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And Ar tonelico has been finally released!
I thought we should do something to welcome the ones that are playing it right now (and the ones who even cleared it!?), but what we should do? This was something that greatly worried me as a developer, and kept my heart racing for a while. That's why we will be opening the official site [Enquetesphere] later on. Since we have also prepared a few gifts for you all, we will be very glad if you decide to write to us about your experiences and feelings you had as you played through the game.

We always listen to the voices of everyone who played our games to improve our next ones. We've always put a great importance on this, trying to keep ourselves as an user-friendly company, which always tries to be at the side of all our consumers. While a long time ago we weren't really sure about what kind of game we should produce, now that the internet has become so widespread, it has become possible for game companies and their users to be directly connected. This is something that makes us really happy. As the creators, we're always looking forward to receiving the honest impressions that our users have about our products, although the only thing we can do as gratitude is provide them with true fun, and also, add that same fun to our next releases.
Things like the [Supporter's Link] and [User's Browser] that we opened with the released of the Iris series, the periodic lotteries we hold, the question boxes and Enquetes, and the interaction with Supporters, all have as their feelings connecting with our users, which ultimately is the end for our various projects. Even for Ar tonelico, we have begun a Supporter's Link and Enquete project, among the many fun plans we're still making. Even after the game has been released, we will officially continue Ar tonelico alongside with our appreciated users. Please, make sure to come by and play, all right?

And please, make sure to wait for the home page! And make sure to try participating in the Supporter's Link section. As a matter of fact, we will be inviting you all every now and then to our present projects and previews, so we hope you all have fun. After all, the Supporter's Link serves for developers and users to come together, and both get advantages from this relationship! So, you don't have anything to lose by joining us.

I hope that we all can end interacting as equals with regards to [Ar tonelico]. From now on, we will be making many more projects to allow you all to have more fun, so I hope you will continue supporting us always!