracting], which were rerecorded in the OVA in true digital 5.1 ch. And additionally, while all the three new Songs were recorded in full 5.1 ch on the bonus CD, 1 of them was also added to the DVD as part of the 5.1 Hymmnos Concert, so we hope you all enjoy it.
The new Songs can be previewed at the Gust Shop, so if you're interested, please give them a listen. And as a matter of fact, two of these Songs were composed by me.


■Official Setting Encyclopedia
The setting encyclopedia won by far the questionnaire we made about which product you all wanted the most. So to answer your expectations, we've put them all into this book, which contains both Nagi-san's illustrations and lots of information about the world setting.
The illustrations part contains all the artwork that was drawn for Ar tonelico so far, including extremely detailed setting drafts for each of the characters, including general views from the front and the back, and some illustrations that were never released to the public. Of course, this also includes the details for Hama and the Child of Light that didn't appear during the game, so we hope this allows you all to understand well their appearances.
As for the world setting part, it might be somewhat absurd if I say it myself, but we wrote down pretty much everything we could about it. The History section explains all the events that happened between the First and Third Eras, while also explaining in detail the functions of each of the facilities of the Tower and the Wings of Horus, and what were their purposes during the First Era. We even added a station plan for all the stations in [Firefly Alley] with explanations for each of them... We also added some unreleased world setting drafts, so undoubtedly this will greatly expand your view of this world. And finally, a hyper-enthusiast page... which is a section called [Wave Science Lecture], which explains the physics theories that structure Sol Ciel. This also explains several other things that haven't been released to the public so far, such as the anatomy of Reyvateils, which is also grounded on the previously mentioned theories, how their Song Magic works, and why Third Generations have such a short life span. And finally, we've also added explanations about the popular Hymmnos Songs: we wrote down the setting lines we call the [Feelings Contained in the Hymn Crystals], which show what the other artists and I used as the basis for creating them. Anyway, I authored myself a fair part of the contents of these pages and supervised the creation of the entirety of the book, and as I was pretty excited myself whenever I turned each one of its pages, I can positively say that this book is the one that should be called the definitive Ar tonelico Bible.


■Drama CD [Side Aurica]
A satisfactory Drama CD whose length surpasses 60 minutes, in which our scenario writer worked the most he could. While the story is completely original, it's also loaded with all sorts of things that everyone who played the game should enjoy. Although this Drama CD is a "sidestory", that doesn't mean that "it doesn't have anything to do with the story of the game".
During the game, Aurica got separated from the rest of the party for a while, but what happened to her during that time...? What kinds of encounters and adventures did she have then? These are the questions we're answering here, the blank space in the game's story we're filling. Given how closely this story follows the game's events, yet it also serves as an original episode, I'm very sure that everyone who played the game should enjoy it a lot. Once you have listened to this Drama CD, you should be able to understand Aurica's feelings and the circumstances through which she went through, and also, answer these questions: "Why did she say these things back then?", "Why did she take that decision at that moment?". And together with the game's story, this should also allow you to feel more empathic with her.
Aurica's great adventure while she was separated from Lyner, filled with happenings, trouble, friendship and all sorts of ups and downs. While that adventure already existed, it's now that we'll know what happened back then. So please, if you're interested, please try giving it a listen.

おなじみエンターブレインさんから発売される完全攻略本。今回も電話帳のような厚さで、超詳細データを皆さんにお届けします(鬼のような物量のチェック… 毎度泣けます)。さて、アトリエシリーズなどでも好評のこの完全攻略本なのですが、今回は一つ目玉があります。それは、ヒュムノス語の設定ページが付いているというものです。ヒュムノス語の文法や例文、更にはゲーム中で登場したヒュムノススペル(扉を開けたりクリスタルをダウンロードしたり)の全訳を公開。更にはヒュムノスに限定した歴史と年表、そして、ヒュムノス文字の法則と形の意味、なんていうスゴイページまであります。文字の形の意味!?わはは…エンターブレインの担当さんに質問されたのですが、質問された私の方がビックリしてしまいました。まさかこれまでも公開する事になろうとは…。

■Perfect Guide
This is the Perfect Guide the well-known publisher Enterbrain will be releasing. As this one is as thick as a telephone guide, it's filled with all sorts of detailed data for everyone (although whenever I check the devilish amount of content it has... I end up crying). Well then, while the Atelier Series has generally been more popular, this guide in particular has a special feature. That is a page about the creation of the Hymmnos Language, in which we published the grammar and vocabulary guides for the Hymmnos Language, together with example sentences and translations for all the Hymmnos Spells (the lines used for opening doors or Downloading Hymn Crystals) that appeared during the game. We also added a timeline showing how the language was developed, and explanations about the way the Hymmnos letters are drawn and why they have these shapes, which makes it quite an amazing page. The meaning behind the shapes of the letters!? Wahaha... Although the people from Enterbrain asked me this, I was far more surprised to get asked that question. To think I'd even end up publishing such things... Now I've come this far, I won't leave anything behind... There's also a section dedicated to explaining all sorts of things about the setting, so while it wasn't the most complete book so far data-wise, I still enjoyed quite a bit completing it.


...well then, I've introduced you to all these items, and wrote down everything "I thought that you all would enjoy". For the ones worrying out there, I wrote this, so you could get a clearer picture of these items, but what will you do then?
I think that we all enjoy Ar tonelico for different reasons. Therefore, if you can obtain at least the item in which you're interested the most, that's what will make me the happiest as a developer. Please, make sure to try seeking the item in which you're interested the most.