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Q.まずは名前と性別をどうぞ。 Q. Please tell us your name and gender.
A.志方あきこ(♀) A. Shikata Akiko (♀)
Q.アルトネリコ」の世界に何で関わっていますか? Q. Which was your role in the [Ar tonelico] world?
A.ミシャのヒュムノスの作曲&編曲、歌唱と、主題歌「謳う丘」の歌唱を担当させていただきました。 A. I was in charge of the composition, arrangement and vocals for Misha's Hymmnos, and also of singing the main theme song [Singing Hill].
Q.「アルトネリコ」のキャラで個人的に思い入れのあるキャラは? Q. Are there any characters you personally got attached to from the ones in [Ar tonelico]?
A.「このシーンでのミシャの気持ちはどうだったんだろう」とか「ミシャの性格だったら、こういう時どうするかな、どう歌うかな」とか 常に考えながら作業を進めていったので、 どうしてもミシャには思い入れがありますね(笑)

そういった事を抜きに考えると、とあるキャラクターにとっても 思い入れてしまっています。
『彼女』の事はネタバレに大いに関わってきてしまうので、 この場で名前を書けないのが残念なのですが、せっかくの機会なので、 こっそり『彼女』に関して一言だけ書かせていただきますね。

A. I continued working as I constantly thought "What would Misha feel in this scene?" or "Considering Misha's personality, how would she sing at a time like this?", so it looks like I ended up getting attached to Misha. (*laughs*)

If we exclude her, there is another certain character I ended up getting attached to.
Talking about "her" would be a large spoiler, so unfortunately I can't give her name, but since I have the chance now, there's just one thing I'd like to secretly write about "her".

To all the players out there, please save "her".

Q.「アルトネリコ」のキャラでお嫁さんもしくはお婿さんにしたいキャラは? Do you have any characters you would like to have as your wife or husband from the ones in [Ar tonelico]?

一人で酒場を切り盛りしちゃうくらいのしっかりものなので、 姉さん女房で尻に敷かれちゃいそうな気がしますが。

とかいっても、その場合むしろ、パートナーのレーヴァテイルになって、 ミッションをがんばる方がいいかも!


A. If I were a man, I think I'd like to marry Claire.

She's got a firm character capable of managing a bar all on her own, and as a wife older than her husband, I feel like she'd be the one to wear the pants in the relationship.
As for who I'd like for my husband, hmm... maybe Radolf?
That said though, I think I'd rather end up becoming his partner Reyvateil and we'd both give our best in our missions!
There's also Jack, who's the kind of character who could be like an older brother...

Hmm, hmm... (*perplexed*)
I'll think about the answer for this one while I keep playing through the game (*laughs*)

Q.「アルトネリコ」のキャラに自分を例えると誰? Q. Which [Ar tonelico] character would you liken yourself to?
A. クルシェ。

自分の気持ちに素直になれないところとか、 目的に向かって一直線すぎて無謀なところとか、 見ていて他人の気がしないです。


A. Krusche.

Maybe it's because she's not honest about her own feelings, or because she recklessly rushes straight ahead to her goal, or because she doesn't care about how others see her.
She's also got that machines otaku side to her, and I ended up overlapping my own machines otaku side over her image (*laughs*)

But if we talk about muscles or motor ability, I think Misha would fit me only on both of these counts.
I'd like to brandish a chainsaw around, but I don't have the muscles, energy or reflexes to do it! (*laughs*)

Q.このキャラになってみたい!男女一人ずつなってみたいキャラを挙げてもいいですか? Q. I want to be this character! Please tell us one female and one male character you'd like to be.

揺ぎ無い信念を持った、本当の意味で「強い女性」なので、 自分もこういう風に格好いい女性になれたらいいな、と憧れてしまいます。
むしろ、クレアになってみたいと言うよりは、弟子入りさせてもらいたい感じか も。

実は結構色んな事情があったり、大変な目にもあっている人なのに、 飄々とそれを受け流してしまえるところが、すごいなぁ、と。
普段はお調子者でおちゃらけているのに、きめる時はちゃんときめている、 そういうオイシイキャラなところも良いですよね。


As she has an unwavering conviction and is a "strong woman" in the most real sense of the world, I admire her and I even wish I could be woman with a nice personality just like her.
I understand pretty well why Aurica idolizes her.
Better said, rather than become Claire, I'd like more to become a pupil of hers.
Please let me start off by being a waitress at her bar~! (*laughs*)

We might have different personalities, but if I could become a male character, I'd pick Jack.
Actually, I find amazing how even though he's the sort of person who's lived through all sorts of things and even got himself in trouble, he just dodges all of it in an easygoing manner.
Even though he normally jokes around and he's the sort to get carried away easily, he also gets serious when it counts, and these delicious character qualities are nice too!


Q. Please tell us which character you'd like to punch once.

A.わー、遠慮なく正直に言ってしまっていいという、お許しをいただいたので、 言ってしまえ~。

主人公を殴りたいというのもすっごく問題かな、と思うのですが(笑) もうもう、いろんな場面で、殴りたいというかツッコミたくなるのですが、 思いあまって、そのうち蹴りまでいれちゃいそう。。。

A. Whoa, since you're telling me I can be honest here, and I'm allowed to speak my mind, I'll tell you~.

It's Lyner.
I want to knock him out with all my strength!
I think saying I want to punch the main character would be pretty problematic though (*laughs*) But well, there were several scenes where I wanted to play the straight man to his antics rather than punch him, but when he started saying he didn't know what to do, I ended up wanting to kick him instead...
I know he's a gentle guy, but his indecisiveness and denseness are criminal!

Q.「アルトネリコ」の世界に観光旅行! どこに行きたい? Q. You can go on a sightseeing trip to the [Ar tonelico world! Where would you like to go?
A.「カルル村」 巨大な柱が素敵です!

ああ、でもでも観光といったらやっぱり「ほたる横丁」も外せないし、 それをいうなら、「ネモ
酒場宿屋」でクレアの詩を聞いて癒されたい、 癒しというなら「大唄石公園」の雰囲気はと
ても心地よいので、 のんびり日向ぼっこしたいし、それにそれに・・・・・。

選べません(笑) 行けるんだったら、世界の隅々まで行きつくしたいですね!

A. [Karulu Village] The enormous pillars there are wonderful!

But as [Tenkubashi] already gets my ruin lover side excited, it'd be a waste to just go there.
Ah, but if we're going sightseeing, I can't skip out on going to [Firefly Alley], and then I'd like to go to the [Nemo Bar and Inn] to hear and get healed by Claire's Songs, and if it's to get healed, I'd like to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the [Songstone Park] and bask in the sun there, and then, and then...

In short,
I can't really choose (*laughs*) If I could actually go there, I'd like to explore every single little nook and cranny of that world!

Q.使ってみたい詩魔法は? Q. Which Song Magic would you like to try using?

可憐さと、ええええええ???というびっくりなバイオレンスさが同居した、 ある意味素敵な詩魔法なのではないかと。

A. [Flower]

In a certain way of speaking, it's a wonderful Song Magic in which both cuteness and a shocking amount of violence capable of making anyone shout "Whaaaat!?" coexist, don't you think?

Q.食べてみたいアルトネリコ名産品は? Are there any famous specialties from Ar tonelico you'd like to eat?

あと、某キャラたちの掛け合いで合言葉と化してる「ドッコイ定食」も 食べないといけないような気がしてきました。洗脳されました(笑)

A. [Funbuns]!

They're so cute, that just eating them feels like a waste!
Aside of them, I feel like I just have to eat the [Dokkoi Set] that served as a keyword in the duet certain characters established. They brainwashed me (*laughs*)

Q.「ここが好き!」っていう場面をちょこっとだけ。 Q. Please tell us a bit about a scene that made you go "I love this!"
これもおもいっきりネタバレになってしまうので、詳しくは書けないのですが、 差し障りない範囲で書かせてもらうと、やっぱりラストバトル周辺のエピソードから、 エンディングまでのストーリーの流れに注目していただきたいです。

本当にその選択が正しいことなのか、それは分からないけれども、 そこにいたるまでの経緯と、各キャラクターの想いに、色々と考えさせられました。

あと、シリアスな部分じゃないシーンだと、 パーティーキャラ達の何気ない会話や、ほのぼのエピソードが、好きですv 色んなエピソードがあるのですが、具体的に一つだけ書かせてもらうと。

This would be filled with spoilers if I did, so while I can't give you any concrete details, I can write about it in a way that doesn't spoil anyone: I'd like everyone to pay close attention to the story's flow from the episodes nearing the final battle and up to the game's very ending.

So while I don't know for sure if that truly was the right choice, it made me think a lot about the experiences up to that point and the characters' feelings.

And if we leave outside the serious scenes, I liked a lot the casual conversations the characters had and the more relaxed episodes of their journey. (^^) There were many episodes like that, but I'll only refer to one in concrete.
I think it's [the episode of Krusche collecting the debt Jack got from her].

Q.自分が担当した部分で「ここに注目!」なとこを教えて下さい。 Q. Please tell us if there was any point in the work you were in charge of where you got all "Pay attention to this!"

・・・と書くと、なんだか限界に挑戦みたいでカッコいい(?)のですが、 いつの間にかそんな収拾つかない量に、なってしまったというのが真相です(笑)
何しろ、曲の総トラック数が300を超えてしまって、 MIXの時に大変な事になってしまったのは、今ではいい思い出です(笑)
全部一人で歌ってるけど大合唱、みたいなのが表現できてればいいな、 と思っております。

どのヒュムノスも曲毎にテーマ&こだわりがあるのですが、 それがゲーム中でどういう風に表現されているか、 プレイヤーの皆さんに見届けてもらえましたら、嬉しいです。

A. In a certain Hymmnos, I challenged breaking the record of most multiple recordings in my career!

...but now I've written that, while somehow challenging the limits sounds pretty cool (?), the truth of the situation is that the amount of recordings at some point grew beyond my control (*laughs*)
Anyhow, while the total number of tracks for the song exceeded 300 and it became a real mess when it came the time to mix them, now I look back on them as fond memories (*laughs*)
I think it'd be great if I managed to make it look like a large chorus is singing despite me singing all of the voices myself.

Each and every Hymmnos and song has its own theme and peculiarities, but if players could go and check by themselves whether they express properly the situation they are used for in the game, that'd make me really happy.

Q.制作期間にあった笑えるエピソードをひとつ暴露して下さい。 Q. Please reveal to us a funny episode that happened during production.
A.ヒュムノスの「EXEC_PAJA_/.#Misya extracting」に色んな掛け声を収録して 各所にちりばめて使っています。


「なに、この、チアリーダーみたいな掛け声」 言われてみれば、確かにそんな風に聞こえます。
「なんか、この『せいやっ』、って掛け声、何に使うんですか? 何か正拳突きでもしてそう
な掛け声ですよね」 本来はお祭りの掛け声を意識して収録したのですが、 確かに正拳突いてそうな感じに聞こえます。

マスタリングエンジニアさんから一言。 「なんか、私疲れているんですかね、お経が聞こえてくるんですが・・・」 幻聴ではないです、すいません、曲でばっちり祝詞を唱えています。

そんな感じでちょっと不思議な曲になってしまった「EXEC_PAJA」なのですが ヴォーカルCD「星詠~ホシヨミ~」のマスタリングの時、 完徹でテンションが変だった志方が、 スタジオ内で「EXEC_PAJA」が流れている間、掛け声に合わせて、 チアリーダー → 正拳突き → 祝詞で読経 なダンスというか 妙な動きをしていたなんていう事は、関係者様の記憶から、 忘れていただきたい事実です。
しかも、マスタリングに立ち会っていたガストの中河さんも巻き込まれて、 一緒にチア→正拳・・・なダンスをしまくっていた事は、とっても秘密です~。


A. The Hymmnos [EXEC_PURGER/.#Misha extracting] is decorated at several points with shouts we recorded for it.

And here I'll write down an episode that ocurred related to them...

When he heard the shouts as they appeared at the song's beginning, the mixing engineer said the following:
"Hey, what's up with these cheerleader-like shouts?" In retrospect, it's true they sound like that.
And the person that was helping compile the chorus data also said this:
"Hey, just what they're going to use these "seiyah" shouts for? They sound kinda like shouts for thrusting or something" I originally intended to record these shouts as if they were ones heard at festivals, but it's true they can also be heard as stuff shouted during thrusting motions.

Then I heard this from the mastering engineer.
"I think I'm exhausted. I feel like I'm hearing sutras now..." Sorry, but it was no auditory hallucination, as the song actually chants a ritual prayer.

Although that alone made [EXEC_PURGER/.] be such a mysterious song, when the time came for us to master the vocal CD [Singing the Stars ~Hoshiyomi~], I was so excited I couldn't sleep and so, while [EXEC_PURGER/.] was being heard in the studio, I made some strange movements resembling a dance that went cheerleader -> thrusting -> ritual prayer reading in time with the shouts, which I wish I could make everyone involved with the mastering forget.

What's more, Nakagawa-san from Gust was also present for the mastering and I got him roped into this too, making him do the cheerleader -> thrusting... dance with me, but it's all a secret, okay~?

...I'm sorry for revealing this... (*laughs*)

Q.制作中で楽しかったことは? Q. Did you have fun during production?
A.アルトネリコのお仕事は、基本的に最初から最後まで楽しかったのですが、 強いてあげると、やっぱり、ヒュムノス語を考える作業でしょうか?

ヒュムノス語の生みの親、土屋さんにレクチャーを受けながら、 試行錯誤しながら単語や文章を考えていったのですが、 歌詞制作作業の佳境の時期になると、夢の中でもヒュムノス語が 飛び交っていました(笑)

A. Working on Ar tonelico was essentially fun from the very beginning to the end, but if I were forced to name something, it would be the work involving thinking up things for the Hymmnos language.

I kept thinking up words and grammar mechanisms through trial and error while receiving lectures directly from the father of the Hymmnos language, Tsuchiya-san, so they were the most interesting part of writing the lyrics to the songs, and I'd fly off into thinking things for the language even while I was daydreaming (*laughs*)

Q.皆様にメッセージを一言。 Q. Please leave here a message for everyone.
A.アルトネリコの世界には様々な方が関わっていらっしゃって、 沢山の方々と、ゲーム開発を通して一緒の目的に向かって お仕事できたことは私にとって、とてもすごい事で、 貴重な経験をさせていただき、嬉しかったです!

シナリオや、グラフィック、プログラム、サウンド、 その他ゲーム制作に直接関わっていらっしゃる、開発スタッフの皆さん方。 キャラクターを「声」という分野で表現なさってる声優さん達。 「詩」という分野でゲームを盛り上げていらっしゃる、 歌い手さん、そして、コンポーザーの方々。 開発に直接は関わっていないけれども、影になり日向になり、 「アルトネリコ」を支えてくださっている、広報の方や、営業の方、 その他のスタッフさん達。

皆さん、ゲームへの関わり方や表現の手段は違うけれども、 各々の想いやこだわりが、「アルトネリコ」の世界の中のそこかしこに 息づいているのかと思うと、感無量です。

ゲームの発売日まであともう少しで、気持ち的にワクワクとソワソワに 翻弄されてしまっていて、今かなり挙動不審な状態になってしまっています(笑)
良く考えてみると、1回目は作り手サイドから、2回目はプレイヤーとして 違った視点から、2度もアルトネリコの世界が楽しめるのかと思うと、 自分ってばなんてお得なポジションなんだろう、と嬉しくなってきちゃいました(笑)
私も1プレイヤーとして、早く発売日になって、皆さんと一緒にアルトネリコの 世界と物語を楽しみたいです!

一人でも多くの方に、アルトネリコの世界を楽しんでいただけたら、 とっても幸せです。

A. The fact I could be part of this sort of work, get involved in several aspects of the Ar tonelico world and interact with so many people that had the common goal of developing a game together, was a truly precious experience to me, and I was really glad to have done it!

All the development staff members that were in charge of the scenario, graphics, programming, sound and other aspects directly related to the game's creation. All the voice actors that had the work of representing the characters in the [voiceover] field. All the singers and composers that worked together to liven up the game in the [Songs] field. And even those who weren't directly involved in its development, but still supported [Ar tonelico] from the shadows or the spotlight, such as the PR staff, the management staff and all other staff members.

Everybody, we may have been involved with the creation and presentation in different ways, but when I think of how the feelings and pickiness each of you held now live in every single place of the [Ar tonelico] world, I feel deeply moved.
Now the game will be released in just a few more days, I feel excited and restless emotionally speaking, so I think I might be acting pretty suspiciously now (*laughs*)
Now I think about it again, the first time was from the creator's side while the second time will be from a different perspective: that of the players, so when I thought I'd be able to enjoy the Ar tonelico world a second time, I rejoiced because I felt I got myself a position benefitting from a nice bargain (*laughs*)

So as another player more, I want the release day to come already and enjoy the world and story of Ar tonelico alongside everybody else!

If as many people as possible can enjoy the Ar tonelico world, that'd make me really happy.